.: In English part 15 :.
Diary from September 29th 2014.
Thursday, February 12th 2015:
We are having a distinguished guest for a couple of days. King Frederik is staying with us in our humble home.
Fortunately, it suits him well, and even more does it suit us.
Tradition demands that King Frederik and I go for a walk around in the village. It provides fresh air and experiences.
Today, the experience was an extra good one.
The little man has an absolute comic favorite, a penguin named Pingu, and luckily we found him in a front yard not far from here. Not only was Pingu there. Also a family member was present. We allowed ourselves us to go in.
That caused wild cheers and the two "Pingues" had so many hugs as they have had.
From now on they will be a certain goal for our walks. (And fortunately it's not far from here).

Wednesday, February 11th 2015:
Visited by friends today so Matron made us a wonderful lunch.
Looooovely and cozy.
However, there is one snag. I am trying to lose weight. And I'm up against tough odds when I am tempted like today. There is in the world only one thing I can not resist - temptations.
It's hard when you love having guests and love to have a good lunch.
Now I have to bike more and eat less. The former promise I can easily keep.

Tuesday, February 10th 2015:
Eventually the day came for my first bike ride this year. 40.5 kilometers in beautiful sunshine.
Wow, I enjoyed it despite a very strong wind that traditionally was stronger than expected.
There is something special about the first ride of a season. How hard will it be? How much will it hurt? How will I feel afterwards? Do I still enjoy biking?
Answer to last question: Unconditionally yes.
The other questions I would answer like this. It was not as hard as expected. It hurt as much as expected. I was enormously well during and after the ride.
To bike is to live.
PS: My rides on my exercise bike at home in recent weeks must have helped me.

Monday, February 9th 2015:
Matron and I went to Silkeborg today to visit her brother Finn and his wife Grethe.
I was invited because they needed help for some computer work. Something about tax reductions.
I did my job well and managed to save them quite a few bob in lasts year's tax.
I therefore clearly felt that I deserved the lunch that followed. So now I hope that some other friends also need some help with their taxes. My pay is a solid lunch. Expensive? Yes, but not so expensive as the money I can save them.

Sunday, February 9th 2015:
Normally I dislike snow. It's cold and irritating. 
However I must admit that an hour or so on a small hill with Frederik and his little sledge makes me feel differently about it.
It's great to see his joy sliding downhill. He is smiling and laughing all the way, and it's a bit difficult to persuade him to go home again.

Friday, February 7th 2015:
Family lunch, i.e. not the whole family but brother, sister-in-law, eldest granddaughter, Matron and I.
I love tapas and could therefore heartily welcome the fact that it was on the menu today. I love the mixture of smoked meats, salamis, cheeses, olives and assorted spices.
Cosy and nice.
Maybe I ate too much, maybe I can no longer manage to drink 3 beers I felt a little uncomfortable afterwards and had to go and lie down while watching The Tour of Dubai. I also had a small nap and I am now fine again while I for the 11th time am watching "Heartbeat" with my sweet wife.

Friday, February 6th 2015:
The hunting season has started - the hunt for me.
Again, I can be subjected to visits by one or two of our brats who come with only one purpose - to get me out of bed in the most unpleasant way. I was so naive to think they had grown out of this horrendous habit, but no.
At 9 o'clock eldest son arrived while I was in my sweetest sleep, sneaked into our bedroom and let me tell you one thing. Shouting, howling, singing, shaking, turning and tickling were on the agenda. It's quite uncomfortable, but the two brats think it is great fun and Matron stands in the background cheering. It's them against me all alone. It's hard to be me.
Well, one good thing was nice today. Eldest son had time to stay with us all morning so we had a nice lunch. Wonderful - it was worth the unpleasant wake.

Thursday, February 5th 2015:

It is a historic day today, only not in round figures.
Today -151 years ago (a Friday) - the Danish army made its well known retreat from the Dannevirke fortification in northern Germany to Sonderburg in South Jutland, commanded by the slightly exotic General de Meza and very much against the government's and the people's wishes. However later studies have shown that it was the only right thing to do.
In the afternoon of February 5th the Danish army silently sneaked out to avoid the Prussians discovering it. The Danes succeeded. A fews minor skermishes took place on the way but all in all it went well, It was bitterly cold and with snow. The withdrawal was later praised by military analysts.
A few days later de Meza recieved his dismissal and was replaced by a wagging puppet named Gerlach. He followed the government's wishes and was therefore responsible for the carnage that followed.
I have often tried to put myself into the individual Danish soldier's boots that day and night of the retreat. What did he do? What did he feel and think? What did he experience? Heavy equipment had to be towed along. It was freezing cold. Meals did not materialize. But the vast majority of soldiers survived.
But a historic day it still is.

Wednesday, February 4th 2014:

It is winter - much against what I want. Just look at the picture to the left taken out at our living room window. Sad, sad.
But look at the second picture and rejoice with me that the length of the day has increased by 1 hour and 58 minutes. In other words. They are on the way, the bright times. 
Dear oh dear, how I am looking forward to spring, warmer weather, flowers, green leaves and green grass, although it must be mowed. I am in fact looking forward to that too.
I am not suited for winter weather.

Tuesday, January 3rd 2015:
Today good friends visited us for a modest lunch which always will be good in good company.
However quality was lifted since the good guests brought unconventional raspberry slices that are probably made in connection with the expected world cup gold medal for the Danish national team in handball. It was a modest fifth place.
But nevertheless they were very tasty.
Already I hear wild protest cries from my good friend, the president of "The Association of Dedicated Raspberry Slice Eaters in Northern Jutland".
"There is no granules on. They are not genuine. They are a fake. It's a no go."
It is probably in the association's charter that granules are a must. Maybe it's a special Limfjords-fanaticism. But let me tell you. They were heavenly, granuls or not.

Monday, February 2nd 2015:
I have, as seen on the photo, tested myself in the difficult art of making a selfie- and it went well, I think, if nobody else.
Matron and I went for a walk this afternoon in the heavy snowfall when I sensed that the moment should be perpetuated.
Furthermore, I am so fond of the sweet lady that I thought she should be seen by everybody.
I'm always trying to achieve the best. I do not always succeed. But at one point, I have succeeded. I have got the world's best wife.
Should any dispute this claim feel free to let me know. But I shall be hard to convince.

Sunday, February 1st 2015:
I ususally sleep fast and soundly at 6:15 am. But not this morning. I was watching TV, "Postman Pat". King Frederik the Little who is residing with us right now had woken up at 6 am and expected action. TV lasted ½ hour. A change was needed. Next was breakfast which I fought my way through around 7 o'clock. The opponent was sleep.
Then it was play time. About 200 small and big toy cars were out and filled the living room floor. They were exciting till about half past eight. Then His Majesty requested a ride in the woods on his toy scooter and granddad had to come along. It took an hour in the freezing cold which did not bother his majesty but nearly bit off my nose and ears.
Then back to the cars - and soon after mum came to pick up the little charmer.
How I have enjoyed being with King Frederik for a full 24 hours. I must go to bed early tonight, though. I hope he will soon return.

Saturday, January 31st 2015:
Absolute monarchy is reintroduced here in the house.
King Frederik the Littlel has arrived and will be here until tomorrow.
From now until then, everything will be done by his wishes. We play as he would like. We eat and drink, as he would like, we go for a walk, as he would like. In short. Frederik decides.
Do we spoil him? I think not - at least not while he sleeps, and he does right now.
Incidentally, it is all grandparents' right and duty to spoil grandchildren, and could we do it while they were asleep we would also do it then.
I wish he would wake up soon.

Friday, January 30th 2015;
I've had a good day with a quiet joy in my stomach. I have enjoyed talking with others, I have enjoyed being with others, enjoyed being able to help my brother with some writing work at his company and right now I enjoy sitting in the sofa next to my sweet wife making small talk while she is warching handball on TV, and I am writing. Outside it is dark and cold, and I think it increases the cosiness in here.
Surely, you figured out that I am feeling pretty well.

Thursday, January 29th 2015:
Let me make it clear that I really had to persuade myself to climbing my exercise bike, knowing that I had to sit on it for 55 minutes. It seemed almost insurmountable.
But I could not find any excuse not to do it and not to continue even if the desire to get off after 30 minutes was huge.
I began 1½ weeks ago by riding for 30 minutes and have increased by 5 minutes each time since and now I reached 55. Bitterly then afterwards to discover that it should have been only 50 minutes. Bad memory.
Do not mind I'm looking a bit annoyed on the picture. It was just so hard. Nothing to laugh at.
Well, never mind. There is so much else to be happy about.

Wednesday, January 28th 2015:
Matron and I have set ourselves the goal to walk some more. The idea is that the time length will be increased more and more. Today we walked for 35 minutes.
Because of the mud and slush in our local forest we walked around in the village. And it is too seldom we do it. A number of both positive and negative changes can be seen. We saw several new and beautiful houses and gardens but certainly also the opposite. Too many houses have a front yard that can be likened to a not trimmed undergrowth in a forest, and lawns that have not been visited by a lawnmower for a long time. We became a little proud of our own front yard, which in no way is architecturally designed, yet reasonably well kept. And we hope it will be better by spring and summer.
Just to remind you. There are 92 days to May 1st. And the length of the day is right now increased by 1 hour and 29 minutes. Spring is quietly coming.

Tuesday, January 27th 2015:
My busy morning:
1) Early up. 2) Fill up with cheap diesel (7.98 kr. / L.)
3) Drive Matron to the dentist. 4) Car wash at gas station
5) Pick up the sweet lady at the dentist (2,850 kr.). 6) Take Matron to Bilka
7) Waiting in the store's cafeteria. 8) Driving home. 9) Lunch.
Nine hectic points. I shall need a nap in the afternoon. Zzzzzz.

Monday, January 26th 2014:
Today very nice afternoon tea with eldest grandchild Katrine who lives in central Aarhus.
How lovely it is to have time to sit quietly and talk about the past, the present and the future with her. As a whole it's good to talk to young people. I think that whenever I do my world widens. And a 74-year-old may very well be in need of that. 
Today I was impressed by the ideas Katrine have about the future, studies and study jobs. I enjoyed it very much. I have some great grandchildren.

Sunday, January 25th 2014:
It does look beautiful out there. The advantage is that it is seen from the inside, and that I do not need to go out in it. It's too cold. If I did I'd have to put on and take off a lot of clothes. No I'd rather sit inside and enjoy all the beauty with a cup of hot cocoa and a piece of cake or another sweet. That makes the snow even more beautiful.
Well, it shouldn't all be calorie intake. Therefore, I rode for three quarters of an hour on my exercise-bike just before lunch, as fast as I could. Unfortunately that is not yet a lot. It will be better. Just you wait.

Saturday, November 24th 2015:
Birthday today at eldest son Peter in Hammel.
As always I love being being with children, in-laws and grandchildren - and Matron. And I love brunch.
What more can one ask for? Not much.
I am looking forward to the next birthday.

Friday, January 23rd 2015:
Matron had made soup for us. In fact, she did it yesterday. But I have nothing against repetition. Many even claim that soup is the best on the second day. It tasted heavenly, you know cooked on bones and roast rump steak with good and fresh vegetables. After a water cold and dreary day there is nothing like soup, especially when it is made by the world champion in soups. Happily she lives here.
Sssshhhh. I hear small noises behind me. I feel the smell of strong and hot soup. And there she stands, the lovely woman with a plate full of steaming soup of the best kind.
I certainly have a good wife.

Thurday, January 22nd 2015:
I would like to hear your answer to a question.
You pick up your two boys of 8-10 years from school. On the roof of your car are 2 firmly tightened kayaks. The two boys are begging you to to sit in separate kayaks the last little bit of way home along quiet residential streets. Would you answer YES or NO?
A father in northern Jutland was in that situation last August. His answer was, "Yes, OK, but hold on tight."
With extreme caution he drove home while the boys cheering on the roof. A casual passerby saw it and took pictures of the car and roof passengers. Furthermore the nice photographer reported it to the police
Yesterday the verdict was out. 6 months' suspended license suspension and 10 days suspended imprisonment.
Had I been the judge it would have been a simple warning.

Wednesday, January 21st 2015:
Today brought a very pleasant surprise.
I took Matron to work, and shortly after returning our hall bell rang. It was a little early in the day, around 9 o'clock, I wondered whom it could be.
Excited, I opened, and halleluja, two former and very nice former colleauges from my old school, Jellebakkeskolen stood outside. They would like to have a cup of coffee. I was happy - really happy, although I could not serve anything but the coffee. Not even a bisquit.
The next 1½-2 hours passed exchanging memories. A lot of talking and laughing followed. There was more than enough to talk about. I enjoyed it all. 
If only they would come back again soon.

Tuesday, January 20th 2015:
I have not felt overburdened today. My effort has been walking the dogs, following Matron to the health center for check of blood pressure, and other "little things". All was well.
Then I was allowed to taking her to a supermarket, and I was allowed to join her in.
That was it. That's what happened on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.
Right now I am sitting writing together with grandson Frederik. He on his iPad and I on the laptop. Really cozy.
Tuesday 20/1 2015 was a good day.

Monday, January 19th 2015:
Let me translate.
"I wake up every morning with plans of having a lot done
However a voice inside my head says, 'Ha, ha, ha. That was a good one.'
And then we laugh and laugh - and take a nap".

This is why I find it so hard to get up in the morning.
But I get a lot of laughs - and laughter and humor have lots of beneficial effects on body and soul.
So it pays.
The endorphins, your body's own morfin, are formed in the 1.4 kilos of fat, we call the brain.
So I will remain lying until I have stopped laughing. And it takes time.

Sunday, January 18th 2015:
Now it's finally over. Our supermarket through 45 years, Carlsen Løgten, conclusively closed down yesterday. What I thought was our last visit on Saturday 10th, was the penultimate visit. We could not resist making another trip there yesterday, strongly encouraged by extremely low prices.
However, there was not much to be had. As seen, almost all shelves were empty.
Nevertheless, we managed to take away an overfilled shopping cart with ordinary goods which totally cost us 55 kroners. It was really cheap.
Had the company just had those prices all the time, it certainly would not  have been lack of customers that closed the shop. They might well have thought about that while there was time.

Saturday, January 17th 2015:

I was a bit mad last Wednesday and grumbled that winter is coming with all the irritations it provides.
I stand by my grumbling. It's good to grumble.
But it was a relief today to look down between the grass blades in our new lawn seeing a snowdrop and an Eranthis trickle up. They are the first symbols of spring although we are still promised snow and frost next week.
The flowers were a comfort. Spring will come after all even if I read yesterday that it might not be until April.
If it lasts that long I will be mad again.

Friday, January 16th 2015:
Well well. To my annoyance Matron last night observed that the pair of trousers that I got yesterday and that had to be stitched in had not been so. Her eagle eye revealed it immediately when she put it on a hanger. Good it was she who did it because I would not have noticed.
This meant another trip to Rønde for me today to complain in the otherwise very trustworthy and good shop. The boss apologized many times.
Well, never mind. I had a nice and quiet drive along the Aarhus Bay in the beautiful sunshine.
I also had  to wait 4-5 minutes in front of a train barrier. But never mind. There was no urgency. I nearly enjoyed it.

Thursday, January 15th 2015:
Matron argues that today is a good day.
Firstly, she has been at the hairdresser's to have her hair done. I am pleased with the result. 
Secondly the sweet lady also thinks that the fact that today I got 3 pairs of pants home after they have been stitched up and in (yes, you read correctly, "in"), makes the day a good day.
I do believe they are neat trousers. But was it really necessary with so many?
We fought a bit about that, and I had to give in - funnily enough.
Now I can only wait for an opportunity to wear them. Especially I am keen to know when I shall put on the red pair. They are a bit out of the norm for me. But - a little out of norm one probably always is.

Wednesday, January 14th 2015:
According to meteorologists, winter is on its way in a few days. It is not welcome.
I frankly hate winter with snow and sleet and rain and wind.
Now you'll freeze out there, scrape car windows, shovel snow, salt the road and path, wear thick clothes, leave the bike in the shed, and go for a walk with great danger of fracturing both arms and legs.
In short. This is no joke.
Winter is awful.

Tuesday, January 13th 2015:
It will interest you that another fatwa is issued from a Muslim country. This time from Saudi Arabia.
An imam by the name of Mohammad Saleh Al Minjed has stated that snowmen and snow-animals can not be tolerated - even if it's just for fun. Only dead objects, such as ships, fruit and buildings must be made out of snow.
In fact snow is rare in Saudi so any fatwa about it should not be necessary. But for the first time for many years there is snow now so the wise man has found it necessary to ban snowmen and -animals.
The fatwa has caused a a multitude of snowmen and snow-animals to emerge. Most popular is a large snow-camel. Maybe that will teach the stupid imam.

Monday, January 12th 2015:
An expensive day. Matron needs a new passport. Photo: 130 kr. Passport Office: 376 kr. A total of 506 kr.
I was forced into a menswear shop to buy a pair of trousers, just an inexpensive pair at around 100 kr. A sale was on .
I came away with 2 pairs for a total of 550 kr and alterings for 420 kr. A total of 970 kr.
It's totally impossible to stop the sweet lady when buying trousers for me. I have absolutely no need for new trousers. She thinks otherwise.
1,476 kr. out of the the bank account in under an hour. It hurts.

Sunday, January 11th 2015:
We were visited by Egon last night, the name we gave a very heavy storm. He had a plan: to move our well-worn garden table from its ordinary place on our terrace and to our sole flower bed. He aæso found it appropriate to overturn the table.
And now the table lies there, damaged and with broken plants on its conscience.
I find it only reasonable that Egon will come back and clean up after himself.

Saturday, January 10th 2015:
Our nearest village Loegten is losing part of its identity.
Since 1969, ie for more than 45 years, we have shopped in "Carlsen's Supermarket". It changed its name a couple of times from "Carlsen's Supermarket" to "Super Best" and later to "Eurospar".
In a few days it will close down, be demolished, and no doubt a new supermarket will emerge at the same place.
When we moved here in 1969, Carlsen's supermarket was the only one of its kind in the village, one small room of 100 sqm. Since it has extended to 4-5 times over with several extensions. 
My guess is that the store has existed for many years prior to 1969, starting as an old-fashioned general store.
It is strange that now after 45 years, "Carlsen" no longer exists. We shopped there for the last time today - with good discounts.
PS: There are now 5 supermarkets in the  village.

Friday, January 9th 2014:
Think of it that I would live to experience a diesel price  of 7.97 kroners per liter. I did not think would happen. It is almost 5 years since the price was as low as that.
But here it is again. I filled up this morning and thought I actually could feel the money saved trickling into my bank account. And I've even heard of rates of 7.85 kroners per liter. What a paradise it is. I have even been told that it will be some time untill prices will rise again, AND they will not reach the dreadful height of 11.58 kroners per. liter as it was on February 11th 2014.
I was so happy saving all that money that I rushed home and climbed my exercise bike for the first time this year. It was only a small ride of half an hour, but enough to make me sweat thoroughly.

Thursday, January 8th 2015:
I am not in favor of coercion. Nevertheless, I used it today.
Both Matron and I I need exercise, but it has not been easy to get started.
On the way home from a small tour in the car, I decided that now was the time, so when I got home, I put on a certain tone and asked Matron to get up and come with me on a small walk.
Loud protests followed. She certainly would not. She had been at work and all that. But I gathered courage and stood firm, really firm. To my big surprise I succeeded. It is rare that my firmness is stronger than hers.
Afterwards we went for a nice walk of about half an hour. For me it was a victory. I'm still a man.

Wednesday, January 7th 2015:
Yet another morning with breakfast in bed. I have come to love it.
But still I have to arrange  it myself, with the exception that Matron makes the tea.
So I have to get up and cut two slices of black bread with cheese, find juice, pick up the teapot, find the bed tray and with great difficulty have it all and myself placed in and on the bed.
I do feel that the level of service is in a drastic descent  towards the bottom in this house.
If I dared, I would threaten divorce. But good heavens if the good lady says 'yes thank you'.

Tuesday, October 6th 2015:
Eldest son is now discharged from hospital. It was at 22:30 last night. Before that he had gone through the large 100,000 kilometer maintenance check, and luckily everything was in order.
So the wise doctors had to conclude that it was a virus attack which they of course, as you know, can not do anything about. Only on a computer.
It was reassuring to leave the hospital with a certainty that all vital organs are functioning as they should.
Of course, one wonders why no one listened to Matron who long before his admission had diagnosed him with a virus. She knows so much.
PS: The day has now increased by 18 minutes.
PPS: I saw diesel to 8.03 kroners today.
PPS: The picture has got nothing to do with the hospital. He is just proud of it.

Monday, January 5th 2015:
Eldest son was admitted to the hospital in Randers today. Diagnosis is awaited but it might be a virus of an art that has taken hold of him. He has struggled for some time with coughing and fever. All considered, however, he is on the living side .
Hospitals are rarely interesting. I attended dinner was served. There were not five stars there. Not even one, 2 small potatoes, a little brown sauce and piece boiled meat not more than 5 millimeters thick. He won't get well from that, but then again it won't hurt him.
I also have good news:
1) The day has increased by 12 minutes.
2) I saw diesel to 8.07 kroners Per liter.
So not all is bad.

Sunday, January 4th 2015:
I accompanied Matron to Bilka this morning, not my favorite pastime.
But it is tolerable when I am allowed to sit in the cafeteria, while the sweet lady raids the shelves.
I sat there, not in my solitude, for there were many people, but a bit in my boredom. That is, until I became aware of two relatively young couples beside me. I could not help hearing something of their conversation. And it was not the prettiest words that were used. Not that they were arguing, no, but they were swearing horridly. They used some strong words that not even I knew. And there was even a baby there. Fortunately less than a year old so hopefully it was limited what he understood. One must hope for a different choice of words when he gets older.
Yes, you do experience a lot in Bilka.

Saturday, January 3rd 2015:
I do have a nice family. But I think that the members are not always nice to me.
I am being teased. For example, it is argued that I 1) can not dance and 2) I am not technically good.
Regarding 1), I have to admit that there is a little truth in it. I'm doing my best, though.
As for 2) I have spent a long life to prove otherwise.
Thus also today. One of my Christmas presents was a high pressure washer which I'm very fond of.
But it had to be assembled.
I thought that if I succeeded then the rest of the family must break out in cheers of praise. I succeeded. I will not go into detail but just tell you that it was not easy. It required great technical skill.
But fortunately one has it.
Come on, family. I am ready to receive the praise.

Friday, January 2nd 2015:
I am appalled. It was insulting to her Majesty.
At yesterday's royal New Year's reception the queen had to wait. Yes, you read correctly, WAIT. And it was the Prince Consort's fault. My goodness.
After a long drive across the palace square the enormous car stopped as it should. Out to the right came the queen, closest to the entrance and to the left the prince consort.
Her Majesty began slowly walking towards the red carpet looking over her shoulder. She fidgeted slightly, looked behind and finally a bit confused shook hands with a uniformed man. Nothing happened, Where was Henry? Had he escaped? Had he regretted?
No, he chatted with the royal equerry on the other side of the car while the queen impatiently stood turning around on the spot.
That you just can not do, my dear Henry. You do not let a queen wait. And it was majestically cold.
When the Prince Consort had finished shaking hands and chatting he finally followed her Majesty up the red carpet.
In the picture, the two have finally met. There will be something to talk about in the family afterwards, "Henry, my office. Now."

Thursday, January 1st 2015:
As usual, it's a bit odd to write a new year. 14 has become 15th
2015 has started and so far it has gone well.
Matron is struggling with a bad cough, though, and for once she was not up early. Not until 1.30 p.m. did we leave our warm beds.
And eventually I had breakfast in bed, admittedly made and served by myself, and I also served breakfast for the sweet lady next to me.
We passed time watching TV, Word Feud, Facebook, small naps, tea and a small bun with cheese. That was good.
When we got up we put on some loose clothing in the form of cuddly pants and sweaters and went straight to lunch. That was also good. Now we are watching football, Man. United vs. Stoke, and  still take a small nap in between.
2015 has got a great start and can only be a good year.

Wednesday, December 31st 2014:
I am tormented by an internal arrangement in this house. Whoever is up last must do the beds. In practice it is always I who is responsible for it and it is a bit monotonous.
Therefore, I thought, as I got up this morning on this last day of the year that I might avoid it. I asked Matron how much she should have to do it. I expected an answer in the direction of 'a kiss on the forehead' or 'a hug'.
"400 kroners," she said. I protested loudly. " 200 kroners then," the sweet lady continued.
I did the beds.
Thus everything is as it used to be in our house. 
I wish you a Happy New Year. I hope for us all that 2015 will be a good year. It must be.

Tuesday, December 30th 2014:
I must send sincere thanks to the many people who included me in their evening prayers the day before yesterday. I feel considerably better now, cough less, no pain in my throat, and almost dry eyes.
So don't say that prayers do not have an effect. It is evident they have, proven by my now much better health.
And now since you are at it. Please mention tonight that I lack a bit of money for various useful purposes? We need a new patio, Matron wants an electric bicycle (which I would like to give her), I could use two pairs of pants, and also little cash for the fun this summer, for example a good, long holiday in England.
So do not be too modest in your prayers with the amount of money that I would like to have.
I am looking very much forward to seeing the result.

Monday, December 29th 2014:
On this our son-in-law's birthday and our 52 year wedding anniversary, I have to acknowledge that there will be no more biking in 2014. Weather will prohibit it.
I rode my latest trip on 25/11 of 53 kilometers. Now I'm totally unfit and am looking unspeakably forward until I once again can pull the oiled and highly polished bike out again. I have "tugged it in" in my workshop as matron has forbidden me to place it into my office which I very much wanted. But nope. That was out of the question.
I have had a good season and ridden a total of 3.125 kilometers. It is 1.125 kilometers over my target.
There were 3 trips of over 100 kilometers, one of 98 and a quite lot of 70-80 km.
I have enjoyed each and every one of them. In particular, "Around Funen" in May stands clearly in my mind as a lovely ride with my brother Kjeld.
Now I shall dig out my trainer and place it in front of our television in the living room. And off I go. I weigh much too much after a wonderful (and filling) Christmas.

Sunday, December 28th 2014:
I suffer all sorts of anguish and have done so for nearly three weeks. A cold has caught hold of me.
It started with the common symptoms, heavy headed, snotty nose and a sore throat.
It almost disappeared, but then it came back, only with even greater strength, and now a strong cough was added. I cough around the clock. And my eyes are watering quite heavily. I am close to drowning. It has now devekoped into conjunctivitis.
Thus, multi-handicapped, I am asking you to mention me in your evening prayers with a plea for my speedy recovery. I wouldn't mind seeing the sun rising tomorrow.

Saturday, December 27th 2014:
A really lazy Saturday. The only effort I have done is accompanying Matron to a supermarket. On the way home she told me that she was looking very much forward to coming home and watch handball on TV. I do not share that interest but accept the state of affairs (yawn yawn).
Now we are sitting here in our molded couch. On the screen, two ladies teams are playing against each other. It's boring (yawn yawn). It seems that the sweet lady agrrees. She is fast asleep. But I dare not change channel. For some reason or another, she will surely wake up and scold me for it. It happens every time. So I am watching handball - all alone.

Friday, December 26th 2014:
I like gold weddings. I was at one of them today. Good food and drink and good company. Especially I fell in love  with one particular red wine. It delighted my nose, tongue and palate. Yes, gold weddings are good.
There is just one problem that I recognize at all the gold weddings. I get dizzy and rather talkative. In particular, the former can be troublesome.
But today Matron saved me. For just as the dizziness was about to grab hold of me the sweet lady announced that now we were going home, home to two unprovided dogs. Obediently I followed suit and immediately my dizziness began to vanish.
She is clever.

Thursday, December 25th 2014:
War is over. Victoriously I withdrew from the battle - and left a dead mouse as the loser. It had to bow to my strong weapons after three days of fooling me.
On the third day I finally got the little rascal and on top of the bargain it was on Christmas Eve. So no ceasefire because of Christmas as it happened on the Western Front in World War 1.
On our return from a very nice Christmas Eve with daughter Annette and family I could open the kitchen cupboard and behold - a trap with a dead mouse.
The bait was Nutella, well greased down into the little cup on the trap. Pity for of the mouse? Yes. But Matron who otherwise can not hurt a fly is pleased with the result. She is not keen on mice.

Wednesday, December 24th 2014:
I wish you all a Merry Christmas with lots of good experiences - and gifts - and good food and drink.
Tuesday, December 23rd 2014:
I hereby declare total war against the mouse that lives in our house. It will be a battle of life and death (for the mouse).
Once again the little devil succeeded in eating the bait (salami) off the two traps without being killed even though I had pinched and squeezed the sausage pieces so that they would stick.
It is a humiliation. I can see for myself that the little chap now is sitting and gloating somewhere.
But not for much longer. Now there is a war on.
To this, I have purchased new, modern weapons, two highly recommended mousetraps of plastic with a trigger mechanism that is somewhat more delicate. It's an old dog friend who recommended the purchase. See photo.
So when I wake up tomorrow I shall expect to see at least one dead mouse in one of the traps,
If not, TNT will be considered.

Monday, December 22nd 2014:
We have a mouse under our kitchen sink.
It happily bites our trash bag into pieces and eats away.
Inasmuch as I accept its need for food I find it a nuisance that it leaves an awful mess including a string of mouse shit. Matron is very dissatisfied with the state of affairs.
Therefore, I was ordered out to buy a couple of mouse traps yesterday. Last night, they were loaded with 2 pieces lovely cheese and placed under the thrash bag.
Either the mouse is very cunning or the traps are very bad. When I got up this morning to check them the cheeses were gone and the traps were still sharply loaded - without any cheese. Note also the small mouse shit in the photo.
The lack of success will not make us loose courage. Tonight I shall load them with salami that I glue to the traps. That will teach them. Matron does not appreciate mice in her kitchen.

Sunday, December 21st 2014:
It is the shortest day of the year, winter solstice. Day length 6 hours and 54 minutes.
Because of that I put forward - lying in my warm bed - 2 wishes to Matron.
1) With such a short day I found it not worth while getting up. I wanted to remain in bed.
2) I would be happy having breakfast in bed, just a cup of tea, a boiled egg and a few slices of rye bread
Holy shit, what a rejection I got on both. All I should do was getting up and make my own breakfast. She had absolutely no plans that I could have either of my wishes fulfilled
I felt no doubt about what the very determined lady meant so with an offended air I had to accept both refusals.
I still find it incredible that two such simple wishes could not be fulfilled. Instead, I had to join the good lady to REMA 1000 (Danish super market chain). It has been a bad day.

Saturday, December 20th 2014:
The last retrieve this year was today. And it was a good one, but admittedly a bit cold.
It was not as strenuous as several other retrieves. As seen in the picture there were quiet moments when I could open my hunting chair, sit down, and wait for the next drive.
Son and daughter in law were there, too which made the day extra pleasant. Peter shot no less than 11 pheasants.
All in all a really good end to  season 2014, and now there are 10 months till season 2015 will start which of course is quite good. A hopefully nice summer is in between.
I have only one wish for next season that my old and faithful dog Sydney can mange just one more year even if he is getting old. But then again. So am I .
If it works out as I hope it will we shall both retire in 2015. I shall then have retrieved on the Møllerup Estate for 40 years. My goodness - time is running faster and faster.

Friday, December 19th 2014:

I am going retrieving tomorrow with my good dog Sydney. He is a labrador retriever of normal size, 40-45 cm. tall over his shoulder. You'll find many dogs like him.
However, there is fortunately not so many of the size of huge Great Dane I found in a picture in an online newspaper.
What a giant. 112 cm. over his shoulder, more than double of Sydney's. You decide yourself whether you think it is a charming dog. My decision is taken.
Glad it's not I who have to pay for its food. I think it is expensive enough with the two dogs we have. But what would it not cost if I were to feed the black giant? My goodness.

Thursday, December 18th 2014:
It has been many years since I last went to a roofing ceremony. When we were young, and our friends like we built houses galore it was almost an everyday event.
Today I was once again able to experience it at our son's sister in law and brother in law's new house
Unfortunately the weather was not kind to the event. It was pouring down throughout. Fortunately we could be indoors in an adjacent and nearly completed building and eat the good sausages and drink our beer and Coke and coffee and tea. Nice. Sausages and beer/Coke is a good mix. I give 5 chef hats out of 5.
The picture was not taken today but the day before yesterday. Then the weather was milder and especially drier.

Wednesday, December 17th 2014:
I took a somewhat unwell Matron to work this morning - quite early. I have to admire her bravery. She was not on top at all. She should have stayed at home. But I could not persuade her.
A little worried, I returned.
Just before our humble dwelling I saw something nice driving down the little hill here in Studstrup where one has a clear view over the Aarhus Bay. I saw a beautiful sunrise. I drove the very short detour along the beach and took some pictures. It was so beautiful that even a lousy photographer like me got something beautiful out of it - I think. But judge for yourself.
At 3 p.m. I'll pick the sweet lady up and I really hope she's feeling better. She is just so cool - and she is mine. Dear oh dear, I'm lucky.

Tuesday, December 16th 2014:
Good, old Colombo the detective with the wrinkled coat, the old car and cheap cheroot.
Matron was watching handball this afternoon but fell asleep (!), so I allowed myself a little zapping. I happened to find an episode with Colombo. I have not seen any of them for many years, I have thought that they probably were a bit "dusty". But to my surprise I hang on to the end and enjoyed watching Colombo's small strokes of genius and conscious clumsiness to reveal the murderer that we already know.
Now I might consider watching more episodes. When I was much younger and the series was new, I watched them all. So why not? There is a certain charm to the old detective.

Monday, December 15th 2014:
I have for some time been delighted about cheap diesel fuel.
After many years of paying 11-13 kroners per. liter it is now common to pay just under 9 kroners. I have even paid 8.30 kroners. That has delighted my Jutlandish heart.
But according to the major oil companies I should  be happy. Shame on you. Joy is prohibited, they say. They claim it will cost a lot of money elsewhere, probably in the oil industry. I do not understand that because their profit margin will probably be the same. Crude oil is much cheaper, and they will sell more fuel.
Well, never mind. I plan to rejoice over the low diesel prices. It is rare to experience price declines.
But beware. During the spring we are back to the well known, high prices.

Sunday, December 14th 2014:
Here comes trouble. The first night in Studstrup with frost.
When I went to bed last night roofs were black but just look how they were when I woke up this morning. Now, we know what is awaiting us during the next months and I do not care much about it.
But I have learned that we should be pleased with the Danish climate with the changing seasons. The point is though that I no longer can see the beauty of it. I could easily do without winter. And spring is only a little nice, because it's a little warmer than winter but often cold and rainy. Autumn is good enough but only because I can go retrieving.
Left is summer which is the most pleasant time. I wouldnn't mind having summer all through the year. And I could ride my bike all year round.
So never mind the changing seasons. 

Saturday, December 13th 2014:
There are many wonderful things about Christmas. I love being with the family on Christmas Eve and all the other Christmas days. It makes me happy.
In the run up to Christmas there is one day that I particularly love. It is one of the last Saturdays before Christmas. This year it is today.
Granddaughter Cecilie comes to make marzipan, nougat and cookies along with Matron.
They're both a little stingy with what I can have during the process. Too little I think.
But after leaving the kitchen to rest there is (almost) free access. I take advantage of that. It is unpopular, but inevitable. I always thought that the candy and cookies I steal before Christmas do taste the best.

Friday, December 12th 2014:
I got up a little early today, about pm. 12. Matron went shopping.
When she got home it occurred to me that I probably did better to get out of bed. Originally had I imagined that I in a firm voice would say, "I am not going to do the beds today." But courage failed me. It appeared now to be good since while I did the beds and went to the bathroom and all that the sweet lady had made me a delicious lunch. She is a wonderful wife.
So I actually got up and went directly to the lunch table. A good start to the day.
Tonight I would like to have a midnight snack and go straight to bed.
Is life not just wonderful?

Thursday, December 11th 2014:
Today Matron and I left for a birthday brunch with sister-in-law in Silkeborg. Nice.
And what mistake did I make? You'll get one guess and only one.
Have you thought about the answer?
Here it is. I ate too much. I just can not help it.
When we got to the cakes, I should have stopped - perhaps even before.
But I could not hjelp myself. 1½ chocolate 'snail' went down after all the other good stuff. I never learn.

Wednesday, December 10th 2014:
I don't mind driving a long distance for a good lunch. Today it was 215 kilometers out and 215 kilometers home, southern Flensburg in Germany to be exact.
Matron had expressed a desire to do some Christmas shopping in our big neighbor country to the south, and I must tell you that some shopping was sone. I did not hold back either. I would be surprised if another Pepsi Max can be found in Flensburg and surrounding areas.
Back to the lunch. We had it in a nice fish restaurant. My sweet wife, Matron, had a very good fish burger while I had a very nice shrimp salad with Mozzarella and other good things in it, served in a seashell of the most splendid, crusty bread. No doubt we shall eat there again if we pay another visit in the area for additional shopping - and  we probably shall.

Tuesday, December 9th 2014:
I should value it more than I do and I should use it more than I do - for walks among others.
Only a few hundred meters from our house is a pleasant forest which at some places is quite beautiful. One discovers far from all the beauty by sticking to the established footpaths. If venturing in between the trees one will discover beauty spots like the one on the picture.
I have known the wood since it was a field that one could look out over without problem. Now it is forest. But we old timers who have known the place for years still call "the field" although it is a completely wrong word in this connection.
We're probably just a little 'old-fashioned'.

Monday, December 8th 2014:
Some questions and answers to and from me:
Will I ever be fed up with retrieving? Hardly.
Will I ever be fed up with watching mine and other people's dogs doing a good job? Hardly
Will I ever be fed up with being together with the wonderful dog handlers? Hardly.
Can I keep on having the strength to go retrieving? Well, you see, old man. There you hit a sore point. I am very tired and sore when I get home after a hunt. But thankfully my fellow retriever people accept that I should not walk the longest way, and fortunately  many who are ready to carry pheasants for me when a drive is over.
So if my old, faithful dog, Sydney, can manage yet another season I think I can, too. I am already looking forward to it.

Sunday, December 8th 2014:
Women's European Handball Championships will begin today. Many people have been looking forward to it and many will enjoy watching it. Matron is one of them. She intends to waych it all - and she loves it.
I do not. But of course I appreciate her interest. The reverse is the case when I'm watching bike races.
While handball is on, I can either withdraw to my den of an office and write, or I can choose to remain seated in front of the handball while I check my Facebook and my Wordfeud. It suits me just fine, albeit that time may seem a little long. Then I think that it will "only" last 2 weeks. Tour de France after all is  3. And I am looking forward to it.

Saturday, December 6th 2014:
I've got an idea. I shall send it to our Prime Minister for serious consideration. Today it is exactly 88 years since, Benitto Mussolini introduced a bachelor tax in Italy (1926).
I think it is appropriate that we do the same here and now.
Perhaps then we can get rid of the big number of extramarital grants that cost us billions of kroners and we can get a more sober society without the big number of couples who live together unmarried. That annoys my delicate morals.
Well, maybe some marriages will start as follows, "Will you marry me, Sophy, I can not afford being a bachelor?" But then what? It cannot be pure love all of it. People must learn to live with that.
Perhaps we could also bring down the huge number of divorces. What man wants - besides alimony - to have to pay a bachelor tax?
I trust that everybody will endorse the idea. Bachelor tax can save our ecconomy.

Friday, December 5th 2014:
What a day this has been. So many wonderful things have happened.
Among others, I was at a Christmas party with day care children in Hammel. The cutest of them, grandson Frederik, was there of course, and he did, like all 2-3 year olds. Used the big room to run and slide.
However, he could interrupt this activity, when Danish donuts came on the table (one went down. Granddad managed  6), when we danced round the Christmas tree, and when Santa Claus himself came with gifts. 
One must constantly wonder how Santa manages to find where all those Christmas parties are held. He never fails.
Like Frederik I had a wonderful day. Sometimes life is just wonderful.

Thursday, November 4th 2014:
That was it. I mowed our lawn for the last time in 20l4 - I hope.
I remember that I opened 2014 by mowing it on January 1st, so you never know.
When I finished today, I had to wait for the engine to use the last petrol. It is amazing how long time a lawnmower can run on almost no petrol. It just went on and on and on while I walked impatiently around. I do not think that I was the most popular among neighbors with the lengthy mowing. But I am a very nice chap.

Wednesday, December 3rd 2014:
Experiences have not been queuing today. I have not been outside the door at all, while Matron has moved around supermarket, chiropodist and dentist. She experiences more than I who just was home alone, left to my book, iPhone, computer, and TV - most of what was enjoyed in bed which I did not leave until 11:30 a.m..
Such a quiet day can be helpful. I had time to look even more on the newly finished TV-series "1864" on the German-Danish war, not the series itself which I have followed all the way, but the critical broadcasts that have been on since the series stopped last Sunday. And I have recorded them. 
It was good to see them. They put a lot of things in place for me and although the critics seem to have "won" the war on how good/bad the series was I have become more and more pleased with it.
Tomorrow I will try to be a little more physically active. At least just go outside the door. A bit daring, of course.

Tuesday, December 2nd 2014:
We are getting there.
The next 2-4 months may be as shown in the picture, windy, gray and dreary like today.
Of course it can - God forbid - be snow, snowdrifts, frost and other unpleasantnesses.
So far today I had my winter tires fitted. It is always a sign that the dark part of the year is close. Let us rejoice that even in the dark lights can be seen. I'm looking forward to that.

Monday, December 1st 2014:
The final is on. It is December 1st. The Christmas huzzle that started in mid-October will go crazy during the following 24 days. I was in central Aarhus this morning, and despite a howling cold streets were crowded with people - and cars.  
Matron only wanted to go into one single shop so I chose to drive around in the center of town until she had finished, it was impossible to find a parking space.
It was hard to get around in the streets. Cars were everywhere.
Wonder how mad it will be when we get closer to Christmas.
Merry Christmas, I say.

Sunday, November 30th 2014;
The weather is not anything worth writing home about. And should I do it, I would write about the cold wind, dark clouds and no sun at all. Sad, sad, sad.
So much nicer is it to sit in the heat in here enjoying that the Advent wreath (which is no wreath) has been lit, and I just swallowed a number of Danish donuts - more than a handful.
I am resting after yesterday's hard but lovely hunting day. On TV, my club AGF are 1-0 up. Granddaughter Cecilie is here. Matron is one big smile.
It's cozy, almost a Christmas atmosphere and now the sun has set. Isn't it all just great?

Saturday, November 29th 2014:
A beautiful but busy and hard day of hunting. There was plenty to do, so the dogs had to find plenty of game all day.
However, there was time for a break, when the dogs could relax while handlers and guns had a small refreshment. As seen, the dogs waited politely and patiently so that we could have our drinks.
It's good to have obedient and patient dogs.
And they are beautiful, aren't they?
(My Sydney lying in front, to the right right).

Friday, November 28th 2014:
I've been to a farewell reception at my old school today. Jellebakkeskolen as it was once but now in my absence it has been renamed to Ellevangskolen. Well, that's alright since it merged with another school.
The main chareacter of the reception was my old headmaster, Torben Antonsen. He is the best school principal any school can imagine. Proficient, thorough, forthcoming a great personel leader and a whole lot of other positive adjectives. I had the pleasure of working with him for 10 years up to 2005 when I retired.
I must not fail to notice that Torben massacred me every time we played tennis. On the other hand I did the same to him in badminton - at least for some years. But it ceased, and consequently I retired.

Thursday, November 27th 2014:
Can that be right?
When I woke up this morning and looked out at our small, white birdhouse I saw to my surprise a titmouse sitting with its head inside the house. From its movements it looked very much as if it was feeding. But it can not be true. If so the weather must have gone berserk. I have not yet dared to go and examine the house but will do so soon. The poor pups are facing a tough future - if they are there. They have no chances in this after all cold weather and the possibility of being fed by the old birds is small.
I'll keep an eye on the house.

Wednesday, November 25th 2014:
When I was young, I worked for some time in a paint shop. I was a tender, general helper, warehouse worker and a lot more.
This was before the employment rules said a word about how much you were allowed to lift.
Regularly we received 200 liter barrels with turpentine, paint thinner or linseed oil. An apprentice and I had to lift them into place. But I got no help to lift the 50-kilo sacks of plaster, color powders and other stuff that we also received. I carried those myself down into the basement. I did really neede no one to help. I was young and strong and just lifted the bag on to mys shoulder and went. One after the other.
Today I got the opportunity to demonstrate my old skills with heavy bags. I was to carry 25 kilograms tile sand from the DIY out to the car. It had nearly me to my knees. With a lot of moaning and a pause I succeeded, though. But I thought a lot of the basement in the paint shop while carrying.
The bag is still in the car. Hope I have the strength to lift it out tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 25th 2014:
In a cold debut on a ride with my new winter biking clothes, it turned out that it passed the test.
In the rather chilly weather, I could easily keep warm in my smart clothes, and I attracted attention wheever I came, especially in the smaller streets in Aarhus where guests outside the cafes and passersby made the  applause roar down over me. It gave me an idea of what is awaiting me in the mountain stages in next year's Tour de France.
The picture shows me in my new outfit. My gaping expression is partly because the picture was taken, just as I had crossed the finish line, and my lungs had not yet calmed down, and partly because I had not yet got over the applause. Or perhaps I am just looking that way.

Monday, November 24th 2014:
My hairdresser through the past 35 years, Matron, asked me to buy a new electric hair clipper which is now done. She was unhappy with the old one. I couldn't agree more. It pulled all the hair up by the roots. A painful affair.
Today the new clipper was in use for the first time.
Like with many other articles the wrapping was some rigid, plastic-like material, almost welded together, and in the whole impossible to open. There really should put effort into it, and a couple of times I was on my way to pick up my grinder. However, with the aid of a pair of scissors and big muscles I succeeded in the end. What a job. It took fifteen minutes.
However, I can reveal that it is a good clipper, and I'm now sitting here, newly cut and fine writing my diary.
But why must it be so difficult to open a package? Old people must have enormous difficulty with it.

Sunday, November 23rd 2014:
I am not crazy about what I am doing right now. Actually my heart is in my throat. But I will go through it anyway.
AGF plays a crucial match at Aarhus Stadium against Lyngby. I am watching it on TV. And it's Martin Jorgensen's last home game after an impressive career in AGF, Italy and on our national team (102 caps). 
I've decided to watch the whole game, regardless that my nerves are having a party in my stomach. 
I do not know what is happening to me. I am no longer a big fan but I still can not stand watching AGF lose. Therefore, I have not seen much this autumn. I become goddam sad when they loose. But now it must be. I WILL watch it all - at least until we are 2 goals behind. 
So far it is 0-0, and half time. Phew. Give me my tranquilizers.
BREAKING NEWS: We won compehensibly by 1-0.

Saturday, November 22nd 2014:
I got a surprise this morning. I had a little trouble getting out of bed and lay reading, playing a little Wordfeud and checking facebook. The entire bedroom oozed cosiness. It was a bit over 10 o'clock
Then I heard Matron's footsteps in the hall and prepared having to defend that I was still there, something with fatigue and pain somewhere in my poor body. Maybe I could also cough a little. Everything that could create a little compassion would be good.
It was not necessary. To my great surprise the sweet simply lsaid, "Why are you not watching TV?" That I had not seen coming. I was somewhat surprised, but did not hasten in turning it on. I watched saw a couple of programmes.
Now it's your guess when I got up.

Friday, November 21st 2014:
I got a wonderful birthday gift from my family. A gift certificate for the purchase of a wind-proof, long-sleeved cycling jersey. I have wanted it for a long time and now it is here, purchased today.
In addition, there was money enough for leggings , also for rides in the cooler half of the year.
It will be quite a handsome rider who hopefully will soon be taking to the roads. He will evoke due attention. Everyone will say,
"Holy shit, what a good looking chap riding there. A real mountain climber. We must keep an eye on him at the Tour de France next year."

Thursday, November 20th 2014:
Today my beloved Aunt Henny was buried. She was 92 years old and was the last of the generation above me in our family. She was buried in Silkeborg.
She was all her life a cheerful person in spite of adversities, among others a son's sudden death and the death of her husband, my uncle Henry.
Especially in recent years, Else and I had regular contact with Aunt Henny. We visited her several times, and also she was a regular participant in the annual cousisin-parties. And she never left the party as number one. She very often was the one who lead the singing in the various festive songs, whether they were from the folk high school song book or perhaps a some naughty songs. She knew quite a few of them, too.
She loved to be with other people why she had a large circle of friends, and she loved talking.
She will be deeply missed for her wonderful laughter, her cheerfulness, and her concern for others.

Wednesday, November 19th 2014:
Perhaps an easy way to make my diary. But I think the story is quite funny.
A mother enters her daughter's room and finds a letter on the pillow. With fears she opens and reads it:
"Dear Mum,
Do not be sad. I have left to see the world with my new boyfriend.
He is SO COOL with all his piercings and tattoos.
But I have more good news. I am pregnant and I am sure that we shall be happy in the big caravan that Brian has at in biker club. He wants  many more children with me and that's also my dream!
I've learned that marijuana is not dangerous, and we shall grow it for ourselves and our friends who give us all the cocaine and ecstasy we want.
In the meantime, we shall pray that a cure for AIDS is found so that Brian can get better, he deserves it.
Do not worry about me, I'm fifteen years now and a big girl. I'll come visit you one day and show you your grandchildren!
Your devoted daughter,

PS: Mom, it was just a joke. I am at the neighbour's. I just wanted to show you that there are worse things in life than my school report. You can find in the desk drawer. Hugs!"

Tuesday, November 18th 2014:
To be awakened on one's birthday with beautiful singing by wife and granddaughter Katrine is a good experience. I enjoyed it and afterwards I could have another nap - until daughter Annette arrived and "played" with me. I was shaken and rolled and dotted in my stomach and she knew many other evils. And that on my birthday. Fortunately the evil daughter quickly left and I could once again have a slumber till I was awakened with a statement that a brunch was ready. Then I also was ready. The brunch consisted of many nice things, but mostly noticed the American pancakes of which I devoured a good numer. Too many in fact.
It was a good start to the birthday. The rest of the day will be quiet since we celebrated last Sunday.

Monday, November 17th 2014:
I paid an extra tax today. And if there's anything I hate it's extra taxes - for that matter taxes at all.
I need to have my driving license renewed, a penalty that is given to everybody who passes 74 years.
Firstly I was at the doctor and had the mandatory hearing-, sight-, and memory tests.
I find that relevant. 
Afterwards I had to pay 425 kroners to the poor doctor. 
For the new card, 50 kroners to the state. 
For the new photograph (see left) 130 kroners to the photographer. 
605 kroners all in all. Robbery at broad daylight.
Damned unfair. Here, I think someone should intervene.
But it is a good looking chap who gets a new license. Admit it.

Sunday, November 16th 2014:
What a lovely day. The family gathered because of my forthcoming birthday. How I love when they are all here and we sit around the table, big and small. I represent the big.
Today's menu was pheasant, prepared after Matron's secret recipe - and with Walldorf salat. There should really also have been a woodcock. But we forgot it and must wait till next time . It isn't very big, you know. Dessert was ice cream cake and mustard. The latter is a family weakness. I think it is inherited from my father and spread to all the family side branches.
Frederik and I are missing in the picture. Frederik took the picture and I was in the garden mowing our lawn.

Saturday, November 15th 2014:

Another retrieve and once again followed by elder granddaughter Katrine.
She and I enjoy each other's company very much, and I'm a little proud and happy that she likes retrieving with granddad. Furthermore, it is good for me not having to drag along with dogs, hunting chair and pheasants. Katrine takes over and carries a lot for me. It relieves my old back and hip.
She has already announced that she would like to go on the next retrieve in 2 weeks. Not bad.

Friday, November 14th 2014:
Today our Toyota was discharged from the Toyota hospital after 5 days' hospitalization. The chief physician declared it healthy and fully fit. A whole new tailbone has been implanted. The reunion was touching.
Not only was the operation carried out apparently very succesfully. The patient was also freshly washed inside and outside and smelled and looked like a new car. I'll probably soon have that changed. Tomorrow I will be retrieving and return with two very wet and dirty dogs. They do not smell of roses, I tell you.
But it's good to have your own car again.

Thursday, November 13th 2014:
I love this hour of the day. Matron and I are sitting on the couch. A few candles are lit. She is reading her newspaper and eating a few snacks. I am writing my diary and have a few olives. In front of us the TV is turned on. We take turns in changing channel when we happen to become aware that the TV is actually on.
Outside it is dark and a dense, heavy rain is falling. It also helps making it extra nice to be here indoors. Soon to the sweet lady will get up and go into the kitchen to cook our dinner. I may follow and help a bit. Today it is fried liver with various green 'things'. Not bad.
With slight variations, this is the "program" for the final hour or two of our afternoon. We enjoy it, we enjoy being together in peace and quiet.

Wednesday, October 12th 2014:
It begins to look like something nice around our house.
Today all tiles (minus the patio) were cleaned of algae using a pressure washer. It was my helper who also did all the rest of the restauration who did most of the work today . My responsibility was limited to sweeping up dirt and take it to the compost heap and cutting edges. An admittedly responsible job.
On top of that my hardworking helper brought its own pressure washer since my own a couple of days ago, died after a few sniffles. It is ready for the dump.
Now the tiles are as clean as a freshly washed baby bottom only waiting for new sand. This will be applied next spring.
I wonder what Matron wants fixed next. I can not see anything needing to. 
But ......

Tuesday, November 11th 2014:
It was not good - or amusing at all.
Previous Sunday I cycled the hardest ride ever. Today the worst ever.
Everything was against me.
It started with the cycling computer (Strava) failing. Spent 20 minutes of precious time to fix it - without success. Switched to Endomondo. There was a headwind no matter which way I rode. I was generally no good and had bad legs. My arms and hands ached more than usual. Had planned 65 kilometers but had to shorten the ride and rode a mere 48 kilometers.
I simply could not get the drive in the bike - no speed, and I decided several times that this trip was going to be be the last one this year. In short - there was not much to laugh at.
But never mind. I have ridden almost 3.100 kilometers this year. That's satisfying.

Monday, November 10th 2014:
A sad day. I had to go to the Toyota Hospital with our car. A broken tailbone as a result of the meeting with a powerful beam at BILKA (see Tuesday, 4th November) necessitated hospitalization.
Everything went smoothly when the chief physician met us and promised to give the car a good treatment implanting a new tailbone and various other parts.
As a compensation I could borrow a new and young Toyota, a very pleasant knowledge. When at some time our now hospitalized patient must run its last trip it's definitely a possibility that we shall replace it with the young specimen. Only we must be sure that by then we will no longer tow a caravan since the powers of the young man is not enough despite his youth, he simply has too few horses.
I have been allowed to visit the hospitalized patient if I want to. Discharge will probably be Thursday.

Sunday, November 9th 2014:
I've done three things today, relaxed, relaxed, and relaxed. In between I relaxed a little not to exhaust myself. It all went fine. Then I had a small nap on the couch.
Oh dear, I nearly forgot that I helped Matron cleaning 6 pheasants and woodcock. They will all be consumed at my upcoming birthday party. After that I relaxed and had a small lunch with Matron and sweet granddaughter Katrine who has stayed with us since Friday.
There was time for a short stroll in the beautiful weather, though. 2 tired dogs came along.
After this nothing physical will be done. Absolutely nothing. One has to be rested for the next hunt on Saturday. 
Sleep well.

Saturday, November 8th 2014:

Once again a lovely hunting day in fine and fresh weather is over. The hunt was extra nice because eldest granddaughter Katrine followed me all day and saw many hunting facets, among others  having to hold dead pheasants in her hands and maybe carry them over long distances. It was absolutely more than she had ever tried before and at the beginning only with great reluctance. But she learned it during the day. She also learned to cherish the beautiful surroundings, we were in and she learned about written and unwritten rules of hunting. She also found out how tired you are after a full day of hunting. She must have enjoyed it very much, though. She wants to participate next Saturday. And who can say no to her?

Friday, November 7th 2014:

I now and then have a look at the website "Today" to see if there is a special reason for remembering the day. Today there is a rather macabre reason.
Exactly 122 years ago on 7th November 1892, the last Dane was executed for crimes committed in peacetime. His name was Jens Nielsen. He was originally sentenced to 21 years in prison for various crimes. In prison he was then sentenced to death for his third attempt to murder a prison guard. He wanted a death sentence. 
Previously he had committed crimes in Canada, USA, UK and Sweden.
He was 30 years at his execution and must have been very busy committing all his crimes in so many places.
The executioner was Theodor Seistrup,, the last executioner in Denmark. He held the job for 30 years and executed a total of 3 convicts.
In the two pictures you can see ax and scaffold used at this occation and Jens Nielsen - before his execution.

Thursday, November 5th 2014:
I do not want the attached picture commented. I can already hear some of them.
But please let me comment myself. The photo was taken by granddaughter Cecilie at the new Moesgaard Museum. And it's not taken for me to expose myself but only for the ignorant to see the difference between a good looking chap from 140,000 years ago and a good looking chap of today and learn from it, except of course he doesn't wear spectacles.
I myself prefer the modern man but must recognize that 4% of my genes are from the Neanderthal man. 
In particular, I find it interesting that the Neanderthal man was strong and after current standards rather overweight. So after all I do look a little bit like him.

Wednesday, November 5th 2014:
I'm a little in doubt about what has happened to Matron.
Yesterday she cancelled a BILKA-visit when we were in the parking space right in front. Doesn't look like her.
Today she canceled a visit to a huge garden center not far from BILKA, when we were less than 500 meters away from it. Doesn't look like her either. 
I do not recall this has happened before. But it does not upset me. I love potstponed and cancelled visits to supermarkets and garden centers.
In fairness I must say that we did go into in BILKA today (not me, though) and had a quick visit to a DIY just nearby. But the garden center is postponed - presumably till sometime in the winter. Hurrah.
But I must wonder what's going on.

Tuesday, November 4th 2014:
What a lousy day.
Arriving at the Bilka parking lot Matron and I changed our minds because of a tight schedule and postponed the visit until tomorrow. It was such a relief, and in my exuberance I reversed into a very solid iron pole that did not move an inch when I hit it with a big bang. Quickly I ran out to inspect the damages and had to conclude that there was substantial damage to the tail lights, bumper and probably also the back door. Spontaneously I muttered in a number of nasty words that should not be reproduced here. 
It was a bad day.
Conclusion: Visits to BILKA never bring anything good with them.

Monday, November 3rd 2014:
The project of tiles in the driveway is finished - at least for this year. Now I only need the tiles inside the garage. They will be sorted sometime in the spring. 
Today's work was to sprinkle jointing sand. Not just an ordinary jointing sand, anti weed sand blended with cement. 
Now it's over with with weeds between the tiles, ants, and (not least) I walk in my high-heeled shoes on the widest joints without sinking. That will please me for a long time to come. 
This is a solution for the future.

Sunday, November 2nd 2014:
When I was a kid and was taught geography at school I learned that Westerns Jutland is flat and Eastern Jutland is hilly. 
This knowledge had obviously left me when yesterday I planned a bike ride to Horsens and home, all in the heart of Eastern Jutland. My old geography teacher was right. Eastern Jutland is hilly, very hilly. 
This together with the fact that for 4 days I have worked hard putting down tiles and that I only slept for 5-6 hours last night and that the head wind on the outward ride was extremely strong made ​​the ride the hardest ever. I've probably used this term before. But it is still correct about this one. I have never before had so much pain in my back side, pressure sores. 
But most important of all. I had hoped to achieve one more 100-kilometer-ride this year. I reckoned today was the last chance. And I succeeded, 100.8 km. There you are.

Saturday, November 1st 2014:
It's Saturday night. Relaxing after the day's work. Sitting in my molded sofa I enjoy a quiet moment with Matron who is keenly watching "Heartbeat" for the 10th time. 
Everything breathes peace and tranquility. Having just eaten a good pasta salad with my usual Pepsi Diet to flush it down. 
I wonder if there is something I care to watch on TV tonight. It should be something that really catches me, otherwise I will doze off. 
Now, "Heartbeat" is over it made my eyelids heavy. I am now watching the news with the same result. 
It mey become a long and sleepy evening - and if my plan holds water I am going out on a long bike ride tomorrow with brother Kjeld. 
Good night.

Friday, October 31st 2014:
I am disappointed.
I had hoped for a bike ride today. But no. The weather was too miserable. Quite up to 2 pm. I hoped for a little clearing up but it remained the same dull drizzle and not inviting at all for a bike ride.
Then I watched a bit of TV and fell asleep, next I played Wordfeud and looked at Facebook, all with the same result. After that I sat down to write on my book. But I could not get started.
Dull, dull.
Only when I went out to have a look at the new tiling at the garage I once again thought that life was worth living. It is half done. The rest will hopefully be finished tomirrow.
It looks
damn nice, doesn't it? And so do I by the way.

Thursday, October 30th 2014:
What does your tell for you when you 3 days in a row have laid tiles for 7-8 hours, as I have done? 
I could tell you what my back says, but it will be a choice of words that is not suitable for reproduction in print. At least not without the risk of being accused of indecent writings. 
But nevertheless, I welcome the progress out there. Slowly but surely my friendly helper and I are approaching the garage. It seems to become a nice driveway. That was not the case three days ago. 
Tomorrow is a day of rest which I - like the Tour de France riders - will celebrate with a nice long bike ride as long as weather permits. I am looking forward to a bit of relaxation.

Wednesday, October 29th 2014:
About 35 years ago I taught eldest son to angle.
The first lessons he received were at the outer pier at the Port of Aarhus, and flat fish and cod. I could feel it at once. The interest was there immediately. And since then he has fished and fished and fished. I do not know how many fish clubs he is a member of, and I can not keep track of all the places he has fished, Bornholm, Norway, Sweden, Scotland and all sorts of places in Jutland. He is mad about a fishing.
I'm glad that I gave him the interest so many years ago.
Today he called and proudly and happily told that on this last fishing trip this year he caught no less than 3 stunning sea trouts (the maximum number allowed per. day) at a river not far from where he lives - on fly. They were 59, 56 and 53 centimeters. It's great - and they taste very well.
The old teacher now happily leans back in his couch and welcomes the fact that the first flimsy lessons at the Aarhus Harbor gave his son so much pleasure.

Tuesday, October 28th 2014:

Yet another of Matron's wishes is being fulfilled, re-tiling of the garage drive-way.
Unfortunately, I can not myself physically handle the task, nor can I manage the technical part.
But fortunately our daughter has a clever and kind father in law, who once again came to our rescue. Without him, it had never gone. We started today at lunchtime, reaching 4-5 rows, and we expect to continue tomorrow.
I will assist with the practical parts as pulling up tiles and cleaning them of soil and dirt. More complicated, it should rather not be. But I undertake the task successfully. Good we have "the in-law".
Monday, October 27th 2014:
Matron was dissatisfied with me today. And that despite the fact that I got up in the middle of the night and took her to work - and later picked her up. I was blamed quite a bit.
The reason was that during the morning I should have called the health center and the pension office to gather some information. But I was prevented from it because after returning I heard my bed calling enticing at me. I simply had to follow its calling - and slept till 12 o'clock. Quick lunch and then off to pick up the sweet lady at around 1 p.m. 
She was not at all happy to hear about my lack of activity in the morning. It caused a few harse words. However, one is used to a bit of this and a bit of that.
Response from the health center (a good answer) is, however, received now. Then I have to fix the pension office tomorrow. So, what is the problem?

Sunday, October 26th 2014:
Matron and I have no wish to be young with the young. It is at least 55 years too late.
But it's nice to be visited by young people, as we were today, granddaughter Katrine and her friend Olivia.
A modest lunch, a walk around in the area and along the beach and finally a nice chat over a cup of coffee. It's good to talk to young people and be surprised by their positive attitude to life and listen to their expectations for the future.
We had a good afternoon together and it is our impression that the two young people also enjoyed it.
It was great that already now we agreed that there will be a repeat. We two old ones are happy that young people want to be with us.
And who else but them could think of taking a (long) paddle at this rather cold time of the year?

Saturday, October 25th 2014:
The first hunt this year - long awaited - was today. It was a good day. I enjoyed it to the fullest, the nature, the birds, our dog's excellent work, meeting old friends, the weather, the food, etc.
My fear of not being able to hold out the whole day due to various stiff and aching limbs proved unfounded. I stood it all through and was even able to smile when the hunt was over. That was not the case for my trusty but old dog Sydney. He was quite amused while his power was there but he did not smile much in the last drive.
In the coming period, I must give him more physical training before the next shoot in 2 weeks. But after all he's 10½ years old. And he has worked hard all his life - and loved it. Right now he sleeps like a rock.
We both welcome the next hunt.

Friday, October 24th 2014:
Matron and I today had lunch at our "eldest" dog friends' in Ebeltoft, ie. eldest in the sense that they are the ones we've known for the longest time. 
Nice food and a good talk. As usual, I ate a little more than is good. In return, I won't get any dinner tonight. But never mind. 
I'm not a big schnapps-drinker but today I tasted one I have not tasted before, and I liked it. 
I have to buy a bottle of it and from credible sources it is reported that it is reasonably cheap. 
I like the link "Cheap and good schnaps." And it is soon in Christmas.

Thursday, October 23rd 2014:
Last night I watched a full football match, nearly, Liverpool vs. Real Madrid.
Before the game I had a feeling that Liverpool would follow up on previous wins against RM. 4-0 in latest game in 2009.
But alas, no.
Liverpool were - if not humilated - victims of a sound hiding with RM superior in all aspects of the game. They shouldn't have sold Danish Daniel Agger. Just a joke.
Anyway it was another disappointment to watch the game if your sympathy was on LFC's side.
Our local team is just as bad, only on a far lower stage. They may improve, though. They are now being taught that the ball should be kicked into the opposition's goal. It may make a difference. Next step is to teach them that it is important to have more balls in the opposition's net than they have in their's. They are working hard on it, they say. So the future seems bright.

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014:
As mentioned yesterday my activities today would be substantially higher than yesterday. 
A few hours of gardening with the exhumation of dead and unwanted plants, then trimming of the boxwood finishing with moving the last garden furniture into security in the toolshed, a heavy task. 
I do not know what has gone wrong, but I have come to love working in the garden with all the tasks it involves. Maybe I should consult my doctor and talk to him about it. It is quite unexpected - but nice. 
Finally, I rode 65 kilometers on my bike around in Aarhus and the far western town. 
A good and active day. YES.

Tuesday, October 21st 2014:
Some days are uneventful - and thank God for that. From time to time we retirees need to have a quiet day so that the soul can catch up with the body. This happened to me today. My body was nearly overtaken.
My only activity was to nail two soft "cushions" under 2 armchairs toprevent the floor to be scratched. It took 10 minutes - quite manageable.
Now you may wonder why I did not put 4 "cushions" on each chair. But probably you are not clever enough for that.
Tomorrow is a new day, and I expect that my activities will increase by several hundred percent.

Monday, October 20th 2014:
Shop walk in the pedestrian street in Hammel. Present: Matron, Frederik and myself. 
We should, of course, not buy anything, but came away with a great kitchen mixer, some glas bowls, a helicopter, and a cube. Not so bad, considering that we were not going to have anything at all. 
Matron easily goes shop amoc. 
The best thing was that youngest grandchild Frederik was with us on his little toy car up and down the street. We never had any doubt where he was. He speaks pretty much. He is very fond of excursions and we enjoy going out with him. 
And then he got a helicopter and a cube. Not bad.

Sunday, October 19th 2014:
When I was a lot younger, family get-togethers were not my favorite. I found them boring and would rather have been somewhere else. It was unfair to an otherwise sweet and friendly family who all wanted me the best. I very much hope that I hid my reluctance. However, it should be said that it did not apply all gatherings but especially large ones I found hard to get through. Fortunately it improved over the years. 
So, what now? 
Now I love it when my family come here, children, in-laws and grandchildren, or perhaps we meet elsewhere. The more the better. I enjoy every second and miss them, from the moment we part. 
Today they were here minus 3, however. I shall see them soon. A glorious day. A wonderful family.

Saturday, October 18th 2014:

A good experience today. Along with granddaughter Cecilie I visited the new Moesgård Museum. We often together visited the former museum, but the new one is something entirely different. We have entered the digital age.
The museum is a diversity, too large to be overlooked in one visit. But now we have an overview, and next time we know what we want to concentrate on. There are a few objections. The signage is poor, at some places non existing. We got lost several times and only found out by asking a custodian.
There are many steps, and they are steep. Yes, there are also lifts but there were long queues, as today hundreds of people had chosen to visit the museum.
Cecilie and I can recommend a visit.

Friday, October 17th 2014:
It is always with fear and trepidation I approach my bank.
Today it was very bad. Our new financial advisor wanted to see us about our economy. I feared the worst. Had I dared I would have run away screaming before we reached the door. But I took a good grip of myself and stepped inside, still with trembling knees.
Against us came a middle-aged gentleman with every sign of courtesy. I soon realized that he did not want to harm us in any way, quite the contrary. He made several suggestions that will benefit us and very little the bank. He showed kindness and especially competence. I shall trust him until the contrary is proven. It probably won't be.
It was a good experience and we both left the bank in a good mood.

Thursday, October 16th 2014:
My bike was discharged from hospital today after two days of hospitalization. No less than two major transplantations were carried out with good results. The big blade was worn and had to be removed. A new one was implanted. The same applied to the crankshaft. Two vital parts.
Unlike if it had been me it is still possible to get spare parts.
Under the circumstances the patient is well and happy again coming home to familiar surroundings.
Now, my good friend, the bike must recuperate for the next ride which I hope will be 100 kilometers. Anyway that is the plan. The weather will determine whether it is possible or not.
Image is from a former long-distance ride.

Wednesday, October 15th 2015:
For the first time for 3 years I have emptied the compost barrel, 2 large concrete pipes on top of each other. I took a little more than just the top layer of grass. I was right down to the decomposed stuff. 
It was humid and heavy, but I used my muscles well and moved 3 top full wheelbarrows of nutritious compost. Never before have I seen so many earthworms. 
Now it's spread out over the potato field, so I expect quite a lot of next year's harvest. The past two years have not been anything worth mentioning. I am sure that it will be better in 2015, and I promise to tell you more about it at the time. The potato harvest is indeed one of many great events. 
Right now I am resting my weary limbs and comforting my aching back, entertained by a recorded cycling race from China. And it is pouring down outside. 
After all life is good sometimes.

Tuesday, October 14th 2014:
There is a football match on tonight at our national stadium, The Park, against Portugal. Just if you did not know. I only found out yesterday, but have decided to watch it, at least until Denmark is behind by 2 goals.
Mr. Olsen, our manager, as usual plays some old pioneers and a few injured players and then when it goes wrong, and the press is after him he fights to find adequate excuses, gets annoyed and we are none the wiser till next time - when it is all the same. 
But of course I hope for the best, don't mind Ronaldo getting a good hiding.

Monday, October 13th 2014:
For the first time since April I have worked on the completion of my book on the house for homeless people, Frydensbjerggaard, in Silkeborg 1942-1962.
It was like finding a lost child. Initially it was with a bit of fear as I could not find "my child" on my computer. It had simply disappeared. But I managed and the reunion was great.
I'm working on the finishing touches which is a slow process because it all has to be as perfect as I possibly can. I weigh almost every word and every sentence.
But I'm enjoying it.
I especially concentrated on the chapter on the occupation 1940-45. There is a lot to tell although much of it I have on second hand. I was only years old when the war ended. But My Mum and Dad told me a lot later.
I hope to finish the editing in November and then we will see if more should be done. It is decided by my publisher, Silkeborg Museum.

Sunday, October 12th 2014:
A good Sunday afternoon is when good people are visiting us, as it happened today. 
An old retriever friend and his wife visited us for (almost) the first time. 
It's so great to find out that there is good contact right from the start and that talk and smiles/laughs immediately appear. 
Matron's lunch was excellent and gave the afternoon an absolute plus. I am very fond of such experiences. Good people and good food, a good combination - but greater stress on the former.

Saturday, October 11th 2014:
It will please many of my readers that my garden project has been a success after a long time of hard work that has involved most of the family plus a neighbor. Just look at the picture. Small, tender blades of grass can be seen above the soil surface to the delight of all Studstrup and region. There has even been talk of organizing a town festival to commemorate the event. With my usual modesty I have said no to the proposal. However, it is not inconceivable that Matron and I internally will celebrate the good news with a local party for just the two of us. I shall drink her under the table.

Friday, October 10th 2014:
Now autumn and winter months have started. Not that we can feel it in the air nor must we set our clocks back yet.
No, it's simpler. All our garden furniture is now put back in the shed. That indicates darker days. How sad. Now one can just go and wait for autumn and winter. How much sadder.
But do not worry. In about six months I shall again put it all out again, and then it will all go towards brighter days. Lovely.
Meanwhile - fortunately - a lot of good things will happen, the hunting season, Christmas, dark evenings with candles lit,  and good and heavy food. Not bad at all.

Sunday, September 29th 204:
I have not mowed our lawn for 4 -5 weeks. 
If you expect it to be 25 centimeters high by now you're wrong. Others have done the job for me. I am deeply grateful. 
First it was Matron who did it a couple of times and yesterday it was daughter-in-law and son. 
Then I could take care of Frederik which is nothing more enjoyable than mowing the lawn. 
I could talk for hours about the reason for my failing to mow the lawn. I have a pain in my thigh, and like I said I would like to elaborate on the pain, but it would take up too much space. There are many details. 
PS: Now the grass is sown in the new bed. I am waiting anxiously for the green to come up. Checking every hour - not at night, though.

Monday, September 29th 2014:
I biked today. Lovely ride. 71 kilometers in the countryside and in the city. Enjoyed the sun and the sometimes fresh breeze. Great. 
However, what was so wonderful was that out there in the countryside at some places I was under constant "attack" by pinhead small insects, some tiny black creatures. It was almost like riding through a black cloud. They sat as a layer on arms, legs and clothes. All the time I had to brush them off. It cost many of them their lives. In particular, the insects were troublesome in my face, eyes, nose and ears. 
However, this will not prevent me from riding again as soon as weather permits. 
Death on all small insects.

Tuesday, September 30th 2014:
I was suspected of theft today. In a supermarket.
I left the store before Matron had finished her shopping, walked out through the cashpoint and I did hear a beep-beep sound. I thought nothing about it until I came to the front door, and a siren went off. Oh deer. That could be heard. I turned around and saw people come running towards me quite clearly in order to stop me. Among them was a sweet, young girl in supermarket outfit. I swore course that I had nothing in my pockets.
Then she asked me to show her my wallet. I was astonished but took it out. She explained that often sdeeply hidden in wallets is a tiny bar code which was disabled when I bought it. However, it can be reactivated without any external cause. She found the barcode, tore it out with my acceptance and I could pass freely through the door. It was a bit embarrassing. There were many people.

Wednesday October 1st 2014:
Historiography on bike? Can it be done?
Yes, it can. I'm sitting right now watching a series on "History Channel" on Hannibal's campaign to conquer Rome up through Spain and France before finally crossing the Alps with his great army includingd 37 elephants. We are back in 218 b.c., The second Punic War.
3 young men have decided to follow Hannibal's trail on bike. And that in itself is tough. They seem to follow the track quite accurately, through swamps and up and down mountains, now and then on small mountain trails. Along the way we are told - often in the details - about the battles that were fought.
In fact, I watched the series once before, but I gladly watch it again. It is exciting and just the thing for I who love "history lessons".
And I can combine two of my main interests, cycling and history.

Thursday, October 2nd 2014:
It is season for hedge trimming. I started today with the hedge next to the road. Out of a total of approximately 50 meters of hedge I reached 8. Then, that another Studstrup citizen came by, stopped and began to talk. It was nice, but time passed by and the hedge trimming stalled. It was regrettable (and quite nice). Then I could save my old limbs for the afternoon's 80 kilometers on my bike. 
Tomorrow, I probably have to carry on. Not my favorite pastime. 
I can still hope for other interruptions.

Friday, October 3rd 2014:
Second chapter in the saga of hedge trimming. 
When I got out of bed a bit late this morning it was my firm intention to immediately finish the job of trimming our hedge. 
But alas. It was raining, and then you (thankfully) cannot trim the hedge. 
That was as a shame. I planned to do it in the afternoon. 
The weather cleared up but fate would it that good friends announced their arrival for a cup of coffee. They are both very nice people so clearly I once again had to postpone the job. Wasn't that a pity? Such things can spoil your mood (ha ha). 
But now it must be tomorrow. I might hope for another "interruption".

Saturday, October 4th 2014:
Third (and final) chapter in the saga of hedge trimming.
There was no way around it. No one came to visit, and the weather was the most brilliant, one can imagine in October. Clear sun and 20 degrees.
I had to start
The job was completed but only thanks to help from Matron and granddaughter Cecilie.
And as always, I feel extremely well when a hedge trimming is done. I am pleased that efforts are over, and I can spend much time just standing looking at the result.
Now there is more than 6 months till next time I need to trim the hedge. That's good.

Sunday, October 5th 2014:
Lovely, lovely, summery, lazy and nice Sunday. 
Only very few and minor physical exertions beyond a walk here in the area with half the family. 
Now roast pork is waiting  to be put on the table and meet its Waterloo. I will do my best to make only a few parts of it survive. It's not at all too early to eat roast pork. The first ads for Christmas food and --gifts have already been seen in advertising newspapers. 
Almighty God. There are 2 ½ months till Christmas. 
But so far, we have dayenjoyed the probably last summer - and it was good. 
Merry Christmas.

Monday, October 6th 2014:
The time is near. The shooting season has started, but I shall not start untill October 25th on a pheasant shoot. 
It's a little hard to wait because I am looking very much forward to it although I know it might be a little painful. The old hip's left side will do what it can to ensure that it will become difficult. But that will not prevent me from being there with my faithful dog, Sydney who also has his difficultiese with his hips. 
Never mind. We are going to pick up pheasants. 
I am looking forward to once again being with good friends whom I have known for many years. 
This is my 38th season on the Møllerup Estate so I know the place. I am the doyen of the team. But my goodness I am good lookingl (hm hm). 
The picture shows me in the process of doing one of my favourite pasttime acticities, picking up shot pheasants - ie Sydney picks up. He comes and gives them to even if you do not see any right there. They came moments after. 
(Photo: Alan Mattison)

Tuesday, October 7th 2014:
10.000 kilometer-check by my good doctor today. Everything was fine so we are hopefully not going to see each other untill April next year. Therefore, I wished him Merry Christmas. when I left.
One of the main themes today could have been better - my weight (ie, overweight).
It is true that I lost 8 kilos during the last six months. But the good medicus believed that I could have done better. I had to agree.
But now it must be. The spoon in the other hand, and there will be no food on it. I have to do something and ....... ??????
There is only one thing I can not say no to, temptations.

Wednesday, October 8th 2014:
I have googled "Forecourt of Hell" and not surprisingly, Dante is mentioned with his "La Divina Commedia". In it the place is presented as the part where the useless people live - those who were so insignificant that they do not deserve to be included. 
That's not how I imagine the place. For me it is much more concrete. I was there today but fortunately escaped from it, even managed to take a picture, as shown. But I must warn against it. And this is only the forecourt. How won't it be in hell then? Fortunately, it is in Germany.
I'd better stay on the narrow path of virtue.

Thursday, October 9th 2014:
I have recently had a little help with my garden work from a friendly lady whom I have met a few times. She immediately said yes when I asked if she could come and lend a hand since my hip is not doing too well right now. 
She is a little pricey in her salary because her children and in-laws - also her ex-in law - do spend much too much. 
But what the hell. She is quite effective and has promised to come back again next spring. 
God save Denmark.

Gunnar Rasmussens Hjemmeside
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