.: In English part 11 :.
Diary part 11.
From February 26th 2013.
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Monday, July 29th 2013:
Without any pride, I regret to reveal that I have recieved my 3rd speeding ticket in 6 years.
The calamity occurred in Padborg when Matron and I were on our way home from mega-shopping in Germany. The speed was 59 km./Hr. Speed limit 50. Fine DKK 1,000
Funnily enough we had just figured out that we had saved the very DKK 1,000 on our purchases
So tell me what we saved? Not a penny. Damn it .
I did not even know that I was photographed, did not notice the otherwise well-known flash-lights. Was not aware of it till the photo and fine claim were in our mailbox a few days ago.
Fines are a nuissance.
Sunday, July 28th 2013:
I'm sitting in our living room and have front row seats to watch Matron's great efforts in the garden. She weeds, cuts, picks up, etc. It's going to look really decorative.
I really need to build all my resilience not to go out and help. But I possess the ability to resist temptations like those and will bravely remain where I am.
Stubbornness runs in the family.
I would hereby like to express my gratitude to my ancestors who genetically have given me this great ability.
Saturday, July 27th 2013:
I have not yet "digested" all the impressions of the bike race the day before yesterday.
It was a good experience. Loved it.
But not everything was working as one might wish.
For example, the barrier was pretty high, which gave some problems with the overview. People under 2 meters only saw the back of the barrier. They had to take turns standing or sitting on the shoulder of one another.
In the picture I am standing on the shoulder of Matron.
Friday, July 26th 2013:

Last night was to me a great night. Matron and I + daughter and Family bought fanzone-tickets for a famous street race (bikes of course) not far from here.
I met 4 Danish top riders out of which 3 had been i the Tour de France only last week. It was great talking to them and being photographed with them - and giving them lots of clever advice.
One of the best evenings this year.
On the opening page of my website you can see the real winner.
Thursday, July 25th 2013:
I think I very easily laugh. I laugh a lot at funny experiences and stories, practical jokes and good humor as a whole. If I can I succeed with an innocent practical joke I do not hesitate. But of course, it must be friendly and not offensive in any way.
In return, you run the risk of being a victim yourself.
Our son is a master of changing his voice. Countless times he has called and pretended being somebody else making me do and say stupid things.
Example: When 15 years ago we completed the construction of our conservatory, he called and said he was from a big Building Magazine and asked if they could come and take some photos. A little proud, I said yes. But there was never any photographer, despite the fact that he called several times and agreed on a time change.
When I was 17 and got a job as an errand boy at a paint shop, I was the first day asked to go to another paint shop and ask to borrow their wallpaper stretcher.
There was a roar of laughter in the shop, and I quickly left.
Wednesday, July 24th 2013:
Grandchildren are a blessing regardless of age.
Fortunately, our 4 of them enjoy visitting us and coming on holiday with us. The latter will be the case next week. However, not all 4 in one time.
We are looking forward to it.
And then of course the two great teachers here at the address will be on their toes training and teaching about common decency etc.
Well. The above statements is perhaps not entirely correct. I am not afraid of admitting that they will be spoiled from minute one till they go back home. But not when they sleep, though.
As a warning to the dear parents who come and deliver, we posted the above sign. So there is no doubt, and parents can be warned when they pick up the kids again.
Tuesday, July 23rd 2013:
Many people blame me that I now and then bike on the pedestrian street in Aarhus.
Actually I should write that I HAVE biked on the pedestrian street, have not done it the latest 2 years has not been needed.
So, great was my attention today when I accompanied Matron on a walk up and down the street. I was often parked on a bench outside a store and had nothing else to do than counting those who cycled.
In one hour I observed two people who pushed their bicycles. 3 "cycled" by standing on one pedal and pushing forward (it is also cycling). 5 people were happily cycling. Not with an insane speed, but very considerately.
There were quite a bit of pedestrians but none of the five bikers were intruded upon by pedestrians and subjected to verbal poundings like I was the 3-4 times I completed this particular stage on my bike.
PS: Matron only bought small items. Relief, relief.
Monday, July 22nd 2013:
My old English friend sent me yesterday an e-mail telling that England just won the 2nd test at Lord's against Ausdtralia by 347 runs, a comprehensible win that might make the Aussies consider what to do next time at Old Trafford.
I'm looking forward to recieveing more good news.
Just love cricket.

Sunday, July 21st 2013:
Oh dear, oh dear. It's hot, very hot.
Still, I rode my bicycle (26 km.) and experienced the weakest legs I've had for more than a year.
Reason: The heat, too little to eat for breakfast and too little to drink too late. It was a bad ride. My legs would not obey - except when I was riding downwards.
The joy of the ride was the sight of an old BMW Isetta. It was an ordinary vehicle when I was a child and teenager, but is rarely seen now. It was made in the 1950s when BMW was in big trouble and it helped save the company.
The car was called "Asphalt bubble" and in German "Knutschkugel" (kissing bubble) and could accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. As can be seen, it is a bit odd to look at - but fortunately it gave me cause for a much needed break to look at the rarity.
It is always good to cycle.
Saturday, July 20th 2013:
In reality, the Tour de France finished today. Tomorrow is just nonsense and champagne. I will not even watch it. It's just boring. I will go out and ride my own stage.
My evaluation of this year's Tour is that there has been only one good thing about it. I have eaten and drunk comfortably during most stages, and I have not been put on gardening jobs because Matron's so good to me during the race.
Performance-wise, only Danish Jakob Fuglsang was good to watch. Nice to finish at 7th place without a single supporting rider with him.
From tomorrow my situation will be different. Gardening and other liabilities will put their ugly faces out. And there's a whole year until I will have 3 weeks off again.
Vive Le Tour.
Friday, July 19th 2013:
And now all you complainers who constantly moan about Danish weather. Would you please stop right away. Sun from a cloudless sky, temperatures of 25-30 degrees. And as it appears the heat and sun will continue. Dear complainers. There is nothing to complain about weatherwise. So pack it up. Stop your moaning.
However, just quietly and carefully one might argue that the heat is a bit annoying. One can hardly stand the temperature. It is unpleasant. In the whole, hot summers are a nuissance. Couldn't we get some more chilly temperatures and as a Whole a more pleasant climate. It is unbearable just now. We might as well live in the Sahara. Weather in Denmark is miserable.
Thursday, July 18th 2013:
I suffer, it Hurts where my body 'meets' my bike. Aaauuuww.
Naturally, I have tried it before, but not so long as this time.
The day before yesterday I biked around The Brabrand Lake (53 km.) which has produced very sensitive pressure sores. It just hurts like h.... , and has not yet bettered.
The treatment is left to myself, and consists of applying gel and zinc ointment. Neither have helped. That is why I resorted to the ancient ointment for cows' udders which seems to be useful against everything, including headaches.
I will update this my medical record in the days to come - if anything happens.
Wednesday, July 17th 2013:
I was pleased to read that England beat Australia in the First Test at Trent Bridge.
And an exciting finish it was. I so wish I could have been there. I would have been over the moon and into the pubs afterwards.
In fact I happen to know quite a few of them in Nottingham. I was there to Watch a test against Sri Lanka 3-4 years ago. And new ones have probably come to since then.
Please, Lord. Let me have another oppotunity of watching a live test against Australia some time.
Tuesday, July 16th 2013:
Perhaps it can be seen that I am writing very slowly just now, one small letter at the time, gently, no rush. I am tired - especially all over, the reason being that today for the first time in 14 months,  I cycled round the The Brabrand Lake, 53 kilometers. I've ridden this distance a few times this year without getting as tired as I am now. But the first 27 k'ilometers were in a fierce headwind that was cruel to me.
Revisiting the route was a good experience, and at the same time I can display the first picture taken with my new, fine camera. The motive is the turning point of today's stage, the western end of The Brabrand Lake, beautiful place and a nice resting point.
Monday, July 15th 2013:
Today I welcome many things.
- I have slept well last night.
- I have not been chased around by Matron.
- I've only been in one supermarket.
- I have not been in the garden (yet).
- I've got a new camera.
Here you are. Sony you know.
And it is in fact so nice and silver.
Now I should be delighted if it can take pictures.
If it can, I will show samples soon. No naughty ones of course. It's not me.

Sunday, July 14th 2013:
Emptying the waste shed is a monthly event which in its boredom must be implemented. The subsequent visit to the dump is part of it. All reasonably trivial.
The monotony was broken today, because that a giant toad revealed its presence under the waste. I did not think about it, but loaded up and had the waste taken away.
After returning home, I mentioned the toad to Matron. She stiffened She was going to do some gardening and wanted some tools from from adjacent shed and ordered me to bring them out. She had no intentions of doing it herself. I tried bring some sense into the situation by saying that I have never heard of physical assaults by toads, let alone that a toad has bitten anyone.
My words had no weight. I had to take out the tools and put them back in again.
Toads are obviously a serious threat.
Saturday, July 13th 2013:
My Brother and his wife are presently on Holiday on the Isles of Scilly. God bless them.
It has proved rather good for me since I every now and then recieve text messages on the situation in the test against Australia. Latest news for me is that The Aussies need about 300 to win and are 1 wicket Down. Might become an exciting game.
Unfortunately we are not privilleged with live TV from the game. I wish we were. I'll have to do with live from the Tour de France. That's not bad though.
Friday, July 12th 2013:
Youngest grandson Frederik was sick this morning. Grandma and grandpa were called as orderlies.
Needed no great powers of persuasion. We jumped out of bed and rushed to Hammel and had a good day with the little man who was not worse than he could go for a long walk with Grandpa who saw the villa neighborhood's open garages thoroughly. The little boy is very interested in cars and went  in everywhere to inspect them - and simultaneously Games of hide and seek could be played. Who of us who was best amused can not be determined.
To crown it all. I jumped on my bike and rode home. Matron insisted that she would have the car.
I went the 40 kilometers with the biggest speed average this year. Was it hot? Yes.
Thursday, July 11th 2013:
Breaking news.
Water has been found on Mars.
(From one of my FB-friends).

Wednesday, July 10th 2013:
When you are not allowed to sleep in the caravan you must look for alternative solutions.

Tuesday, July 9th 2013:
Someone who want to buy one just spent vacation? 10 days in Lemvig, Northern Jutland.
It was good, eventful, comfortably warm, plenty of good food, wonderful cycling routes. And A wonderful companion.
And yet. It was too good to be sold. I want to keep it and the good memories.
Fortunately, my beautiful companion does not mind my going out on my bike. Then we will meet somewhere on the route and have lunch together.
In the afternoon We carry on cycling by watching the Tour de France on TV.
As seen on the pictures my cycling brought me around in Europe. 
But riding with the Danish championship jersey it is only to be expected.
Monday, July 8th 2013:
We have been barbecueing. We have had good food. I have been drinking gin and tonic, beer and good red wine. In short, it's been a good night till now.
I admit that I do not hit the keys accurately, and there are more corrections than normal in my writings. But I try doing my best.
It is the first time in my diary's hisstory I write in a slightly intoxicated situation. But honestly: Isn't it quite good? I think so at least. I have gone back to gin & tonic.
Have a nice evening.
Sunday, July 7th 2013:
Finally, it is summer and today I enjoyed the first ice cream cone og the year, one of the old-fashioned kind with 2 balls and foam on top.
It immediately brought back memories of the very best ice cream in the world. They were made ​​in my home town Silkeborg at the world's best ice cream man, Reenberg in Soendergade (picture from 1946).
His ice had a unique flavor, which I only tasted it from his shop, and I still remember it, a special sort of creamy taste, but fresh.
As far as I know, the same recipe is still used in the same store - probably changed its name though.
But if you happen to pass, do yourself a favour and buy a cone in there - and think of me while you eat it.
Saturday, July 6th 2013:
Dear me, the Tour de France takes much of my time. And Oh dear, I love it.
It's a good race this year with plenty of "go" and good performances. I love to warch it.
Unfortunately we also see the inevitable crashes with unpleasant consequences, but also with riders who do not give up and continue despite excruciating pain.
The picture is from day 4 and shows the Englishman Geraint Thomas just after his dramatic crash. He hurt himself confoundedly and was after the stage rushed to hospital. However he continued the next day despite a pelvic fracture.
He must have felt as I did when I bent a rib in my crash in Aarhus.
Friday, July 5th 2013:
Via TV, newspapers, advertising leaflets, magazines, etc., one can not fail to be made ​​aware of a multitude of ​​silly contests.
A travel agent asks, for example, if the Spanish capital is called Madrid or Stockholm. Submit answer and win a trip.
Subscribe to newsletter XXXXX and win a algae treatment of your roof.
Who can build the funniest boat and run it into the harbor from a chute?
Very funny and highly dangerous.
But now comes the competition of all competitions. I shall submit .
That's good. I shall immediately write for an entry form. Just my style.
Thursday, July 4th 2013:
On today's bike ride I made a quick visit to London.
Didn't see Piccadilly, though - or Trafalgar for that matter.
Never mind. Enjoyed my ride.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013:
Happened yesterday in Roskilde.
A 39-year-old man comes into a large supermarket. He walks around looking at varoius items until he finds the sock department.
He looks from side to side, thinks himself unseen ,and takes a pair of socks from the stand. Once again he looks around, sits down - and takes off his old socks off and puts on the new pair.
Now wearing brand new socks the man continues his shopping and goes to the cashier to pay. However, some other clients have seen the man changing socks and have said it to the cash ladies.
The man pays for his purchases, but not for the socks. He is stopped must show his new socks, embarrassing - and police arrives soon after.
What can we learn from this?
Do not use "hot" socks. Pay for them.
Monday, July 2nd 2013:
Today is my little brother's birthday. He's a good lad who deserves many and big birthday gifts - and he's good at cycling, too which is a big plus. Among other achievements. he cycled up the Alp d'Huez, last year, and is going to do it Again in September, one for me now forgotten dream.
He's just tough
On this his birthday, I would like to congratulate and cheer him and at the same time just remind him that other good people have their birthdays today. May I mention Herman Hesse, King Olav 5th of Norway and Erik Grip. Many others could be included, but now a writer, a king and a singer have been mentioned.
But they are nothing compared to my little brother.
Monday, July 1st 2013:
This year's summer in earnest starts today.
Now it's summer, midsummer. Let us all get out and enjoy the cold, the wind and the rain. And all the time remenber that it's July and not March.
And do not go down on equipment, I don't.
This year I will be ahead of the season and make sure to have my closet filled with soft and cozy things that protect when weather worsens. 
And what about my sensitive skin?
Older people's skin is more vulnerable because it is thinner with reduced elasticity, moisture and fat production and clearly has reduced ability to repair damage. I must use the right skin care.
So, you miserable Danish summer. Just come on! I'm ready for you.
Sunday, June 30th 2013:
I should have been in church this morning. It was the last thing I thought of when I lay down last night.
But it shouldn't be.
Matron has got into the habit of getting up at 7.30 when she's not working, and I wwill ake up, too.
I had expected the same pattern today. But no. The good lady sleept till 10, exactly when service started, and consequently I did not have a chance to make it.
So I do not hesitate in placing the blame for my absence from the service on Matron.
What's your excuse?
Saturday, June 29th 2013:
Now - that's it .
198 hopeful world class bike riders a few hours ago started  this year's Tour de France in Corsica.
And while these riders are riding as best they can I'm sitting here feet up, enjoying it all with a marzipan ring cake and Pepsi Max, not a bad life to lead.
And now I'm havng 3 tough weeks ahead of me. In particular, the mountain stages require maximum strength. I can not help feeling pain in my own body when the riders are climbing some mountain.
But I promise to hold out until the very last day. And with my new bike I cannot complain on equipment.
Friday, June 28th 2013:

Celebrations seem to be endless. Everyone is obviously excited on my behalf for my completion of the 270 km. long bike ride on the old military road known as the "Tour de Route Militaire".
Today I was presented with a beautiful certificate (Sse picture) in recognition of the ride by youngest daughter Annette and eldest granddaughter Katrine.
It was a very proud moment.
At the same time, I was appointed "Danish champion in cycling on the Ancient Road", so from now on I am allowed to ride my bike wearing the Danish jersey, a right I share with Michael Mørkøv, Saxo Bank Tinkoff. He became Danish champion of plain and ordinary road cycling a week ago.
He ought to test himself on the old road that I took.
Photo of the old man in his new jersey is to be seen on the opening page. Beautiful and macho, right?






Thursday, June 27th 2013:
We went to a store today to buy a folding box for various gadgets in the car, bags for shopping,, caps, a couple of screw drivers, some oil, a funnel etc.
The old and inexpensive box has deteriorated and that's why we went to this store.
We quickly found it - very cheap, 50 kroners (6 Pounds), and happily I made my way towards the exit. But no. Matron had caught sight a shoe cabinet, and within a moment she had activated a salesman who needed no persuasion to make her buy the thing. And suddenly it became expensive, and I was innocent in making it.
I totally refuse to assemble it. Much too heavy, but Matron is convinced that she can make somebody else do it. I shouldn't be surprised.
Wednesday, June 26th 2013:
Sorry about today's delay.
It caused by great triumphs.
I have today along with brother Kjeld completed 5th and final stage of the ancient cattle road to the German border (today about 50 km.). The ride was completed in howling storm, which fortunately most of the time was crosswind, sometimes tailwind and a few times headwind.
But my goodness it was a good feeling to cross the border to Germany and ride 4-500 meters into Germany and turn around. I was so proud, and there were high-fives and happy smiles.
The ride was completed as planned. The triumph was celebrated with a delicious cake and a cup of tea at a pastry shop
Enjoy the Pictures as I have enjoyed the ride. At top the old "Povl's Bro" 300 years old. At the bottom the two heroes at the border, 66 and 72 years old.
Tuesday, June 25th 2013:
Hedge trimming has become a pleasure for me. Look how and why.
You need a good son, who happily arrives and does the work. Quickly executed but primarily easy for the old who can just pick up a bit and rake and sweep a little.
After the trimming, the many plastic bags have to be taken to the dump. Even that I didn't have to do. The kind son tossed them into his car and went off with them.
Helpful children are are a godsend. Luckily I have a couple of them.
Monday, June 24th 2013:
Today,it is exactly 6 months to Christmas, Very much so.
I would like to loudly protest against this pervasive tendency to start decorating for Christmas  already now. It is in my opinion much too early.
So. Dear shopkeepers,
Stop all that for 'Christmasing' in June and July. At the very least wait till August-September, as you usually do.
Thanks in advance.
Sunday, June 23rd 2013:
All aboard, girls.
Tank is full up, oil is changed, batteries checked and headlights washed.
Have a nice trip to Brocken.
Saturday, June 22nd 2013:
Summer lunch with good friends admittedly taken indoors but cooked outdoors on a barbecue. The weather was not inviting enough for outdoor dining, despite of a pavilion in lovely summer colors.
Cool rose for welcome and also with the glorious food and a cold beer or two. A great dessert and fine home-baked cookies rounded off the splendid meal.
As always, there was no trouble finding topics for conversation. Old, often retold stories, are always useful because they are funny, and because several of us have forgotten them anyway. The average age is close to 70.
Friday, June 21st 2013:
That was the first half. Now we are going into the second half.
Today is the longest day of the year, and from tomorrow days will be shorter and shorter. Unfortunately.
We have 17½ hours of daylight just now, so we must use them. Don't lie snorring late in the morning and going to bed already at 9-10 p.m. No, early up and late to bed. That's slogan I advocate - at least half of it.
Only little is more beautiful than the light nights and only little is cozier than sitting with a chilled white wine, a rose' or a cold beer and a snack in the light of garden lamps. It tends so  easily to get late.
So you may need a little sleep the next morning. That's logic.
Thursday, June 20th 2013:
Matron has got herself another mobile, a terribly smart and red one that bears the name Nokia and then some more. She has had it for a week and has expressed great satisfaction with it with one exception. It can not talk with our car's "Blue Tooth". And that annoys the good lady quite a bit.
Together we have travelled many kilometers, more than 150, to find a solution at dealers and repair shops. But we have given up. The two, car and phone, are apparently not on speaking terms.
Bad luck - money wasted.
But never mind there is much more that can spread happiness than "Blue Tooth", for example, yours' truly, world's best husband.
Wednesday, June 19th 2013:
Last Sunday, I quoted DMI meteorologist Thyge "No Good" Rasmussen for his promises of a heatwave from today and the week out. Did we get it? No.
Yesterday Danish Meteorological Institute threatened us with torrential rain today, especially here where we live. Did we get it? No.
2 errors out of 2. Meteorologists are living up to their usual standards.
From now I will not spare these hopeless people. They are no good. I could easily think of calling them "stupid no goods," for that is exactly what they are.
Tuesday, June 18th 2012:
Boy, I have a hard time getting my arms down. They are straight up in the air, and it is quite annoying when I put on or take off my clothes,  when I eat, when I write on the computer - and when I'm on the toilet.
But I cannot get them down. Nothing to do. They have resisted since yesterday when I along with my brother completed the 71 kilometers on the Ancient cattle road. It was great for me to be able to do it after a long rehabilitation. I am very satisfied.
Fifth and final stage to the german boarder will be soon. Hope it will be another celebration stage.
Monday, June 17th 2013:
YES. My best cycling Day for 2 years
On the 4th stage on the ancient cattle road I cycled 71 kilometers. I am extremely proud of myself. I am in  abetter shape than I thought.
And moreover, it was a really beautiful stage. I enjoyed every second in company with my brother. Missing now isnonly one stage before the target at the German border.
Place curser in photos and see explanations.
Sunday, June 16th 2013:
A certain Thyge Rasmussen of The Danish Meteorological Institute dares  predict a heat wave from Tuesday/Wednesday and the rest of the week. It would please me if he has seen correctly. Not that I care much about heat waves, but I'm always wary of weather men's and -women's predictions.
Should the good man be right I'll fly my flag and not write anything negative about The Danish Meteorological Institute for 2 weeks.
But should he and his colleagues - as usual - prove wrong I shall be relentless in my criticism and be throwing scornful remarks around. I might even think of calling meteorologists something as horrid as "stupid no goods". Thast'll teach them.
Friday, June 15th 2013:
When I am not vacuum cleaning I empty our dishwasher. And when I'm not emptying the dishwasher I do our beds. And when I am not doing the beds, I mow the lawn. And when I am not mowing the lawn I clean my bike .
Such was today's program.
The latter is the most amusing of them all. It's very nice, I really enjoy doing it.
If my car was looked as much  after as my bike I could get just as much for it as I paid 4 years ago.
Thirsday June 13th and Friday, June 14th 2013:
Unfortunately, I could not write on my site yesterday as the electronic systems broke down completely in our house Thursday at 9.45 am. while I was writing gifted and substantial observations on Facebook.
No TV, no internet and no home telephone. Not until this morning connection was restored.
Consequently today's account will be from yesterday.
I was at the 50th anniversary of my old class from my training college. We were 36 graduates in 1963, and now we are about 25 left. Out of them we were 17 who came yesterday. Some can be seen in the photo.
The Reunion was exactly as one could hope, sharing memories in hundreds and failing memory in even more cases.
Each gave a brief description of her or his career since college.
But 50 years. It is quite inconceivable. I do not understand where all those years have gone, but I'm glad that I live and can experience this anniversary. The alternative is not nice to think about.
Wednesday, June 12th 2013:
This morning I really tried pulling myself together to clean up my workshop. I had even been lying in bed thinking how it should be done. Everything should be in place, a thorough sweeping and Waste removed. Everything should be ship shape by the end of it.
I estimated it would take 1 ½ -2 hours.
It happened to be much faster.
Encouraged by a sacred fire I locked up to the small room, looked around - and thought, "Goodness me. It is no good. What a mess. I shall never get through it".
A bit shameful I left without having moved so much as a small piece of anything.
Wasted plans. But I shall be back - some time. I hope.
Tuesday, June 11th 2013:
On a bench at one side of the cathedral I sat in the sun enjoying a Pepsi Max on my bike ride today.
However it is neither bench, nor bike ride nor Pepsi I want to focus on, but a man who sat on the bench next to me, a tramp.I knew so many of them as a child.
This one was different from most tramps, though - and from the rest of us around him, in the way that he was about to wash. Off came shoes and socks, a Coke bottle was filled with Water from the nearby drinking fountain and with fingers and a piece of paper he gave his feet a good cleaning between his toes while letting the water run over them.
Nice to watch? No, not exactly.
At the start his toes were liquorice-black, but changed colour, during the process.
I would have liked a longer break than I got.
Monday, June 10th 2013:
Well, is it not just wonderful all of it?
Up at 6.45, taking matron to work 7.20.
Home 8.20. Having breakfast.
Vacuumcleaning, doing the beds and emptying the dishwasher at approx. 9.30.
Fix some things on my computerfor for example planning stage 4 of the "Tour de Route Militaire" until approx. 11.30 pm.
Mowing the lawn and doing little things in the garden to about 12.30.
Then lunch (only fish, num, num).
Pick up Matron at. 13.45. Next to a camping center and to BILKA.
Driving home about 15:00 and getting ready to watch cycling at. 16.00.
And I do still.
How I enjoy life. Do not have a great need for vacation - but matron has, and she will get it - a good one that is.
Sunday, June 9th 2013:
This morning I received a call from our very sweet, eldest grandchild. She wanted to come for a visit with her little dog. How nice.
Out of habit I was just about to say that immediately would come and pick her + dog up when she said, "Fine, I'll leave now."
Oh, yes. Of course, you old fool. You've become so old that one of your grandchildren has now reached "driving license age".
Shortly thereafter she arrived and we had a nice lunch.
Three years till the next two driving licenses. Time is flying.
Saturday, June 8th 2013:
I can not help telling about people I meet on my bike rides.
Yesterday on the "Tour de Route Militaire" in a small vilage we met two mature, Dutch girls on two big motorcycles, Yamahas.
They had lunch on the bench next to us and told that together they had been in Sweden and now slowly were crossing home. It seemed a bit risky I thought, simply because they both had trouble getting up on their motorcycles, had to use a couple of attempts. But they succeeded  and kindly waved goodbye.
One of them was kind enough to take the picture to the right from yesterday.
To bike is to meet interesting people.
Friday, June 7th 2013:












Third stage of our bike ride on the ancient army and cattle road (Tour de Route Militaire) is completed.
It was an easy and relatively short stage,which did not involve neither physical nor psychological crises for me on my fine, new bike. And I didn't crash even once.
It was a great pleasure to ride through the beautiful Central Jutland in the beautiful weather.
Perhaps the reason for my good legs today was that I inaugurated my new Cycling Clothing which undeniably give me a pro look. Just watch the picture from the beginning and the other one from our lunch break approx. midway on the route.
I almost floated through the countryside along with brother Kjeld.
We reached the our target from where we therefore must start next time. Yet another indescribably wonderful day.
I just loooove cycling.

Thursday, June 6th 2013:
Matron has a weakness. She is very fond of watching "Heartbeat " She has been following it since it started quite a few years ago.
There are 372 episodes in total, an usually 2 are shown per day which means that it takes 186 days to get through the whole seriesabout 6 months.
Yesterday she watched episode 372, and today episode 1 started for the 9th time.
Eight times the sweet lady has watched the whole series, and around Christmas, she has seen it nine times and is ready for the tenth round.
She memorizes it all and now and then  skips an episoede because she knows that someone gets sick and dies, or some rude person ruins a lot for innocent people. There are quite a few of them in the small town Aidensfiels. However, they each and every time end up in the safe hands of the local police.
Wednesday, June 5th 2013:
A full day spent in Germany, Flensburg that is.
Intentions: Buy as much as you can in as much time as possible.
And we did.
The party consisted of eldest son + family and Matron and I.
My main job was to take care of Frederik, my favourite past time. The others did the shopping.
We raided 3 supermarkets. filled up our respective cars, heavy stuff (bottles are heavy, you know), and went home. Fortunately we also had time for a short lunch.
I dislike these trips but I enjoyed my day very much nevertheless. Frederik is just lovely.
Tuesday, June 4th 2013:
It is examination time.
This means hard work to students at all levels. They must work hard with their respective curriculums and put effort into their work with all their books.
At the same time all these examinations send Matron to work every single day. She must carefully ensure that the good students do not cheat at tests which they with the good lady's eagle eye will find very difficult. They give up in advance.
Now we are at level 3 of the increased workload brought about by the many exams - myself.
With Matron's escape from the "crime scene" all work in our small home is left to me which today meant doing beds, vacuuming, getting rid of garbage, cleaning up - and cycling a bit.
But never mind. I feel damned well. Isn't life just wonderful?
Monday, June 3rd 2013:
I woke up this morning - well yes, late this morning then.
I woke up with a little jerk, because I to my horror had dreamed that my bike had flat tires, and I'm no good at patching. My son-in-law happily does it for me.
Somewhat irritated and ratty I went out into my workshop to check the "beast," and great and joyful was my surprise when I found out that it was not the case. No puncture, it stood there shiny and beautiful with fully inflated tires. Another disappointment that did not come true.
But now I just ask, "What are dreams really worth then?
Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd 2013:
Yes, yes. I knowl. Today is now, and yesterday was when. But I could not update my electronic diary yesterday because I was staying at a North Funen football ground while our nice son-in-law cycled around in the coumtryside..
In 24 hours he wanted to bike as many kilometers as possible from 10 o'clock a,m, Saturday till 10 Sunday.
Our equally nice daughter and myself were appointed assistants and would come rushing when son-in-law with partner Michael crossed the line to start a new lap. We had to be there with drinks and various sugar products.
Our cool son-in-law rode a total of 413 kilometers in 19 hours. It was so great that I had to bend deep in the dust in admiration. My 70 km on Thursday dwindling to the plain nothing.
Being a helper is a trusted job. Approximately every hour through the night, we were up with supplies.  However, due to my advanced age I was, allowed to sleep through from about 2.,30.                         
We had brought our caravan.
For me it was one of the best days for a long time.
Friday, May 31st 2013:
Since I know that so many are sitting tight waiting for a more detailed description of yesterday's dramatic crash in Noerregade I would like to elaborate on it.
It is not for people with delicate nerves - or children under 15
After the hard bike ride on the Ancient Road and after the train journey Vejle to Aarhus I only needed the route from Aarhus Train Station to my brother's house, an affordable no hill route of 2 km.
Riding on Noerregade, a little in my own and weary thoughts, the front wheel caught the curb, and the next thing I senced was a tremendous bang as I in a graceful semi circle flew over my handlebars and knocked myhead in the tiles with the helmet in front, though. And there I lay, totally confused and with closed eyes. I kept saying to myself: "Do not open your eyes. You do not know what is awaiting them."
I heard distant voices, but did not understand what they were saying. When I eventually opened my eyes I saw a crowd of people bending over me. Oh, dear. I was the center of attention.
As the first thing I asked if my new, fine bike was damaged. An elderly man checked it and said it was OK. Then I could relax and answer countless questions about my well being, Had I broken, sprained or otherwise damaged my precious bones?
I could answer no to all of it and after approx. 10 minutes I drove carefully on for the last 800 meters.
We bike riders are tough, you know.
Thursday, May 30th 2013:
Have you ever cycled between Jelling and Vejle in Denmark?
Have you ever crashed your bike on Noerregade in Aarhus?
I can answer YES to both questions.
2nd stage of 'The Old Cattle Route' with my good brother was held today starting at Funder near Silkeborg and ending at Vejle Train Station - followed by a train ride to Aarhus and small bike ride along Noerregade to provide a car for the rest of the trip home.
For the ignorant should be told that it is a very hilly area between the two Towns mentioned.
I did not make it on all hills - but quite a lot. Enough to make me a little proud of myself.
69.99 kilometers in all. It was a new year record.
About my crash in Noerregade I could tell a lot, but I shall limit it to simply telling that I hit the curb and rolled over on the pavement. The only thing I remember is that my helmet received a tremendous blow and slid across the tiles while I was still wearing it. Had I not been wearing it I would have been at hospital now with a fractured skull. I crashed exactly 850 meters before the finish.
Have a look at the left image of two at the time happy cyclists. One had to almost give up 5-6 kilometers later. But he persevered.
Obviously the second picture shows the injuries after the crash. They don't look a lot. But they hurt.
Wednesday, May 29th 2013:
Reading horoscopes is not an activity that I spend a lot of time on. I think it is not even entertaining.
But from now on I may have to consider horoscopes as just that - entertaining.
Look at what I could read about myself (Scorpio) when today I forced myself to read my horoscope in preparation for my diary writings:
"You might feel a little hampered by the atmosphere today, but you're not ready to discuss feelings as long as there are still discoveries to make."
That's entertaining for the simple reason alone that I do not understand anything of it. It's nonsense.
But I wouldn't mind being corrected. Is there any sense in the sentence?
For me it's just crap.
And then on to the next item.
Tuesday, May 28th 2013:
Just listen to this.
I found out that I know a lot more about IT than any human being - myself included - at all suspected.
Today I installed a new browser quite on my own. If you want me to explain what a browser is you may be surprised, because I know it. Just do not have the time right now.
This new browser is a friendly creature, as opposed to the two stupid ones I already have. It works with great kindness and understanding circumvented my website-updater.
Precisely this counts a lot in my assessment of a browser.
Therefore, on a scale from 0 to 10 will give the new one 10 The other two are 0
That will teach them I'm sure.
Monday, May 27th 2013:
I find it rather amusing that an old man like me - and countless others - speed around on the roads on bicycles.
The reason for my amusement is that I found a quote from an old magazin, "Danish Cycle Journal" in 1884. In it you can read, "Now you see even older men at 30 who bike, and our ladies, too."
What couldn't it end up with? My goodness. Old men and women on challenging machines! 30-year-old seniors.
Now you can see a 72-year-old man riding all over the place - sometimes even long rides
What can't it lead to?
Sunday, May 26th 2013:
I've had a lucky day. I started mowing in all my power and strength and prepared for a hell of pain when I approx. 45 minutes later would be finished. I am good with pains, as long as they occur on a bicycle. But behind a lawn mower they are difficult to handle.
And here comes my luck. Eldest son arrived and the remaining part of the lawn, which was the largest part was done with me sitting idly drinking a Pepsi Max.
And luck continued. Fortunately he had brought his sweet wife and little Frederik. Together we all drove to the Deer Park, and a saw lot of deer. Frederick found them duly interesting, but was a lot more impressed by the many cars driving past on the road. We all have our own interests, don't we?
Saturday, May 25th 2013:
Well, well, look right here.
Unfortunately, this news is one day delayed because of technical problems, and I almost cannot wait to get it out.
I did it. I did it.
Great was my excitement when I at Viborg entered my new bike to ride along the Ancient Road to pmake my way to Funder Kirkeby and from there to Silkeborg. It was a total of 55 kilometers.,with glorious experiences.
An unusual experience was that we on a narrow road spotted an escaped herd of cattle running toward us. We fled into a courtyard. So did the animals, including a giant bull. Ended up well, though.
I felt good the whole day, morally supported by my brother, who patiently waited as I had a crisis after 35 kilometers. But I made it, proud as a Tour de France winner of 72 years.
Wednesday, May 22nd 2013:
It will be good news for gardeners and farmers to see how far I have come with this year's breeding.
As something new, I have gone into the radish industry and have planted a small plot of land with these excellent vegetables from the underground, also called Raphanus sativus. As is amply shown in the left image, they thrive well. The harvest may be good.
I have chosen the elongated radishes instead of the round ones. The reason for this choice is that uuuum, oh yes, I just took a decision. Just like that.
Similarly, my potatoes quietly come out of the ground. They thrive well, too. Here I preferred the round ones to the elongated ones - also just a decision I made.
Sometimes you have to decide mercilessly.
Tuesday, May 21st 2013:
Only a fully trained athlete could have completed my day's program. I had to dig deep to cope with the efforts.
The first task was to mow our huge lawn which nowhere was less than 10 centimeters high, most places closer to 15. Even with a self propelling mower it requires a good deal of muscles.
The second task was to ride into Aarhus Cathedral and back - 32 kilometers. It sounds like an easy task and in fact it is, if it wasn't because of the wind on the way home going from strength to strength and, of course, right in my face. This denands big efforts. But as my daughter says, I must consider headwinds as a free fitness center. I did and it helped.
PS: My new bike incidentally increases my average speed.
Damned good day.
Monday, May 20th 2013:
Due to the serious assignments and negotiations with old friends on our traditional Whitsun trip to a remote campsite I have been physically unable to write my diary over the past 3 days. I know from the many responses I get, how hard it affects in many homes.
Reasons for all the misery: Lack of time and internet connection.
But now I am back home and more than ready to resume my work.
About the 3 lacking days I want to report that they for me went very well. In pleasant and sunny surroundings the North Sea we spent pleasant hours, all the while we eagerly talking enjoyed our well prepared meals and many a nap and their beneficial influence on our health, so that I now feel as fit and healthy as ever.
There is nothing like good food, good weather and a nap to bring joy.
Thursday, May 16th 2013:
Baby sitting Frederik is good. It's eventful and you easily get into contact with people when you're out of the house.
For the first time for years and years, perhaps even ever, did I enjoy going to a shopping center.
I let the little man walk about more or less on his own, of course, though, with granddad at a decent distance to keep an eye on him.
To begin with he was a bit shy and would only walk with granddad in his hand. But that stage was quickly overwon, and he set out alone. He and I saw the shopping center - not a small one it was - at least a couple of times, and every now and then we were stopped by people who wanted to talk to the little fella - and sometimes even to me as well.
We met several very nice people. So all in all it took over an hour, and we were both tired when we left.
Wednesday, May 15th 2013:
You can now and then - and often with good reason - be dissatisfied with the food in a takeaway.
The other day a 49-year-old woman in Massachusetts went berserk and started using her fists and jars of pickles in a takeaway battle. The angry woman had ordered a steak-and-cheese sandwich at "Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs."
However she persistantly complained that there were far too many pickles in it. That made her angry. And she was also very upset that she could not get her money back.
Consequently she attacked with her bare hands and struck a staff member  so hardin the head that she went Down. At the same time, pickle jars were moleculed around in the room. The staff could not possibly quiet the lady down.
The pickles-contemptuous woman was soon after arrested and led away by police.
And what can we learn from this?
Let me tell you. Pickles make you sour.
Tuesday, May 14th 2013:
Matron's mood is at the bottom today.
It's difficult to talk to her, she will not even hint about the cause. But I know it. Just one word, and she is down again. I feel for her. She is having a difficult time.
Still, I cannot help whispering the crucial word when she is around.
But basically I'm a good person.
I'll just say, "Relegator".
She doen's like it. Her thoughts immediately go to her home town of Silkeborg who last night definately relegated from the top league in football.
It is really not for me to be so mean. But a little devil pushes me. She's an incarnated Silkeborg fan.
This is what happens when you live in Aarhus and support Silkeborg.
Monday, May 13th 2013:
Matron argues with certainty that I am a spoiled brat. And she doesn't mind repeating it.
On the cause of the claim, I can only guess. But it could be the fact that I last Wednesday got a glorious, new bike, which made me so happy. Today I am also happy because I've got a new sat navigator for the Toyota.
I can also use it on my bike - the navigator mind you.
"What do you want it for?" I hear you ask.
Well, you see. I am going to use it to find my way. At least once a year I get lost somewhere in the middle of town, and then it is nice to have '. Incidentally, I shall also use it for uuuuuhm ....... Well, I shall find out when I have learned how to operate it, so I have at least 6 months to find out.
Sunday, May 12th 2013:
Once I have passed away, I would like to be remembered for the fact that all my cycling in the spring of 2013 has been done in windy conditions - and by far most of the time head wind.
It has been unreasonably hard.
And not only the wind was there. It was a nasty cold wind that went directly through the body close cycling outfit, consisting of a pair of worn out jogging pants, a T-shirt and an old track Jjcket.
If you just remember me for that + the fact that I'm very good looking in swimming trunks, I will consider it as a jolly good remembrance of me.
Saturday, May 11th 2013:
I have been encouraged by eldest son and youngest brother to join them for the football at Aarhus Stadium this afternoon, AGF against some other team.
I have in the hardest manner denied any involvement in this project. I'm not a masochist, and I would much rather go to my dentist or to IKEA. I do not want yawning time away by watching a team with no enthusiasm. The team has the obvious problem that it has no attack. On the other hand it hasn't got a defence either.
(But where can I hide after this tirade if my former team wins?)
Time is now 19.15. Where can I hide?
Friday, May 10th 2013:
I am sitting - perhaps not surprisingly - watching bike race (Giro d'Italia) on TV. I cannot help it. I see it all.
Just a moment ago I saw a crash in which a rider crashes in a sharp turn on the way down a mountain and slides along the road on one side. It doesn't seem nice at all. Dear, oh dear.
It definitely hurts like hell on the poor rider, but he does not suffer alone. I have fallen times enough to know the pain, and right now I can feel the rider's pain throughout my body and especially in my left hip and elbow, where the asphalt has made ​​great havoc, a bloody case.
I experience this "pain transmission" every time I see someone fall in a race. And not only does it hurt, you also get "asphalt inflammation" from it.
Thursday, May 9th 2013:
Thank you, dear meteorologists. Thanks for a lot of rubbish, thank you for your lack of skill. You have surpassed yourselves.
Today, my brother and I had planned to run the first stage from Viborg to Pårup of our Ancient-road-ride, a total of just under 300 kilometers. I have been looking forward like a small child to ride, really loking forward - and have even got a new bike.
But yesterday late afternoon we had to cancel the stage because of the lousy weather forecast with threats of all-day rain and strong winds. We were even promised cloudbursts.
And what happens? The whole day was dry, mild, and quiet. It is and has been perfect weather tconditions to ride under.
I do not like swearing - but dammit! How difficult can it be, you miserable meteorologists?
Wednesday, May 8th 2013:

Today's big news that I hinted yesterday - and the day before - now is to be reveiled.
I've got a new bike on which I from now on will make our roads unsafe.
Only it will be difficult to spot me as it should be a pure speed devil.
It's called an "MBK 400". I will call it Cavendish, because it is so quick.
A few technical details:
It is a City Bike. 50/34 blades and 28/11 cassette. Only yesterday did I learn what it means. It means that no hill is too steep.
In addition some options that are completely essential for a pro like me.
But most important is the fact that it only weighs 9-10 kilos, whereas my mountain bike, which I have raced on for 3½ years weighs 16-17 kilos fully loaded.
Maybe I can resume my old dream of climbing the Alpe d'Huez on bike (Shut up, you old fool, you will soon be 73 years old).
Tuesday, May 7th 2013:
I have a problem.
The news I yesterday so optimistically promised to bring today is postponed until tomorrow. Something in my planning failed because I had to concentrate on putting up our new awning for the first time.
It was rewarding and more difficult than I expected. Next time it will hopefully be easier. In the advertisement for the awning it said that it takes half an hour in total to put it up, incl. furniture. It took 2 hours without furniture and without poles - and that on this year's warmest day.
But you'd better be looking forward till tomorrow for the crucial, big news. I can hardly wait.
Monday, May, 6th 2013:
I would like to tell you that tomorrow I shall unveil big and good news in my diary (and no, it's not about Matron expecting).
I will until tomorrow comes, quietly and delightedly be looking forward to share the news with you.
So, you also should be loking forward till to tomorrow.
It will be a great day.
Sunday, May 5th 2013:
Tattoos are not me. I think they are more or less despicable, at least ugly.
It seems as though chiefly athletes fall for the idea and let all their torsos on both sides "decorate" in Tattooists' small basement parlours.
If I were in charge, as much as I should be, I would, have a clause in every athlete's contract that prohibits tattoos at all. That would teach them.
As a background for my claim I am referring to the Picture at the left of Daniel Agger, who earns his money in Liverpool. He's not good PR for his club.
And then - God forbid - you should see his back.
Saturday, May 4th 2013:
Perhaps in a moment of madness I early this morning made a point of telling Matron that if I did not get rid of my work commitments in and outside our house, or at least some of them, she could consider herself divorced from next Thursday.
And do you know what she said? Do you know what she said?
She very casually said that Thursday would be fine. She had nothing special planned for that day so it was just alright with her.
I have now done the beds, emptied the dishwasher, vacuum cleaned, dusted, washed the floors and mowed the lawn.
Friday, May, 3rd 2013:
It was no pleasure. It was damned irrittating. How disappointed I was.
Along with my very nice brother I had planned a bike ride to his summer cottage. I like that.
But after only 4 km. my trusty bike started making trouble. The chain kept falling off, every time I changed blade.
Since we were near Hornslet where my bike mechanics lives, we stopped there. He screwed a bit and said that perhaps this was enough. But he would rather keep the bike which of course he couldn't. We had to carry on.
We did, approx. 8 km. when the chain said stop for good, and I was stranded.
Matron was alerted and picked me up in the Toyota, and we drove back to the bicycle shop for a more thorough repair.
And here comes the good part. Coincidentally, the nice bike man had a brand new bike, shiningly beautiful and smart and half as heavy as my present bike. I test drove this wonder and fell in love with it right away.
I want it. I want it. I want it.
Thursday, May 2nd 2013:
Today we are going to have a history lesson.
From approx. 1938 to 1940 my mother had a ladies' hair dressing shop in Silkeborg. I never exactly knew where it was. But since I am a member of a facebook group that has to do with Silkeborg city's history I put the question there. The other members' helpfulness was almost touching, and several suggestions followed until finally one of the friendly people tracked the shop.
Therefore, I can now show a picture of it. It's the shop with the awning. (It's just by one of the many lakes in Silkeborg.
Another piece in my history fell into place. That's nice.
Perhaps I ought to tell you that my mother sold the shop when she was going to give birth to me. What have I caused? She never blamed me, though.
Wednesday, May 1st 2013:
My youngest grandchild, Frederik now walks on his own.
Of course with the clever granddad he has, he is also very clever.
Next step. On your bike, Little fella.

Tuesday, April 30th 2013:
I do not want any more trouble with the EU.
After 4 years of unsuccessful requests, I have decided to no longer apply for EU grants for my potatoes. They are laughing at us down there.
They call me "Potato Farmer Sand" and Matron "The Potato Woman". I see no reason to be exposed to such humiliations any more.
Nevertheless, "The Potato Woman" and I today put 28 potatoes down in our potato field.
It's a bit late but we hope for the best.
In order to ensure a reasonable harvest we have additionally planted 2 potatoes in a pot in our conservatory as seen in the left image they are growing just fine.
On the right is the new-laid potato field with a total of 28 good Danish potatoes. Nothing much to see yet. Now comes the tense time of waiting and waiting.
But the EU and I are not friends.
Monday, April 29th 2013:
Something must be done, it's urgent. The situation is unbearable. We are many who suffer under the miserable conditions.
That is why I allowed myself the following:
Open letter to the UN, EU, ​​NATO, PLO, BEA, SAS, MCC, and whoever else has any influence:
"Prohibit all human habitation north of the Alps. It is mighty cold here. Today the 29th of April we have 8 degrees and a bitterly Cold wind.
Best regards,
The Old Man
Sunday, April 28th 2013:
I love cakes, and not least of strawberry pies as shown in the picture. Oh dear, how they taste.
When I very rarely eat a cake like that I think of it as a fruit - almost a pure fiber diet that will not be fattening but on the contrary will do well in my stomach for purely digestive reasons.
I believe that strawberry pies do not put extra pounds on your body, at least not to a greater extent.
I therefore got busy thinking of fibers when I this morning spotted a strawberry cake in a supermarket.
But just as I was looking mostly forwards to buying it I discovered the price - 65 kroner (a bit over 8 pounds) for a cake that I could put away in under 2 minutes. And if I got the uncomfortable thought of sharing it with others there would at the most be enough for a total of 3 no modest-eating people besides me.
I left without the cake.
Saturday, April 27th 2013:
Long live my old class from Risskov School, year 1966, the first class I had in elementary school.
In their school years they were a bunch of utterly delightful young people.
Now they are a bunch of utterly delightful older people. A lot of them are retired.
To meet them gives a rush in emotions. They are still just as talkative as then, and I must tell you that we got around in the almost 4 hours we were together. There was talking and laughing, and "do you remember that time when ........". It has been the best afternoons, you can imagine.
And we'll meet again, of course, in 2016 we are going to celebrate our 50th anniversary, before that at small, cozy get togethers like this afternoon.
Thank you, dear 9A for a glorious day.
Friday, April 26th 2013:
I read an online newspaper yesterday. I was looking for news about the lockout of teachers. But suddenly it was quite a different novelty that crashed into my visual field: "No more nude hiking in Switzerland".
Well then. "What has gone wrong?" I thought. This till now widespread national sport in the Swiss Alps? Should some laced Swiss judge really have managed to have this stated?
The answer is YES.
Authorities in the Swiss region of Appenzell have got Switzerland's Supreme Court's word that it's okay to hand out fines to nude hikers. It happens after a man who was fined for walking naked past a family on a picnic, appealed against the fine. The fine was a justified verdict , however, and thus it is definitely the end of throwing all clothes in the Alps, which otherwise increasingly has become popular among visitors.
I simply do not understand since in the Harz Mountains, it is alright to run around in the nude, and I wouldn't object if our Himmelbjerg or local forests opened for this excellent physical exercise.
Thursday, April 25th 2013:
Matron and I'v had a wonderful day in the company of my good and old soldier buddy, 82 Kruse, and his sweet wife. It was pure nostalgia for the two old warriors to revisit the area where we 50 years ago were rummaging around in and on the ground in mud and dirt.
Additionally, it was a place we now and then were guarding to look after of a multitude of ​​gunpowder, bullets, grenades and other evils which were hidden in some heavy bunkers.
And we were good at our job. Not even a tiny cartridge disappeared while we were there.
The pictures show the two weary warriors sitting on what today is a mossy residual foundation of our security building in which we both have spent many hours,
The second image is one of the many bunkers that we took so good care of.
It is strange that a 16-month period, exactly 50 years ago, hangs so firmly to one's memory.e
Wednesday, April 24th 2013:
You probably don't know. But for the recent 4 weeks all Danish teachers have had to stay at home due to a total lockout.
As a former active member of the Danish Folkschool I am keen to tell the negotiators to get their fingers out at stop this total nonsence.
So I hereby invite the respective leaders to a meeting here at our house and get things sorted. Coffee is on the house.
I am really mad about the situation which is totally intolerable to the poor kids. They are the ones who suffer. No teaching for 4 weeks, and it probably won't start within the next couple of weeks.
And I promise you that if the respective negotiaters do no find a way out and stop the lockout I shall personally knock them all about with my old cricket bat till they agree.
Tuesday, April 23rd 2013:
Have you ever walked over your lawn pushing a moss remover in front of you?
If YES, don't you find it annoying, too?
If NO, don't try.
I did today.
It is not because it is particularly strenuous to push the machine . But it is annoying that the thing must be emptied virtually every 8 feet, you are going. I nearly don't do anything other than emptying the damn machine. And I'm only a fifth through.
And I would like to continue.my regrets.
We have so much moss that I can only see 2-3 straws of grass within every square meter.
Monday, April 22nd 2013:
Interesting people on my way.
Once again I experienced on a bike ride to meet a person who could tell something interesting. I rested on a bench on which another older gentleman also sat. We quickly fell into conversation. He said he was a retired engineer at the Danish Railway company. Among otherthings he could report on IC 4 trains that have cost Danish tax payers an awful lot of Money..
But more interesting it became when he looked out on the bay and saw a fishing vessel.
"That's my son's, he's a fisherman," he said. I asked if there was any Money in that.
"Well, then," he said. "My son is seaweed fisherman". I asked a little silly, if it meant he caught fish in the seaweed. He smiled and told that his son harvested seaweed and is one of 3-4 people of that kind in Denmark. He pulls the seaweed up in the boat, hangs it to dry and has a thriving business by selling it to Germany, Italy, France and especially Japan.
Think of it. I've met a seaweed fisherman's father. I never thought that would happen to me.
It's good to cycle.
Sunday, April 21st 2013:
Now it must be spring. Today I observed the first piss ant of the year in our garden, an irreversible sign that we are approaching a little warmer weather. The little creature disappeared into the boards on our terrace.
So now it will not last long till we have the flies and then the bees and then the butterflies and  then the wasps - and then it is autumn. Time passes too quickly.
Lørdag 20/4 2013:

Oh dear .. What a day. I've been to a bike race in Herning to watch Martin Mortensen, my favorite, running The Herning Grand Prix.
I was there all day with Martin's girlfriend and his father in law, a couple of really nice people who took care of me all day. It is good that we old ones get a little care.
About the race I will tell you that it was more exciting than I prefer..Martin did a fabulously good job and came in as number 2 in the same time as the winner Lasse Norman Hansen (gold medal winner from the Olympics in London). He was fastest in the sprint because he had let Martin take the the hard work out on the route.
Martin was the stronger of the two and deserved to win, but racing is a cruel sport, which is what I experience, every time I dare out on the road.
But I've had a very good day that I would like to have repeated if the occasion rises.
Friday, April 19th 2013:

Not far from here, exactly 3 kilometers, is a farm. In this farm is a kind of a vegetable and fruit shop but of the better sort. There is a huge range of fresh products, and you are served by  the young couple who started the store 18 months ago.
We are very happy to shop there, and today's surprise was licorice root of the old-fashioned kind. I loved it as a kid, but it's about 60 years since I last tasted it. Tonight I am going to relive one of my best childhood flavors.
Thursday, April 18th 2013:
I have got the best little brother in the world, helpful, friendly, generous, gracious, and a whole lot else.
But he from time to time he gets crazy ideas. The most recent one is that he and I will be cycling along an ancient cattle road from Viborg (Central Jutland) to Padborg (German boarder) nearly 300 kilometers. It's crazy.
But since he is as he is, I can not bring myself to say no. Well, I probably would not have done anyway.
Fortunately, we do not ride the whole tour in one stretch, but in 4-5 stages. It will be hard, and from now on I truly shall be on the road getting some kilometers in my legs. That also will be hard. But no matter that, I am looking v
ery much forward to the ride along the ancient road.
Wednesday, April 17th 2013:
I have often been annoyed having missed a bike ride because of Matron insisting on my mowing the grass.
I have missed several wonderful kilometers for the very same reason.
But as shown - the problem is solved.
I must have one of those.

Tuesday, April 16th 2013:
It was admittedly not the first bike ride this year, nor the longest. But it was the worst.
I must admit that sitting indoors on an exercise bike 1 hour every other day is not enough when I, as today, felt the highway demands. Suddenly there are hills - and headwind.
Only once before in my long cycling career have I lived through a physical crisis of the size I experienced today. It was exactly Friday 24/2 2008 That day I nearly collapsed from fatigue. See for yourself. Just click here and scroll to the bottom until you find 24/2 ......
worst thing about physical crises is that they quite easily become psychological. Giving up is close, I only think about getting it all over and done with, my thoughts are only negative about cycling. I promise myself that I will never do it again. In short: I feel tottally down. I need to grit my teeth, even if that also hurts.
But now it's over,  I'm home. But wouldn't be surprised if I soon shall go out again.

Monday, April 15th 2013:
Have a look at my activity list for today:
Checked facebook, been to the dentist, had lunch, checked facebook, brought caravan in a horizontal position (extra hard and long work), lubricated caravan all necessary places (quite a few), moved a large amount of garden furniture out into our garden, removed a fence, cleaned up my shed and workshop.
Now I want to tell, what all these activities give me:
1) The vast majority of them give me a bad pain in my back.
2) One of them gives me a bad pain in my bank account.
I absolutely prefer No. 1.
Sunday, April 14th 2013:
I have been looking so much forward to today but I was so disappointed.
Once again, I had overestimated meteorologists' ability to predict the weather. It should have been warm with sunshine and 17-18 degrees. I just read my thermometer. It said 8.8 degrees, and it's very cloudy outside. What a nuissance.
I had planned a very nice bike ride in our neighborhood and in Aarhus. It was canceled and became another hour on my exercise bike. And all of it because of the weather.
Now I see light at the end of the tunnel. I just read a headline in a newspaper that meteorologists predict that spring will be coming now - and it will stay.
I wouldn't like to be a meteorologist if they are uncorrect again. My good friends  with their big baseball bats will find them and knock the air out of them.
That'l teach them.
Saturday, April 13th 2013:
I received a great letter today.
3 of my former fellow students have smade up an invitation for our the 50-year anniversary. Imagine. It is 50 years since I left college with a teaching diploma in my pocket - and with Laud, nota bene.
I will quietly be looking forward to the day that will be a real "talk-day". And despite our increasing dementia, several memories will come up, many of them probably several times.
But without any doubt it will great. Of course everybody will be able to recognize me as I have kept so well, but I am curious as to how many I may recognize.
I thought you ought to see a picture of the whole flock from 1961. Young, talented, diligent, ambitious, intelligent, nice young people who did not hesitate in playing cards all night, drink a single beer or two, or ....... and attending college throughout the next day.
Friday, April 12th 2013:
Today is exactly 407 years since 'The Union Jack' was declared the offial flag of England.
Of course a flag is important to a country and its people, and besides I must say that I like the English flag  lot. I like its colours and its stripes.
However I must say that even if 407 years is a long time. But our lag 'The Dannebrog' is quite a bit older, 706 years old.
Never mind, it's noit the age that counts.
I hope you English are celebrating this 407th birthday.
Thursday, April 11th 2013:
Intoxicated by the very nice words about my person in yesterday's diary I felt that I urgently had to ask Matron to accompany me on a shopping trip across the border. As expected, she was immediately enthusiastic.
I set Friday as the day for this great excursion into the EU.
However, forpractical reasons it became today.
So up at 6 and down the concrete path at 7 to make strong attacks on 4 stocks in 4 different supermarkets.
Then up the concrete path in opposite direction.
And all this because of the kind words What does't one do to live up to expectations?
It made me think. Was there
an intention with what the good lady wrote?
The worst thing is that tomorrow I may be forced to do more, painting, sweeping, vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher or otherwise. God forbid. I may try to avoid it, but don't mention it to anyone.
Wednesday, April 10th 2013:
Today Matron asked me if she might write my diary for me.
I thought it sounded interesting and shortly after she handed me a piece of paper. I have reproduced it below, word by word:
"I'm the luckiest woman in the world. For more than 50 years I've been married to the world's best husband. All the time he is sweet and generous. He is good looking, slim, muscular, helpful, thorough with all his work, looks after the garden so beautifully, paints our house as often as necessary, sweeps, and keeps everything in and around the house in the most excellent order. He vacuum cleanes and empties the dishwasher as often as needed. He is wonderful to go shopping with, patient and interested, and he happily pays. He can not see enough shops and supermarkets, and in particular he likes IKEA.
He can not help but constantly asking me to join him on a trip to Flensburg doing some more and cheaper shopping.
All the time he invites me out for a meal, and when we do eat at home, he is excellent in the kitchen.
In short: He is the perfect husband."

I was happy and proud to read all this and had the greatest difficulty combating my modesty.
However not all is entirely true. I can not stand IKEA.
It will be a happy and proud husband who tonight will put his head on his pillow.
Tuesday, April 9th 2013:
It's a great day.
For months I have been glancing at an electric pole saw in our local DIY store. But just as long have I postponed the purchase because it is a bit expensive. Also, I had to postpone the branch pruning of our trusty plum tree and ditto red hawthorn.
However on the way home from work today Matron took the splendid decision that I might get it. Immediately off to buy. There was exactly one left in the DIY and we got an appropriate discount. It can be almost 3 meters long.
The pictures show the proud owner of an electric pruning saw. It is going to have its debut tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow, or maybe ......
I always get so happy when I buy something new and mechanical.
Monday, April 8th 2013:
"Quousque tandem?" (how long yet?) said Cicero around in the year 60 BC.
I would like to continue, "How long yet will we tolerate the winter we are having?"
It's as depressing as a sour dishrag hanging over a rusty water tap. Yesterday, more snow and we have frost every night. When I got up at 9 this morning we had 2 degrees frost.
I just checked the forecasts, and admittedly night frost will go away the next few nights, but it may come back for the weekend.
And day temperatures are nothing to talk about. And the wind is bitterly cold.
As you can see on picture one eventually somebody has taken action and killed King Frost the First, but immediately his successor, King Winter the Second, is ready. Kill him, too even if he is damn big.
Dear Prime Minister. Fire your climate minister, he is worth nothing, and promise us to better weather - and for a change, keep your promise.
Sunday, April 7th 2013:
We have celebrated a birthday today. We never tire of it. The sweet Matron's birthday.
We celebrated the day withthe Whole Family in for a grand dinner with a good steak, nice accessories, and a delicious dessert. Very nice. Matron had prepared it all while I did a lot of other things, barbecueing, table settings, potato peeling etc. All this is within my competencies  which would hardly have been the case if I were in charge of the food. In our house there is one who is somewhat better. Thank God for that.
Saturday, April 6th 2013:
I repaired our sofa today. I am not going to tire you with technical details. I might easily become too complicated for you.
In short one of the springs had broken and couldn't possibly be repaired - by me at least.
So what I did was to put a piece of plywod under the cushion. One cannot say that it was professionally done, and the sofa did become a bit harder to sit in but Matron declared her satisfaction with my job.
And that is what counts. Forget about professionalism.
Friday, April 5th 2013:
These days we have several hours of cycling on TV every day.
"Eurosport" transmits and retransmits besides "Basque Country Tour", several Belgian and Dutch one-day races. And I watch it all, every bit of it. I love it.
At the same time, I have to take care of my own exercise.
There is something devilish about sitting on an exercise bike watching bike races. It feels almost like an "out-of-body-experience". I'm in another world. I get carried away and ride faster than I would. And time just flies away.
Every second day I ride for 1 hour. Yesterday I rode 1 hour and 10 minutes without noticing the extra 10 minutes - and I forgot to drink.
But I am still looking forward to the coming weather change that may make it possible for me to ride on the roads. Here I have no problem "being-in-the body". At least I shall come back to real life if I crash.
Thursday, April 4th 2013:
On days when Matron goes to work, she gets up very early, at 5.30. Also today. She likes to be in good time. I'm the same, only I never am.
On those working days it happens that I get up early too, about 6.30. We will meet in the kitchen and enjoy ourselves chatting away. We eat a modest breakfast. Matron sits with her computer checking e-mails and doing her solitaire while I do my crossword. It's all very nice. I enjoy these morning sessions.
Because of the once again nice and cozy atmosphere this morning I thought it possible with my gentlest voice to ask my favourite lady about who in this kitchen she loved the most.
Of course in my immodesty I
anticipated a certain answer in my favour.
But alas, just the second I was going to speak our dogs entered the kitchen.
I never asked the question.
Wednesday, April 3rd 2013:
Our daughter in law was unlucky enough to have to go to her dentist today, the second half of a root canal treatment.
I was lucky enough to be appointed to look after little Frederik during her absence.
Now I do not wish for anyone that a visit to a dentist should be prolonged. Far from it. But I wouldn't have minded today to give me more time with the little fella'.
"unfortunately" the dental treatment  demands another visit - so maybe I'm fortunate again at that occasion.
Frederik and I work very well together. He determines what needs to be thrown out of the kitchen drawers and when, and I pick it all up. He does not mind repeating the sequence. We both think, it is unspeakably funny.
PS: Today Frederik walked 6 steps without support. It always helps when Grandpa's there.
Tuesday, April 2nd 2013:
I have a few days ago for the 25th time tried to put our son up for adoption because of several intrusions on my facebook with subsequent self-praise in my name.
Unfortunately I have not got rid of him. People have written back and told that they were not interested. They know him. Reluctantly I may have to keep him. But I am not pleased.
And now yet another adoption case is on its way.
I would like somebody to adopt our daughter.
She suffers from a serious illness, "Ludentem cum Paterisismaximum", In English "Playing with dad", an almost incurable defect that manifests itself in her arriving at our house around 8.00 am. while I am still sleep. Symptoms become visible when she starts shaking, moving, tickling, tilting, rolling, shouting and singing for and with me while I poor man can do nothing. Very bad. And horrendously early.
Isn't there a family with excess resources that will take her? If so, I shall enclose an amount of DKK 1,000 to cover indispensable medical needs for the first two weeks.
She is allowed to come home for one weekend per year.
I can be contacted through my letterbox. Click here and write. 
Monday, April 1st 2013:
Easter lunch with family. As usual, enjoyable  including a brisk walk of 3 quarters of an hour
Enjoyable was also Matron's food, and among several different kinds of beer of good quality was quite an enjoyable one, "Midgard Beer" from a small, local brewery in a small town on Fuenen.
You should only drink this particular beer if you like a sweet, yet strong beer. Unfortunately, I was almost the only one in the party who cared about sweet beer, so I got the bottle almost to myself, 3/4 liter, 9.5% alcohol. It was enjoyable and helped giving the gathering a beautiful, golden glow reminiscent of sun and spring and pleasant sensations on the palate and in the throat, while the good beer passed on its way to meet with the good food.
I sense that with this beer description with its lyrical glow there's a glorious future ahead of me as a beer critic. I will gladly look forward to invitations to beer parties of all sorts. I would love to taste thoroughly all kinds of beer and will - as far as my condition allows it - afterwards write kind words about the beers. It will be some time afterwards, or maybe a bit more. It depends on the sort of beer and the quantity.
Sunday, March 31st 2013:
We have now switched to summer time even though it feels like winter time.
This time change is according to EU Directive 2000/84/EC. Who dares rebel against that?
Last night we put our watches and clocks one hour forwards.
As a logical consequence, we should now also put our garden furniture forwards and place them at their proper places in the garden.
It has not happened with us. Matron and I have agreed to wait until winter is over which hardly will be the case in a near future. Anyway. Who enjoys sitting out in the garden in snow and frost? We don't.
Wonder if there is also an EC Directive, requiring that you actually put your garden furniture forward the same day as you switch to summer time? I would not be surprised if there was.
Saturday, March 30th 2013:
It's Easter Saturday today. It will soon be Easter Monday. And on that day the family will come for Easter lunch. I have been looking forward to that for quite some time - and stil do.
Now of course you have to retrieve a lot of things if you want to feed the sweet family.
3 supermarkets, 2 banks, and 1 gardener were visited. My aching hips protested in the only way they can. They hurt. But I gritted my teeth and changed to my famous penguin position with both hands together on my back and trudged along behind Matron. My fitness saved me, and I completed the straineous walks.
After a great lunch I sat gatheing strength to climb my fitness bike for an hour's hard riding.
That was a lot more fun than the supermarkets and all the rest.
But it will be nice on Monday.
Friday, March 29th 2013:
It may be a bit monotonous. And it annoys me every time it happens.
One of my favorite sports, bike racing, now has a new confession.
The German rider Stefan Schumacher, who now ridess for the Danish team "Christina Watches", has confessed to using EPO, cortisone, and CERA. The latter being the latest generation of EPO.
Like everyone else Mr. Schumacher until a few days ago has refused to any misuse since he in 2010 completed a 2-year suspension for the same offense.
We all know that the public every time has to go through the same performance with denials and denials until the pressure on the riders becomes too great, and they stand out and confess.
I suggest that we give all current riders safe passage to come forward and confess. At the same time they sign they will never use illegal drugs. If they do, they will be totally excluded from all sports. That'll teach them.
About myself it is of course another matter. I am not going to sign anything because shortly I shall be on the roads again atfer for a long time to have hung out on my exercise bike for an hour every other day without any problem. But on the road you never know what may be needed.
Thursday, March 28th 2013:
These days our traffic police are very keen on checking speed, watching for use of mobile phones and driving without safetybelt.
When people are stopped they have all kinds of excuses. Police have told about the mostly used ones.
It was such an important call.
I didn't speak. I just listened to a message.
It was just a short call (even if the policeman had followed the car over 7 kilometers).
 I didn't speak. Just read a text message.
 No safetybelt:
I wasn't going to go far, just around the corner.....
I always drive very carefully. Never had an accident. That's why.
I forgot.
I once heard of a driver who saved his life because he was catapulted out of his car in an accident.
I become claustrofobic.
Now, which one would you use?
Wednesday, March 27th 2013:
When I woke up this morning, I had a wonderful feeling in my stomach. Today I was going to receive a bit of money.  Excitedly, I began opening my online bank to see that it was all there, my pensions, my overpaid tax return and money from the less skilled undercarriage company, a small fortune, part of which was to be spent in the upcoming Easter.
Cheerfully I typed the necessary codes, and voila - everything was shut down. No connection to Internet banking. How could I know if I had a penny?
Feverishly I opened an Internet newspaper and saw that all computer systems in all banks had broken down, and it was doubtful whether anyone would get their money on this side of Easter. I said some nasty words. I saw myself languish for the next 4 days and say goodbye to the glorious Easter family lunch which I have been looking so much forward to. You cannot go shopping with an empty account, and you feel bad with an empty stomach.
After many unsuccessful attempts, Matron finally managed to get a connection, and to our common joy all the money had come in so we hurried out - and bought a lot of nice food.
Easter lunch is saved. It is going to become a lovely Easter.
Tuesday, March 26th 2013:
It has been a double-good day. Read why:
1) I got a terrible letter from our mortgage bank. I always have difficulties understanding the complex explanations as to why they every year have to adjust interest rates. I normally just put the letters aside, almost before they are read. Today, however, Matron forced me down in a chair to read the letter. And oh, my god. It was an increase by 1,100 kroners per month. Oh dear.
With a trembling voice I contacted the bank, and after a little trouble explaining
a kind lady could tell me that it was only an increase of 23 kroners per. month. I do not want to explain why. I did not understand it. But it lifted  my mood when after I 5 times had asked if it was correct with the 23 kroners and had been told that it surely was.
2) Later in the day I got another good message. The best memories will recall that 2 weeks ago our car was exposed to more than questionable undercoating. The same was our daughter's.
We have
since them emphatically complained, and the sweet daughter could now tell that we both will get our money back.
What a profitable day. I want more of them.
Monday, March 25th 2013:
The sweet Matron does not have many weaknesses. However, there is one that I want to dwell a bit on: She has only little confidence in my abilities to remember what I must do - or for that matter for what I already have done.
Lying in bed on a howling cold winter evening, reading a good book, deeply concentrated, enjoying every second under the warm duvet the command sounds, "I wonder if the front door is locked." I immediately know what to do. I reluctantly leave the cozy and comfortable surroundings and my good book and go out in the cold parlour to check the front door.
Back in the bedroom, "Are you sure it was properly locked?" I was just about to turn around and check again but didn't. I mean, there must be a limit.
Sunday, March 24th 2013:
I have a problem.
Right now there are 3 bike races on TV - simultaneously.
Which one should I watch?
Well, I tried recording two of them and watching one of them. Clever you, I thought and started procedures only to find out that since Matron was watching handball on our 2nd TV in our bedroom, and since Cecilie and I were both on the Internet it was too much for our TV- and internet provider to give us enough Mb.
So, alas. I have had to skip one of the bike races.
What a bad day missing 1 out of 3 races. May it never happen again.
Saturday, March 23rd 2013:
Birthday celebrated in Hammel today. Frederik 1 year.
Always, when one of our grandchildren is celebrating her or his first birthday, Matron makes a lovely cream cake, place it directly in front of the expected happy child who is then supposed to attack the whipped cream with all power and with both hands and in 30 seconds look like a whipped cream creature with whipped cream all over the entire head and arms.
But not Frederik today. He unfortunately had caught a cold and was a bit tired and had no great desire to attack the layer cake. He was content to just watching the monster in front of him, tapping it gently with a finger - and then express desire to get away from the whipped cream. He would rather sleep. So he did. The whipped cream cake will have to wait until next year - that is not the same cake of course. Matron is sure to make him another one
Friday, March 22nd 2013:
Some people might claim that this picture is nice and winterly beautiful.
I must protest. I hate it. It is ugly - and taken today in our garden that should be freshly green by now.
We have been told that the snow won't disppear within the next week or more. Perhaps after Easter.
I'm Cold.
It must be the stupid global heating that does it.
Give us summer. Spring is more or less over already anyway.

Thursday, March 21st 2013:
It seems to be trendy for all bike riders to stand forward and confess their use of various drugs. Just recently we all saw and heard Lance Armstrong in a show with Oprah Winfrey confessing his doings.
He is the latest but 10-15 of a long succession of confessions from riders. They all seem to  feel the necessity. They are under pressure. So am I.
After long considerations I am now ready to tell the world that I too have used all kind of dope.
I have used it 2005-2012. And I've done it often.
They were Yankee Bars, Danish Pastries, Coke, Snickers, and liver pate and salami sandwiches.
As if that were not enough, I've also taken 'something else' from my secret supplier. I'm not yet fully ready to tell the public what kind of drugs I received from him, just as I am not yet ready to expose his name. But I am, like all riders, prepared to tell it all, if for example the payment from one of the national newspapers is big enough. Other bribes could also be interesting. I'm open to suggestions.
I am truly sorry for my mistakes and misuse. And now I must stop sobbing.
Wednesday, March 20th 2013:
Our car, the dear creature, is  right now spending a few days at The Toyota Hospital to have a new nose transplant. I do not wish to visit it, as both of us are a bit sensitive.
As a consolation I have borrowed anonother car, a small one from the hospital auxiliary central. A nice car. It is a small Toyota Yaris and it is actually quite nice to drive. You get easily around, and it is easy to park. And it is as if it smiles at me when I come out for a drive.
When our somewhat larger car some time is going to be parked in a scrapyard, I might consider buying a Yaris that furthermore has the advantage of using practically no fuel. A car for me, even if towing a caravan will make it look miserably and certainly not with a smile, not even to me.
Tuesday, March 19th 2013:

Like all grandparents Matron and I are blessed with the most wonderful grandchildren, one can imagine, four in total.
The eldest one is 18 years old - and the youngest one turns 1 year today, Frederik.
I spoke to the young man this morning via Skype. He takes the day with all its festivities with perfect calmness. I asked him, among other things, about how his day had been so far and told him how great an event one's first birthday is. He did not hesitate in answering, "Ba-ba-ba-ba, da-da-da-da, and mam-mam-mam-mam".
I totally agreed with him, and we are going to talk more about it when we are going to celebrate his birthday on Saturday. We should have been there today, but postponed it, because we were promised a mega-blizzard. It never came. When Frederick heard that we would not come today, he was very disappointed and gave me his pretty outspoken opinions on meteorologists. I had no problem agreeing with him.
Congratulations, Frederik.
Tuesday, February 26th 2013:
Eventually came the day. The first day with gardening in 2013. Not much, but an hour's cutting of various plants. Weather was reasonable - a little warmth in the air.
Just a few years ago I would have totally denied that I would ever express my delight of gardening. At the time, my relationship with it was that it was something that just had to be overcome in a hurry, often expressed like this, "Only a fool does not fear his garden".
But perhaps I have become foolish, because now I find myself enjoying working out there.
But should I choose never to be more foolish than this it will be acceptable, I think.
However, I promise nothing. It is great sometimes to be foolish.
Also you must remember that the first man in the world, Adam, was a gardener and a keen one, too. Only he lost his job when he got married. It does not happen to me. A marriage will not deprive me of the desire to work in my garden.
Wednesday, February 27nd 2013:
I have never gone deep into the genealogical mysteries. But my cousin has. As told some time ago he has been back to around year 1000 with my father's part of our family. He even found indications that our family has a line to King Canute the Great. In addition, there are a few nobles involved. But there is also another sort of people represented, two murderers, a pair of brothers who agreed to kill their uncle. Lucky enough for them, they were not convicted, because nobody could verify the real cause of death. Also whores and womanizers with a lot of children left with single mothers. Yes, it is a versatile family.
Today I tried for the first time a serious effort in the noble art of genealogy in church records and censuses. One of our friends has set out to find his family's history. Unfortunately for him he suffered under the misconception that I was an expert in genealogy which is not the case.
But together we embarked on the task and found our way back to his grandparents. We still need to get grandma fully in place, though. We have her name and year of birth, but lack birthday, birth place, and christening date.
Genealogy is time consuming. During the whole afternoon we managed to get through generations.
But it's exciting. It gives a very nice adrenalin kick every time you find relevant information.
And I love that kick..
Thursday, February 28th 2013:
It has been impossible not noticing that since my eldest son took the initative and created a facebook group called "AFC Wimbledon Support Denmark" the team has won and won - and has had two draws. That's good news. Latest game a 1-1 draw against Plymouth two days ago.
Any football coach would be grateful for support like that leading to such results. He must appreciate it, I'm sure. Relegation perhaps is no longer so threatening. But we in the support are only happy to help out.
Next game Cheltenham Town, 2nd of March 4 p.m.
Another win is waiting.
Friday, March 1st 2013:

Well then. Eventually came the first day on my bike in 2013. Finally. 
22 kilometers around Lystrup (village near here) in a wind that was both harder and cooler than I expected. My pride forbids me to tell how long it took  me to ride the 22 kilometers. No one could make me reveal it. Just this. It was faster than I could walk the same route.
But I enjoyed it anyway - especially when I got home.
On the way I made an annoying observation.
I have often ridden the same stretch at Lystrup - a small side road - and on the 20th of March 2010 I saw a pile of waste from a painter or builder. See left picture.
The garbage is in fact still there. That's not good enough. Just look at the two pictures. Same place on 20th March 2010 and on 1st March 2013. Rubbish.
Saturday, March 2nd 2013:
 Today is a special day.
It is exactly 56 years since matron was lucky enough to meet me at a dance in our sports clubs.
A good anniversary to celebrate.
She has many times thanked me for my interest this cold evening in Silkeborg. And every time I say, "Thank you to you too."
We have celebrated the day in a way that she greatly appreciates.
We bought a new awning for our fine caravan. It is the third one within the past 5 years. But thank goodness it was not a new caravan this time. It used to be.
As a bonus on the day eldest son could tell that he had caught a trout of 66 cm. and 3 kilos. Also congratulations on that.
And that's not all. Youngest daughter told me that she at today's training with their little Westie dog had succeeded in getting the dog very dirty in the process of learning the little creature to retrieve. Also congratulations on that.
Yes, it is a good day. Also congratulations on that.
Sunday, March 3rd 2013
It was annoying. It was not at all amusing.
I have torn off the front bumper of our damned car.
I wrote the following in my report to my insurance company:
"It is damned annoying. Today I drove into a stupid car park at a stupid supermarket. Inside, quite unnecessarily, somebody had put up a much too high curb. In my efforts to park the blasted car as close to the rotten curb as possible the front bumper sort of slid in over the curb and the rotten car was stuck. I backed away and heard a very unpleasant sound from out there. Result. The damn bumper was torn half off. Couldn't help noticing it when I came out to find out where the rotten scraping sounds had come from. I used a lot of swear words that I, due to any delicate soul in the insurance company, will not repeat."
Matron wasn't hapyy and let me know in no uncertain words that I was a fool. That did not change my choice of words of which "cursed curb" was far the mildest one.
And now the damned car has to go to hospital to be healed. Will cost me 3,000 kroners as my part of the bill. It is no joke.
The only thing that
might be a bit funny is that it is nearly exactly a year ago I "removed" the rear bumper. If that isn't fun I don't know what is.
Monday, March 4th 2013:
Today my poor car was at a pre examination at the car hospital.
The diagnosis turned out to be "Internal breakage of parts of the front bumper". However, the fractures were so severe that the chief surgeon found it wisest to make some temporary measures with clips, wire and nails. Luckily it was all done without anesthesia being necessary, after which we went home, bringing with us the now slightly more stable patient.
Hospitalization will be on 18th of March. The patient must arrive fasting, bringing the necessary admission papers in the shape of various declarations from the health insurance, my excellent insurance company.
It will be a tough time for the beleaguered car. The week before, it will have a treatment below. Has to  be preventively sprayed with some black stuff under and into its nobler parts. Poor thing.
Hospitalization is expected to last 3-4 days. Visitors are welcome.
Tuesday, March 5th 2013:
My first visit at my new dentist today was clearly a success. He loves football.
Additionally, he is very accommodating find it easy to smile and seems professionally competent.
What more could one ask for from a dentist?
Well, one point is important. He must only charge minimum prices for his trouble.
Fortunately I was  able to discuss this very subject with him and told what I have told to anyone who might think of charging me for anything: "Do not wear sandals, I fear that  if you do you will also steal with your toes".
He smiled, nodded understandingly, and confided to me that he never wears sandals.
That was an extra bonus. I'm sure I shall be pleased with him.
Wednesday, March 6th 2013:
Having watched the weather forecast yesterday, I had counted on a nice bike ride in fair weather today. But not so. Meteorologists were wrong once again, so I had to do with a ride on my excercise bike.
Strangely enough I am easily excited by this 'sport' and every time I want to go faster and longer than last time. I spend approx. an hour on this instrument every second day.
It would be a major lie to say that I enjoy it. On the contrary. It's damn hard, and sweat poures off me. My legs are getting heavier and heavier and I become more and more tired. Yet there is something in me that says that I must go on regardless of sweat and pain. And I do. I cannot help it.
It's important
for me that I get my exercise.
Furthermore it is important that I'm alone in our living room when I get off the bike. No one should see me alighting in slow motion and with stiff legs, back, and arms.
I am sure it looks
foolish. At least it feels so.
Thursday, March 7th 2013:
About a month ago I was contacted by a couple of pupils from my very first class at Risskov School in 1964. I taught the group from the 8th to 9th class. (14-15 years old).
You get a special relationship with your first class. We did a lot together, class excursion to England for 12 days, several weekends in the school's cottage at a beach, camp tours, field trips, and festive gatherings.
We have been in contact througout the years and have met a few times for gatherings at our old school followed by a good dinner with a lot of talk trying to remember the good old days. We will meet again on April 27th.
Now, these young people, which I still call them, although several have retired, have created a facebook group. And how I enjoy reading it and contributing to it. Unfortunately, 3 of the class members died, and not everyone in the group are not on facebook. But I hope they will soon.
In 2016, we have our 50-year anniversary, and some have suggested that we might repeat our trip to London in 1966 with an extended weekend stay in London.
I am 76 years by then I must be entitled to be carried around.
Friday, March 8th 2013:
I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. I often do and it does not bother me, even if it might be difficult to fall asleep again. It gives time to rest and vegetate, to think and I have time to sort of finishing a thought.  I am not interrupted. Quite pleasant.
However, this morning there was  this one thought I could get out of my mind until I got up at 9:30. I simply did not know if it was Thursday or Friday. Major problem. I thought deeply, trying to think of what week day I was at the dentist, and how many times I had slept since. I thought intently at yesterday's diary, which day of the week did I write? But nothing helped. I did not know what day of the week I was on my way into until I got up and asked Matron. She was in no doubt, Friday.
At last my soul found its rest. I might have slept on, if it wasn't because I was denied the right.
Saturday, March 9th  2013:
Probably I should yesterday also have mentioned that Matron had a good day.
picked up our new awning at our caravan dealer. See diary 2nd of March.
She is always so happy when we get a new awning. So I like it that at least every other year or more frequently we will buy one. I love it when she is happy.
Previously it was a little more expensive, because at that time it was the caravan she wanted to change.
Now we shall just sit waiting to get an opportunity of putting up the awning for the first time. The weather forecast does not give any optimism, however.
But we are both looking forward to it. Matron intends to sit out in the new awning throughout the first night regardless of temperature and weather in general.
Sunday, March 10th 2013:
Unfortunately it is a fact that many school children play truant. Our Education Minister regrets this at regular intervals.
When I about 50 years ago went to school, truancy was for us children unknown. In fact, I do not remember having played truant at all in my 10 years in elementary and secondary school.
Well. I did sometimes try to convince my mother that I was medically unfit for the day's challenges. But then she promptly arrived with the stupid thermometer, and if the result was below 38 degrees which it almost always was it was out and along to school.
In college, I do not deny that it did happen that I stayed away from a lesson or two - or perhaps an entire day. I had some extra jobs to take care of in order to provide myself with a bit of money.
Back then I enjoyed playing cards which usually took place when we should have attended lessons, we even played in the college canteen. Here I lost part of the money I had earned. I lost every time.
In other words. The older I got, the more I played truant. Now I am 72 years old and rejoice every time I manage to play truant. Just I do not know what I'm skipping. Nobody seems to notice.
Monday, March 11th 2013:
I do not want to see pictures of snow, snow drifts, closed roads, frost and other misery any more. I am fed up with them - and I'm freezing.
Matron and I went for a walk today, just under half an hour. And it was bitterly cold, minus I don't know what. I will no longer accept it. I want spring.
unfortunately I shall not have my wish fulfilled within the nearest 10-14 days, because nobody lets me decide.
A glance at forecasts for these 10-14 coming days show night frost every night - and day temperatures of between 0 and 5 degrees. It's a mess. It's disgusting. I hate it.
I want to see pictures of sun and summer, some that give warmth just by looking at them as for example the picture above. That's what I mean. I cannot wait.
Tuesday, March 12th 2013:
I noticed that 115-120 Cardinals this afternoon have joined in the Sistine Chapel to elect a new pope. And  surely they will elect one of their own. And then we shall have the white smoke up some chimney.
I will guarantee you that it will be a man. I would even promise to swim across the Port of Aarhus in ice cold water, if it is a woman. I know this would cost me my life, but I am nevertheless more than willing to keep my promise.
Look why. It CANNOT be a woman. Let me tell you the reason: All of Jesus' apostles were men.
So. To become a Catholic priest you must be a man.
To become a cardinal, you must be a priest. So why even bother to consider a woman on the job.
As an American sociologist, says:,"If Jesus would have wanted women to become priests, he would have made some of them his Apostles". And as you know he didn't
That puts and end to that discussion.
Wednesday, March 13th 2013:
Can you lose weight in front of your computer? The answer is YES. 1.42 calories per click on your mouse - equivalent to 0.00142 kCal (kilocalories), as we colloquially call "calories".
It's probably not much. You need 150,000 clicks to get rid of calories in half a liter of Coca Cola which has 210 calories. It cannot last long. 3-4 months I suppose. But we have to live with the fact that there are hardly any training videos on the way.
If mouse clicks ever become a new national exercise, is still too early to say.
I reckon I will be ready and slim for beach trips just by sitting in front of my computer clicking. Away with the fitness bike. It is too strenuous.
Thursday, March 14th:
Yesterday I had my car back from a less successful undersealing. My experience was at the same time scary and funny.
It all started on delivery. I went to a very dirty desk in the workshop and waited - and waited. At last a young man turned up, looked confused at me and asked what I might want. I explained that I had to have an undersealing. "Are you sure?" he said. I replied that it was the idea. I had booked this exact hour. The young man seemed in total bewilderness while looking through some papers.
He asked what car I had. I replied it was a Toyota. I had already told that  when I booked. "Oh, it is that one," the young man said pointing at a Ford. I had to correct him and said it was the one Next to the Ford.
I left with the  promise that it would be ready the next day at 3 p.m.
I showed up at exactly that time, only to discover that my car was far from finished. "Unfortunately we happened to take the car next to yours", was the explanation.
I had trouble remaining serious, especially when I realized that the car next to mine was there only to have its spark plugs changed. But now it also had got the full underbody treatment.
I said yes to the offer that one of the mechanics would drive my car to our home when it was finished some time early in the evening.
I'm not going to visit this workshop again for any repair, especially now that I have found out that the undersealing is miserably done.
The only good thing is that it was an offer of 50% off. But it wasn't worth any more. I shall meet with the company tomorrow and letting them know about my complaints. Could be funny.
Friday, March 15th 2013:
During my so far 72½ years I obviously have had and still have some annoyances, big and small.
I want to tell about one of the big ones.
Seated at a well laid table often, after some time, cannot get another bite down, regardless of my efforts.
In short: I'm full up.
That annoys me due to the following 2 reasons:
1. There may be food on the table that I haven't tasted.
2. There may be food on the table that I would have liked to taste some more of.
From bitter experience I know that in this situation there is only one thing one can do: Lean back, sit quietly, relax, and await the return of one's appetite.
It will come back eventually but it is not quite the same as it was before. It is clearly weakened
That's one of my life's annoyances, and I hate annoyances.
Saturday, March 16th 2013:
Phenakistoscope 3g07690d.gifImmediately I woke up this morning, I set a new goal.
I have throughout my life been - and remain so - a lousy dancer. Many, not least my immediate family, will testify this.
Matron argues that I have no sense of rhythm. The rest of my family think I might get the black belt in dancing. And they are not saying this to flatter me.
But this morning I decided to do something about it. Now is the time.
Without hesitating I summoned Matron to the bedroom and told her that I intend, before I die, to learn how to waltz. This of course means that I have to become very old. But that's alright with me.
The sweet lady did not look like someone who believed in the project but promised to teach me nevertheless. She is an accomplished dancer with numerous awards from her youth.
I also attended a dancing school but was only active during breaks.
Now I'm on my way to yet another dancing school, here at home, that is. And if I know Matron rightly, there will be no breaks.
Skriv overskrift her

On a rather eventless day when most of the time apart from an hour on my excersise bike was spent in my old and well shaped sofa, I started looking at some of my photos from last shooting season and found a couple of interesting ones - I thought.
I am sure you are very keen to see the old man and his dog Sydney and his old bugle.
Only it's a pitty you cannot hear the signals.
You don't know what you are missing.
I do.
Tuesday, March 18th 2013:
Have you ever thought of the folllowing? I have.
German cities are known in many contexts:
A Hamburger is two half buns with beef and a lot of accessories in between them.
A Frankfurter is a sausage as made in Frankfurt.
A Berliner is a cake (known as Berliner Ballen or - Pfannkuchen).
A Dortmunder is a beer. A Paderborner the same (at least in Denmark).
A Cologne is scented water (Eau de Cologne).
A Hannoveran is a horse. Same is an Oldenburger.
A Nüremberger is a honey cake.
A Lübecker is a piece of marzipan.
A Municher is a football mad and thirsty German wearing leather shorts and a funny, green hat.

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