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English Diary, Part 4.  From October 7th 2008 till May 26th 2009.
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Tuesday May 26th 2009:
Well, you'll never know. I have just read that there is an illness called "ANGLOFOBIA", in other words "Fear of England". I am pleased to tell that I never suffered from that - and never will. Wonder who has? It cannot be foreign football teams or cricket teams. Of course it could have been the Germans in 2nd World War! They only came number two!

Monday May 25th 2009:
What a sight!In an attempt to get yesterday's joy of beating Brondby out of my body in a good way I took a long ride on my bike - the longest till now this year, 69,5 miles. Look to the left and see a suprise I had on my way! It probably belongs to a local sheik!

Sunday May 24th 2009:
Just after the game. WE WON!Great. It is always great beating Brondby like we did it today. An emphatic win of 1-0. Best of it all was that we dominated the game completely, and this season's number two were just a bunch of "no-goods".
Last home game of the season.
Picture is just after the last whistle.

Saturday May 23rd 2009:
Continuation of Monday April 20th. Once again I have been with my family who years ago lived at the workhouse, where their father was an inspector. This time we met at our house. And once again I was overwhelmed by all the things that they could tell me, and that will go straight into my book. I really appreciate all their tales. It is worth everything for me, and as far as I know they also had a good time enjoying telling about their own past.

Friday May 22nd 2009:
Impressing - and even hanging on the wall.It has been "Consumer's Day" today. We celebrated it by buying a new 37" flat square TV.  Matron claims that watching "Heart Beat" will be at least three times as interesting on the new TV, and what don't you pay to please here and her watching "Heart Beat"?
But best of all. We got rid of the old (but trusty)  and big and very heavy one that we had before. It weighed a ton.
Isn't life just wonderful?

Thursday May 21st 2009:
Yesterday indoors the whole day writing. Today outdoors in the garden, hard work, making a new flowerbed to hide our neighbour's "bad taste". See picture below. It was a pleasure when it was done, but my poor old back didn't like the first bit of it. I shall have to sleep with a walking stick tonight.A good day's work. 
Looking at the picture, one shouldn't think that it could take all day - but it did.

Wednesday May 20th 3009:
Today I spent the whole day at the library at Silkeborg collecting facts and figures for my book on work houses. And I was very successful. I am nearly sure that by now I have seen all the archives that exist on the subject. So I feel very happy and can probably now start the final "count down" for the book. I hope to finish it some time in September-October.
It has been such a good day! I really enjoyed myself.

Tuesday May 19th 2009:

Today I joined a party of young bike riders for a race through the center of Aarhus. I am on the left with my newly bought bike bike and cap. The person in the middle had forgotten his bike, so he ran - and won easily.

Monday May 18th 2009:
More temptations today. Was invited to neighbour's birthday this afternoon. Lots of cakes, and in fact too many. And once again I was let down by my dear wife. Not even once did she try to stop me, so that means "on your bike" tomorrow. There is only one thing I cannot say no to. A temptation.

Sunday May 17th 2009:
Else tempted me to buy an ice cream today. I suggested that we went for one, and she immediately said YES, when she should have said NO. So it is obvious that she is to blame for my overweight. I do wish that she was a bit more determined on my loosing a couple of stones, but she just lets me drift towards size XXXXXXXL.

Saturday May 16th 2009:
Today has been (and still is) a rest day. No biking, no garden work, no physical work, just writing. I am pleased that I didn't go out on the bike with the kind of weather we have. Just the opposite of yesterday's beautiful sunshine. I hope that I shall get the opportunity tomorrow. One shouldn't sit here getting too lazy, and if matron finds out that I don't do anything, she will have 10-20 bad suggestions.

Friday May 15th 2009:
39 miles I rode on my bike today - a bit longer than planned. To start with I only wanted to go to my football team's training grounds and "pay them my respect" for last night's win of 3-1 (which I only watched on TV even if it was a home game). But nobody was there at all. They may still be celebrating. That was only 25 miles out and home, and since I couldn't talk to anybody I had some extra time. So I bravely soldiered on to get some mileage into my legs. You mustn't forget that there are only about 2 months till "Tour de France". I must be up to it by then.

Thursday May 14th 2009:
We have had a dripping gutter for 7-8 years. I have tried to mend it quite often but totally without success, and matron was getting fed up with me because I wasn't clever enough. She has reminded me regularly about the dripping water, but what could I do? I had already done my best. But then it occured to me. We have the most wonderful and helpful neighbour who is a real "handy man". I contacted him yesterday, and today the problem was solved. And it has already rained, and not a drop came through. Thank God for helpful and clever neighbours! And thank God that matron now hopefully can keep quiet for a while.

Wednesday May 13th 2009:
Well, I never thought of this. According to some news in Denmark kangaroos have grown very popular in England. It is not only due to love to animals, but according to "Waveney Wildlife" the animals are imported to be used as lawn mowers. Within 5 years the sale of kangaroos has doubled. You can get it for 125 for the male kangaroo and 540 for a "lady" kangaroo. I am considering. If this could get me rid of my mower it might be worth while. But I must remember to build a fence of a certain height, I suppose.

Tuesday May 12th 2009:
I am sure that you want to learn as much as possible about Denmark and the Danes. Consequently the following will surely interest you: We Danes are mad about sausages, you know the big ones that we prepare on the barbecue. In average each Dane, big or small, eats 44 big sausages per year, and that's quite a bit, even more than I eat. In fact I am under average. And that is rare when it comes to eating!

Monday May 11th 2009:
There is nothing like a good lunch with old friends from the Retriever Club like we had it today. We met at our house, we were 8 in all, and right from the very first moment we started talking and didn't stop till everybody left 5 hours later. Memories were shared and a couple of old jokes retold - and, if I may say so, the food was excellent.

Sunday May 10th 2009:
My recovery from yesterday's excursions in Copenhagen was as follows: Mowing the lawn, assembling a 5 foot long TV-table (from IKEA, bless it), pulling out a new and very heavy exhaust pipe from the attic in our house (have had it for 5 years and now it is going to be fixed on our car), and done an hour's very hard garden work. So now I am totally exhausted, but acording to Matron fully recovered. I seem to feel more like being ready for bed.

Saturday May 9th 2009:
This is going to be short. Got up at 5 this morning, met with daughter and two grandchildren and set off for a lovely day in Copenhagen (by car), finishing with 4 hours in Tivoli. The time now is 11.50 p.m., and I am ready for bed. But what a day! Sleep well!

Friday May 8th 2009:
After two days about coffee I am going to change the subject today to TEA. Tea is supposed to be as English as Lord's Cricketground. But fortunately "foreigners" also drink it - I among others. I am often asked why I never drink coffee and only tea, and I must refer to my mother who was a fanatic coffee drinker, and since coffee was heavily rationed during and after 2nd World War, when I grew up, I never learned to drink it.  My mother obviously thought that she needed all the coupons for herself. Can't blame her. And furthermore coffee is not at all good for little boys. So that's why.

Thursday May 7th 2009:
Following up on yesterday's warning about drinking too much coffee I have to add more. It is in fact possible to die from an overdose of caffeine. All you've got to do is to drink more than 100 cups of coffee within 4 hours. That will do it, but don't, it is very expensive and hardly recommendable.

Wednesday May 6th 2009:
I never drink coffee except when it is first disinfected with whisky and whipped cream. But I have heard of people who seem to drink too much coffee, and I have found some indications that can help you deciding if you drink too much coffee yourself:
1) You have finished another sweater, but you cannot knit. 2) You can write 60 words per minute - with your feet. 3) You watch video films with double speed. 4) Your thermos flask has wheels. 5) You sleep with your eyes opened. 6) You attend meetings at "Anonymous Alcoholics" because of the free coffee. 7) Your doctor needs a highly advanced pulse meter to measure your pulse.
Drink tea - stay away from coffee!

Tuesday May 5th 2009:

'Is that close enough to the water, dear?'

Monday May 4th 2009:
Today 64 years ago an announcement from BBC at 8.36 p.m. brought joy to Denmark. Field Marshall Mongommery declared that German troops in North West Germany, Holland, and Denmark has surrendered. Wild happiness broke loose in nearly all streets all over the country. I cannot just "pass" this date without remembering - and paying a silent tribute to all the thousands of good people who gave their lives for others to live in a free society. The 4th of May remains an important day.

Sunday May 3rd 2009:
Matron forced me to go and buy a new pair of trousers this morning. Obligingly I went - accompanied by "Her Majesty". I am afraid that she didn't trust me to go alone. She was afraid that I would disappear somewhere else. Arriving at the shop we  (i.e. she) had a good look at all the trousers, handed me the biggest pair available to try. I did, and unfortunately it was much too small, and there wasn't a pair (at least not at a reasonable price) that suited me. We left without trousers. I mean without a new pair of trousers!

Saturday May 2nd 2009:
Russians are supposed to be familiar with vodka. But even experienced doctors were astonished to having to treat a Russian worker who had drunk no less than 8 bottles of it in one night. The worker afterwards told that he had been fired and was very disappointed, and that was why he drank so much. Theoretically he should have died since 8 bottles are far beyond double of what you normally would survive. The man was in a coma, but after having slept it out he was alrigth and swore that he would never touch the stuff again. No wonder. The vodka destilleries might need an extra hand after his efforts, so perhaps there is a job waiting for him there.

Friday May 1st 2009:
I forgot to tell you that my school picture just below was found on the Internet. I think I have never seen it before, but then suddenly the other day I saw it by accident. Amazing how many surprises you can get on the Internet, and how many handsome boys you can see. I am one of them, and as Toni and David rightly guessed I am number 3 from the left as we see it.
For reasons that may be obvious our teacher was nicknamed "Mr. Piggy". Even though I must admit that there was a certain resemblance with the animal mentioned I never used that name about him. He was such a nice man and my favourite teacher. Futhermore I can tell you that I was very much in love with the girl standing in front of me a little bit to my right side (no glasses). But she let me down. Perhaps because she didn't know about my "deep love".

Thursday April 30th 2009:
"Trial and Error" is a well known way of learning - in other words, you learn from your mistakes. We all know that. 
This is also the case as far as judgement is concerned. But always remember that "Good judgement is the result of experience. But unfortunately good experience is often the result of bad judgement".
I am sorry, but that's the way the world is!

Wednesday April 29th 2009:
Find the handsome boy, me!

You may not believe it, but I can be found on the picture. Please write back and tell me where I am. I think that I do not make it easier by telling that I am in the back row. I was only 12 or 13 years old, when the picture was taken, but a handsome boy - which I still am, by the way.

Tuesday April 28th 2009:
My wife is a renegate. Today at my brother-in-law's birthday she openly asked for tickets to Silkeborg's next home game. She hasn't lived in Silkeborg for 45 years, and I thought she was a supporter of my club. But obviously she isn't. I was humiliated. For some reason I wasn't offered a ticket. But that is more than OK with me. Divorce is considered! Less than that has ruined many a happy marriage!

Monday April 27th 2009:
Playing Nintendo's Wii-game has its hazards. For example when playing golf or tennis in front of your brand new flat screen TV-set you may loose control over the little joysticks in your hands and send them flying towards your screen, and far from all screens can take that. Result: Smashed and completely ruined TV-set. But don't despair. "Panasonic" have created a TV-set that can "take the pressure". It has been tested with steel balls of 250 grams that have been dropped on to the screen several thousand times, and nothing happened. Enjoy your game!

Sunday April 26th 2009:
I went to watch my team playing today for the first time for several weeks. It wasn't a great game, but a win of 1-0 compensated for the bad quality. And for the first time for 5-6 years we have now won three games in succession. But even better. When I came home our youngest grandchild was ready for a bikeride. We both really enjoyed that. And I am sure that I have got my priorities right.

Saturday April 25th 2009:
I managed to hide well enough not be sent on garden duties today. In the morning we celebrated our eldest grandchild's 15th birthday (didn't  have to hide there), and when we came home in the afternoon I promptly jumped on my bike and went for a long ride of 45 miles in beautiful sunshine, but quite a fresh wind that nearly killed me on my way back. It was hard, but not so hard as garden labour and much more interesting. I do know what I prefer!

Friday April 24th 2009:
Denmark is blessed with fantastic weather these days, and we are all supposed to enjoy it, including me. But I am not sure how much joy I get out of it. Matron has decided that this and that plant should be moved. And she doesn't tire from ordering me around. Sometimes I get quite dizzy. But there is no mercy. It was also important that altering our terrace was finished, and it was extra important that it was today. It is now done, and I can relax a bit and look forward to my tea (and probably new orders). But tomorrow I am not going to do anything - till she finds out where I am hiding!

Thursday April 23rd 2009:
Because of bad results I haven't mentioned football for quite some time, and I haven't seen them playing, either. But since the last time I watched my team they have beaten numbers one and twelve. So right now everything seems fine. Consequently I am going to watch them on Sunday. May they win! Otherwise I shall be away again. I want to see football of quality and not throw good money after bad football.

Wednesday April 22nd 2009:
I went on my bike to Ebeltoft today, which I have done very often. It was a bit chilly, but no rain and only a little wind, so I expected to do the ride in a record breaking time. But no. I had a bad day with "bad legs". I couldn't persuade the pair of them to behave properly. They seemed reluctant to perform at their peak as I know they can. So I had to settle for e medium time, not bad, but it should have been better. I must try again soon. Tour de France is coming up in a couple of months, and as usual it will open with a time trial, and I know that I must be sharp to win it.

Tuesday April 21st 2009:
I know what "hungry" is. So I can appreciate what some competitors did the other day at "The Hot Dog Contest" in Minneapolis, USA. All you had to do was to eat as many hot dogs as you could i 10 minutes. The winner ate 25. Not bad, but it can be beaten by - youknowwho!

Monday April 20th 2009:
Continuation of Friday 17th April: Once more I met with my family - the two brothers that I haven't seen for years and years. And once again it was great. Not only are they very nice people but they also are very good at telling from the past, from the days at the workhouse that interest me so very much. Today a dear, old aunt, about 85 years old, but still going strong, was there too. Also she could tell tales and facts from the old says. A fabulous day it has been!

Sunday April 19th 2009:
Not bad considering it is an amateur who did it!I have a feeling that I am getting a reputation of being a coddle, fussing over small things. I do not agree. I only complaint when it hurts all over my poor body. And that is exactly what it does today. Not a muscle, not a joint is not in pain. I have bent down and stood up so many times today, and I have carried heavy burdens. All on matron's orders. But I am pleased with the result - even if it is not yet finished.
You may be able to see matron resting in our conservatory.

Saturday April 18th 2009:
Hard work - a lot of painting finished.Watching "Heart Beat", while I was painting. A helping hand behind matron's head

In absolutely beautiful, nice and warm sunshine I picked up my bike and went for a super ride in the countryside...... Wishful thinking, I tell you. Here are the cold facts:
In absolutely beautiful, nice and warm sunshine matron ordered me to paint 50 wooden tiles, which I obeyingly did - and even on both sides. Fortunately matron helped me, but from a distance. See pictures above, which show you the tiles I painted - and the help I got.

Friday April 17th 2009:
What a great day it has been. I have met with two people of my family whom I haven't seen for more than 50 years. And furthermore one of them lived and worked at the workhouse that I am presently writing about. Their father was the bailiff at the place. I very much enjoyed meeting them again and at the same time I got a lot of new information about the workhouse - and I am going to meet them again on Monday. Just great!

Thursday April 16th 2009:
Last night I was very pleased to watch Man. United vs. Porto. Wel, I only watched the first half, but was lucky enough to see one of the best goals I have ever seen, scored by Ronaldo. Wonder, if he would mind playing for my club?

Wednesday April 15th 2009:
Homer Simpson
Look carefully at this picture of two euro coins from Spain. One of them is a fake. The right one - instead of a picture os Spanish King Juan Carlos - has a picture of Homer Simpson. Spanish authorities say that the coin is made by a professional, and is very well made.

Tuesday April 14th 2009:
Like thousands other people I drive Ford, Mondeo to be precise, an old but so far very trusty car. I really have no idea how many Ford cars there are in the world. Billions perhaps. But just today I read that Ford T, which was produced from 1908 till 1927 was the most common car at all at the time. Through the 19 years mentioned 15.000.000 Ford T's left the plant. Half of the world's cars was a Fort T. They were all black because any other colour would take more than a day to dry up.

Monday April 13th 2009:
Our meteorologists promised nice sunshine today. I heard it on the radio at 9.30 a.m. By that time it was rather foggy but the weather woman did not hesitate in saying that in an hour or so the fog would lift, and the sun come out. Right now it is exactly 5. p.m. - and it is still foggy. This, however, did not prevent me from a 40 mile long ride. But it was foggy and chilly! I wonder where our meteorologists are trained - if they are at all.

Sunday April 12th 2009:
What a lovely Sunday. All our children, daughter- and son-in-law, and grandchildren were here for a lovely Easter Lunch. We really enjoyed being together helped by a beautiful sunny weather. I hope there will be many of these occasions to come for us. And I hope that many more families will enjoy the same.

Saturday April 11th 2009:
Not the biggest of railway stationsNo doubt, it is Victoria Street Station

On our recent caravan trip I also did some rides on my bike. One day I passed this impressive railway-station. There is a very tiny village near the station, and somehow the people there find their station as important as do the people of London, who have the real Victoria Street Station. But one shouldn't be surprised. Not far away is another village called Paris and and also Rome can be found near by. And in reality it is all far out in the countryside. Very rural!
But how many tourists have been in London, Paris, and Rome in one day? I have.

Friday April 10th (Good Friday):
You would probably have noticed that I haven't updated my website for a wek. The reason is that we have been away with our caravan to a place called Lemvig, up north, and have had the most wonderful days with no rain and lots of sun - and lots of biking - and lots of good wine and food. We really enjoyed it. At my Danish Diary you can see a few pictures of some "strange" places that I visited on one of my bike rides! Click here!

Friday April 3rd 2009:
Today spring came to Denmark. Not only weatherwise, but also in the fact that today I took all our garden furniture (and we've got quite a bit), the outdoor fireplace, and the sunshade out from the shed. I always love the yearly day that I do this. There is so much expectancy and optimism all over it. And especially when the weather is like it was today. Bright sunshine and temperatures over 10 degrees centigrades. I nearly cannot wait till our first barbecue in the garden. May it come soon, and may inland revenue forget that I exist!

Thursday April 2nd 2009:
I don't know the proper English word for a "gadget" that I was sent off to buy today. My good wife has for some months been very annoyed with our lawn. She thinks that there is too much moss in it - more than grass. (I haven't noticed). For that very reason I was off to the local garden centre to buy some machine - a moss remover or moss cleaner. or whatever! I even think that it is some kind of a hoover. Her plan is that I must walk all over the lawn quite a few times pushing the flipping thing in front of me. I am not amused. And think of it. Grass is green - and so is moss.

Wednesday April 1st 2009:
Footballer Uho Ehiogo once said: "I am as happy as I can be. But I have been happier!"
But who said: "Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder" ?
A small prayer: "Dear God, give me patience, but quickly, please!"

Tuesday March 31st 2009:
I have seen it coming for quite some time. Garden work - hard labour. Preparations began today by going to a garden centre to buy various kinds of fertilizers and composts, all for me to spread all over the place. And what happens? The grass starts growing extra fast, and what happens next? I must mowe the lawn week in and week out. I think you should feel pity for me. I am not amused!

Monday March 30th 2009:
I know that today I am going to give you another morbid but authentic tale - like yesterday's.
Robert FitzRoy was an admiral and furthermore director of  England's first metheorological office. In 1860 he persuaded "The Times", as the first newspaper ever, to bring his daily forecasts. Unfortunately his many scientific aids were not good enough, he was often wrong, and eventually the public humiliation grew too much for him. He cut his own throat with a razor blade.
In my mind today's Danish weather men should do the same. They are not only bad - they are very bad. But I like the Italian ones. They seem to provide their country with beautitful weather, and are nearly always right. "Tomorrow's weather: Sunshine. The day after tomorrow: More sunshine!"

Sunday March 29th 2009:
Bad luck. Many years William Brodie, a highly respected citizen of Edinburg, was considered a very clever carpenter. One of his inventions was the "drop" on gallows, the little trap door that suddenly disappears under the poor victim. Unfortunately Mr. Brodie also had a weakness for women which cost him a lot of money. Consequently that led him into a career as a burglar. One day he was caught red handed and sentenced to death. And as the first person ever he could walk to the gallows equipped with his own invention, and after first having checked it and said OK about its effectiveness he was hung.

Saturday March 28th 2009:
I have always loved watching films with Charlie Chaplin. There was something very fascinating about the way he talked (when he did), moved, and mimed. Nobody could quite do it like he could. And then today I happened to read that once at a "Charlie-Chaplin-look-alike-competition" he entered himself just for the fun of it. And he was number three. Wonder what numbers one and two looked like.

Friday March 27th 2009:
I was on my bike today. 35 miles, and would you believe it? It hailed - big hails the size of a football (or were they smaller? Don't think so). And the hails did hurt when they hit my delicate skin in my face, and I had nothing to cover myself in. But bravely I fought on against the wind and all odds. Nothing could stop me. But I was very happy that it started only 3 miles from home!

Thursday March 26th 2009:
I have been working hard today at my brother's company. Very monotenous work - 600 envelopes to be fixed with 2 letters, labelled, closed, and stamped on af machine (fortunately). It was hard because I did the same movements from 10 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. So now my shoulders and elbows feel like after 200 push-ups. And that hurts!

Wednesday March 25th 2009:
I am convinced that you will be interested in knowing that today it is exactly 202 years since The British Paliament abandoned slavery, 25th March 1807. In Denmark it was about 50 years later.
But why hasn't anybody told my wife about it?

Tuesday March 24th 2009:
I have had a report (text) from our son today. He is fishing in Scotland. The report went as follows: "Fishing super, pub super, weather super, beer super, whisky super". Why is it that I think he is enjoying himself?

Monday March 23rd 2009:
I was very proud to notice that today my website reached a milestone. 150.000 visits since it started i January 2006. Not bad at all. Think of it how many people have become so much wiser than they ever dreamt of. It is a goldmine of wisdom - and I love making it.

Sunday March 22nd 2009:
A bankrobber in California had a bad day yesterday. After robbing a bank he was chased by police on a motorway. To create traffic jam in order to stop the policecars he started throwing banknotes out of his window. A lot of motorists did stop to pick up the notes and thus created a certain chaos for the police. But it wasn't enough. The robber was caught and is now waiting for his trial - the stupid man. Police claim that they got most of the money from the robbery, but I cannot believe that they will ever get it all.

Saturday March 21st 2009:
We have been visited by our son a couple of times today. Both times with the purpose of borrowing a suitcase. First he went away with our biggest one, very big, normally big enough to hold all possible luggage needed for two persons on a two week holiday. It wasn't enough for him. The next time he walked away with the biggest possible handluggage bag we have. Wonder if the two suitcases will be sufficient. He is on his way to Scotland on a one week's fishing trip near Aberdeen with two of his good friends, leaving tomorrow. I wonder how much gear a fly-fisher wants to bring. Obviously it is a lot. They are each allowed to take more than 30 kilos of luggage.

Friday March 20th 2009:
I do realize thar I am a bit late writing my diary. But the matter of the fact is that I have been away all day and just come in. We burried my old aunt today - 91 years old, a very nice lady whom I remember for so many wonderful things, not least childhood holidays at her and her husband's big farm. And she was a marvellous cook, which was greatly appreciated by not only me (perhaps especially me), but the whole family.

Thursday March 19th 2009:
You start with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience. The point is to fill up the bag with experience before the bag with luck runs empty.
Am I right or what?

Wednesday March 18th 2009:
"Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliofobia", quite a long word. And do you know what it means? Probably not, so let me tell you. It means fear of long words.

Tuesday March 17th 2009:
Forget your present holiday plans. I have got a far better idea. A local travel agency in Aarhus, "Hannibal & Marco Polo", now offers "Space-Holidays". For the modest price of 130.000 you could be one of 6 tourists at the time, who will enjoy weightlessness in space. Your altitude will be 110 kilometers, and you will "weigh nothing" for 6-8 minutes.
I even know the founder of the agency, so perhaps I can get a discount.
"Virgin Galactic" will be your host on the trip.

Monday March 16th 2009:
Just to let you know - just outside my garden!

Sunday March 15th 2009:
Indications that you are getting older:
1) Resting takes longer time than getting tired. 2) You leave football matches before time to avoid queueing. 3) There is more food than beer in your fridge. 4) You don't worry about avoiding temptations. They avoid you. 5) You remember seeing "Star Wars" when it first came out. 6) Your first car cost the same as your daughters shoes. 7) Your back hurts when sleeping on the settee.

Saturday March 14th 2009:
I love "clumsy" football quotations:
Mark Viduka: "It doesn't matter if we loose every game if only we win the championship"!
Alan Green: "That was the game that brought the Everton-boat back on the road!"
David Beckham: "That was the past. Now we are in the future!"

Friday March 13th 2009:
Recently in an advert in a Britsh paper, which is normally used for selling second hand cars, a man asked to have the following brought: "Nagging wife, no tax, no yearly check, well kept but a bit rusty". The gentleman in question even wrote that the price was  0. To him, he told later, it was just a joke. But to his great surprise several men answered and told that they might be interested. "It's crazy", said the husband, "I never thought this would happen!"
The best thing, though, was that his wife thought it was quite funny.

Thursday March 12th 2009:
There is a lot you know - and even more you don't know. Let me fill one of your gaps. The word "BISTRO" is originally Russian. In The First War Russian soldiers in Paris entered a restaurant demanding quick service, and said "Bistro", Russian for "quick". After that French restaurants as a whole started advertising quick service, using the word "Bistro". Isn't it marvellous what I can teach you?

Wednesday March 11th 2009:
In lovely spring weather I went about 35 miles on my bike, the result of which was  sore wrists, elbows, shoulders, thighs, knees, shins, feet, toes, and not to forget the part where your body meets the saddle. But I think it was worth it, I am just out of practise and need some more frequent rides - and perhaps longer. But there is a weight problem, you know!

Tuesday March 10th 2009:
I know that it is of widespread interest for everybody to know that today I bought a new pair of trousers. Your attention will rise even more when you hear that in fact I bought two pairs - and a sweater. I was forced to do this by matron of our house. She insisted that I needed both trousers and sweater. Maybe she is right - but why do I have to be part of it? I do wish that she could have just gone on her own and kept me out of it. But no. There was nothing to do. So I went and am now the happy owner of several pairs of trousers - and sweaters. Wonder what that is good for!

Monday March 9th 2009:
I feel a bit strange. By now I should have been on my way to the football ground. But I am not. I may regret that I didn't go. The weather is not inviting, and I really don't want to watch the kind of rubbish that I saw last Sunday. So I shall stay in and now and then have a glimpse on TV. I don't know what it is. I cannot bear to watch my team on the ground, and it is even worse when it is on TV. Whatever can I do?

Sunday March 8th 2009:
You would be surprised how much paper we have thrown out today. The renovation of my little den is nearly finished, and Else agreed with herself that we needed to go through old bank papers, insurance policies, paid bills, and a few unpaid (just a joke). We threw out everything older than 3 years - and it was quite a lot. A very big plastic bag was filled and will soon be on its way to its own "crematorium" in our back garden. What's the next job she thinks of for me?

Saturday March 7th 2009:
Crawley 1998, in a cafeteria in a big supermarket. A five-year-old boy is proudly watching his new bike standing beside the table, obviously just bought in the store. An elderly gentleman sits next to the boy looking smilingly at him. Our friends, a married couple (no names, let's calle them L & M), my wife, and myself are sitting next to them watching the scene. M says to the boy, "Oh, Granddad has bought you a bike. How nice". Answer from the boy, "He is not my granddad. He is my dad".
Blush, blush! We left quickly.

Friday March 6th 2009:
Only with great difficulties I succeeded in assembling 4 shelves from IKEA today. There is in fact nothing in this world that makes me swear as much as that - not even when my football team looses a match that they should have won easily. And I did swear and shout. I hope that Our Lord forgives me the swearing. I am sure that even he would have trouble not doing the same should he assemble anything from IKEA. When I had finished there were only a few things left. I hope they are not vital.

Thursday March 5th 2009:
A perfect day. While I was at Silkeborg collecting material for my book, Else and Peter painted my little office - and furthermore Peter assembled one of the treacherous shelves (there are 4 in alle) from IKEA. What more can I ask for. I hate painting, and I hate assembling stuff from IKEA. Life is good!

Wednesday March 4th 2009:
Yesterday we went to my "beloved" IKEA (hate it to pieces) to buy new shelves for my little den. Today my job has been to empty the place. All books and papers out. And if you don't know, books are heavy, and I have plenty of them. That is - I threw at least 125 of them out. I have to. Otherwise even my new shelves will be  too small for the remaining books. I hate throwing books out. But there was no way of avoiding it.

Tuesday March 3rd 2009:
I love olives - especially the black ones. I eat them every day in my salad. And what do I read in the news today? Black olives do not exist - at least not so black as those you buy at the local supermarket. Really black olives are green olives that have been dyed. For years and years I have thought they were two different species. And they aren't! What a mistaka to maka! At least I know for sure that they taste differently, so hopefully my latest knowledge won't spoil my next "round" of black olives!

Monday March 2nd 2009:
I do not want to think of what happened last night. After 40 seconds 1-0 up. After 40 minutes 1-2 down. And that was the end result. A nightmare. Awful! Today I have avoided all news, including newspapers, radio, and TV. I hate to be reminded. Consequently I haven't left our house at all. I shall wait till after dark and hope that I won't meet anybody.

Sunday March 1st 2009:
Well, yes. Why hide it? It is 2 hours till kick-off for the first game in 2009. I am all nerves. But at the same time I am somewhat optimistic, even if we do have a few injuries and the team, Randers, that we are going to meet, are higher in the tables. We should be better on home soil and with an expected attendance of over 20.000. It could be great.

Saturday February 28th 2009:
"Perhaps we should go somewhere else for our meal".

Friday February 27th 2009:
The ecconomic crisis has obviously also struck in Taiwan. Lack of food persuaded a former prisoner to go and ask at a police station if they could please put him behind bars again. He was released two years ago and lived rough. According to the officers he was very nostalgic about the 10 years that he has spent in prison, convicted of arsin. Whether his wish was fulfilled I don't know.

Thursday February 26th 2009:
I knew it would help. I have spent a wonderful day at the library at Silkeborg, and not even once did I think of football. So no nervous shivers or cold sweat. Just a great day taking notes and copying for my book. I really enjoyed it. Hope I shall enjoy the football on Sunday, too.

Wednesday February 25th 2009:
Having recovered just a little from yesterday's nervous breakdown I jumped on my bike and rode about 35 miles. I needed the ride in order to divert my thoughts from the football. What can I do tomorrow? Ride even further? Get drunk? No, now I know. I shall go to Silkeborg to find new information for my book. That is the best possible medicine I can get!

Tuesday February 24th 2009:
They are here! They made my heart beat go up - likewise my blood pressure. My hands are damp. I shiver and shake. I have lost my appetite - or at least some of it. Cold sweat is running down my spine. I cannot sleep. My eyes are flickering - in short the first tickets for the first football game of 2009 are lying on my desk. Sunday 5.30 p.m. I am not looking forward. I fear the worst!

Monday February 23rd 2009:
I visited our eldest grandchild Katrine today. She told me about a film, she had seen at school. The title was "2:37". Obviously it is a strange film about a group of Australian teenagers. They are six of them. You follow them at school from morning till 2.37 p.m. when blood streams out from one of the toilets. A young girl has committed suicide. Who is it? As it turns out it is none of the six, but a seventh person, a young girl whom you only meet very briefly in the film. The director wants his audience to think of why it was her, who killed herself and not one of the six. Why did she do it? There is no obvious reason. Strange film, but Katrine thought it was good and made you think of a lot of possibiliities.

Sunday February 22nd 2009:
"Saepe grandis natui senex nullum aliud habet argumentum quo se probet diu vixisse prater aetatem". Wise words in Latin, meaning "Often an old man has no proof of his long life except his age". I shall remember to think of that!

Saturday February 21st 2009:
"There she goes again," I thought when my beloved wife once again blamed me for the mess in my little "office". And I don't even think it is so bad. But she does and kept on and on about me sorting it. I threatened her that I might write about her unwanted fuss in my diary for every man and woman in the whole world to read. That didn't stop her. But now I have done it. May it help!

Friday February 20th 2009:
Else and I went to a very big caravan exhibition today. And I cannot tell you what a relief it was that she didn't buy another caravan. She frequently does. I'm a lucky man!

Thursday February 19th 2009:
In Denmark quite a few teachers complain that their students keep forgetting turning off their mobile phones when lessons start. In Maharashtra in India the problem is upside down. Here the students complain that too much time is wasted because their teachers spend time talking on their phones. The local minister of education, Patangrao Kadam, has promised to do something about it.

Wednesday February 18th 2009:
I went for a check at my doctor's today. It was all good - no problems. He is a very kind a qualified man, who is also very keen on "Geo-Trekking", a sport that I might take up. The idea is that you must go out in the countryside or in a forest and after some coordinates that you can find on the Internet you look for "hidden treasures" (using your sat-nav.). The treasure has no value in itself. When you have found it you will bury it again after having added to its contents, for example an old tea spoon or a coin. I hope that I can find the treasures, and of course I shall do it on bike.

Tuesday February 17th 2009:
In some jobs the margin of error is small - and should be. In my carreer I got away with minor mistakes, some of which were not even discovered. But it was different for the captain at the Scandinavian Air System who yesterday welcomed his passengers on a flight to Oslo by saying among other things that this aircraft was bound for London, after which he told all about weather conditions over there. Shortly after his number two was on the loudspeaker saying that unfortunately the captain was sick, and that they were now waiting for another captain, who arrived shortly after. I wonder if the mistaken captain will keep his job.

Monday February 16th 2009:
I have just learned that in fact there is a disease , called "FEAR OF HOLIDAYS", in latin "HEORTOPHOBIA". I cannot possibly recall ever having suffered from that disease, and fortunately I have never met anybody who has. Must be terrible to be struck by an illness like that. You will also be interested in learning that "ARCHIBUTYROPHOBIA" if "fear of peanut butter in your palate". 
I think that my website is very educational!

Sunday February 15th 2009:
A lazy Sunday - a bit of writing - a bit of TV watching - a bit of napping - a bit of going to a supermarket - and a bit of eating. Much too little of the latter, if you ask me. But it is for a purpose, even if I cannot see it yet on my scales. It will come, though - I hope.

Saturday February 14th 2009:
I never liked Mondays. And funnily enough I still don't. And come to think of it I have to spend 1/7 of my life on Mondays - quite a bit. But really it is interesting that Mondays still are "different" to me. The old feeling of getting up Monday morning, going to work knowing that there were 5 days till the next weekend was a bit of a nuissance. And obviously I haven't forgotten.

Friday February 13th 2009:
After yesterday's bad luck about spoiled holiday plans in Switzerland we had to make a new decission today. And we did. We are going to have our holiday in Denmark - in the northern part of Jutland like last year in our caravan. We also booked today. So, no climbing in the mountains with nothing on at all - wonder if we can do it where we are going!
I'd better ask before we do something that we will regret!

Thursday February 12th 2009:
You are probably late. At least if you had a dream of climbing high mountains in Switzerland in the nude. It is now forbidden and will cost you 100, if you try - and are caught. It has been a popular sport for especially Germans, but now Swiss authorities think that enough is enough and have stopped it for all nationalities. What a shame. My holiday plans are in ruins!

Wednesday February 11th 2009:
My football team have left for Italy - hard training. Lucky bastards I thought when I heard about it. Nice weather and sunshine. But it isn't. It rains, and their pitch is soaking wet. But at least it is warmer and not so gloomy and cold as it is here. When is spring?

Tuesday February 10th 2009:
Life can sometimes be hard - and sometimes good. You  must accept the fact that some days you are the pidgeon - and some days you are the statue. Today I felt that I was the pidgeon. So many things went successfully for me. I even bought a new digital camera, and I am looking forward to trying it. Proably you will soon see the result here!

Monday February 9th 2009:
I have really enjoyed being visited by our eldest granddaughter Katrine today. She came for only one purpose, to make me read and tell about my first book ,my memories, especially from when I was very young. We had a wonderful conversation. I read a bit and commented on it, and she gave me her comments and told events and experiences from her own life. What a great day it has been.

Sunday February 8th 2009:
It was with a nervous feeling that accompanied Else to a caravan exhibition today. The latest couple of times she forced me to go we walked away having bought a new caravan. Fortunately that was not the case today. But there was this particular caravan that tempted her a lot. And I am NOT going with her once more to have another look at it, because I know what that will mean: A new caravan. Pray for me that she will forget about it. We cannot afford it - even if she thinks otherwise!

Saturday February 7th 2009:
We are going to have some friends in for a meal tonight. Consequently Else has been busy in the kitchen, and i have done some more prosaic jobs like dusting, hoovering - and repairing some of our dinner chairs. The latter may not seem a lot. But I tell you that these chairs are not very good, and you must be a very good craftsman to repair them. We were stupid enough to buy them some years ago, but they are no good. Nearly every time we are going to use them I have to take 3-4 of them out into my workshop and tighten 8 bolts on each. And I am not technical enough to give them a full repair, so that I don't have to take them out every time. What we need are 8 new chairs!

Friday February 6th 2009:
Some quotations from people within football can be very interesting and educating. Have a good look at these:
"I have never commented on a referee. So why should I break a lifelong habit because of the bastard we saw today?" (Roy Atkinson).
"I never settled in Italy. It was like living in a foreign country" (Ian Rush).
"Some people are for me. Others are pro me" (Terry Venables).
That says it all!

Thursday February 5th 2009:
Well, he tried - and failed.A young Australian was caught by customs officers in Melbourne the other day. He flew in from Dubai. He tried to smuggle two pigeons into the country in his trousers, wrapped in newspapers. Furthermore he had two pigeon eggs in a box for vitamin pills. He now faces charges of 10 years in jail and a fine in the vicinity of 50.000 . In Australia they don't like bird smugglers.

Wednesday February 4th 2009:
Some people are scared of dogs - and sometimes for a good reason. But sometimes I feel that I am more scared of the owner of the creature. Our dog, Sydney, however is as peaceful as a lamb and couldn't hurt a flie. For that reason I have considered putting up a signboard with the following text: "FORGET ABOUT THE DOG. BEWARE OF THE OWNER!"

Tuesday February 3rd 2009:
It has been a long day. A very monotonous computer job for my brother job made time pass very slowly. And I am not nearly finished. It will be another long day tomorrow. It's very nice to write this, it's a pleasant change and a lot more interesting.

Monday February 2nd 2009:
"There must be more in life than eating, drinking, and sleeping!" Who said that? Some people might say C.W. Fields. It isn't. And neither is it me, even though it might very well be. But I don't drink that much. No, it is a cat - the one and only Garfield.

Sunday February 1st 2009:
We had an unusual experince last night. Our son Peter - on his way to our house - found an unconscious owl lieing on the road. It had obviously been hit by a car. He didn't just want to leave it there, so he stopped and carefully wrapped a blanket from his car around it. When he arrived here we put the poor thing - still unconscious - in a big wooden box wrapped in a towel. Peter had already phoned the animal ambulance that arrived half an hour later to take the owl to a vet. By then it was fully fit, and flapped its wings vigorously, and I had a bit of trouble keeping the bird in its box, that only had a towel as a lid, till the kind gentleman with the ambulance could put it into a proper cage. He promised to make the vet have a good look at the poor bird, before it would be released.

Saturday January 31st 2009:
Due to yesterday's extravagancies at the table I haven't dared weighing myself tody. I think I'd rather wait a few days. I cannot afford buying a new scales right now. We had a great Christmas party - but now I can do without Christmas food for a while. It was nice, though.

Friday January 30th 2009:
As always we are having the first Christmas party of the year late January or early February. Today is the day. In a few hours we shall be at a well laid table with all the Christmas food and drink you can imagine. I know we are in good time, but considering the hustle and bustle that you connect with Christmas activities in November and December it is not a minute too early. It gives more time when Christmas is near. And we are not yet fed up with Christmas food!

Thursday January 29th 2009:
On this day in 1942 Denmark had one of its coldest days ever with day temperatures of about minus 29 degrees centigrades, a lot colder in the night. On this particular day 5 people died due to the cold. The winter that year was a record breaking cold winter and the last of the socalled triple-ice-winters. Fortunately nothing indicates that this winter will be as cold as that. We have had very little frost till now - in fact nearly not even "A Touch of Frost".

Wednesday January 28th 2009:
It is a kind of anniversary today, since it is exactly 4 years since I retired. It was a huge change when it happened, but I must admit that today I don't think a lot about it. It is very rare that I miss my old school - I miss the staff, every one of them, but I certainly don't miss all the work and trouble. My present kind of life is much more pleasant.

Tuesday January 27th 2009:
Finally, in spite of cold weather I persuaded myself to take my first bike ride of 2009. It is nearly a month since my last ride. It was cold and rather hard - out of practise - even if it was only 20 miles. Byt I was very pleased with myself when I came home and had had my shower. Must have lost a bit in weight. That was the main purpose. Forget about the view and beautiful nature. It was grey and misty.

Monday January 26th 2009:
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Today is the last day of the first part of your life.
Live each day as if it were the last day of your life. And one day you will be right.!

Sunday January 25th 2009:
Yesterday my football club won 2-1 in a friendly against Aalborg who are going to play in the UEFA-cup in two weeks, and therefore should be good by now. But AGF were better even if they played more than 50% reserve players. That was all well enough. But what stroke me most of all was the fact that there were fights between fans from the two teams after the game. I wonder what goes through their minds - a friendly two months before the season starts and already such stupid behaviour! The play looks promising - but not all of the fans!

Saturday January 24th 2009:
Today it is our son's 38th birthday. The whole family were there for brunch, and tonight we are going for a meal at a Greek restaurant in Aarhus. We were there last year also on his birthday and really enjoyed the food. So why not again?
But just think of it. I now have a son who is 38 years. I think it was only yesterday that I was 38.

Friday January 23rd 2009:
Else works a lot these days. For nearly 3 weeks she has been off every day. And she will also work on Monday and Tuesday. Of course I miss her when she is away. But it gives me an opportunity to have the world of time for working on my book. And if nothing else the latest couple of weeks have been very good for progress. I wouldn't mind, though, that she was a bit more at home. But her absence is good for our holiday plans!

Thursday January 22nd 2009:
Else has just been in here. She blamed me that there is a mess all over the place, and that I never tidy here in my little den. I never condidered clearing up very much. I know where everything is. But then I happened to think of a small article I read just before. It was about a German woman who never threw anything away, never tidied at all. She just kept all kinds of papers in a big heap in the corner of her room. But unfortunately the paper started an avalanche that buried the poor woman. She was only found because someone she knew rang the door - and there was no answer. She called the police who found the woman dehydrated but alive.
Knowing this I may consider obeying my dear wife - and still?

Wednesday January 21st 2009:
I have looked after our youngest grandchild, Cecilie, the latest 3 days  (not at school due to inflamation of middle ear) - till yesterday. We had a very nice time together, just she and I. Else was at work. When Cecilie was picked up by her mother last night, she said the words that I shall remember till my last day, "Mum, I wish that when my Dad gets as old as Granddad, he will be just as nice!" Unfortunately I didn't hear it myself, but was told about it. What a warm feeling it gives.

Tuesday January 20th 2009:
I am disappointed that the weather doesn't allow biking - right up to my back teeth. Consequently I have to do with walking which to me is a boring exercise. Nevertheless I walked 4 miles today in cold and dull weather. I felt like a hero when I came back - and Sydney was most grateful for the walk which made it all a bit worth while.

Monday January 19th 2009:
Have you noticed that on boxes or wrappings for various items that you might buy, you will often find warnings? Some of them are relevant - others simply ridiculous.
On a bag of peanuts: "Warning: Contains nuts". On insect spray from New Zealand: "This product is not tested on animals". On box with Superman costume: The contents of this bag does not make you able to fly!" On Korean kitchen knife: "Keep out of children!"

Sunday January 18th 2009:
A study at Harvard Medical School shows that women who drink at least two cups of coffee per day have less tendency to commit suicide and are in less danger of being involved in traffic accidents with fatal consequences. For Else's sake I was pleased to read this today.

Saturday January 17th 2009:
My diet is going quite well. I have lost a bit more than 2 kilos since Thursday. You may ask, "What prompted you to start this time"? The answer is simple. Have a look at the picture on the opening page of my website, the picture from Old Trafford. I did - and that was enough for me to start. I hope that when I get somewhat fed up with the diet, it will help me just to look at that picture again. Just look at my cheeks! My Goodness!

Friday January 16th 2009:
Today I realized a few things about names and sex. The rock singer Alice Cooper is male.  The writer Harper Lee is female. The rock singer Marilyn Manson is male. The writer Evelyn Waugh is male. The actor Reese Witherspoon is female. If I didn't know I would never have found out. What the world has come to, I don't know! I started wondering what sex the painter Joan Miro is. I wasn't even surpriused when I found out that "she" is a he.

Thursday January 15th 2009:
It may have been a break through. I certainly hope so. For quite some time I have tried to persuade myself to start a diet. But I always found excuses for not to. But Yesterday I had a good start. I lost 1 kilo and today another 3/4 kilo. So it is going the right way. To make it quicker I walked for nearly an hour today in a cold and misty weather - not all that pleasant. But my good dog Sydney didn't mind!

Wednesday January 14th 2009:
I have always been interested in the theory of relativity. As we all know everything is relative somehow or other. Today I got even wiser on the item when I read the following: "The duration of a minute depends on what side of the toilet door you are!" Am I right, or am I right?

Tuesday January 13th 2009:
old trafford, man. un. - chelsea.I am sorry to have let you down on my diary for a couple of days. You may already have guessed the reason. I went to Manchester with my brother and his two sons and 75.000 other people to watch Man. Un. - Chelsea. And what a game it was, 3-0 to Man. United. We did celebrate the victory afterwards, and all in all it was a great trip. Also revisiting "The Circus Tavern" (click for website), the best and smallest pub in the world, was great and the right place to celebrate.
See photo series from the tour, click here.

Saturday January 10th 2009:
Yes, I know. It is very early. Hope I didn't wake you up. But the matter of the fact is that in 15 minutes I am off for Stoke and Manchester, football you know. I have to be at the airport in 45 minutes and have the breakfast that I haven't had, yet. Have a nice weekend. I am sure that I shall.

Friday January 9th 2009:
A six year-old American boy obviously loves his school very much. The other day he missed his morning school bus. Since his parents were still asleep he jumped into the family car and set off. 6 miles he went until he crashed into something - nothing serious. He got out and walked the remaining few miles. His parents are now charged with putting their child into danger. Maybe so, but I think the boy deserves a medal for his persistance. If only all children were as keen as that.

Thursday January 8th 2009:
Typical! For quite some time I have told myself to remember and buy a few pounds for my little football trip to Stoke and Manchester the day after tomorrow. But I kept forgetting. Finally today I remembered and found out that sterling had gone up from 775 to 855 since only last week. Somebody must have told Bank of England that I am coming and fully prepared to spend a few bob on various pubs and other cultural spots.

Wednesday January 7th 2009:
Barclay's Bank ran into trouble the other day. They sent an elderly gentleman, Mr. Donald Moffat, a statement of his account showing that he had an overdraft of 100 bilion pounds. It was his wife who found out about it. The two of them were sure that they hadn't spent 100 billion during Christmas. Fortunately the next day the bank admitted that it was their fault. A technical error had caused the problem. But it must have been a sleepless night for Mrs. and Mr. Moffat!

Tuesday January 6th 2009:
Three weeks ago I told that it was 10 months till the next retrieve. It wasn't true. I went today, too. An extra shoot which wasn't expected. It was cold and exhausting. I am getting too old for long and cold days. I find it difficult to keep warm, and afterwards I can hardly walk, stiff in all limbs. But for God's sake, don't tell it to anyone. I don't want to let the younger retriever people know about it!

Monday January 5th 2009:
looks cold, doesn't it?It is bitterly cold outside today. Minus 6-7 degrees centigrades and a cold wind. I realized exactly how cold it was when taking my daily walk with my good dog, Sydney. He didn't mind at all.
You can just have a look at the picture and feel the cold.

Sunday January 4th 2009:
Children are funny - and sometimes say funny things. They are also ready to give pieces of good advice to you. I have just read one - from one child to another: If your Mum is cross with your Dad you should never let her comb your hair!"

Saturday January 3rd 2009:
Another fantastic day in front of my computer. I write every day on my book, I can still find new items to write about. And as always I enjoy every second of it. It really fascinates me, especially because by now I really feel that I have got "the grip" of it. I have read so much, I feel that I know so much about work houses in Silkeborg, and as time goes by I have edited so much that I feel more and more convinced that I can see the end. Not that I am looking forward to that, because I am sure I shall miss it. Fortunately the museum in Silkeborg have asked me to do another "job" for them, writing of something totally different. I won't tell you yet what it is.

Friday January 2nd 2009:
An American bank robber wasn't too clever the other day. He went into "Fifth Third Bank" in Chicago, put a piece of paper in front of the cashier telling him to keep quiet and hand over some cash. At the same time the robber pointed a gun at the cashier. He got away with a measly 400 dollars, but forgot his little piece of paper which was his own pay slip from October. On it was his name and address. He was arrested very quickly and is now facing 20 years in jail.

Thursday January 1st 2009:
How strange it is now to have to write "2009". If somebody 40 years ago had told me how 2009 would be compared to 1969 I probably wouldn't have believed one word of it. But here I am in my 69th year, going on very well, enjoying all the progresses that have come - and as many of them as I can afford. But life is good - better than its alternative. Carpe Diem!

Wednesday December 31st 2008:
May I wish you all A Happy New Year. I hope that 2009 will be the best year of them all for you.
Now, don't do anything silly tonight! Headaches tomorrow can be avoided, you know.

Tuesday December 30th 2008:
Final bike ride of 2008 completed today. 40 miles my brother and I rode in cold but still kind weather. The hot shower just after coming home was very pleasant and worth the whole ride. My next ride will be next year. I am already looking forward to it.

Monday December 29th 2008:
Being far away from the football season I happened to find some quotations by some well known people.
Bill Shankly, former manager of Liverpool, "Some people think that football is a question of life and death. I can assure you it is much more important than that!"
David Beckham once said, "My parents have always been there for me - ever since I was 7."
Trevor Brooking, "This is what football is like. Northern Ireland have had a lot of opportunities and haven't scored. England haven't had any chances at all and have scored twice".

Sunday December 28th 2008:
With all the rest of our family (8 persons) down with flues and colds I am the only "survivor". We should all have met for our son-in-law's birthday party tonight, but it is cancelled due to the fact that I am the only person walking. I am a tough old thing, I say.
But perhaps I shouldn't boast too much yet. There is another day coming tomorrow!

Saturday December 27th 2008:
the main building at the old estate.the 12 stags looking quietly at me.

Yet another day with great experiences on my bike. I rode to an old estate about 16 miles from Studstrup. And not only did I see a beautiful old building, but I was lucky enough to spot 12 red deer (stags) on a nearby field. And more than that. They didn't panic, stayed quietly, where they were, which gave me the opportunity of taking a series of pictures. It is not every day that one is so lucky.

Friday December 26th 2008:
Boxing Day is our day for a family Christmas lunch. Our children and grandchildren will be here, and hoepfully we are going to have a nice day together. At least I know that the food will be excellent, and that there will be a lot of it. That's a good start on a good day, I think.

Thursday December 25th 2008:
Christmas Day must be a relaxing day after last night's "hard work" with all the food and presents. I was very pleased with either. Today it was not only relaxing but also very interesting and nice to go to church with our eldest grandchild, Katrine. I am sure that we both enjoyed it - singing the old Christmas carrols and listening to the sermon. And we both found out that we do prefer Christmas Day to Christmas Eve for going to church. It is much more enjoyable and not nearly as crowded. We shall do the same next year.

Wednesday December 24th 2008

Merry Christmas to all with lots of presents and a lot of good food and drink from "The Old Man Himself".

Tuesday December 23rd 2008:
far away from civilization lies a dolmen. i was there.On today's bike ride (36 miles) I kept thinking that I ought to publish another book, "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Biker". The reason was that even if I rode in more agricultural parts and in some forests I met only very, very few other people on a bike. I felt quite alone and saluted those 4-5 bikers I met by waving and "helloing". They seemed astonished - but smiled.
By the way I went to see a dolmen in a remote forest near the airport. It was hard to find - but I managed.

Monday December 22nd 2008:
Today I read something very interesting. According to scientists the moon's orbit around our globe extends every year. Not a lot but still measurable - only 3,6 milimeters.
This means that 85 million years ago the moon was only 4 meters above the ground which again explains the extermination of dinosaurs - at least the tallest ones of them.

Sunday December 21st 2008:
Shortest day of the year - 6 hours and 54 minutes. Here at Studstrup the sun gets up at 8.46 a.m., and sets at 3.40 p.m.
If you got out of bed at the crack of dawn and to bed at sunset (like the birds) you would get 17 hours and 6 minutes sleep. Not bad at all. I might consider it. It is a short day, but from tomorrow it will grow longer. That's nice to think of after all.

Saturday December 20th 2008:
a break in the forest for a beer and a sandwich and a bonfire.Last shoot of the year today with a bunch of very nice people - on a very windy day, when the pheasants were very fast, like little nrockets and consequently difficult to shoot. Not that this matters to me. I don't shoot.
It is now 10 months till the next day of retrieving. How sad!

Friday December 19th 2008:
that's how nice december can be.Yesterday I mentioned how dark and gloomy the weather can be in December - and was then.
But have a look at the picture to the left. That is how it looked today - and with 7-8 degrees centigrades. A lot better.

Thursday December 18th 2008:
Driving into Aarhus this morning rather early I couldn't help thinking how gloomy the light was - and is nearly every day. The length of the day is now less than 7 hours, and I have the impression that the sun goes down right after it has gone up. That is if you see it at all. But then I also thought, "Never mind. From next Monday the days will start getting longer again, and soon spring and summer is here. So, who cares? Let's just have it over and done with!"

Wednesday December 17th 2008:
Not all people seem to think that a dog is man's best friend. Consequently some dog-owners want to get rid of their newly bought "thing" shortly after they got it. British "Dog Trust" has listed the most common excuses for getting the dog out of the house: 1) My dog didn't match my sofa. 2) He looks evil and has differently coloured eyes, just like David Bowie. 3) My black dog doesn't match my new white carpet - could we change it for a white one? (According to TV2)

Tuesday December 16th 2008:
Today I was asked about the origin of the expression "OK", a "word" that we use every now and then, but perhaps do not stop to think from where it comes. Let med tell you - found it on Wikipeda:
OK, okay, or O.K. is a colloquial English word denoting approval, assent, or acknowledgment. As an adjective it means 'adequate', 'acceptable' ("this is OK to send out"), often in contrast to 'excellent' ("the food was okay"); it also functions as an adverb in this sense. As an interjection, it can denote compliance ("OK, I'll do that"), agreement ("Okay, that's good"), a wish to defuse a situation or calm someone ("It's okay, it's not that bad"). As a noun and verb it means 'assent'. ("The boss okayed/OK'd the purchase").
The origins of OK are not known with certainty, and have been the subject of much discussion and academic interest over the years. As an interjection, it has been borrowed from English into many other languages.
You can get a lot wiser from reading my diary, you know.

Monday December 15th 2008:
I love making Else happy - and I did it again today by asking our good neighbour to repair our outdoor light, and he always is very helpful. The light hasn't worked for nearly 1 years, and my good wife was getting quite annoyed about it.
She left for work early this morning, and when she came back it worked - and she was very happy.
But don't tell her who made it. Let her live with the delusion that I did it.

Sunday December 14th 2008:
Unexpectedly our former neighbour visited us today. I like unexpected visits. And it is so nice when on a cold and windy day you can sit and chat with a nice person in a nice and warm living room, enjoying a modest lunch and some cookies and sweets. What more can you ask for? Well, maybe a bigger lunch, but we ate what we had, and that was no problem. Fortunately he promised to come back soon.

Saturday December 13th 2008:
our beautiful tree decirated by our grandchildrenIt is a tradition in our family that on the 2nd or the 3rd Saturday in December our 3 grandchildren visit us in the morning for a couple of reasons.
1) They make a lot of marcipan for Granddad.
2) They decorate our Christmas tree.
Both "jobs" are now finished, and I can sit enjoying looking at a very nice Christmas tree, and putting on a lot of weight eating the marcipan - Great day.

Friday December 12th 2008:
Last night I was lucky enough to get into contact with a dear old friend whom I haven't met or heard from for about 45 years. I love it when a thing like that occurs. It makes me so happy. I met him first in 1958 when he was here with his cricket team, the same team that I played for during the summers of 1959, 1960, 1961...... He is an extremely nice chap whose sense of humour I appreciate. Our contact last night was an e-mail, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing him again. It is good to hear from old friends.

Thursday December 11th 2008:
Obviously my good British friend David has objected to my story about the British eating chocolate bars with bacon, stating that it is not English. I must admit that "Vosges Chocolate", who is one of many companies who provide the world with this product, is American. But I should be surprised to hear if NO English company would make the same. Still my good friend admits that he wouldn't mind testing it. I certainly would! Chocolate with bacon! How about Irish Stew with Candy Floss on top? Or Hot Dogs with whipped Cream?

Wednesday December 10th 2008:
This morning on Danish Radio I heard something that I never dreamt of hearing. It was about you British! Obviously you can now buy CHOCOLATE BARS WITH BACON. How disgusting, and it is even smoked bacon. That was new to me, and I immediately thought that it was a joke, but it isn't. Just click on this website: http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/product/bacon_exotic_candy_bar/exotic_candy_bars

Tuesday December 9th 2008:
Being late to school is not always pleasant for the children involved. According to various excuses the teacher may react a bit angrily. Of course a good excuse or explanation may prevent this - especially if it seems true. I remember one boy who was quite often late, and I had to have words with him quite frequently about it. But one day when again he was late, he totally "disarmed" me when standing just inside the door he said: "I am sorry I am late, but my waterbike stuck between two icebergs". I laughed, and there was no way that I could scold him.

Monday December 8th 2008:
An English teacher has been suspended from his job, because he made children do push-ups if they were late. TUC is not happy with the decission. According to a  union representative it was the children  themselves who suggested the idea to the teacher.
I agree with TUC. Perhaps I would have done the same when I taught - I might even have done it or at least something simillar.

Sunday December 7th 2008:
The two Christmas parties that I have attended yesterday and the day before really tested my will power. I am not supposed to eat too much, and I really tried not to, but it was a vain effort.
I must admit like the good cat Garfiled expresses it: "Never say no to a temptation. ou may never get the opportunity again!"
Or as I like to say it myself: There's only one thing that I cannot say no to - That's a temptation!"

Saturday December 6th 2008:
Two Christmas parties in two days is hard for an old man. As expected yesterday was hard, but today was non-alcoholic for me since I had to do the driving back from Ebeltoft. I didn't mind really, because alcohol and I would not have been good friends at all. Still I enjoyed the party.

Friday December 5th 2008:
The season for Christmas parties peaks just now. I have got one tonight, and another one coming up tomorow, and there are more to come. It all means a lot to eat and drink and hopefully being in the company of nice and happy people. I have a weakness for these parties and enjoy them a lot, but only sometimes they give me a headache the following day. That is not going to happen this year, I have just decided. Perhaps I shall change my mind tonight.

Thursday December 4th 2008:
I loved reading a small "thing", that I happened to find today. It was a little boy who wrote the following to his vicar: "Dear Vicar. I know that God loves everybody, but he has never met my sister.  Kind regards from Arnold, 8 years.
PS: Pray for all airline pilots. I'm flying to California on Thursday"!

Wednesday December 3rd 2008:
"Wanted: Cheerful, chubby men, preferably with a soft, white beard and with no criminal record. Must be ready to work hard for a month." - advert in German newspapers. The fact is that Germany has run out of Santas and badly want some more. According to the job agency new Santas have to be found quickly since they must train before facing the eagerly waiting kids.

Tuesday December 2nd 2008:
Last night for the first time for quite a while I watched a full football game on TV. And it was even my own team, that I hate watching because I am so nervous. We went one up after 16 minutes, and immediately I called my neighbour and asked him to come and watch with me. I knew that would oblige me to see it through. After an equalizer we scorred the winning goal in the 89th minute. What a day - and what a game, and it was the number one in the league - Odense we beat. 
Kom saa de hviiiiiii. And from New Year we are going to have another coach! Whatamistakatomaka!

Monday December 1st 2008:
What is more suitable than a long bike ride on the first day of the Christmas month? I don't know. Consequently I went 45 miles. All in all it was a bit chilly, but not too wet. It struck me that I only met a couple of other bikers. I wonder why?

Sunday November 30th 2008:
On this the 1st Sunday in Advent the tradition in this house is drinking warm redwine with almonds and raisins and eating those small cakes of batter that are made in a special kind of pan that makes them round like a small apple or ball. You can have sugar, honey, jam, or icing sugar with them. Before eating we will light the first of four candles in our Advent wrath. All very nice and cosy - especially when it is cold and windy outside like today. Christmas is nigh! Beware!

Saturday November 29th 2008:
christmas is nighAs threatened/promised yesterday Else had decorated our living room for Christmas while I was away retrieving today. I must admit, though, that she has done it very tastefully and discretely, and one is not "attacked" by Santas and other colourful people or things.
Look for yourself to the left.

Friday November 28th 2008:
Christmas decorating in November is a nuisance - especially when it is early November which is seen at a lot of places. Nevertheless my good wife has threatened that when I return from the shoot tomorrow afternoon she will have finished decorating the whole house. I would wish that my authority also stretched to the living room. But it doesn't. Merry Christmas tomorrow!

Thursday November 27th 2008:
Today I must have compensated for the apples I ate yesterday, 4 in all = 200 calories. In rather windy and grey weather I mounted my bike and went to see my brother's new summerhouse outside Ebeltoft and some good friends at Ebeltoft. Not to overdo anything I had arranged with Else to come and pick me up in the car. That suited me fine since there was a stiff headwind on the way back.

Wednesday November 26th 2008:
Else and I went to a nearby farm today to buy some apples. They were very good and a bit cheaper than at the supermarket, so we bought 3 kilos. We talked to the very nice lady there and told her that we are trying to cut down on the amount of apples we eat every day. She looked puzzled, but when we told her that we had recently been told by reliable sources that each apple contains 50 calories she nodded and said that she understood. I myself can quite easily eat 4-5 apples a day, so obviously I now know the reason why it is so difficult for me to loose weight. "5 apples a day will not keep the kilos away!" I made that one myself!

Tuesday November 25th 2008:
Today's great news is that I shall be going to England in January for two purposes, football and football. We expect to watch Stoke vs. Liverpool and Man United vs. Chelsea (at Old Trafford). I am sure it will be great, and hopefully I am not stricken by a heavy flue like I was the last time we went.

Monday November 24th 2008:
It may please you as much as it pleases me, that petrol prices have gone down about 30%. It has postponed the day of my bankruptcy, so I count every day as a blessing.
Now, if only prices of cars could also be 30% lower I might consider changing my old Mondeo, not to mention the scenario of prices falling by 50% and therebye at the same level as cars in the UK. That would certainly mean exit Mondeo.

Sunday November 23rd 2008:
In an hour or so my football team will play FCK in Copenhagen. All odds are against us, number two against number six, but I do believe that we shall win - or at least draw.
I may tell you tomorrow if I was rigth. But only if I am!

Saturday November 22nd 2008:
beautiful tones before the start of the shoot.Another day's retrieving in cold but beautiful weather. The cold was mainly due to a sharp wind that sometimes made it feel like minus 10-15 degrees centigrades. It was nice then to find some shelter in the woods. The picture to the left shows Peter and I playing before the start of the shoot. The guns are standing just outside the picture to the right.

Friday November 21st 2008:
Not all wives are pleased with their husbands. Erica Jong once wrote:
"Bigamy is having one husband too many. So is monogamy"!
It may be a surprise that Erica was married. She married Allan Jong in 1966.

Thursday November 20th 2008:
I am writing this far away from home, on a conference for kindergarten teachers in Copenhagen. Even if I was up very early - 4 a.m. I have had agreat day, met interesting people and eaten more than very well. In 20 minutes I shall be on my way back home. I shall be there about 8 p.m. and then straight to bed.

Wednesday November 19th 2008:
I wonder if anybody noticed that yesterday on my birthday another celebrity had his, Mickey Mouse. Only he is 12 years older than I. As opposed to me Mickey has changed his name. First he was Mortimer Mouse and his girlfriend was and still is Minnie Mouse. Mickey's debut on the screen was in "Steamboat Willie", which was shown for the first time on November 18th 1928. It is not fair to call Mickey the oldest mouse in the world. You mustn't forget that Minnie is as old as he is. Not until 4 years later did his two nephews Morty and Ferdie appear.

Tuesday November 18th 2008:
I cannot hide it any longer. As of today I am one year older, 68 to be precise. But really I feel that I am only 38 - if it wasn't for the funny sounds I make when I bend down to pick something up from the floor.

Monday November 17th 2008:
I was lucky today. I went to a big store in Aarhus to have a present exchanged. My brother and sister-in-law had given the most fantastic bike suit that one can imagine. The only snag was that they had underestimated my size and bought XL. And God forbid - I am XXL. I was very excited if they did have that size in the store, but fortunately the young girl who helped us was quick to check the stock, and smilingly she came back with the right size. I promised her that I should remember her in my evening prayers. (Picture of the bike suit and me can be seen, if you click here). Please also notice a new pair of bike bags that our son and daughter-in-law gave me.

Sunday November 16th 2008:
Some days you are more "exhausted" than others. I am a bit today, and I have given it quite a bit of thought why. I think I have found the answer. I had too much to eat last night. Else is a magician in the kitchen, and it must be her otherwise very good food that has given me my headache. It cannot be the redwine, the Irish Coffee, and the beers, I am sure.

Saturday November 15th 2008:
I am not going to give any clues why the family will be here tonight. But I am looking very much forward to it. We are going to have duck and for those few who are not crazy about that there will be roast pork. And some of us will have both. With a good glass of redwine I am sure that we shall enjoy the meal.

Friday November 14th 2008:
For the second time in succession we had rain on a shoot today. The whole morning was very wet. And again it was a Friday. I wonder if there is something about Fridays. If so I am happy that my next shoot is on a Saturday. The good thing, though, is that our dogs don't mind. They seem to think. "The wetter, the better!"

Thursday November 13th 2008:
There are some agricultural odours that are more pleasant than others. Today I emptied my compost barrel. And the smell from mouldering grass that has been exposed to rain and consequently has made water - not to wine - but to some sort of liquid manure was not a nice one. I was happy that I did not have to stay too long in the garden, but could go in shortly after. I hope that my neighbours were the same. But never mind. It is good for the flowers of next year, and I still feel that we are living in the country side here at Studstrup, so we must accept "farming smeels" now and then.

Wednesday November 12th 2008:
I have sold my gun - or rather it was Else's. But she hasn't used it for more than 20 years. I have used it a couple of times each year till 2 years ago. But I have lost all interest in shooting. I will much rather retrieve which I thoroughly enjoy. So you might say that a chapter in my life has ended. No more shooting - and of course I do not have a "license to kill" any more.

Tuesday November 11th 2008:
Today exactly at 11 a.m. 90 years ago World War I stopped. 9 million soldiers had been killed in "The war that should end all wars". I cannot help thinking of the poor young men on either side of the front who paid with their lives for a case that they did not understand, and which was not worth the price. Lead by mostly incompetent leaders and officers they were unnecessarily killed. Horrible.

Monday November 10th 2008:
Yesterday a Danish chef suddenly left his job at a fancy restaurant even if he was just preparing dinner for a lot og guests. The owner and his wife were quite astonished, but even if they had to finish all the cooking themselves they did appreciate that their chef had left. His son had just phoned him and told that he had just won 17 million Danish Kroners on horses. This equals 1,7 million pounds. I would have done the same, and so would the owner of the restaurant, he later told. The chef hasn't been seen at the restaurant since.

Sunday November 9th 2008:
These days German police are looking for the driver of a very fast Audi with English registration numbers. The point is that a picture was taken of the car driving very fast through a radar-photo-spot. But as we all know the driver in English cars sits on the right side of the car, and all the police could see was a passenger, a doll, Animal from the Muppets.

Saturday November 8th 2008:
Today I mowed my lawn for the last time this year. It is now nearly 6 months till next time. Absolutely wonderful to think of. I have decided that the time I save will be used for something productive - like dozying off to a football game on TV.

Friday November 7th 2008:
For the first time for two years we had rain on a shoot today. It felt rather unusual, and it really rained till about 2 p.m. We all got soaking wet, but all the more pleasant is it to come home and have a shower and a sit down in a comfy armchair in a nicely heated sitting room, falling asleep to TV no matter how good it is. So, good night.

Thursday November 6th 2008:
If you happen to have a bit of "extra money" on your bank account, you may wish to buy the yacht on the picture. All you have got to do is to contact the Iraqi government and ask for a favourable price. But mind you the yacht used to belong to Saddam Hussein, so there is no guarantee what secret weapons there may be on board.
I can vouch for the quality of the boat, since it was built in Denmark in 1981. Please tell me if you do buy it.
saddams yacht

Wednesday November 5th 2008:'
We went to pick up our caravan today after some repairs on a dent I made in May. All was very well. But what wasn't so well was that it is very dangerous to enter a caravan shop with my beloved wife. There is always another caravan that she wants more than anything else - and also today. There it stood in all its splendour - brand new. But I put my heels down. After all we gave had no less than 3 caravans within tha latest 15 months. But I shouldn't be surprised if......

Tuesday November 4th 2008:
Fortunately my lecture of last night at the museum went very well, indeed. Afterwards a lot of people came up to me and told how much they had enjoyed it, and quite a few had some pictures or texts that they would like me to have, and they promised to send it to me. And that is exactly what I hoped for. Now I just hope that these people keep their promises. So I shall be "soldiering on" with my writing. I am looking forward to that.

Monday October 3rd 2008:
Tonight I am going to give a small lecture on my coming book about workhouses in Silkeborg. I am rather excited, and looking forward to it. If I am lucky I may meet people who know about the place where I used to live as a child. That would be just perfect. There is nothing like eyewitnesses.

Sunday November 2nd 2008:
A perfect weekend has (nearly) come to an end. Friday retrieving, Saturday biking, today a win in football on home soil. And I was there. What more can one ask for in life?

Saturday November 1st 2008:
alpine skiing in central aarhusAs I told you yesterday, today would be "Bike day". I went my more or less mandatory 46 miles in cold but beautiful weather. And gues what I saw when passing one of the central squares in Aarhus. I nearly couldn't believe my own eyes - skiers! I didn't know it was that cold.

Friday October 31st 2008:
a happy dog has just retrieved 3 pheasants.A most enjoyable day retrieving with my trusty dog, Sydney. We both enjoyed it a lot and are now very tired more or less ready to go to bed.
Tomorrow I hope will be "bike-day".
And Sunday will be "Football day"!

Thursday October 30th 2008:
Today has been a very quiet day with no physical challenges. As a matter of fact I have spent the whole day indoors at my computer, answering e-mails, arranging pictures, writing on my book, eating lunch, and I am now looking forward to a big dinner that I am going to tonight with my brother's company. No doubt it will be good. The restaurant is well known for its excellent food, and I am well known for my great appetite. Tomorrow will be a lot more active - retrieving at Moellerup.

Wednesday October 29th 2008:
Another day of hard labour - but again I rather enjoyed it. God knows why. I went to our local DIY-store and bought the flagstones. They were cheap because they were not quite new and provided I loaded the trailer myself and took them home, I could get them for only 25% of the original price. I couldn't turn down an offer like that. I also loaded all the gravel myself - which again made it cheaper. So I have saved a lot of money, I have got a lot of exercise, and I now walk in a funny way!

Tuesday October 28th 2008:
I had a perfect visit to the big supermarket BILKA today. Perfect, because we went straight in, bought the three items that we had decided to buy - and nothing else. That in connection with the new motorway meant that we could do the whole trip, out and back again, in less than 1 hour. Never before has a visit to BILKA been so quick and troublefree. I nearly enjoyed it.

Monday October 27th 2008:
admiring spectator.As you may know, working in the garden is not exactly my cup of tee. But funnily enough I rather enjoyed it today even if it was physically very hard. My dear wife wants an extra "bit of land" for some roses. Consequently some flagstones have to be put down, and a lot of earth dug up. So that was how I spent my afternoon - believe it or not!
As you can see on the picture some people can take it easier than others!

Sunday October 26th 2008:
I have just been walking my dog, who is now fully fit from yesterday's retrieving, which I am not, together with our grandson. The weather was miserable. Even if our grandson still suffers from the after effects of his eye-operation last Tuesday, tired, doesn't eat a lot, he can talk, he really can. He talked and talked for all of the 30 minutes our walk lasted, and he didn't stop until we came home and switched on the TV. But mind you, I am only happy that he likes talking to me.

Saturday October 25th 2008:
I am very tired and very happy. Tired because I have been retrieving on a big shoot the whole day, and both my trusted dog Sydney and myself are ready to go to sleep any moment. I am happy beacuse my football team won 2-1 which means that the 5th position we lost last week is now regained. So it has been a great day - of which I wouldn't mind a few more!

Friday October 24th 2008:
New manager presented at my football club today. The new manager has a very good reputation and has done very well in another Danish top club. So no doubt about his qualities. My problen however is that I am not sure it is the right timing. Things have just started to improve.
But that's how it is. The decision is taken. He will start at January 1st 2009.

Thursday October 23rd 2008:
All the inventions that we take for granted were not all predicted a great future. Look at what the director of IBM, Thomas Watson said in 1943: I believe that there is a world market for computers of about 5 in all!" American president Rutherford B. Hayes said in 1875: "The telephone is an astonishing invention. But whoever would want to use it?"

Wednesday October 22nd 2008:
There is no point in hiding it. Christmas is near, and a lot of people are already stressed just by the thought of it. But one point can be easier than usual. A Danish company, "Green Team Europe" has invented "The Decorated Christmas Tree". You order it on the Internet, and it is sent to you just before Christmas, so all you have to do is unpack it and put it where you like it to be, ready for use. That's easy!

Tuesday October 21st 2008:
Our grandchild Kristian has had both his eyes operated today. Nothing big, but enough to have full anaesthesia. He took it really well both before and after - especially after when he was allowed to eat again, which he hadn't done since last night. After a few hours at the hospital he was "released", ate a lot, and on the way home a visit to McDonald was very popular. Several hamburgers went down there.
PS: My football team lost last night (2-1), but in fact played a very good game. Since then all newspapers, radio, and TV have been very busy telling that a new manager is likely to be presented very soon.

Monday October 20th 2008:
My football team is playing tonight, and we are invited to watch the match on TV with our son and daughter-in-law. That's all very good, but I hate watching my team on TV - especially if they are on a loosing course, which they so often are. So I shall probably sit with my nose in a newspaper or staring at the floor. Hopefully the sound will be so low that I cannot hear anything.  However it's a blessing that the food will be good - it always is.

Sunday October 19th 2008:
An American couple claim that eventually they have found a formula for LOTTO. Within the latest couple of weeks they have won 1.4 million dollars. Judith and Verlyn Anderson are great fans of mathematical riddles, and say that they have broken the code. Steven Post, Professor of mathematics at Edgewood College, Madison does not accept this. He claims that it is impossible to find a strategy to tell the correct numbers. I am sure that the Andersons do not care as long as they keep winning. It will be exciting to watch if they do so.

Saturday October 18th 2008:
I was always told by my parents and teachers that knowledge is important. And I think that I know a lot. But not all, one learns is all that imporant. For example: A human breathes 23.040 times each 24 hours = 16 times per minute. 80% of your brain is water. You will use 150 calories if you bang your head against a wall continuously for 1 hour. 111.111.111 x 111.111.111 = 12.345.678.987.654.321.
Now you also know!

Friday October 17th 2008:
Alternative shopping might be interesting for people like me who hate going into supermarkets and stores. Consequently I have taken great interest in some advice I found today on the Internet - advice on alternative shopping. The following is recommended:
Put a price tag on your sweater and lie down in the refrigerated counter with the turkeys.
When announcements are made on the loud-speaker throw yourself down on the floor and scream, "Oh no, oh no. I can hear voices again"!
Make a trace of orange juice through various departments and up to the toilets.
Remove price tags from the hi-fi department and put them on the vegetables - and vice versa.
I am convinced that my visits to supermarkets would be a lot more interesting!

Thursday October 16th 2008:
Sarah Penhaligon from Cornwall was awakened the other night by sounds from her swimmingpool. When she got up she saw a big pony swimming around in it. To say the least the pony was drunk. The poor animal had escaped from its stables and had eaten too many fermenting apples with the result that the pony got badly drunk, and thus ended in the pool. Only with great difficulties did the firebrigade manage to get the intoxicated animal out of the water and bring its back to the stables to sleep it out.

Wednesday October 15th 2008:
Our two younger grandchildren have stayed with us for a couple of days. Today they wanted to go to the beach, which they are happy to do on their own. That of course gave me the opportunity of staying inside in the cold and rainy weather. After an hour or so I went their in my car just to ask them if they wanted to come back home. I was sent packing. They enjoyed themselves very much even if it rained and was very cold. They had no intentions of coming back yet. There is something about kids and beaches. I went home alone.

Tuesday October 14th 2008:
Heard in kindergarten:
Denmark is a wonderful country to live in. But Legoland is better!"
"Denmark is a very nice country, because there is a lot of water and no wars!"
"Copenhagen is a nice city to live in, because there are no tanks in the streets!"

Monday October 13th 2008:
Outside my "office-door" is a small poster. "DO NOT DISTURB".
There are a few exceptions for this important rule. You may disturb me, IF: 1."There is a fire on, but first try and put it out yourself." 2. "The pizza-man is here". 3. A burglary. But try and chuck the burglar out on your own first." 4. "The fridge has broken down." 4. A major hurricane - in Studstrup of course. 5. "Dinner is ready".

Sunday October 12th 2008:
tear the wretched thing down!I had a long ride on my bike today - 48 miles - to the other side of our local bay. The weather was glorious with a bit of wind, though. I visited old friends on the other side of "the pond". Most of the way to and from I could see the power station, not a pretty sight, but you are never in doubt of what direction to go. It can be seen from too far away. Why doesn't somebody tear it down?

Saturday October 11th 2008:
Just today I happened to read some reports from Quantas Airways. Like all other airlines Quantas have a report book from PILOT to MECHANIC and vice versa. The pilot writes what is wrong (P), and the mechanic answers (M). Here are 3 examples:
P: "The test flight was alright, except that the automatic landing was a bit rough".
M: "There is no automatic landing system on this aircraft".
P: "Radio doesn't work".
M: "Radio never works when on OFF".
P: "Mouse in cockpit!"
M: "Cat installed!"

Friday October 10th 2008:
that is how nice it can be!There are so many beautiful spots in our country that sometimes I see no reason to go abroad. And furthermore I can reach a lot of these spots on my bike which I did today in appalling weather. It was very hilly where I went, and quite a bit of it was on muddy forest paths. I lost my way, but suddenly I saw a place that I know very well - a very nice restaurant in the forest. I did't go in, though, I was much too wet and dirty, but I couldn't help taking a photo.

Thursday October 9th 2008:
If only I was as careful with my car as I am with my bike I would probably have a shining car, clean all over, and a well kept engine. I haven't. I must improve on it. But I am afraid that my car hasn't got the same "attraction" as my bike. I seem to use all my energy on cleaning and oiling my bike. It's pure pleasure. Just today it got the "whole treatment" and now stands shining in my shed. I cannot wait till my next ride.

Wednesday October 8th 2008:
It must be a miracle thought inhabitants of a smaller Italian town, Marino, just south of Rome the other day. When opening their water taps chilled white wine came out. It wasn't a miracle, but a major mistake made by a plummer who was supposed to make a fountain play with wine, but somehow he didn't connect the hoses correctly. Just these days a traditional grape festival is being held in Marino - hence the wine fountain. But people in Marino at once called the free wine a "Miracolo". But the coffee may have tasted strangely!

Tuesday October 7th 2008:
I have long known about a PC-programme, "Power Point". I also knew the purpose of it, and I have had it on my computer ever since I got it. But I have never used it, even if the opportunity has been there on several occasions. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to give a lecture at the museum at Silkeborg about the former workhouse. And since I have quite a few pictures to show I happened to remember Power Point. And do you know? In less that 30 minutes I learned how to create it and how to use it. Amazing, isn't it?

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