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Tuesday December 5th 2006:
What is more typically English than a cricket defeat to Australia after a batting-collapse when everything went quite well? How could they after such a good start? I didn't believe my own eyes when I read it on text-TV.
What a shame. I am afraid that now England will not retain The Ashes. A couple of days ago I thought they might.

Monday December 4th 2006:
Today Else and I spent a few hours on looking for another caravan. Not that we are fed up with our present one, but it is rather big and we must realize that we are not getting any younger. We did find one that we might consider buying - but then again ?????

Sunday December 3rd 2006:
It has been a very "eventful" day - the highligt being a walk with our dogs.
Apart from that I have watched a very interesting (and depressing) documentary on life behind the wall in Berlin in the sixties. It was interesting for me to see quite a few scenes from Berlin which we visited few years ago. It was easy to spot the difference between Berlin then and Berlin today, and it made me keen on another visit to the German capital.

Saturday 2nd December 2006:
Today I read in a newspaper about an elderly Portugese gentleman who somehow managed to drive his car down The Metro in Oporto. He was spotted by surveillance cameras when he "sailed" through a station. "I wasn't aware that I was in the underground," he later claimed.
I expect that his driving license is in danger.

Friday 1st December 2006:
At 6.20 this morning I was listening to our local radio and was rather pleased to hear that Danish employees are more satisfied with their jobs than employees in any other nation in the world. Mexcico came second.
It appears that 3 out of 4 Danes are happy, very happy, or even extremely happy about their jobs. It was, however, surprising to me that not very many said that this contentment was due to their bosses. Obviously other "circumstances" play a bigger role.

Thursday 30th November 2006:
Today I saw some interesting news on a website belonging to one of our TV-channels (TV2).
"GE Money" have for some time worked on a survey of women's shopping.
The result is quite interesting: Per year an average woman (18-81 years old) spends 96 hours on buying daily needs for her home + 17 hours on buying products for personal hygiene.
36 hours are spent on buying gifts for friends and family, while 168 hours are needed for shoes, clothes, etc.
Besides she will spend 36 hours on window-shopping.
All in all 353 hours (14,3 days) per year.
It is unknown how many hours an average man spends on shopping, but earlier studies have shown that they spend as much money as women.

Wednesday 29th November 2006:
I shall make no apology for being a keen cyclist. And neither do I want to make any excuses for counting every mile I ride. I have in fact made a special file on my computer so that at any time I can tell how many miles I have ridden and how many miles I still have to do to reach my year's target, which is 1865 miles (3000 km.). Just now I only need to ride 128 miles (206 km.) to be home and dry.
I think I shall make it before 31st December.

Tuesday 28th November 2006:
Unfortunately it was impossible to see my website most of yesterday, and I couldn't write my diary. The reason was some technical problems on the main server.
I am very happy that all this is now over and once again I can enrich you with my profound thoughts and ideas like this one: "Women never think logically. That's why they so rarely are wrong."

Sunday 26th November 2006:
It was very nice for Else and I today to visit some very good friends whom we haven't seen for too long time, and we are a bit ashamed of it. They are such nice people and we all must remember to visit our friends as often as we can. The older you get the more important it is.

Saturday 25th November 2006:
Today we have celebrated our daughter's mother-in-law's 60th birthday. It was a very successful party with plenty to eat and drink, and we met some very nice people who happened to know some of our very good friends from our retriever-team. That was very interesting since we easily agreed that these friends are a very nice couple whom we all appreciate very much.
Sometimes you feel that it is a small world, we live in.

Friday 24th November 2006:
Today's bikeride took me to the big public beach south of Aarhus. It was a ride of 32 miles.
this is how empty the beach at moesgaard can be. but come again next summer, and it will be totally crowded.
As you can see there was plenty of room for a quick swim and for spreading out your blankets for sunbathing.
I didn't do etiher.

Thursday 23rd November 2006:
On our way to Silkeborg today we couldn't help noticing an elderly man walking on the shoulder of the motorway with his walker. Of course this was extremely dangerous, and it was rather bizarre to watch it. Unfortunately we were unable to help him since we were going in the opposite direction. I certainly hope that somebody stopped and picked him up.

Wednesday 22nd November 2006:
"Women have many faults, men have only two: all they say and all they do."
Not very flattering to us men to say so indicating that we are no good, and I bet it was a woman who said it but only I do not know whom it was.
But I know that there is one thing that I can do better than anybody else: I can read my own handwriting.

Tuesday 21st November 2006:
Today I have talked to quite a few of my cousins to inform them of my sister's death.
Apart from the fact that I had to tell about a sad event it was nice to talk to a lot of family members whom you don't talk to every day.
We are planning a "family get together" next summer - it has been "on its way" since last summer, and I am looking forward to it.

Monday 20th November 2006:
Today I have been at a police station - not to report anything and not because I am accused of any crime. I went there to have a new driving license. I had my old one stolen in Prague a couple of months ago.
The police station at Hornslet is the smallest police station I have ever seen since it is in a private house not very much bigger than ours.
I met a very nice and relaxed policeman who is the only policeman in the village, and he very quickly filled in the necessary papers and even had time for a chat. What a difference from the main police station in Aarhus where you would have to queue for about 2 hours and be absolutely sure that they would want some extra papers that I probably hadn't brought which again would cost me an extra 2 hours.
Small is good!

Sunday 19th November 2006:
For several reasons I like listening to the news on the radio. The two main reasons are as follows: 1) I like to be well informed, 2) The disc jockey has to keep quiet for a period. What some of them can make themselves say is horrendous.

Saturday 18th November 2006:
Today is my 66th birthday and this morning I got some wonderful presents from grandchildren and their parents. I have celebrated with my 3 grandchildren who are staying with us for some days.
Not a bad way to celebrate your birthday - eh?

Friday 17th November 2006:
Not all news at my diary can be good news. I am sorry to tell that today's news is bad news. Unfortunately my sister died this afternoon at the hospital in Silkeborg. We are all very sorry.

Thursday 16th November 2006:
Sorry, but since I have been away since early this morning and haven't returned till now (10 p.m.) I haven't had the time to write my diary.
I'll be back soon - hopefully tomorrow.

Wednesday 15th November 2006:
I have eaten very little today - haven't had time for it. But fortunately Else has just called that tea is ready and I do feel a bit peckish. But I must remember to stop eating before I am full up. I really must remember - if I can. My memory isn't what it used to be.

Tuesday 14th November 2006:
I really had to persuade myself to step on my scales today. I more or less closed my eyes and dared not look at the digits. I am not going to reveal my weight - and then again - what the h...
It was 112,9 kilos which equals 17,7 stone. I know it is too much and I am trying to improve on it.

Monday 13th November 2006:
One of the big issues in today's news in our country is that cocain has been traced on quite a few toilets within the Danish parliament - toilets used by the honoured members. Theoretically the cocain could come from a lot of people since both employees and visitors also use the toilets in question. But some people in the public now seem to understand better why some members of parliament sometimes are rather difficult to understand.

Sunday 12th November 2006:
After yesterday's great events I have enjoyed a very lazy Sunday. The only challenge has been training my young dog, Sydney. And since he was better than I thought he would be I must consider today a successful day.
Besides I have eaten and watched some TV - a film and some football. It all seemed too much and that must be why I dozed off for half an hour or so.
I sometimes enjoy lazy autumn afternoons.

Saturday 11th November 2006:
Today was the official inauguration of my workshop. Quite a few friends, neighbours, and family were present to make it a day to remember for me.
After my welcome they all stood silently listening to my moving speech in which I thanked everybody who has contributed to the creation of this marvellous workshop before I cut the red ribbon and declared the workshop officially opened followed by 4 cheers.
After this solemn ceremony we all met inside and had canapés on cocktail sticks with redwine, whitewine, and beer. 
To me it was obvious that all my guests were impressed by what they saw and heard.
Just a few pictures to give you an idea of what went on:
before ribbon was cutmy speech before officially opening the workshop. you can just see the scissors on the pillow.

There are more pictures on "Dagbog" (My diary). Just click here.

Friday 10th November 2006:
I went 32 miles on my bike today. Lovely ride. Same old purpose as yesterday - loose weight. BUT today is Martinmas Eve and traditionally this means a lot to eat with goose or duck as the main course. I love it, but I have to restrain myself and only eat half of what I want to. That is normally more than enough anyway.

Thursday 9th November 2006:
For the first time for nearly a month I was on my bike today. I went 21 miles - not a lot. In spite of a bit of chill in the air and also a bit of moist I enjoyed it very much.
As I told you yesterday I really need the exercise. I must "drop" some kilos and biking is the best way I know.

Wednesday 8th November 2006:
I don't know about you - but I am getting too fat.
I know that I eat much too much and I really try to resist it - but no success. If I could only have a cigarette I could stop eating at once and perhaps even die from starvation (or something worse).
But I am not going to do it. I do not wish to starve myself to death. But I do wish that I could eat a little less than I do now and loose 15-20 kilos.
Part of my problem is that I cannot persuade myself to go on a bike ride in the sort of weather we are having just now. As soon as it improves I shall be on my bike.

Tuesday 7th November 2006:
Today is day 1 since I let go of my book. It is a very strange feeling that I shall no longer write and rewrite till late in the night.
I think of my book as my child who is now completely on its own in a rough world. I can no longer nurse and care about it. Others have to do that from now on.
Be kind to my child!

Monday 6th November 2006:
Another great day. Two major projects completely finished.
1) My book with all pictures etc. sent to publisher who unfortunately could not give me an exact day of publishing.
2) My workshop finished. See pictures with English texts on page "Foto/Mit fotoarkiv". Just click here.

Sunday 5th November 2006:
I am very happy to tell that today I have written the last words on my book, "My Life Story". Pictures selected and subtitles written. Tomorrow I shall contact my publisher and ask him to "go ahead".
Boy, I am excited.
Saturday 4th November 2006:
I have been retrieving today - and I have had a very hard day. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I do not remember when I last was as tired as I am right now.
The reason is primarily that I have walked a lot but also that I slept only 3-4 hours last night and that I had an even harder day yesterday working at home on clearing up after having finished my workshop.
So I do not blame myself that I feel totally exhausted just now.

Friday 3rd November 2006:
My workshop is now nearly finished. All I need is a bit of painting on the floor and on a couple of shelves. Fortunately I do not have to do this myself since my son had promised to do it. He can be here any minute.
When the painting is dry I shall sit out there for a couple of hours just enjoying that I came through with all my ten fingers intact and that I do not have to work on it any more.

Thursday 2nd November 2006:
Since my own football club gives me nothing but annoyance and disappointment I must rejoice on FCK beating Man United 1-0 last night in CL. I watched the game on TV and it was not a very good one. But FCK were the better team on the day and it was a well-deserved victory.
Just four words on my club, AGF: Rubbish. Promotion: No way!

Wednesday 1st November 2006:
Would you believe it? Today we had our first blizzard - on 1st of November. I had to look twice when I got up this morning and saw all the whiteness outside. And then it started snowing again. Just now it is 4.30 p.m. and it is still snowing. The weatherman said that it would clear up by midday!!!! He is just as good as he always was.
from our sitting room window, snow on november 1st. it is too much - and hard to believe.
We may be in for a loooooooong winter!!!!

Tuesday 31st October 2006:
News on my book "My Life Story": A week ago I had a meeting with the people who are going to publish it and I am now getting everything ready before the final meeting after which they will start printing. Just now I am working hard on selecting pictures for the book. It is all very exciting, and I hope that the book will be out before Christmas.

Monday 30th October 2006:
I sometimes wonder why not everybody agrees with me in a discussion. I know that I am right and people ought to get used to that idea. I am, however, willing to admit that I am not always right, but I am never wrong.
This is what I thought of today when I toiled in my garden in pouring rain. It is strange how rain affects your thoughts.

Sunday 29th October 2006:
I was very tired when I went to bed last night. I set my alarmclock and completely forgot to change from summertime to wintertime which meant that I was awoken at 5.45 a.m. instead of 6.45. I was so annoyed about that that I could not fall asleep again.
Apart from that I have had a smashing day in good company with 12 other retriever people.

Saturday 28th October 2006:
I have been away retrieving today - the whole day from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. So I am very very tired. I feel that I have walked 100 miles which I haven't. But it is close. My young dog Sidney has enjoyed himself just as much as I have and we are off again tomorrow morning for another day's retrieving. Aren't we lucky?

Friday 27th October 2006:
Why is it that some people just cannot help bullying on the roads? I met one today who insisted on me changing from outer to inner lane because he wanted to overtake.
I could not change lanes for two reasons: a) The inner lane was packed with traffic and b) I had to make a turn from the outer lane only a few hundred meters away.
He was a right bully who should have been over the knee.

Thursday 26th October 2006:
Today to the great enjoyment of our neighbours - I am nearly sure - I practised playing my bugle. I must admit that bugles mainly are meant for outdoor activities, but I am sure that our neighbours appreciated that I did not go out to play in our garden.
The reason for my practising the bugle is that on Saturday and Sunday Peter and I are going to play and retrieve on a pheasant shoot. We are both looking forward to the weekend.

Wednesday 25th October 2006:
What a super day it has been. It has been confirmed that my book ("My Life Story") can be published. I do not know exactly when but a rough estimate says just before Christmas. I am going to take part in some of the preliminary work which I find very exciting.
I nearly cannot wait.

Tuesday 24th October 2006:
I am not going to bore you with my new workshop because I only did very little out there today. And I am not going to bore you with some computer problems that I had and only had solved after several frustrating phone calls to my telephone company.
As a whole I shall try not to bore you at all because it is not polite. I still recommend that we have an 11th commandment introduced saying: "Thou shalt not bore thy neighbour".

Monday 23rd October 2006:
To continue yesterday's quotation I have to admit that age does affect my memory. This afternoon I had to go to our local DIY to pick up 5 differerent items for my new workshop.
No less than twice did I forget one of the 5 objects. That meant 3 trips to the shop in less than 4 hours. Even if it is a big place with a lot of customers one of the shop assistants had noticed me all 3 times and came up and asked if I needed a bed so that I could stay overnight and be ready right on opening time tomorrow. Very funny!!!!

Sunday 22nd October 2006:
"I think that people of my age seem older than I," said Maurice Chapelan, a French writer (1906-1992). I couldn't agree more since I have exactly the same understanding. I just cannot help it. But it may be a bit conceited.
However I always comfort myself by thinking that age is not important unless you are a cheese.

Saturday 21st October 2006:
Having worked all day at my new workshop, most of the time crawling around on the floor putting up a working table and a shelf underneath it I do feel a bit worn out. It is not for 65-year-old  to do such things. I should sit in my comfortable armchair drinking a glass of redwine and letting the whole world take advantage of all the good advice that I can give. Especially my own children and in-laws could benefit from it.
But strangely enough it is the exactly other way round  All the time they want to give me their good advice.

Monday 16th October - Friday 20th Octobewr 2006:
Been away in our caravan at a place called Henne Strand right on the beach at the south western part of Jutland.
As you may know staying in a caravan can be rather a primitive experience. For example our TV-set is only 17" and there is no micro oven.
But you must try and live rough now and then.

Sunday 15th October 2006:
Our weather is unbelieveable these days. I do not remember when we last had such a beautiful October. We have blue skies and sunshine the whole day. Temperatures betweeen 16 and 18 degrees centigrades. All my harsh words to our meteorologists last spring and early summer seem to have helped since they now provide us with some absolutely fantastic days.
Thank you very much, mets. Keep it up!

Saturday 14th October 2006:
I went for a ride on my bike today - after having painted for a couple of hours. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed that part of the ride very much. But I did not feel very well at all. Not that I was sick in any way. I just felt tired nearly from the start of the ride which was no more than 31 miles in all. My muscles and especially my legs hurt and so did my arms. Obviously I have done too little riding for a period and much more obviously I have worked too hard on my little workshop. Today I payed the price for both.

Friday 13th October 2006:
Number 13 is considered an unlucky number all over the world. I do not know about other countries, but in ours it is considered extra bad luck when the 13th in a month is also a Friday - like today. You have to be very careful on such a day.
Fortunately today has not been bad luck to me - perhaps even the opposite since I had a lot of work done - especially on my new workshop -  and it all went very well. I did not fall down from anything and I did not hurt my fingers with my hammer. A good day, indeed!

Thursday 12th October 2006:
Mowing my lawn and working on my new workshop may not be my favourite pastimes, but of course I accept both - I have to.
But training my dogs is "top". I love working with them watching the enormous joy they get from running around in very rough terrain searching for skin dummies with a round stick in the middle.
So after having mowed my lawn and painted my workshop for the first time I had my day saved by training my dogs. How they loved it - and so did I.
If you want to see how my workshop is progressing see picture series at "Mit fotoarkiv" or click here.

Wednesday 11th October 2006:
Every time I am "forced" to go into one of the big supermarkets I cannot help noticing how many people are there. I think it is always crowded to capacity. And customers buy so much food and so many clothes that it makes me think that today must be the very last day that any shop in the whole world is opened.
Today I accompanied Else to Bilka (a big and horrible supermarket/superstore just outside central Aarhus). She went there to have a cardigan returned. She bought it yesterday and did not like it after all.
I watched people coming out from the supermarket with trolleys so loaded with stuff that I wondered whether they had a lorry waiting to bring it all home. And today is just an ordinary Wednesday far away from Christmas or other special occasions. We are even 3 days from the next weekend. People seem to go absolutely berserk in Bilka.
We went away with a clockradio and 5 DVDs.

Tuesday 10th October 2006:
Sometimes I really wish that I lived in England. There are many very good reasons for that wish and they change from time to time. In summer it is quite often cricket that I think of.
But just now it is the pubs that make me wish I were there. The evenings are getting longer and darker, and that really makes me enjoy going to a pub having a beer in good company.
It is such a shame that we do not have that "institution" in our country.

Monday 9th October 2006:
On 13th September I started reading a very good book "The Last Kingdom" (see note from that day in my diary). I am nearly through with it and it has been good reading. I have taken quite a long time to read it but that is only due to the fact that it is quite a big book but also that I have been rather tired and sleepy in the evenings. But I have enjoyed reading it.
My next book to read may also be very interesting. I got it from our English friends who visited us a week ago. The book is titled "London" written by Edward Rutherford. It is an epic novel on London through 16 centuries from the days of the Romans and up till today "describing a colourful cast of charcters".
"The last Kingdom" is 400 pages. "London" is 1302 pages. So if I keep on being sleepy and tired in the evenings I shall finish reading it some time around Christmas 2007.

Sunday 8th October 2006:
What might have been a quiet Sunday with my legs up, drinking my tea and watching a bit of TV became a hard and energy demanding day. I have worked all day on my new workshop, insulating, putting up new walls etc.
Else has decided that I need a workshop. I am a bit suspicious, though, that she thinks more of the fact that having made a workshop all my tools might disappear from our utility room and be placed in the new workshop. She more than anything wants our utility room for herself.
I started on the job last Friday and the solemn inauguration is not just around the corner. Things take time. Especially when I am the carpenter.

Saturday 7th October 2006:
Today we are visited by two of our grandchildren, Katrine and Kristian. We always love having them and we hope they enjoy being here.
They are staying overnight and will go home tomorrow. And I know from experience that it will be quiet when they have gone home even if they are not noisy at all.

Friday 6th October 2006:
I had to take my trusty old car to the mechanics today. One of the headlights had loosened and was to be replaced with a new one. I have never before heard of a loose headlamp. But now I have. I told the man to go easy on the price and he promised me to do just that. So I had a minor chock when he told me that it would cost somewhere around £250.
No wonder he drives a very big car himself.

Thursday 5th October 2006:
Sitting at the dentist's waiting room today I happened to read an article on consequenses of having teeth pulled out. Obviously a Norwegians-Swedish research has proved that the less teeth you have left the worse your memory is.
In my whole life I have only had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out so my bad memory must be due to other reasons.
By the way my dentist was quite pleased with my teeth and had no intentions of pulling any of them. He may have feared that I might forget to pay the bill.

Wednesday 4th October 2006:
Growing old: First you forget names, then faces. Next you forget to zip your trousers - and then you forget to unzip them.
Who said that it is easy to get old ? Not me !
"Getting old is like being accused of a crime you never comitted." (Anthony Powell)

Tuesday 3rd October 2006:
For me today is an important day. It is the day when I finished writing my book about myself, "My Life Story".
All I need to do now is to take it to the bookprinter and find out if I can afford to have it printed. I certainly hope so and I am looking very much forward to handing it to my family and nearest friends to read.

Monday 2nd October 2006:
In my active days at my former school I frequently had to make speaches at various occasions. And I always enjoyed it. It could be anniversaries, birthdays, or farewell receptions. Of course this is not so any more. But I was very happy that since a very kind colleague had his last day I was kindly asked to make a speach for him. And I more than gladly did. I have known him for 33 years. He is such a nice and a very competent teacher so it was not at all difficult to speak to him.
He was sorry to leave and the school was even more sorry to loose him. That is how good he is. I hope he will enjoy his retirement.
Tonight we shall also have to say goodbye to some other people. Our English friends are leaving. They have been here for a week. It has been very nice having them. We have plans to meet in 2008 since it is our 50 years' anniversary since we met.

Sunday 1st October 2006:
My former football team AGF lost again today, 1-2 on home soil.
My respect for the players and the coach has hit the bottom and I shall not go and watch them again until they have won at least 3-4 games in succession - and then only perhaps.
I am fed up with them!

Saturday 30th September 2006:
Due to the fact that we are being visited by our very good and old friends from England I have not thought very much of tomorrow's football game against number one in 1st division. But suddenly it strikes me that it is a very important game that we must win.
I am rather nervous but hope that there is no reason for that.

Friday 29th September 2006:
"My wife has had her creditcard stolen."
"How awful".
"Not quite. The thief spends less money than she does."
My wife, Else, hasn't had her creditcard stolen but sometimes I wish she had.

Thursday 28th September 2006:
keen shoppers always smile!!! central aarhus is being rebuilt - the river made visible. good idea!Shopping for nearly 5 hours in central Aarhus is tough. But nothing can stop our good friends from UK. They really have the stamina to go on and on. I am not nearly as strong and now and then do need a bench or anything else that one can sit on.
Today waiting outside a shop while the three on the picture were inside I happened to meet another tired man who was waiting for his wife. We talked and had a long conversation on the employment problems - too little people for too many jobs. It was not like that when we were young, we agreed. Where have I heard that before ? Perhaps from my parents when I was young.

Wednesday 27th September 2006:
Today our English friends and we visited my brother's lighthouse at the very southern tip of Mols. else, may, and len at the lighthouse.The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed looking at the sea and the boats. It is so nice there.
Unfortunately my brother has some problems with the authorities about living at the lighthouse. Just now things look a bit gloomy, but perhaps it can be settled so that they can spend their holidays there. That was why they bought it and by that time nobody told them that this could be illegal.
I hope the best for them.

Tuesday 26th September 2006:
Today Else and I went to Silkeborg with our English friends to revisit places that they have known since 1958. It was a pleasure to show them round and listen to the many exclamations, "Do you remember the last time we were here and........."
They remembered most of it and afterwards said that they had enjoyed it greatly.
We have just agreed that tomorrow it will be Mols and Ebeltoft.

Monday 25th September 2006:
At about 11 a.m. our very good friends from England landed at Aarhus Airport. We were so excited to welcome them that the delay of nearly one hour was nearly unbearable. But finally they came out. We are now looking forward to their stay and we shall take them to most of the places that they used to visit in the past. It will be a trip down "Memory Lane", and I hope they will enjoy it.

Sunday 24th September 2006:
As feared we lost 2-1 today. Pathetic. Where is the stamina ? Where is the will ? Where is the "killer instinct" ? Where are the players ?
Never mind. In a few hours I shall meet Else at the airport coming home from London.

Saturday 23rd September 2006:
I am a bit apprehensive about tomorrow's game. Of course we ought to win even if it is one of the top-five we are going to play against and even if it is an away game. But 4 back to back victories (including one cup-game) is more than we have experienced for more than 10 years. And I just feel that it cannot go on. I shall be "all nerves" tomorrow afternooon.

Friday 22nd September 2006:
Else texted me from London today asking me what cricket-DVD it was that I wanted her to buy for me. How could she forget it ? I immediately texted her back that by all means she should buy "Pakistan v. England" from this summer and "Sri Lanka v England" as well. I am looking very much forward to seeing them when she comes home. But I am also looking forward to seeing her. She will be back Sunday night.

Thursday 21st September 2006:
This morning I kissed Else good-bye at Aarhus Airport and she is now in London. I really hope she is enjoying it.
Being on my own I have the opportunity of doing whatever I like whenever I like. So today I have worked on my book, trained my dogs, and been on quite a long ride on my bike - 35 miles. All of them my favourite pastimes.
It is nice to be able to do what you like to do. But nevertheless I miss her already.

Wednesday 20th September 2006:
A very busy day has nearly come to its end. We have been preparing Else's trip to London (washing, ironing, packing etc.) and at the same time making ready for our English friends who will arrive on Monday - the day after Else's return. Everything seems to be "ship shape" now.  Else can look forward to her tour of London and we can both look forward to having our friends for a week right after that. It will be great.
I can now look forward to 4 days on my own. I intend to do a lot of writing on my book and training my dog.

Tuesday 19th September 2006:
At gun point I was forced to clean our car. I hate it, but Else was not prepared to discuss it so I did what "She Who Must Be Obeyed" told me to.
It wasn't all that bad since she helped me. She is a good woman after all. And she is also a lucky woman because she is going to London on Thursday.

Monday 18th September 2006:
These days Else and I are preparing two coming and exciting events:
1) On Thursday Else and our daughter Annette plus 3 other "birds" are going to London for 4 days. Power-shopping is the main point, but there may also be time for a few traditional visits - The London Eye, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, etc. They will come back on Sunday.
2) The day after Else's return we shall be visitted by our very old and good friends from England, May & Len.
We have known them since 1958 so in two yearswe are talking about 50 years' friendship. Not bad. Else and I are looking very much forward to once again having them with us. They will be here for a week and we shall "travel" a lot down "Memory Lane" and visit places that we went to years ago. Plus of course some new ones.

Sunday 17th September 2006:
Third victory in succession. Hasn't happened for the last 10 years or so. 2 - 0 in our local derby. Mind you - the opposition are deep down in the tables. But we won - comprehensively. And that is important.
I wasn't there. I preferred to retrieve a duck shoot with my young dog Sydney. He enjoyed it a lot . And also I had a terrific day in beautiful weather.

Saturday 16th September 2006:
Today has been a special day. Else and I met with my very first class that I taught from 1964 to 1966. 'mySo it was their 40th graduation anniversary.

It was not only very interesting and amusing to meet my "children" once again - it was also a bit touching.
We also met at their 10th and 25th anniversary and we agreed to meet again in 5 years.
They are a wonderful group of "kids".

Friday 15th September 2006:
Going home from a talk with a doctor at the hospital Else and I could feel very happy. The result of a heart scan about two weeks ago showed significant improvement. It was in fact normal. We both had difficulties hiding our joy.
Next step is a reduction of pills which will start right after Else's trip to London next week.

Thursday 14th September 2006:
Would you believe it ?
Last night our footballteam won 4-1 in Copenhagen. That makes it two back to back victories - and both 4-1. It is the first time for years that we won two games in succession. What happens ?
I am now looking forward to hearing the result of coming Sunday's game. It is a home game but I cannot be there since I prefer to go retrieving on a duck shoot.

Wednesday 13th September 2006:
These days I am reading a book on Danish vikings and their robbing and murdering in England 1200 years ago. The writer is Bernard Cornwell and the book is titled "The Last Kingdom".
It is a very exciting book but I must admit that we Danes are not desribed as being kind and understanding. It is a very interesting book because an English boy and man, Uhtred, who lives with the Danes for some time after his father was murdered by them, tells the story. He is not quite sure where his loyalty is but after a brutal slaughter one winter morning he joins the English side again. Read it when you see it.

Tuesday 12th September 2006:
Today I had the most wonderful day retrieving on a duck shoot. The weather was marvellous and we all enjoyed it.
Also I was pleased to see that my young dog Sydney did quite well. He may not be a genious but he is a good dog willing to learn even if he fails now and then.
Next shoot is on Sunday and I am already looking forward to it.
I am a bit tired now since I also found time to mow my lawn right after I came home. So I feel that I deserve to have my feet up in front of the telly watching "The Tour of Spain".

Monday 11th September 2006:
From now on regular updates can be seen on my website. My new computer is more or less OK. So am I - although a bit shaken after having been the victim of a pickpocket i Prague last Friday. He took my wallet with all its contents. All my credit cards, driver's license, sick insurance and so on plus 50-60 pounds in cash were lost.
It is a bit traumatic to have your belongings stolen "off your body" so to speak.
Now I have to spend a lot of time on getting new cards - and it is quite expensive. I hope that my insurance will cover it.
Otherwise it was a fantastic tour to an exciting city.

Monday 4th September 2006:
Today I received my new computer. I hoped that I could have it installed right away but that was not to be. It is a bit more complicated than I thought. I need help from my friends.
So I am afraid that another 8-10 days will pass till I can update my website on a regular basis. So be patient.
I am still working "far from home".

Friday 1st September 2006:
I still update my website "far from home". I won't get my new computer till some time next week.
But now sitting next to a computer the opportunity is there and I must admit that I am dying to tell about a new record set yesterday on my trusty bike. 68,9 miles I rode. I was nearly in Silkeborg and back. Never before did I ride as far as that. Strong headwind out and a blessed backwind home. I really enjoyed it although I was a bit tired and stiff when I got back. Fortunately I am perfectly alright today.
You may also be interested to hear that Else had her heart scanned yesterday and it was absolutely perfect.

Wednesday 30th August 2006:
Alas, my new computer is delayed. So I shall still be a bit unstabil in updating my website. I shall do it whenever I am in the vicinity of a computer that I can borrow.
On Saturday Peter and I are going retrieving for the first time this season. It is very exciting especially since Peter's new dog Buffy is going on her very first shoot.

Monday 28th August 2006:
Sorry, still no new computer. So unstabil updates for the next 4-5 days, I think.
Unfortunately my football club is even more unstabil. Defeat again on homesoil to one of the clubs deep down on the tables.
Where can I cry ????

Saturday 26th August 2006:
I am sorry that I have been unable to update my website since Wednesday. The reason is that my old computer got very ill and died last Thursday. There will be a short memorial in a few days when it is buried in holy ground in our garden.
I have bought a new one but it will not be installed till some time next week. Till then I am dependent on my nice family who generously will lend me their computer when I visit them. Just now we are celebrating Kristian's and Cecilie's birthdays and I have been allowed to leave the party for a moment and write this.

Wednesday 23rd August 2006:
Mowing my lawn often gives me an opportunity to think of more important matters. Today - while pushing the stupid mower around - I thought of humour in its widest sense.
Humour can be considered a shield or a weapon. I prefer the latter but perhaps sometimes tend to use it as the former.
A well-known Danish writer Ivan Malinovsky once said, "Humour is a weapon, a kind of teargas, only cheaper"
Well spoken, I think.

Tuesday 22nd August 2006:
To me it is still some kind of a special thrill when I jump on my bike and go out to buy tickets for the coming Sunday's game. I know that the team has done pretty badly and really they are bad but I keep hoping for the miracle.
Today I did feel good about it all. I had a nice ride (32 miles) and I feel confident that we shall win.

Monday 21st August 2006:
To my immense astonishment I have just seen and heard (it is 1 p.m. your time) on Sky News that the 4th and final test at The Oval has been forfeited and England given the victory over Pakistan. I do not know if this is the first time a test match ended like that but I at least have never heard of it before.
I certainly hope that there is evidence enough for the umpire to penalize Pakistan for tampering with the ball. There must be video shots that can either prove or disprove such actions.
I agree with Nasser Hussain who said that an umpire can say that he believes that somebody is out l.b.w. or caught behind and that is the end of that. But an umpire cannot say that he believes that somebody has tried to cheat. There must be rock solid evidence for that.
On the other hand it was not too clever that Pakistan did not take the field after tea. They probably should have made their protest in another way. But I do have some understanding for them if they are absolutely sure that they have done nothing wrong. It is after all rather serious to be accused of cheating if you haven't done it.
I shall be looking forward to the next chapter of this thrilling "episode".

Sunday 20th August 2006:
I do not know how to tell this: Another humiliating result by my football team. A draw (2-2) after being 2-0 down against a newly promoted village team. I am getting more and more convinced that my prediction of no promotion this season becomes correct.
I am so disappointed about today's result. One thing is not being promoted. Another is loosing to little unimpressive teams like today's. Where can I cry ?

Saturday 19th August 2006:
Since I have not been able to update my website for the last 10 days due to practical reasons it has been interesting to me that I in fact have "missed" it. Some people have been kind enough to say that they also "missed" it.
But now I am back and in good shape ready to carry on bringing you the latest news of the world and myself.
I must repeat: I simply do not know how the world has gone on before I opened this website.

Wednesday 9th August 2006:
I was very impressed and pleased about England beating Pakistan at Headingly by more than 160 runs. Obviously the team has improved a lot since I saw them at Trent Bridge in June loosing to Sri Lanka. And perhaps Strauss is a better skipper than Fred Flinthof.
Well done, England. I only wish that I could have been there watching it. I would have loved it.

Tuesday 8th August 2006:
I tested myself today and failed. On my bikeride back from Ebeltoft I chose a detour which meant that I had to climb some very steep hills. I had to get off and walk for about 200 yards. How humiliating. With difficulty I managed to climb the next steep hill and only a change of drugs from Mars to Snickers secured that I got back home.
I must remember to write to Floyd Landis and tell him of the blessings of Snickers so that he can skip his testosterone. I am sure he will appreciate my advice - just a shame that it is too late for this season. He must remember it when his ban is lifted in 2-4 years.

Monday 7th August 2006:
As expected the press is very harsh with our football club after yesterday's more than awful performance. And the team deserves every word of it. A couple of players promise ("cross my heart - and hope to die") that it will never happen again that they will play as badly as they did. I certainly hope not. If so I shall have a word with them. And that I am sure will teach them.

Sunday 6th August 2006:
I am wordless. We lost 2-3 to a team that has just come up from 2nd division. It was pathetic and the equivalent is that Luxemburg beats Brazil. It is the worst result our club has ever made. They have played badly before and very often worse than today. But they have never humiliated themselves as mush as this.
Best thing I can say is that today we could recognize the team which we couldn't last time when they won 4-1.

Saturday 5th August 2006:
I need today to be a very quiet day. Last night we went to a house warming party and the house was not properly "warmed up" till after 3 o'clock in the morning and at 3.30 I was in bed sleepless most of the time because of the heat. And by then all the white wine, red wine, and all the brandy that I had consumed did me no good.
So today is and should be my rest day.
I have worked a bit, though. I have finished planning all the shoots at the estate where we help retrieving. I am already looking forward to our first shooting day, 2nd September.

Friday 4th August 2006:
Just heard on Sky News that England after a fairly good start suddenly are 74-2 against Pakistan. Not convincing but they may recover.
Before watching the the two wickets falling I read on Text-TV that "...Tresco's railway sleeper hits two Gul long-hops for four".
I know who "Tresco" is (Trescothick), I know that Gul is the Pak. bowler and I know what a long hop is. But what is a "railway sleeper" ? Could it be a shot (pull/hook) over your head ? Or is it a nickname for his bat ? Or is it simply a slow shot ?
Please enlighten me !

Thursday 3rd August 2006:
I cannot deny that I am getting a bit old. I am still quite fit but stiffness in limbs and muscles has more or less become an everyday event.
But for some reason I feel that the older I get the wiser I am. It is probably wrong for as Ernest Hemingway once said, "That old people should be wise is a major mistake. They do not become any wiser, they become more careful."
Maurice Chapelan once said, "Getting older is easy: You don't have so many options as you used to have."
I don't mind getting older - especially not if I think of the alternative.

Wednesday 2nd August 2006:
Today our local newspaper tells us about a strange kind of "sport" that can be seen in an English fishing town - no name mentioned.
Obviously the idea is that one team beats another team with an eel tied to a thin rope. The eels are quite big - up to 60 kilos. The "sport" is described as an old tradition and as "the funniest thing you can do with a dead fish".
Sensible people have objected to this sport and it seems that it is now stopped.

Tuesday 1st August 2006:
This morning I set off on my bike aiming at AGF's training grounds some 15 miles away in southern Aarhus. And whom did I see there ? Nobody - absolutely none.
I have no idea where everybody was. And there is a match again on Sunday (have already picked up the tickets). At least I do not hope that last Sunday's success has made them take the whole week off. But you never know.
In despair I went further on my bike and had completed just under 40 miles when I came home.

Monday 31st July 2006:
We have had such a busy day. If only you could read a bit of Danish you could find out about it in my Danish Diary. Test yourselves on it. There are 13 items.
But my day has not been busy enough to keep me away from several newspapers and their reports on the football game yesterday. How nice it is to read something positive about our club.

Sunday 30th July 2006:
YES, we did it. An emphatic win of 4-1 over Kolding sent us singing out of the ground. We were miles better than the opposition.
We shall be back on Sunday.

Saturday 29th July 2006:
Today I tried to settle my nerves for tomorrow's opening game in 1st division by riding 45 miles on my bike. I was not very successful. Mind you I didn't think much about it when riding because it was so beautiful, but now that I have come home I am a bit apprehensive. I know inside that we shall not be promoted this year but it would be nice with a win. We haven't tried that for a long time. Last night we lost 0-3 to Barcelona and when you can't beat them things do look a bit sinister, don't they.

Friday 28th July 2006:
what long awaited rain can make you do!Eventually after a month of very hot and dry weather we got the rain. I woke up to the blessed sound of rain on the roof of our garage. I jumped out of bed and straight out into the rain only dressed in my pyjamas trousers. It had been a very hot night so I enjoyed the cooling rain. I spent quite a long time out there.
Unfortunately my wife is a bit of a paparazzi so she ran after me with the camera ready.
There is another picture in my Danish Diary. Have a look. Click here.

Thursday 27th July 2006:
What has the world come to ?
Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised but rumours today have more than indicated that the winner of this year's Tour de France Floyd Landis was on some kind of drugs when he won his big stage in the Alps. I thought it when I watched it and I mentioned it to friends afterwards. If it is true he may have started digging the grave of "Le Tour" and we were all cheated once again.
I want to assure you that on yesterday's tough ride to the lighthouse all I took were 2 Mars bars and as far as I know they are fully legal. Besides I drank about 5 liters of pure water with nothing funny in it.

Wednesday 26th July 2006:
Today I made a very long and warm ride on my bike. It was 60 miles and went to my brother's new summer house - a lighthouse not too far from Ebeltoft.
The weather was perfect although a bit warm and I enjoyed the ride and the beautiful surroundings at the lighthouse.
Have a look for yourself:
beautiful, isn't is? if you look carefully you might see my bike at the end of the little grey house.

Tuesday 25th July 2006:
Today we payed for our tickets to Prague. We are going there a few days in September and are looking forward to it. Neither of us have ever been there and we are told time after time that it is a very interesting city. Some friends down the road are going with us so we shall be four all in all.

Monday 24th July 2006:
Today I played tennis from 2 to 4 p.m. - the warmest hours of the day. How stupid can one be ?
I enjoyed it anyway - won one set and lost one and didn't dare to carry on in the very high temperatures. If The Lord meant me to play tennis in such a heat he would have given my skin another colour.

Sunday 23rd July 2006:
We want rain ! We want rain ! I never thought that I should wish for rain. But I do. Today it rained a bit only 1½ miles from here. Why wasn't I there ? Why don't we live there ?

Saturday 22nd July 2006:
What a disappointing end to The Tour de France. CSC not even on the podium. Sastre lost his fight against the clock - wasn't good enough.
Now the world of cycling has to face the music and get rid of all drugs. The sooner the better. I am fed up with being cheated. This year 8 of the best riders were expelled the day before the start. Embarrassing !!!

Friday 21st July 2006:
I am already nervous. Today I went on my bike to buy the first football tickets for the coming season in 1st division. Starts on 30th of July.
I do hope for a lot of wins but I predict that there will be no promotion after this season. A new team needs more than one year to become a team. So we shall have to wait two years for the next game in "The Super League".

Thursday 20th July 2006:
These days we have 4 dogs in the house since we are looking after our son's two and of course we have two ourselves - all 4 labradors. They are easy to have so it is no bother. And we love all four of them.
I once read that W.C.Fields didn't care very much for dogs. He once said, "They taste very well - with mustard." He also said, "The advantages of whisky compared with dogs are countless. Above all whisky doesn't need those regular treatments for worms."

Wednesday 19th July 2006:
A very nice day. In the morning tennis and I won which does not happen too often any more.
In the afternoon Tour de France on the telly and the only Danish rider Michael Rasmussen won the very tough mountain stage and is now in the polka dotted shirt (best in the mountains).
In the evening visit at my brother's new summer residence - a beautiful old lighthouse that he bought last winter and it is now nearly totally restored. For half an hour we watched the most fantastic and deep red sunset over the sea.
Perfect day.

Tuesday 18th July 2006:
Today was hard - it was Alp d'Huez-Day. 180 kilometers with a 13 km. steep climb in the end. I do not know how they do it - or do I ?
My old dream of attempting to climb the Alp d'Huez myself on my own bike came up again. But I must face the fact that since I am getting a bit old it will have to be within the next couple of years.

Monday 17th July 2006:
Today's plan A: Tennis against my brother. Very nice weather - good idea.
Today's plan B: Cleaning and filling the plinth of our house making it ready for fresh paint. Very high temperatures - bad idea.
Guess what: Tennis cancelled. Plan A out. Plan B in.
I hate cancelled tennisgames.

Sunday 16th July 2006:
Just now we are having a heat wave that just seems to go on and on. It has already lasted about 2 weeks. But I am not complaining. How can I after all my complaints over Danish weathermen and -women in the spring when we had a miserable weather ?
One great improvement for me is that I am getting better at "surviving" high temperatures. Perhaps that is due to my age. You must get better at something as you grow older.

Saturday 15th July 2006:
You will be pleased to know that Australian John Donaldson - father of our coming queen - has been appointed "Ambassador of Windmills". He succeeds a certain Don Quijote.

Friday 14th July 2006:
French national day, "The Bastille Day". Still celebrated a lot to remember the start of the French revolution in 1789 when the notorious prison "The Bastille" was stormed.
We once took part in such a celebration in France when by mistake we went through the main street of a town in Normandy in the opposite direction of a huge procession. Danes were not popular that day in that part of the country.

Thursday 13th July 2006:
Today I played tennis with my brother. Once again I lost. But I had to since it was the first time he played with his new racket that I gave him for his recent birthday. I would have hated to hear him criticise the racket that he got from me. He didn't. He was very pleased with it.

Wednesday 12th July 2006:
Today I went to Ebeltoft on my bike. There are quite a few tough hills (mountains) on the way over there. Perhaps not so tough as what the Tour de France riders had to endure today. But then again they obviously take more than Mars bars which are my "EPO".

Tuesday 11th July 2006:
Else has decided that it is now her turn to make a trip to London - only fair. She will go with our daughter Annette and a couple of her friends. So I must issue this warning to people in and around London: From 20th till 24th September there will be powershopping all over. Don't get in their way.

Monday 10th July 2006:
Looking back at 28th June when I wrote about epitaphs I happened to remember what W.C.Fields suggested for his own headstone: "All in all I would rather be in Philadephia."
I understand him and Philadeplhia couldn't be as bad as that..
PS: Unfortunately Italy won The World Cup. Not that they were not the better team on the day - because they were. I just do not like their way of playing football.

Sunday 9th July 2006:
I did not have time to watch the Wimbledon final. I had a bit of time to watch a bit of today's stage of The Tour de France - and fell asleep while watching. Now I hope to be able to stay awake during toninght's World Cup Final between France and Italy. But I am not quite sure. I have worked hard today since we got our firewood for the winter and it had to be stacked.
With or without my watching it I sincerely hope that France will win. I cannot stand the countless Italian attempts to fake freekicks, penalties, etc.

Saturday 8th July 2006:
After more than a week with high temperatures today is rather "chilly" - only about 25 degrees and that really is nothing. It is a bit cloudy and we have had about 145 drops of rain in our village - had in fact hoped for a lot more. Next week will be hot again. Not bad after all.

Friday 7th July 2006:
As a child not many years ago I liked to play with sand building castles, houses, and roads and tearing it all down afterwards only to build new ones. Yesterday I "played a lot with sand" and as told put down I do not know how many tiles - thousands I thought. Today I took them all up and put them down again. I had made some "minor mistakes". So now my desire to play with sand is fulfilled for the next year or more.

Thursday 6th July 2006:
Another hot day which I spent working really hard on putting down new tiles in our backgarden. I cannot say that I enjoyed it because it was tough, but it had to be done and my wife is pleased that I did it. And I like a lot to please her. She deserves it !

Wednesday 5th July 2006:
I have really looked forward to watching Le Tour. But I must say that the exclusion of the best riders - especially Ivan Basso - has made it very dull. In fact I do not care one bit who wins or looses. So I only watch it occasionally.
My tiny little hope is that the only Dane riding, Michael Rasmussen (Rabobank) will win. But even if he is a fantastic climber his chances are small since his time trials are rather poor. Should he however be among the first 5 I shall be back in my couch watching every minute.

Tuesday 4th July 2006:
Today is the American National Day, Independence Day. I did not think about it until just now when I saw the date.
Anyway you might say that I celebrated it by breaking my own record of rides on my bike. The old one was 63,39 miles. Now the new one is 65,26 miles. It was blistering hot but you do not feel that so much on the bike until you get off for a small rest or when you have come home. And then I really perspired. We are talking of gallons !!!!
I am rather proud of my new record.

Monday 3rd July 2006:
Yesterday was a long and fantastic day. My brother's 60th birthday was celebrated on one of the big boats on the river at Silkeborg. The weather was fantastic and so was the food and drink. We sailed up and down the river for 10-11 hours and were back in Silkeborg at about midnight. We went to bed at about 4 in the morning.
For that reason today has been a very quiet day - and also very hot. As far as I know there is a heat wave all over Europe. We must enjoy it as much as we can as long as it lasts. I do not intend to complain over the meteorologists just now.

Saturday 1st July 2006:
In a few hours I shall be seated in front of my trusty TV watching England beating the living daylight out of Portugal - I hope.
ready for the crucial game agaist portugal.I shall be properly dressed in my England shirt. That can only bring luck and England might need it.

Two hours after the game:
What I feared happened. England lost - on penalties. Maybe they did not deserve it - were better than the Portugese. But they were much too defensive and dared not take any risk. I am sorry to say that more or less they were rubbish in all their games. But what a shame ! I am not sure that I will bother to watch the remaining games.

Friday 30th June 2006:
I am so disappointed that Ivan Basso and Jan Ulrich are out of Tour de France because of drugs. I was naive enough to believe that at least Basso with his childish look would not fall a victim to that sort of a thing.
It will not be the same to watch The Tour this year. Stupid boys - that is if they really are guilty. They now have a chance to prove their innocence.

Thursday 29th June 2006:
An eventless day that will be remembered for the very same reason.

Wednesday 28th June 2006:
I have now reached the age when death notices in newspapers are read with special interest because unfortunately more and more names are known to me.
Today I also came to think of the various epitaphs that you can find on the headstones of the poor departed.
For example you cannot blame a rather young widow whose husband throughout his rather short life had spent too much money and too many hours at the pub that she had the folllowing put on her husband's headstone:
"Vote for prohibition".
Another drunkard was sent off with the following on her stone:
"She drank good ale, good punch and wine
and lived to the age of ninetynine."

Tuesday 27th June 2006:
Physical hard work has become part of my everyday life. I dig and shovel, take up old flags, and put down new ones. This is no fit life for man or beast. Every morning I wake up with pain in every muscle and bone only to start a new day with more hard work. Considering that I also have to be present in front of my TV watching football (World Ch.ships) and Tennis (Wimbledon) you might appreciate that I have a hard life. And I haven't even mentioned that on Saturday "Tour de France" will start and that will put another burden on my aching shoulders. When can I have some time off ? When can I have my holidays ?

Monday 26th June 2006:
Yesterday I watched most of England's game against Ecuador and I must say that once again England disappointed me very much. But as long as they keep on winning it may be difficult to critisize. Nevertheless I do. Come on, England. Wake up and play the kind of football that we all know you can. Show some "life" - be happy that you are still there and show us how football should be played. I am afraid that otherwise your first encounter with one of the major nations may end in a "tragedy".

Sunday 25th June 2006:
Our annual "Tour de Mols" now finished. A beautiful ride in fatastic weather. All five of us really enjoyed it and we are looking forward to our BBQ tonight.
May I suggest that you click here for a look at the pictures from this unique tour. You won't regret it.

Saturday 24th June 2006:
Back from 12 days at a small town called Lemvig in the north western part of Jutland I am again ready to take up the challenge of updating my website. In fact i have missed it and been looking forward to seeing it again. So here I am: ready, able and willing to give it my best try. Hope you think that I succeed.
Tomorrow I shall face another challenge. Four friends and I are going on our annual "Tour de Mols" which means a short and very social ride on our bikes - about 23 miles after having sailed across from our local harbour. The day will end with a nice barbecue. More about it tomorrow or the day after.

Sunday 11th June 2006:
Another glorious day in Denmark. I really enjoy it and our meteorologists are relaxed since my threat to have them all sacked is postponed.
Message: Due to technical reasons my website will not be updated til after 23rd June.

Saturday 10th June 2006:
Since Denmark are not in the World Cup I naturally chose to support England and I was looking very much forward to today's game against Paraguay.
It was a great disappointment to me to watch the English team playing badly and not scoring a regular goal. I know they won 1-0 and that is very important but it was an own goal. They must play better next time. Otherwise it is "On your bike" and back home to "Old Blighty".
I hope this will not happen !!!!! But I am apprehensive about it.

Friday 9th June 2006:
You may have noticed that The World Cup started today. I did and I watched the opening game - or rather most of it and I suppose that the Germans are happy.
Since Denmark is not there I am not so keen on watching except that I shall follow England very carefully with or without Rooney. 
At Nottingham I could not help noticing how keen everybody is that England shall do well and I hope they do. I fear some unrest in the streets if England are out before the semifinals.

Thursday 8th June 2006:
Today I have worked very hard. I am preparing for some very strong men to come and put down new tiles more or less all the way around our house. They have some hard days to look forward to. Glad it is not me.
Ronald Reagan once said, "Hard work is said never to have harmed anybody. But why take the chance ?"
I never agreed with him on most of what he did and said - but perhaps this once.

Wednesday 7th June 2006:
Quite a contrast to be back after 5 days with great experiences in England. But I must get used to the fact that life is more than cricket. It is a shame - but that's how it is. Mowing our lawn brought me back to reality.

Thursday 1st June - Tuesday 6th June 2006:
day 1. sri lanka batting. after a poor start they got a decent score in the end.One of the best sporting experiences in my life. 4 days of cricket at Trent Bridge. It may not have been top class performances and England did not at all live up to expectations, lost surprisingly and were perhaps humilated to a certain degreee. But I enjoyed the game very much.
Weather just perfect. I shall never forget it.

Wednesday 31st May 2006:
Today Else and I have prepared my journey to Nottingham. The preparations were as follows: We bought a new dining room table (very, very heavy) and a lamp to hang over it.
I then assembled the table and fixed the lamp. Because of that Else agrees that I am ready to go.
And I'd better be for as you may remember: Tomorrow is the day !!!
Probably there will be no updates on my website for the next 6-7 days unless I happen to come across an available computer at the hotel.

Tuesday 30th May 2006:
I am very pleased that a friend of mine has promised nice weather for my stay at Nottingham (Trent Bridge) from Friday (see "Problem Page). And I am happy that he also sent me a link www.bbc.co.uk/weather/5day.shtml?id=2815 where I can check the forecast myself.
But he will be sorry if his predictions are wrong. I know where he lives !!!!!!
I am not sure that he remembers that today there are only 2 days till my arrival at UK. But I do !
(Today has been a busy day for me and I have only just come in. It is 9.50 p.m. our time and in a few moments I shall sit in front of my TV watching England vs Hungary - football, you know. Lampard just missed a penalty - not promising).

Monday 29th May 2006:
In my humble oppinion there should be an 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not bore thy neighbour".
If it were somebody might accuse me of breaking it by constantly reminding you of how many days are left till my trip to Nottingham. But they are wrong. I  just know how forgetful a lot of people are. So I am not breaking the 11th Commandment. I am simply doing everybody a favour. Don't you agree ?
By the way. Please remember that today there are only 3 (three) days left.

Sunday 28th May 2006:
Unfortunately the weather in our country is still a farce. Wind, rain, and temperatures of about 13 degrees centigrades.
Of course I am a bit apprehensive about the weather in the coming week - and especially at Nottingham from Friday. However the Danish forecast for Friday is quite good. Can anybody tell me about the forecast for Nottingham ? I only want to know if it is good !!!!
You may remember that I shall be going over there in only 4 days whích is the number of fingers on one hand if you have lost one of them.

Saturday 27th May 2006:
Today I set a new 2006 record for distance on my bike: 53,5 miles in a cold wind. Average speed 12,4 miles per hour. Not a lot but mind you: Ivan Basso of CSC won today's stage in The Dolomites with an average of 19 miles per hour. He may have had higher mountains to climb than I. But you must also remember that he is more than 40 years younger than I and has a smarter bike. So I shall remember to challenge him when he is back.
Also I must remember that yesterday's 6 days till Nottingham today has gone down to 5 - isn't it just nice ?

Friday 26th May 2006:
Today I had lunch at a Pizza Hut with my eldest grandchild who enjoyed it very much. I have never been to a Pizzza Hut before and I must admit that it was a noisy experience. Crying kids and a long uneasy kew waiting for a table made it difficult to have a normal conversation and I nearly forgot to eat. And eating is something you must remember - just as it is important that I remember that yesterday I had 7 days left for my trip to England which as far as I remember means that today it is only six. Not bad, ist it ?
PS: One of the kids cried because his mummy very harshly told him not to eat lemon slices that were squashed on the floor !

Thursday 25th May 2006:
In Mexico they say, "Family and sun - the further away the better."
I do not agree with the Mexicans. I like to have my family close to me and not to forget also the sun. Haven't seen a lot of it for a long time, though. In fact I do not remember how it feels to have a nice and warm sun on my back when I am out.
But I clearly remember that when I went to bed last night there were 8 days till Nottingham. So today it is only seven - just a week.

Wednesday 24th May 2006:
A great day for me. I have got my second print of "My Life Story" and I have begun reading it in order to make the last corrections. It will take a long time but it is very interesting and I must try to remember several details and have them put together correctly.
This is difficult. Because at the same time I must also remember that when yesterday there were 9 days then today it is 8 days till departure for Nottingham. Great, isn't it ?

Tuesday 23rd May 2006:
I know that I am stretching your memory to its length. But do you remember how many days were left yesterday till my big journey to Nottingham ?
- Yes, it was 10 days.
- How many days is it then today ?
That was a difficult one. I know. But let me help you with the answer.
- It is one more than 8 and one less than 10. You are right. It is 9.

Monday 22nd May 2006:
My memory isn't what it used to be - but in a funny way. I do remember all the generals in The Boer War but I do not remember what I had for breakfast this morning.
There is, however one thing I do remember: I shall be going to Nottingham in 10 days. Just in case you have forgotten it I shall remind you that I am going there to watch cricket for 5 days.
Do I look forward to that ? YES !

Sunday 21st May 2006:
Today we were very kindly invited for breakfast at our new neighbours' - a very young and sweet couple with a baby only 4 days old. It was obvious that they were more than pleased with this newcomer and pride and love were very clearly to be seen.
Parents do love their children - and so they should.
Woody Allen, however seemed to lack this love from his parents. He once wrote, "When I was kidnapped my parents promptly reacted. They immediately had my room let out."
I suppose it is not nice for him to remember this. I hope he will forget it.
I often find that I have difficulties in remembering a lot of things, but they are often unimportant, to eat, to drink, mine and other's birthdays, our wedding anniversary.
But one thing I do remember - because it is important - is that yesterday there were 12 days till my visit to Nottingham and for that reason there are only 11 days left today. Please remember that ! If not I shall keep reminding you.

Saturday 20th May 2006:
Today I have spent quite a few hours on editing "My Life Story". I am now nearly ready to make second print of it (155 pages) and read it on paper. I am very excited about it because it is so different from reading it on a monitor.
You will be pleased to read the first 2½ lines of it:
                                        MIN LIVSFORTÆLLING.
Fortalt, som jeg husker den og tilegnet min pragtfulde kone og mine dejlige børn, svigerbørn og børnebørn.
I hope that I can finish this my autobiography some time in July. You may remember that I started early November last year.
You may also remember that yesterday there were 12 days left till my trip to Nottingham. Consequently today there are only 11.
(Please send me a translation of the 2½ lines on my "Problem Page").

Friday 19th May 2006:
As usual a wet and cold day. Is there no end to this misery ?
Nevertheless Peter and I went out to train our dogs. We all got wet but enjoyed the training. The dogs were not all that good but considering that I haven't been out for a long time and that Peter's dog is quite young we thought that it was alright.
I very nearly forgot to remind you that today there are only 12 days till my departure for Nottingham. You may remember that yesterday it was 13.

Thursday 18th May 2006:
Else - my dear wife - has got another brilliant idea. With her usual total contempt for prices she has ordered a man to come and put down new tiles at our main entrance.
Well, I presume that after all it is a good idea. The old ones are 37 years old and best of all I am not supposed to lift a finger to put down the new ones. That's enormously brilliant as is the fact that today there are only 13 days left till my trip to Nottingham. You may remember that yesterday it was 14.

Wednesday 17th May 2006:
Today I met with 8 former head- and vice head teachers, all colleagues from neighbouring schools to mine and whom I used to work a lot with throughout several years. It was nice meeting them again. We had an excellent lunch and talked a lot, especially of course about "The Good Old Days".
It was a contrast to go home and mow the lawn afterwards - anything is a contrast to mowing. But I do not care because in 14 days I am going to England to watch the test at Nottingham (and in a few moments I am going to watch the CL-final, and I shall certainly do what I can to help "The Gunners").

Tuesday 16th May 2006:
Today has been rather eventless. Rain and cold has made it unpleasant to be out - only 9-10 degrees centigrades. So I have done a bit of reading and among other items I read about future computers and what they may be able to do. It was claimed that within a short time computers can think more or less like you and I do.
It is no problem to me that computers may start thinking like humans but I shall be worried if humans start thinking like computers.

Monday 15th May 2006:
I very much admire the way that the AGF-fans have responded to the fact that for a couple of months relegation has been a fact . All the way through they have supported the team much more than you could expect  and never seemed to loose their high spirits and good sense of humour. They have been singing and laughing as always - even yesterday when it all finished with a poor defeat.
Today a chap whom I know quite well and who is also a supporter said to me, "It seems that the more games we lost the happier were the fans."
It is not quite true but they really have given a fantastic support in our difficult days, weeks and months.

Sunday 14th May 2006:
What a miserable day. My poor health forced me to remain indoors nearly all day. That meant time for a lot of TV. Sports mostly. I watched a bit of my team playing its last game of the season loosing 0-2 to Odense. And the result couldn't have been more fair. We were awful.
But something uplifting came a little later when I watched The Tour of Italy, the first stage in the mountains. Ivan Basso (from Danish team CSC) won with flying colours - a great win. The last 8-10 miles were uphill with an average of 8% ascent, starting with 13%. Fantastic race. I do not understand how they do it. I sometimes climb a 3 miles 6-7% ascent and have to rest afterwards. Could it be my age that makes the difference ? Wouldn't be surprised if it was.

Saturday 13th May 2006:
Guess what ! I've got another flu and bad cold coming. I am suffering !
But this time I shall not go to the doctor. Very few people do go to their doctor because of a cold. They go to the theatre or the cinema instead.
I may do that, too. We are going to book tickets for "The Da Vinci Code" very soon.

Friday 12th May 2006:
You must be dying to learn that today is a public Danish holiday - always the 4th Friday after Easter. It was originally a day meant for prayers and all shops were closed - including the bakers. For that reason special wheat loaves could be bought on the day before and you would toast them the next day. This tradition is maintained although the bakers are only too happy to have their shops opened today.
Also you must be dying to learn that today I went 28,5 miles on my bike. There was a pleasant sun but the fresh wind made biking hard. I shall now settle down in front of my TV and watch The Tour of Italy and see the professionals suffer like I did.

Thursday 11th May 2006:
A phone call from England this morning made us very happy today. Our very good and old friends from England announced that they will come and stay with us for a week at the end of September. We are looking very much forward to that.
As you grow older meeting old friends is a blessing.

Wednesday 10th May 2006:
Mowing the lawn is not my favourite occupation. But I accept that I have to do it. I would much rather go for a ride on my bike.
Today I did both. 1 mile behind the mower and 34,5 miles on my bike. Glad that it wasn't the other way round. Weather just fantastic.
On my tour I visited our favourite daughter:
our favourite daughter who says that we are her favourite parents.

Tuesday 9th May 2006:
Went to hospital with Else for a check of her metabolism. No problems. Next check will be about middle of July.
I am now starting my count down for my next visit to England. I shall leave for Nottingham on 1st of June so we are talking about 22 days - not a lot.

Monday 8th May 2006:
I am desperately trying to loose some kilos - but I have only little succes. I do not understand why. I very often ride on my bicycle (long rides) and I play tennis as often as I can. But my scales show the same figure day after day. I comfort myself that it is my growing muscles that add to my weight. Don't you agree ?
Joe E. Lewis once said: "I went on a diet. In 14 days I lost 2 weeks."

Sunday 7th May 2006:
It's quite unbelievable. It's more than surprising. My old club won and it was even an away game. 3-1 over Esbjerg who are much higher in the ranks. First win since November and first win with our new head coach. I do not know what happened and I do not care. We won. Hopefully it is a signal for the season to come.

Saturday 6th May 2006:
With this I temporarily withdraw my threats against Danish meteorologists that they will all be sacked and replaced by Italians. The Danes have improved more than 100% and provided us with absolutely perfect weather. I took advantage of this and had a beautiful ride on my bike along the coast. Not far (22 miles), but nice opportunities to take a lot of photoes. You can see some of them at my Danish Diary ("Dagbog" in Danish) - same date.

Friday 5th May 2006:
Went to watch the football game last night. Wish I hadn't. Not only did we loose 0-1 but it was bad. The only consolation was that our team mostly consisted of very young and unexperienced players. This may seem a good idea since relegation has been a fact for a long time. But it was also due to the fact that 6 or 7 players are out injured and among those were our only 2 strikers. With so many experienced players out it was bound to be a defeat.
The next time I shall go and watch football here in Aarhus it will be a game in 1st division. But let us not loose hope for a good season 2006/2007.
"Hopelessness is your heart's suicide".

Thursday 4th May 2006:
For an Englishman it may be worth knowing that today is an important day for Denmark. It is exactly 61 years since we were liberated from the German occupation - by English troops.
For many years it was customary to light candles and place them in the windowsills to celebrate that blackout curtains could be thrown away. I heard that this nice tradition may be back.
benni and lena - very nice couple, who always sell me our football tickets.Today is also the day when I bought my last football tickets for a super league game for a year or more. The next time I shall watch a game on our local ground it will be 1st division. I know there is one more super league game on 14th May but I am not sure that I want to go.
I thought that you might like to see the very nice couple (Lena & Benni) from whom I always buy my tickets. They are so sweet and kind. It was a lot easier for me to buy my tickets closer to where I live. But I much prefer to go to the other end of town just to enjoy the service you get at L & B's shop.

Wednesday 3rd May 2006:
What a beautiful day today. I am very pleased with our meteorologists. For the first time this year they have deserved to be payed for their job.
I played tennis today - 2 full hours. That is probably too much for an old man of 65. Like Saturday's game I took part and did not win. That is supposed to be in the very best Olympic spirit.
Although every muscle, bone, and joint hurts I have decided to stick to my plan for tomorrow and go about 25 miles on my bike to buy tickets for AGF's evening game. If there is a match that we might win this season it is tomorrow's.

Tuesday 2nd May 2006:
I know that I am not particularly loyal to my footballclub by not going to watch any of their homegames since 2nd of April. I feel a bit bad about it so I am now considering going on Thursday - an evening game against another club deep in the lower half of the tables (Horsens F. C.).
What do you think ? Should I go ?

Monday 1st May 2006:
A lot of people strive for security. It is so nice to feel secure, they think.
In Denmark a Danish writer Benny Andersen puts it this way: "Security is a bottle opener tied to your rocking chair".
Security is also getting into contact with old friends. This happened to me today. They happened to hear about my website, opened it, and wrote an E-mail to me. Now I hope that we can meet.

Sunday 30th April 2006:
It's a fact and has been so since yesterday at 7 p.m. My beloved football club has been relegated. What a shame. Not that they do not deserve it because they certainly do. It is just so hard to accept. And unfortunately I doubt it that they will be promoted next year. There is a lack of quality. Who will dry my tears ?

Saturday 29th April 2006:
Tennis season started. Played in bitterly cold weather and felt clearly that the 3 stone that I have put on in weight were not helpful.
About the result I can only quote from The Olympic Games: "Taking part is more important than winning" - or something like that. I did take part.
Today is a bit special since Katrine has her 12th birthday.

Friday 28th April 2006:
Today's temperatures do not seem to appreciate that I am going to play tennis tomorrow. It is bitterly cold and the stupid forecast says that tomorrow will be more or less the same. The weather in Denmark is becoming a farce.
I am glad that my day was not too bad after all since I met a dear old friend and had a nice chat with him. We shall meet again soon. It is nice to meet old friends.

Thursday 27th April 2006:
After yesterday's hard work helping our son removing more than 4 tons of garden bricks and after my hard ride on my bike (34,2 miles) the day before yesterday I have had a relaxing day today. I need the rest since my tennis season will start on Saturday and a tough game against my brother who is nearly 6 years younger than I is waiting.
I can now clearly feel that I am not 64 years old any more.

Wednesday 26th April 2006:
Our Queen Margrethe 2nd once said: "When I compare with what my colleagues in other countries are exposed to I think that we live only two blocks away from Paradise".
She is a clever woman - and what she says does not apply to queens and kings only !

Tuesday 25th April 2006:
It is time to realize that my football club (AGF) is facing relegation. There is the tiniest theoretical chance that it will not happen: If we win our 4 last games comfortably with 3-4 goals and if Horsens loose their last 4 games with 3-4 goals they will be in 1st division and not us.
What a chance to pursue !
But I am sorry to say that we deserve it. No team has been worse.

Monday 24th April 2006:
the old and beautiful church at swingfield street.Planning this year's summer holiday I happened to remember our lovely holiday in England last year. For the first time ever I brought my bicycle and had some wonderful rides on it in the south-east of England near Folkestone. Especially I enjoyed riding to a small village called Swingfield Street visiting the little village church. I went there several times. It was so nice going there watching it. It was not very well looked after. But judge for yourself on the picture.

Sunday 23rd April 2006:
weather looks nice - but it was rather cold and cloudy.Today I rode 38 miles on my bike. It was a beautiful ride but a bit chilly. Look at picture to the left.
Of course our useless weathermen had promised a perfect day with no clouds. It wasn't. I wonder what they get their money for. It is certainly not for correct forecasts. I still say, "Sack them and hire some Italians instead. Their weather is far better".

Saturday 22nd April 2006:
Just these days I am busy reading a new book on the way children speak to each other and to adults. Some very nasty examples are mentioned and of course the F...-word is one of many. Yes, unfortunately that word is also common among Danish children. I very much resent that kind of language no matter who is "the sender". It is humiliating and insulting and should be stopped.
The author tries to explain why children's language more than ever seems unusually rude and violent. He says, "Children and adults are physically much closer in kindergartens and schools than only one generation ago. This means that adults inevitably will hear words and sentences that they did not hear in earlier days. At that time children could also use rude and dirty words but no adults would hear it because it happened when children played alone, when boys talked to each other at the toilets and so on". (From "Fuck dig" by John Aasted Halse, 2006)
In the book the author gives plenty of examples of how to stop children using a nasty language. It is a pity that the book is not yet translated into English.

Friday 21st April 2006:
Today Else and I went out to buy dog food. We do that approximately once every 3 weeks. We always buy it in 15-kilos bags. It is a costly affair to have two dogs to feed. But of course they never starve.
Sometimes I have thought of the idea of slowly getting the dogs used to not eating any more. If only you do it slowly enough it may work. That would be a lot cheaper and could save me a lot of work collecting their droppings from our garden.
A few years ago someone actually carried out this experiment but had to realize that no sooner had the dogs got used to not eating than they died.

Thursday 20th April 2006:
On Denmark.
Denmark seen from a foreign land
looks but like a grain of sand.
Denmark as we Danes conceive it
is so big you won’t believe it.
- Piet Hein (Danish poet)

Wednesday 19th April 2006:
Heaven and hell.
"Heaven is where the police are British, the chefs are Italian, the mechanics German, the lovers French and it's all organized by the Swiss...
Hell is where the police are German, the chefs are British, the mechanics French, the lovers Swiss, and it's all organized by the Italians...
I do not know what you British citizens think of this. I am just happy that Denmark is not mentioned.
It is not often that I watch a football match in its full length on TV. But tonight it may happen when Arsenal are up against Villarreal. Be sure that I shall support Arsenal !

Tuesday 18th April 2006:

with a happy smile else leaves the hospital after a chat with a very nice doctor.Good news from the hospital. Else had a talk with a doctor who recommended a milder treatment instead of the radioactive one for her thyroid gland. This pleased Else (and me) very much. Just look at the picture to the left and see how happy she looks. If you want further proof take a look at another picture at the Danish version of my diary. Just click here.
Both pictures were taken immediately after having received the good news.

PS: I must add that yesterday's game ended in a draw, 2-2. Improvement !

Monday 17th April 2006:
Today I really tested myself on my bike. I went 42 km. (26.1 miles) which in itself is not a lot. BUT I chose to risk the longest hill that we have in Denmark.
it is studstrup right across the water. that's where we live. the power station is right in the middle of the picture.I do know that in our country there are no mountains but believe you me. It felt like climbing The Alp dHuez. It is a bonus that this long and steep hill is in the most beautiful part of Denmark. Have a look at the picture to the left. It was taken near the top.
I went to Ebeltoft to see a house that some of our friends just bought. You can see pictures of it on my "Fotoarkiv" - just click here.
Our football club are once again in dire straits in a game that is not yet over. We are one goal behind just now (2-1).

Sunday 16th April 2006:
Yet another beautiful spring day. It is growing into a habit. Two days in succession. If it wasn't because of quite a long ride on my bike yesterday I would have gone out again today. But it will have to wait till tomorrow if the weather is just as nice - or just nice.
I love biking and do not understand why all roads are not cramped with bicycles. Neither do I understand why it is that not everybody loves it. Cycling is living. Go out and take part in it !

Saturday 15th April 2006:
Eventually it came. Eventually a day with sunshine and temperatures above 10 degrees centigrades.
i couldn't help stopping to take this photo at the aarhus harbour. i passed it on my ride today.To celebrate this event I jumped on my bike and went 51 km (about 31,7 miles to you Brits). I was so happy that it gave me extra strength. As a consequence my average speed was the highest this year - about 21 km./hour (13,05 miles/hour). Perhaps not impressing but age and lack of training explains it. Furthermore an irritating headwind both on the way out and on the way home made high speeds a bit difficult. Lance Armstrong may have beaten me had he been here.

Friday 14th April 2006 (Good Friday):
Working in the garden is supposed to be an interesting and healthy thing to do. It may very well be true - but I hate it. This morning I was forced to go out and do something to our miserable lawn which looks terrible after a long and cold winter. Fortunately it was too cold and the lawn was too wet so I had to "abandon". I returned to my computer.
Now my only fear is that Else will remind me some day when the weather is better.

Thursday 13th April 2006 (Maundy Thursday):
One of the famous Norwegian poets - I think it was Björnson - once said, "Writing is creating your own Day of Judgement", or something like that. Today I have done quite a bit of work on my "Life Story" and I feel that my "Day of Judgement" is getting nearer. I know that I shall still have a lot of work to do but now I can faintly see the day when the first members of my family can read the whole book.

Wednesday 12th April 2006:
Having just returned from a 4-day stay at Ebeltoft in our caravan together with the rest of the family in their caravans I am pleased to tell that I have been contacted by a chap whom we met at Manchester on our successful football trip to England two weeks ago (see diary Tuesday 28th March - the one with not a lot of hair). He has 2 very exciting websites that I must recommend to you. One (www.shrapnel.org.uk) is interesting because of its variety of very good pictures - including quite a few from "Tour de France".
The other website (www.shrapnel.org.uk/india) has a lot of very interesting pictures from India. Do have a look at both of them.

Saturday 8th April 2006:
Last night we had a very nice little "party" with our nearest and dearest familiy to celebrate Else's 65th birthday.
Today nearly the very same people set off for the first trip this year with our caravans. The weather is not inviting but we all hope that it will improve. We are sure that it cannot be any worse than it is. It is awfully cold.

Friday 7th April 2006:
Today we are celebrating Else's 65th birthday. It will not be the big "spree". That will come later.
As usual she will get all the presents that she wishes. She is rather spoiled - which she should be.

Thursday 6th April 2006:
T. T. T.
Put up in a place
where it's easy to see
the cryptic admonishment
T. T. T.

When you feel how depressingly
slowly you climb,
it's well to remember that
Things Take Time.
              (Piet Hein)

Wednesday 5th April 2006:
i am sorry that this should happen but as long as we in this country keep employing danish weathermen and women it is bound to go on. i want italians to be employed.Our English friends surely see a variety of Danish weather. This is what they woke up to this morning. Not very hospitable of us.
We did have a nice walk at the beach the other day.

the weather wasn't fabulous, but we enjoyed our walk along the beach.

Tuesday 4th April 2006:
Being visited by some English friends I thought it opportune to settle an argument on the size of our country. I can do it by quoting a small "Grook" by the Danish poet Piet Hein:

Why not let us compromise
about Denmark's proper size,
which will truly please us all,
since it's bigger than it's small.

Friday 31st March 2006:
"In England people in fact attempt to be funny during breakfast. How awful ! Only boring people are funny during breakfast". (Oscar Wilde)

Thursday 30th March 2006:
On Saturday is "Invasion-Day" - "D-day" whatever. 4 mad Brits will arrive. Luckily enough for them our kitchen is finished (click here and have a look) so there will not be any work for them to do.
One of the four is crazy enough to want to go and watch AGF v. FCK. And since I got the tickets in more than 2 weeks ago I shall come along too. So will Peter, my son and Kent, my son-in-law. Of course we will never win but hopefully we can have a good game of football and enjoy the weather and the surroundings.

Wednesday 29th March 2006:
Another fatal day. Tonight AGF are playing away against Silkeborg. We desperately need the 3 points but we are not going to get them I'm afraid. Relegation is on its way and it is nothing like Stamford Bridge last Saturday where everybody stood up, clapped, and sang: "Stand up for the champions - stand up for the champions". I wonder if that song will ever be heard in Aarhus. Football in this town is a sad song.

Tuesday 28th March 2006:
Well, 4 days gone since I last wrote to you. Now I am ready to continue. You may remeber that I went to England to watch two football games. They were fantastic. I believe that Old Trafford is the most intense football experience I have ever had and perhaps ever shall have. The football was great and I enjoyed it even if I was sick throughout the whole trip.
'threethe entrance to circus tavern. this may give you an idea of the size of the tiny pub which was so good.But very importantly I also very much enjoyed the Sunday night in Manchester. We happened to drop into the smallest pub I have ever been in - "The Circus Tavern". There were two tiny little rooms where 8-10 people could sit. 6-8 people could stand in the very narrow corridor where also the bar was. It is a great little pub. If ever you get to Manchester you must go there. It is right in the center.
In here we met some wonderful people. We the smallest bar in england. it is only 3 ft. long. my brother and i are in fact standing behind it.spoke to them for the whole night - they were ever so a splendid night for all of us - and i do not look particularly sick on the picture - do i ?kind to us. And what is more - the very nice girl on the picture is a cricket fanatic. That counts.

Friday 24th March 2006:
Believe it or not. I went to the doctor today - something I haven't done for years and years -hoping that he might have some miracle cure against my three flus. Of course I had told him how important it was that I am alright tomorrow. He did not have such a cure but after having analysed my blood test he emphasized that I would survive.
If that is the case nothing matters at all because I am going to England tomorrow.

Thursday 23rd March 2006:
I hoped to avoid it - but I didn't. All our 3 grandchildren are in bed due to a bad flu. Now it struck me as well. You know, there are 3 different flu-types in this country right now. And I happened to catch all three. So I am rather weak - I even took some pills. And that only happens once every fifth year.
But it doesn't matter because I am going to England in 2 days.

Wednesday 22nd March 2006:
Peter is still working hard in the kitchen so that it can be ready for the English invasion in 1½ weeks or so. I am not sure that it will be totally finished by the time of the invasion. But in that case there will be 4 extra pairs of hands to finish the job.
But it doesn't matter because I am going to England in 3 days.

Tuesday 21st March 2006:
Today I received the final plans for our football-trip to England on Saturday. I do hope that the take that snow away !!! give us temperatures over 0 !!!weather is more pleasant in the UK than it is here. I refuse to bring my winter coat. I am fed up with frost and snow. We've had nothing else for 2 months.
Admittingly the picture was taken some days ago. But nothing much has changed.

But it doesn't matter because I am going to England in 4 days.

Monday 20th March 2006:
Victor Borge once said, 'A few things are better in Sweden than in Denmark. They've got better neighbours'!
How right he was. But recently it has become clear to me that prices in Sweden are quite a bit lower than in Denmark. So that's another thing proving better over there.
But it doesn't matter because I am going to England in 5 days.

Sunday 19th March 2006:
Yet another defeat. 0-2 at FCM. The relegation that I predicted as early as October is now more likely than ever. It is a great shame.
But it doesn't matter because I am going to England in 6 days.

Saturday 18th March 2006:

nice shot, isn't it ? they all thoroughly enjoyed it.Took our 3 grandchildren to "The Rainforest" at Randers. They enjoyed it.

Heard on the radio that yet another player, Tobias Grahn is out injured for tomorrow's game.
It doesn't matter because I am going to England in 7 days.

Friday 17th March 2006:
On Sunday AGF will face FCM in a match where Peter Foldgast (who did so well last time) probably is out injured and Shane Canstell-Sheriff is out due to a red card last Saturday. Johnny Hansen also out because of another red card before Christmas. All this is not good and I am afraid that it will be another defeat. Relegation is imminent.
But it doesn't matter because I am going to England in 8 days.

Thursday 16th March 2006:

A very good friend of mine sent me this little joke the other day:
Postman: Is this letter for you, sir? The name is all smudged.
Man: No, my name is Allsop !
Today I had the opportunity of testing my new GPS and it brought Else and I safely from here to central Aarhus and back again. We let the machine decide what way to go. Although there was something familiar to the roads we went on I am not sure that we could have chosen a more direct route ourselves.
It doesn't matter because I am going to England in 9 days.

Wednesday 15th March 2006:
It is worth remembering that today is 1962 years since Julius Caesar was killed. He obviously had a bad day. So had I. I dented our car.
It doesn't matter because I am going to England in 10 days.

Tuesday 14th March 2006:
Today I finally decided on my GPS. I chose Garmin Nüvo 350. It is about the most expensive one in its class and I really do not know what use it is to me. But I am sure that I cannot live without it. Else agreed and so I bought it.

here it is - my little beauty. there's no limit to what it can do - it's a calculator, it tells you all foreign currencies, it's an mp3-player, you can store pictures. i am looking forward to finding out if it can tell me a route from a to b.

England - here I come !
You may be pleased to know that I've just recieved an invitation from my dear brother to go to London and Manchester from  25th to 27th March. Purpose: Football - what else ?
On the Saturday it is Chelsea v. Man. City and on the Sunday it is Man. United v. Birmingham.
What do you think of that ?

Monday 13th March 2006:
"If a man watches 3 successive football matches on TV he should be declared dead by court". (Emma Bombech)
I am not sure that I agree - or do I ??????
I do not watch nearly as much football on TV as I used to. Only very rarely do I watch a game in its full length - not even the best CL-matches.
I much prefer to watch it live on the ground (if my team wins - that is).

Sunday 12th March 2006:
It's been a hard day's night. I nearly didn't sleep because of the stupid football.
you might say that it is a pretty sight. but i would like the cycle path to be cleared.But now is the time to carry on and forget. My best way of forgetting is on my bike. So in spite of the very cold weather I did 25-26 miles this afternoon. The sun was out to make it a beautiful day. I enjoyed my ride much more than........you know what!
Look at the picture which I took today and agree with me that it was a beautiful day.

Saturday 11th March 2006:
The time is now 11:06 a.m. 5 hours and 54 minutes till kick off. I am biting my finger nails. I dare not think how the feeling will be if we loose. Do you ?

The time is now 7:59 p.m. and I have just come home from a disappointing football game. We were 1-0 up till 92nd minute when the opposition equalized, and it all ended in a draw.
What a lousy day it has been !
Before the game I was interviewed on Danish TV2 - local news. You can watch the interview if you click here: http://www.tv2regionerne.dk/reg2005/?r=7. First click on 11th March on top. Next you click on "SAS-ligaen startet igen" on the right side.

Friday 10th March 2006:
A famous Danish writer, Storm P once wrote: "Flies can live a fortnight without food - but they don´t want to"!
I can't - and I don't want to either.
I have put on nearly 3 stones (a bit more than 18 kilos) since I stopped smoking on 5th of September at 1:42 p.m.

Thursday 9th March 2006:
Just to warn you Brits: Our climate is different from yours. But we are still looking forward !

easter way: this is what you are leaving !stenvendervej: this is what you are getting !

Wednesday 8th March 2006:
I am a bit worried about Saturday's game. New coach, 7 new players, Duncan in Brondby. Can we beat them ? A defeat will be a blow to the club - a blow that the team may not recover from.
And remember that the opposition is the team that also faces relegation.
Yes, I am nervous. Send me some comforting words !

Tuesday 7th March 2006:
With Else at hospital today. Thyroid department. Still considering what to do. But problem so small that perhaps pills can do the trick and make radio iodine unnecessary. We shall know more in a month when Else is due for another visit.
Heart problems fully under control. Next visit at hospital in 6 months.

Monday 6th March 2006:
I want a GPS for my car. I really do. Today I had to go to Viborg And Aalborg and find two different youth hostels at the outskirts of the two towns. I borrowed Peter's GPS. I found both youth hostels directly. No stopping and asking people for directions. I do want a GPS - and I mean NOW.
Else came along for the ride and I think she agrees.
On a picture in the Danish version of my diary ("Dagbog") you can see what Else did.

Sunday 5th March 2006:
our road in beautiful weather - but please, let us have some spring.

A beautiful day as you can see on the pictures. But I've had enough of snow and frost. It has lasted since the very first days of february. Enough is enough ! Give us some spring temperatures. My bike is waiting.
We have to employ som Italian meteorologists. They know how to make nice weather !

confirmation that it is our road.

this is where some kids are going to play in a month or so. it may be a bit cold.

Saturday 4th March 2006:
Today one of my English friends surprised me by writing to me in Danish: "Kom så de hviii"! on my "Problem Page".
I am glad that he at least has picked up a few Danish words on his visits here.
I would like him to learn some more, though. Earlier in the day he helped me in translating an article from English to Danish. There was one word that I had not seen or heard before ("societal"). When asked about the Danish word for that all I heard was silence. So, you've got at lot to learn, my friend.

Friday 3rd March 2006.
Important day. Bought our first tickets for first home game on Saturday. We MUST win.
You might also like to know that today Birgitte & Peter bought a new caravan.
I do hope that the weather will improve. I shall not enjoy sitting there in snow and frost as it is now.

Thursday 2nd March 2006:
Today is exactly 49 years since I met Else. Quite an anniversary, don't you think ? And worth remembering !
Today is also the day when Else happened to remember that she wants the wall between kitchen and sitting-room pulled down.
Some things are worth remembering - others not !
We are going to freshen up our kitchen, new wallpaper and new paint, and we are in a hurry since 4 mad Englishmen have announced their arrival on 1st of April.

Wednesday 1st March 2006:
I am sure you will be pleased to know that our first home game has been changed from Sunday 12th March to Saturday 11th March. This is due to TV-transmission.
But no matter the date it is a game that must be won. Otherwise we shall be in dire straits.

holy territory!

24th February 2006:
Today I had an extraordinary experience. On my way home from a 72 km. long ride on my bike I nearly collapsed. I have never been so exhausted in my life before. It was not all that unpleasant but in fact quite interesting. I had driven myself to a point where I had absolutely nothing left. Totally finished. Fortunately I recovered quite quickly.
I am not proud of showing you a picture of myself in that situation. But here it is:
this is how a dedicated tour de france rider looks just after having climbed the alp dhuez. and i still had 8 miles to go.some of you may recognize this place - kaloe castle or what is left of it. and a prettier picture than the one on the left side. i passed the ruin on my way.
                                         Two ruins.

22nd February 2006:
Sad day. Was informed last night that the game keeper at Moellerup - with whom we have worked together for 13 years - has got a new job at Fuenen. Very good for him and very sad for us. We shall miss him.

lunch on a shooting at moellerup november 2005.

21st February 2006:
Accompanied Else to hospital for a talk with a doctor about her thyroid problem. No big problem, though. Shall be back in a fortnight for further talks.

19th February 2006:
A well known Danish writer, Storm P, had a very dry sense of humour. He once wrote:
- Do you like Kipling?
- Don't know. I've never tried to kiple.

18th February 2006:
Out on my bike - 23 miles - in dull and foggy weather. Still enjoyed it, though.
that's how foggy it was!

17th February 2006:

I am very happy to tell everybody that I shall be in England during the first 5-6 days in June with my brother Kjeld.
We shall be at Nottingham (Trent Bridge) watching the 3rd test against Sri Lanka. Of course we are looking very much forward to that - especially since it is the first time in our lives that we are given the opportunity of watching a full test match from start to finish - all 5 days.

not trent bridge, nottingham but hawkinge c.c. ground


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