.: In English part 7 :.
Diary Part 7, starting January 9th 2011:

Wednesday, September 21st 2011:
At a staff meeting, the boss was complaining that he wasn't getting any respect.
The next day he brought a small sign that read, "I'm the Boss" and taped it to his office door.
Later that day, he returned from lunch to find someone had taped a note to his sign that said, "Your wife called, she wants her sign back".
Tuesday, September 20th 2011:
Every morning year in and year out I have to start my day with a shave. It's boring.
Fundamentally shaving is like mowing your lawn and cutting your hedge, two activities that I also dislike.
I can hear you ask why I don't grow a beard.
Well, I did try a few times years ago. It was no success. After some days my beard had grown quite a bit. But then the itching started. No matter how often I washed my face it itched horribly. And I couldn't persuade myself to use any kind of skin creme. So I had to shave. No macho for me. What a shame. I would have been a good looking 'fella' with a beard.
PS: I finished shaving my hedge today. Weather was a nuisance. It didn't start raining till I had finished.
Monday, September 19th 2011:
Next Monday our old English friends will visit us for a week. We have known them for 53 years, and I am sure we are going to have a nice time together.
However there is one snag. As usual Matron is very keen that the house is absolutyely ship shape at their arrival. Not the slightest bit of disorder - not to mention dust - must be seen.
She started last Monday and will continue til next Monday.
Of course I am ordered to take part in the cleaning activities. Today I was sent outdoor to cut our hedges, a job that I hate more than most others, so much so that I prefer going to the dentist.
However I bravely started out and had cut one third of my 80 yards when suddenly the rain poured down and stopped me. So heavy was the rain that even Matron accepted my stoppage.
Now my hope is that our meteorologists will predict sunshine for tomorrow. That will certainly mean rain.
Sunday, September 18th 2011:
First day's retrieving this season was today.
As usual I enjoyed meeting old retriever friends once again, even if it meant listening to well known jokes that you remember from previous years. They are such a nice bunch of people.
It was a short day's shooting. 3 hours shorter than usual. Still I was immensely tired. I could clearly feel the difference from last year when I was only 69 at the start of the season. At that time I could just manage walking around on the fields and in the woods. That was nearly impossible today. I had to walk with a 90 degree bend of my hips, which makes it difficult to look out for the birds, whereas it gives you a better opportunity of finding stone axes and other stone age stuff that can be found on the fields.
I didn't see any birds but a lot of stones.
Saturday, September 17th 2011:
Matron had a fall today We were picking up our caravan up north. We left it at a site there last Tuesday because of very strong winds.
I was getting ready for departure on the side opposite the door when suddenly I heard a bump and some whining sounds from the other side. I hurried round there. And there she sat. Legs spread to either side, complaining of a sore shoulder and elbow. Sobbing she told me that she had stumbled out of the door and made a crash landing on the grass without getting her landing gear out at all.
She maintained that it hurt and that she was bleeding from her elbow. I looked very carefully but could see absolutely nothing, so we did not call an ambulance.
Friday, September 16th 2011:
Two days in succession Matron and I have had lunches with friends. Very nice lunches I must add.
But it is hard work to eat so much in within such a short time. It takes its toll. It's hard work, but I managed.
At election night yesterday all party leaders were very busy telling how hard work it had been preparing for election day. But I bet you it is nothing compared to two big lunches in two days. And there is no doubt that I enjoyed my lunches more than the politicians enjoyed the election - even those who won.
Thursday, September 15th 2011:
It's election day today. We are going to have another parliament, some people hope.
So Matron and I obligingly went to vote at our local school.
We do not vote for the same party, which has made her indicate various threats. She has said that if I vote for a certain party, that she more or less hates (a left wing one), my things will be packed in a suitcase when I come home from my next bike ride, and from then I can ride as much as I wish and whereever I wish.
One has to take threats like that seriously, but fortunately she is not with me in the voting booth.
Wednesday, September 14th 2011:
I surprised myself today. I was able to help eldest grandchild with her mathematics. She has just started her A-levels, and theoretically that should be far beyond my capacity, since mathematics is not one of my strongest sides.
But I found out that as we progressed more and more mathematical rules, that I haven't used since my college days 48 years ago, came back to me.
So happily I noted that at least some of my little grey cells are still active, even if I am accused of being quite forgetful.
I can only declare myself partly guilty.
I remember all the generals in the Boer War, but I have forgotten what I had for breakfast this morning.
Tuesday, September 13th 2011:
I haven't written my diaries the latest 4 days.  I simply haven't had the time for it. It's not good. But it is good that Matron and I have spent the same number of days in a small town up north, Loegstoer.
That town was the centre of a big regatta with old wooden sail ships.
At the same time we could visit my old mate from the army, 82 Kruse and his sweet wife.
In daytime we watched the big and small ships, and in the evenings we had shanties galore and beer the same. All of it in some big party tents at the harbour. It was just great. To start wit we had a marvellous weather. But we also tried the rough weather. Last night a storm stopped most festivities - except the shanties and the beer -  and prevented the boats from sailing out this morning - and us from taking our caravan back with us. So right now it is standing all on its own at a caravan site up north.
Friday, September 9th 2011:
If yesterday was an inactive day, today was the exact opposite.
Up at 7 to take youngest grandchild to school.
After that finishing my big painting project of our garage.
The result was staggering. Just have a look at the photo.
Then I mounted my trusted bike and rode 32 miles with a lot of hills. A hard stage.
Back home I challenged my grass mower to a tour on our much too big lawn.
Also a tough stage.
That was the end of my strength. 8½ hours hard labour, an hour more than permitted. I shall ask Matron for 1 hour's overpay.
Now, after a wonderful shower I can finally relax. But my goodness I need some massage. Unfortunately I won't get it, since my masseuse is busy preparing dinner. And I don't like disturbing her.
Thursday, September 8th 2011:
I have done absolutely nothing today, nothing but sitting in my well molded sofa.
I happened to read that a human being as an average would take 18.000 steps per day. I have hardly taken 180. And I do not intend to take the remaining 17.820 before bedtime.
On the other hand I am sure to reach the number of breaths that an average person would take in a day. It's 23.040. Of course it is more if you have worked hard.
But I haven't done a thing.
Matron must have forgotten me.
Wednesday, September 7th 2011:
I watched a full football match last night. It happens only very rarely. But Denmark played and won 2-0 in a decisive qualifier against our arch rivals Norway.
I do not want to insult our Norwegian neighbours and their athletes - not at all. But I have a somewhat dubious view on Norwegian TV-reporters. They can be quite intolerable.
When Norway looses they are absolutely boring, but when they win, they are totally unbearable, quite mad, screeming at the peak of their voices, and they can even be quite condescending and insulting to the loosing side. Not least when many years ago in an unimportant football game when Norway beat England the commentatiors managed to mention both Sir Winston Churchill and Queeen Elisabeth in their shouting and degrading comments just after the game.
But last nigth we got them. I slept well.
Tuesday, September 6th 2011:
Getting old has several advantages. First of all the alternative is not very nice to think of. But also you learn to appreciate a lot of things that you perhaps previously took for granted, a smile from a child, a beautiful sunset, your children's and grandchildren's greatfulness towards you, etc.
Of course there are also a few disadvantages. You are no longer able to party as much as you used to, your physical activities get fewer, and your body 'stiffens'.
Even a typical everyday activity like getting your clothes on becomes a problem, not least your socks.
Today I happened to read that every year 14 Englishmen break one of their toes getting socks on.
Please, somebody. Invent a gadget that can help me and other elderly people getting our socks on without breaking toes or even falling off the chair you might be sitting on.
Monday, September 5th 2011:
It's my 6th anniversary today. It is exactly 6 years since I stopped smoking.
This important event took place on September 5th 2005 at 1.42 p.m.
Fortunately I did not suffer a lot during my smoking cessation. The only one to suffer was my bathroom scales. It became more and more depressed (or rather compressed). I did what I could to lift it out of its depression, but with only little luck.
But now it must be. A new start is imminent. And yet. Good friends have been here for lunch today, and I am afraid that this - much against my will - has forced me to delay my slimming attempts.
Sunday, September 4th 2011:
My bike ride today (40 miles) took me to the woods south of Aarhus.
Once again I was impressed by what is done to entertain we elderly people.
At a small lay-by in the forest I saw an English wood-sculpturer working with his chainsaws on a sculpture of a bear. I shortly talked to him, and he told that he was on his way to South France for some surfing. He just stopped in Denmark in the hope of selling a sculpture or two to make him afford some food and petrol.
At the prehistoric museum, not far from where I met the sculpturer, I happened to run into a "battle" between two groups of vikings. They fought bravely and very enthusiatically against each other. In fact it's a kind of competition where one team beats the other after certain rules. There were quite a few people looking on.
I must have another bike ride soon. I always seem to see something interesting.
Saturday, September 3rd 2011:
I am writing my diary a bit early today. The reason is that I am happy.
It is all due to my deep interest in England and (nearly) everything from that country, including the traditional English breakfast.
By accident I woke up at about 8 this morning, and after a short contemplation I promised Matron that if she would serve me a full English breakfast with bacon, eggs, "bangers", jam, toast, ketchup and all I would get out of bed right away.
And she did.
So after the usual exercises at the bathroom - only perhaps quicker than normal - I could sit down at a well laid breakfast table.
I am proud that I still have my power of pursuasion in me . It did a lot of good to my self confidence.
Anyway it was a happy start on the day, even if I got up so early.
Friday, September 2nd 2011:
To me getting out of bed is a big decision. And I have to face it each and every day. I lie there for a very long time considering pros and contras. And until about 9.15 the latter are the majority.
When eventually I have made the big decision and I am up, I am so exhausted by all those considerings that I am totally unable to make any other decision whatsoever for the rest of the day.
But that doesn't matter. I've got someone to do it for me - Matron.
Today she decided that I was going to paint our garage. I think she has taken quite a while deciding that. It has needed painting for a long time.
But now I have primed it. And mind you. It won't take long till she decides that it is on time I give it its final layer of painting.
PS: Our lovely daughter har her birthday today. We shall celebrate her tomorrow.
Thursday, September 1st 2011:
Officially autumn begang today. Unofficially it began some time at the middle of June. It will be quite difficult to notice the difference between summer and autumn in 2011.
Last winter was a long one, 4-5 months. Spring was hardly there - and autumn started when summer should have begun. I would not at all be surprised if we shall have snow from October to May.
How nice to cultivate one's pessimism.
On top of it all I am sure that my football team - even if they surprisingly enough won an away game last Sunday - will loose their next game only because I may go and watch it.
Also I am sure that Matron will not win anything in this week's lotto even if she has one the latest two weeks, moderate sums, though.
It's good to be a pessimist. You are never disappointed. All misfortunes are expected.
Wednesday, August 31th 2011:
The reason for bringing a photo of myself in my biking outfit is not at all a selfish one, but caused by statements from my daughter.
She has announced that my bike dresscode is obsolete and abject. I admit that my shorts are not trendy (in fact they are from the eighties), and my jersey is too loose.
However, for obvious reasons I find it a good idea that my shorts and jersey are not too tight.
She also insists that my bike dress was the real reason for my being denied access to the big cruise ship on August 22nd (see diary that day).
Well, that's her opinion.
I find my shorts and jersey absolutely fine, and I cannot avoid noticing how many people who stop and look at me, when I go by.
PS: I rode 40 miles today and did not fall. I'm rather proud of that. 
Tuesday, August 30th 2011:
It is now a statistic fact that this summer has been the second wettest ever.
I am not surprised considering the standard of our meteorologists. They are to blame. They keep talking about low pressures coming from nearly all directions. And they all seem to have had the bad habit of assembling right over our innocent heads and drop one bucketful of water down on us after the other.
Why couldn't those unfortunate people have sent them in another direction? Over The Atlantic, for example.
It is on time that we employ another team of meteorologists. Some who provide us with high pressures and sunshine. I can highly recommend Italian or Israelian. They know how to do it.
I am a subscriber of "Jerusalem Post" only because of its weather forecasts.
Monday, August 29th 2011:
I have recieved yet another challenge from my English friends. Now the son of my old friend claims that he has the best pears of the world, and I have asked him to join the competition between me and my old friend who claims that he has the best apples that he thinks can easily compete with my potatoes.
It sounds a bit complicated when you put it on paper.
All the young man has to do is sending me a couple of his obviously super pears. He could just pop them into his dad's suitcase when they go over here.
Then I shall test them together with his dad's apples.
I must say, however, that I do not fear any competition from a few measly pears - or apples for that matter.
I shall still be the judge, so that everything will be put in its right order on the big day.
Sunday, August 28th 2011:
I had yet another fall on my bike today. It's becoming a very bad habit. I also fell two weeks ago. Matron thinks I'm getting too old for all that rolling around on mother earth. I disagree. I am young enough to have many more falls in me.
Anyway. Today's fall was due to the fact that the left part of my handlebars caught the left bar. See picture. I was thrown with great force onto the right bar and landed halfway on top of my bike. Of course it hurt, but since nobody saw my accident I didn't have to hide it.
After rolling around a bit on the asphalt I took a firm grip of the right bar and got up.
After examining my body and all my limbs I saw no reason to call an ambulance and happily rode on into Aarhus - and back again.
Saturday, August 27th 2011:
I have been challenged by my English friend from South Godstone. He tells me that I may have the best potatoes of the world, but he claims to have the best apples.
Fortunately he will visiit us soon with his lovely wife, and he has promised to bring an apple or two, and I shall save some potatoes.
Then - in an international competition - we shall decide which is best, the potatoes or the apples. With all due respect I have no doubt that even if his apples may be good, they will not beat my potatoes.
I love international competitions, especially when Denmark beats England.
Of course I am going to be the judge. It should be a fair competition.
Friday, August 26th 2011:
For quite some time both Matron and I have had the big wish to buy a mover for our caracan. We have realized that we no longer have the strength to push the heavy thing about. So today we got it - the mover.
All we have to do now is pushing a few buttons on a remote control. That we can manage.
In fact you can sit in the caravan doing it. So from now on we shall leave our car at home when going on holiday. What a lot of diesel we shall save.
On the left photo you can see the happy owner of yet another gadget. But don't ask him to describe how he got up again. It wasn't particularly pretty.
Thursday, August 25th 2011:
I have no intention of trying to hide the fact that I am very pleased and proud of my potato field. This year's harvest is far beyond what I hoped for. And also the quality is high. Perhaps I should have become a potato farmer instead of what I did. But it is not too late. Next year I may make my field twice the size of this year's. That would mean 16 sq. yards, quite a piece of land.
Wednesday, August 24th 2011:
I was disappointed when I got out of bed this morning (7.15). It rained.
For a couple of days I had been looking forward to riding the 40 miles to Silkeborg for lunch with Matron at her brother's. I hate biking in the rain.
But then I thought to myself that only a sissy would be stopped by rain on a bike ride to his very nice home town.
So, bravely I mounted my trusty bike and started. To my surprise it didn't rain. But my well preserved pessimism told me that it would start soon. It didn't. Not a drop of water hit my well trained body the whole way.
Now, what can one learn from that? Let me tell you: A bit of pessimism keeps the rain away.
Tuesday, August 23rd 2011:
I made a mistake today or rather yesterday, but I didn't know about it till today.
Yesterday I sent e-mails to my retriever friends with dates for our retrievings in the autumn.
This morning, however, I was told that I had given a wrong date. As expected my age was hinted in connection with this little confusion.
Later today I was to see my doctor for a totally different reason, but I couldn't help asking him, "How do you determine whether or not an older person should be put in an old age home?"
"Well," he said, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup, and a bucket to the person to empty the bathtub."
"Oh, I understand," I said. "A normal person would use the bucket because it is bigger than the spoon or the teacup."
"No", he said. "A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window?"
I did not answer.
Monday, August 22nd 2011:
On my bike ride today I stopped to have a closer look at an enormous cruise ship, "The Emerald Princess" which presently docks at Aarhus. It's a big shjp, very big, 3.080 passengers and a crew of 1.200.
I rode up to the security man at the gangway. He looked very serious. I couldn't help asking him if they took bikes. He looked at me as were I from another planet. No, I couldn't go on the cruise with a bike. I told him that I found it strange since I have no problem in taking my bike on our local railway system. It didn't help. I still couldn't get on board.
I asked where the ship would dock next. "Talinn", he sneered. I told him that then it didn't matter, since I had no plans of going there.
I thought that by now he might have caught my joke, but no. I found out about that when I asked for a reason, and he said that he didn't have to give a cause for his answers.
If the crew lacks humour like the security man does, I am pleased that I couldn't get on board.
Sunday, August 21st 2011:
Had I been in a position to choose my own time of gettig out of bed this morning I certainly would have waited an hour or even more.
Let me tell you why.
For some time I have frequently been reminded by Matron that our garden entrance needed weeding and sweeping etc. I have tried to calm her down by telling that none of it would disappear. It would patiently wait for me to do the job.
So when I happened to wake up about 9 this morning only to hear that my employer had started the job on her own without mentioning anything about it to me, I rushed into the bathroom With the risk of cutting my own throat with my new razor blade I had a very quick shave, swallowed a small piece of bread and half a cup of tea, and rushed out to take over.
I clearly felt her reproach, her silent provocation in starting without me. Once again my instinct of survival did not fail me.
Saturday, August 20th 2011:
In my many attempts to perform better on my bike I have found a new solution. Now, don't you think that I am again deep in any kind of exaggerated EPO intake. No, I have stopped that. It has become much too difficult to get hold of.
My new solution is simple. I just have to drink beet root juice. It's called "Natural EPO".
At Exeter University clever people have found out that people who drank a pint of beet root juice were able to ride 20 % longer on their bikes than those who had a placebo of blackcurrant juice.
So, if you happen to meet me on one of my rides with red froth around my mouth, you know why.
Friday, August 19th 2011:
On this rainy, cold, and windy autumn day it has been a pleasure to just sit in my molded sofa watching TV and playing a game that is rather new to me and that is highly addictive. It's called 'Bubbleshooter'.
My peronal record is 593.340 points.
I would like to know if you can beat that. I doubt it, but you are welcome to try.
You will find it on www,bubbleshooter.com.
Good luck.

Thursday, August 18th 2011:
At a churchyard, by a church some 15 miles from where I live I allways have a rest on my bike rides whenever I am there. And that happens quite frequently. I have never gone through that village without stopping there.
Here, on a nice bench at the grave digger's tool shed I can rest my tired legs, have some acid out of my muscles, and have a drink of water.
It's a very quiet place, and you can sit there all on your own contemplating life's ups and downs.
Today I had a good look at some of the tombstones. They were from back in the thirties and up to now.
I imagined whom these people may have been and what sort of a life they may have had.
At the same time I couldn't help thinking of what kind of life I have myself.
Very happily I rode on.
Wednesday, August 17th 2011:
Strange things do happen.
Just the other day when a SAS Airbus (like the one on the photo) was getting ready for take off from Stockholm to Chicago a mouse was spotted - just a tiny little creature.
This was enough to cancel the flight, and all the passengers were asked to leave the plane and wait. They were told that a plane could not take off with a mouse onboard. Not so much because of the weight, but more because of the danger of the little thing starting biting the cables. 
The crew began looking for the animal and put up mouse traps - but with no success.
Another plane was called in, and several hours later the passengers could leave Stockholm in a mouseless plane.
Little cause - big effect.
Tuesday, August 16th 2011:
On the kitchen table this morning was a note from Matron, who had gone to work. It said, "Hoover the whole house (including conservatory), empty dish washer, and mow the lawn".
Perhaps it doesn't sound of much but considering I had to get up at 6.30 a.m. yesterday to take "Mylady" to work, you may understand that the note looked a bit strenous.
But as usual when seeing a command from Matron on paper my survival instinct is activated. It would be lethal to disobey orders or forgetting them. So I postponed my otherwise well planned bike ride and did what was expected of me.
But I tell you. Riding 45 miles after having obeyed orders is pretty hard. You shouldn't do it.
Monday, August 15th 2011:
It has become very quiet in our house. Yesterday we had 3 grandchildren staying with us - and two of them have been here for a week. Today they are all gone. What a change it is.
Grandchildren are a blessing - also when they go home again.
But make no mistake. We love having them.
Sunday, August 14th 2011:
I went to a big flea market today. Nearly the whole family were there. I was not at all interested in what you could buy, but sat down on a bench and enjoyed watching all the people going by.
There was, however, one stand that caught my interest, a betting shop. Not horses, not dogs, but pigeons. When I was a boy my father was very keen on competitions with carrier pigeons and also the betting part of it. Consequently I was dragged with him every Sunday to watch him bet on the pigeons. He very rarely won anything, even if he was supposed to be an expert who also wrote about the individual pigeon's chances in the local newspapers.
But I still have a very vivid memory of all the hours that I spent on the town hall square at Silkeborg where the betting shop was placed.
By the way it looked very much like the one on the photo, the one that I saw today.
Saturday, August 13th 2011:
Today is a day of celebration. It is exactly 6 years since Matron stopped smoking. Of course she did it as a consequence of her heart problems. But she did it.
I stopped 23 days later having promised her that if she still didn't smoke when she was discharged from hospital I would stop, too. 'Unfortunately' she didn't smoke, so there was no way of return for me.
Today I am very happy, though, that she stopped and thus made me stop as well.
It's a great day.
Friday, August 12th 2011:
Admit it. There's something fascinating about pictures from "The Good Old Days".
Not that anybody would like us to go back to the days of poverty and no social security. I'm just thinking historically. Seeing pictures from my old town Silkeborg always makes me imagine how things were and looked at that time, especially when it's places that I know or have known..
Today's picture is from a butcher's shop, a butcher that I remember from my childhood.
Mind you. The picture was taken about 1910, many years before I was born.
But the shop still existed, when I eventually was.
Thursday, August 11th 2011:
We have in our garden a special flower, Onagraceae.
Not that I believe it is rare, but it is a bit unusual since it blooms every night at 8 p.m.
Because of that we call it the "Eight o'clock-flower".
But mind you. In these days - because of summer time - it is not until 9 p.m.
The other night I stood watching it from 9 to 9.20. During that time 10-15 flowers unfolded. It takes about 10 minutes for each flower to unfold completely. It's a beautiful sight, not least because each flower is deep yellow and quite big. Have a look at the photo.
In fact it is eatable. But then you must pick it in the evening or latest the next morning. Otherwise it is "dead". 
I myself have no intensions of eating a beautiful flower like that. In fact I would never dream of eating any flower. I prefer a good steak.
Wednesday, August 10th 2011:
On bike with two grandchildre to our local yacht harbour, which I did today,  is nice. Perhaps not so much because of all the beautiful boats, but more because of the very delicate ice cream that we always buy there. It's not a long ride, but a very traditional one. We will sit down, eat our ice cream, go to the light house and have a stroll on the piers.
All in all very enjoyable.
Tuesday, August 9th 2011:
Having grandchildren on holiday always means at least to certain visits:
A: Artmuseum AROS.
B: "Sunset Boulevard" for lunch.
A was very hard for me. AROS is a big museum in 10 floors. On top is the new "Rainbow Panorama", a big round sort of glass building from where you can see most of Aarhus through the colours of the rainbow.
I was very tired when leaving the museum. All those stairs. There was no help from liftst since one of two was out of order, and there was a long queu at the other one.
Fortunately there was nothing tiring about B, and the food was good - and healthy. I think that even the Pepsi Max I drank, was a health drink.
Monday, August 8th 2011:
Just these days we are having our two youngest grandchildren. They are here for a week.
They have decided to go swimming at least once a day no matter the weather. Till now it has been absolutely cold. But the two vikings have kept their promise and went twice yesterday and until now once today. I shall not be surprised if they will go once more tonight. And it is quite cold.
They must be mad. Anyway it is something they haven't got from me. I would never consider swimming in cold water. So they must have got it from their mad parents.
Sunday, August 7th 2011:
I am always very irritated when somebody has parked his (or her) car on the cycle path. It's annoying and also dangerous. Sometimes I have to get off the path and ride on the road.
Not pleasant at all.
A few times I have quarrelled with some car owner who has been stupid enough to park where I should ride.
But now the mayor of Vilnius, the capitol of Lithuania, har solved the problem.
He simply asks the army to lend him a tank, and with that he cruches the car.
That will teach car owners to park on the road and not on bike paths. Next time I meet our local mayor I shall pass the idea on to him.
Saturday, August 6th 2011:
Today Matron invited me for brunch at a fancy restaurant in Silkeborg. It was great and has prevented me from eating ever since. Among several other things there was a full English breakfast with toast, bacon and eggs, warm tomatoes, and bangers. Very nice.
Of course I had the full Danish breakfast afterwards.
After all that there was just strength enough to walk a few hundred yards to the nearby Paper Museum. Silkeborg was founded as a consequence of the paper mill that was built in 1844.
The museum is interesting in itself, but it gives an extra flavour that Matron's grandmother and -father used to work there.
At the museum Matron and I were taught how to make paper with watermarkings, as it was done many years ago.
Friday, August 5th 2011:
I have seen a bike race live today. I watched the final of today's stage at Vejle on a very steep "mountain" in the middle of the town. It was very exciiting, and once more I must express my admiration for the riders, the whay they climb a steep hill is fantastic. What power they have.
I am happy to tell that a Danish rider from my team, "Leopard/Trek" won the stage.
So all in all it was a great day.
Thursday, August 4th 2011:
Report from my potato field:
This year's harvest is far better than expected. Two plants provide Matron and I with enough potatoes for 2-3 days. And they are of excellent quality.
My EU-subsidies are still not here. But if the amount depends on the quality I am going to be a very rich potato farmer.
A look at the photo of the field as it looks today may remind you of a lot of dead weeds. But don't fool yourself. Underneath is a fortune in good and healthy potatoes waiting only to be dug out and eaten by Matron and I plus whoever looks in for a potato or two.

Wednesday, August 2nd 2011:
Exactly 49,58 kilometres from here is a pleasant little town by the name of Grenaa.
I biked there this morning to see our very nice son-in-law who works at a big supermarket. Matron met me there in our car, and she had a thorough look at all the goods in the shop - I think she skipped the shelf with dishcloths, though.
Thus exhausted by our respectiv activities I invited on lunch at the nearby harbour - a fish restaurant with excellent food.
We tasted various species, among which was a giant prawn. It more or less exploded in my hands when I squeezed it in order to open it. The result was to be seen all over my shorts and jersey. That did not make me any popular with Matron. Neither did it when I suggested that since I had invited she could pay.
At that point I nearly lost my right to have my bike and myself transported the 49,58 kilometres back to home.
Tuesday, August 2nd 2011:
Today another painting job was waiting for me when I got up. This time not because some inner voice told me to, but because a distinct voice from Matron told me that she very much wanted to have the floor of our terrace painted.
Consequently I grabbed my anti weed sprayer, filled it with wood paint and started.
I shouldn't have done that. Matron became very excited - or perhaps even a bit more. She claimed that I also sprayed the walls. Well, she was perhaps a little right, but it was no more than 8-10 inches,
Anyway. Out came the brush in order to paint along the walls and the 'spray machine' did the rest.
The idea of using an anti weed sprayer is a good one which I gladly recommend to others for paiting with thin paint. It saves you crawling around with a brush.
I hate crawling - and painting.
Monday, August 1st 2011:
I don't know exactly what happened. I woke up this morning, and said to myself, 'You must paint your tool shed today'.
Unable to overhear this inner voice I started. and as you can see on the photo it now stands there nice and shining in our garden. I also like the smell of fresh oil painting, by the way.
As it happened my painting coincided with Matron's wash day, an event that takes place twice a year, 1st of August and 1st of February.

Sunday, July 31st 2011:
Once again an exhausting day. This morning I decided to climb the worst hill of them all not far from Ebeltoft. I always call it "The grandmother of all wicked hills in Denmark".
Using all my strength I managed to get to the top, two miles from the bottom and with an ascend of up to 12-13 %. The mother of the wicked hill is on the other side, and I enjoyed riding downhill there.
Climbing the stupid hill was so hard that I had to promise myself that this was the last time for me to do it. It is no good for a 70-year-old man.
At a certain place on the hill it looks as if it is so steep that it goes directly up into heaven.  Just look at the picture.
Had this hill been the only one on my route I would have been alright. But it was just one out of many. Biking is hard.
Saturday, July 30th 2011:
How naiv can a taxi-driver be?
The other day two young Danes from Odense  hired a taxi to take them to Munich. The driver accepted a price of about 1.600 pounds, and they set off.
Arrivimg at Munich the driver accepted that the two youngsters went into a bar for a beer. They never returned, and the poor taxi-man had to return to Denmark cheated for quite a lot of money.
This story was told in a Danish newspaper the other day and reminded me of once my brother, two Norwegians, and I landed at Manchester Airport and had to go to Chesterfield to our hotel. We hired a taxi and set off. On the way we wanted to stop for lunch and a couple of beers. The driver looked a bit suspicious, but we invited him for lunch and beer, too, and at once he looked relaxed. Quite a few beers later we continued, arrived at our destination. We gave the driver a solid tip, and he told that it had been his best day for a long time. A good lunch, a couple of beers, and a good pay for the ride. He hoped we would ask for him on our way back.
Friday, July 29th 2011:
A short stay at Silkeborg prevented me from writing my diary for two days. I think that's a shame, because I've got so much to tell.
Never mind. Here I am again.
A trip to Silkeborg is for me like a muslim's pilgrimage to Mekka, only a bit shorter and a bit cooler.
The two days at this beautiful town had two purposes: A) Enjoying ourselves with good friends, and B) a "voyage" up and down the river with the now 150 year-old paddle steamer. Had its 150th birthday this year
We all had a great time, and on the boat I was lucky enough to meet and elderly man, even older than I, who could tell that he, as a child, lived at the workhouse that I have written a book about. We had a very interesting chat. This made the tour even better.
Tuesday, July 26th 2011:
Today my very wicked son, Peter, had planned a bike route for himself, my son-in-law Kent, my grandchild Kristian and yours truly. 32 miles long and in the most hilly part of Denmark.
It was planned only in an attempt to break me.
But he was unsuccessful. I climbed all the mountains, even if I wasn't as fast as the three others.They did very well all 3 of them, too well for me to follow them anyway.
But they never got rid of me. I kept coming back.
In spite of all the hardships in the mountains I really enjoyed my day. I couldn't help thinking how nice it was that 3 generations could go on a bike ride together and fight for queen and country - and  in my case - for life.
I shall ask you to especially notice picture two. It shows a 70 year old climber on his way to the top on a 13 % climb. Fortunately it is a still photo. Doesn't show my speed.
Monday, July 25th 2011:
Matron yesterday ordered her faithful servant to bring her to our neighbouring country to the south - today. I obligingly did.
For that reason all our stocks are now full up. For example I have got Pepsi Light and beer enough for the next 6 months or so.
Also cheeses, sausages, various sorts of meat, and sweets are plentiful.
Not only have we saved something in the vicinity of 250 pounds, she claims, but we have also done a lot for German trade.
Sunday, July 24th 2011:
I thought I would give myself a rest day today after yesterday's tough ride of 88 kilometres.
But Matron thought differently. So I was told to escort her to a supermarket, dig out potatoes, and hoover. My back muscles objected all they could. So I groaned quite a bit. Matron told me to stop it, and I dutifully did. Had no option.
We bike riders often have a hard time.
If it wasn't because our family will be in for a meal tonight, I would not hesitate nominating today as a very bad day.
Saturday, July 23rd 2011:
I have set a new year record on my bike today. 88 kilometres (56 miles). It was only set because of lack of preparation. After a visit at one of my cousins', my brother and I chose to bike the way back. We had brought our bikes in the car.
I thought the distance would be about 65 kilometres. Bad preparation. Should have checked it properly. Had I known it was 88 I would have chosen to return in the car in the nice company of Matron.
But one must pay for one's errors. 
I cannot imagine that any Tour de France rider at any time has been as tired as I am right now.
But also I am a bit proud.
Friday, July 22nd 2011:
Friday, July 31st 1958 Matron and I returned from a holiday in Copenhagen. It wasn't just another holiday, but a tough bike tour, Tour de Denmark, if you like.
During our stay over there we had for the second time within a week met our coming friends May and Len. The week before I had played cricket against Len's team, we all had a very nice evening with the two teams, and arranged to meet in Copenhagen. We had planned to go there for our holiday, and Len's team had a fixture against a team from there.
That this event should lead to so far 53 years' friendship none of us could possibly have dreamt of.
We have seen each other innumerable times since then and are going to once again late in September this year.
Back to our trip in 1958.
On our way out we had biked the 'long' way across Fuenen and Zealand. On the return we chose to take the boat from Copenhagen to Aarhus. Thus we 'only' had to ride 42 kilometres to our home town Silkeborg.
Nevertheless it was one of the hardest stages of the whole ride. We had a storm right in our faces. That made Matron use a not very nice language. Normally she wouldn't dream of swearing. But on that day she forgot. I couldn't help hearing it when at a rare occasion I was behind.
But we managed, and as you can see on the photo we looked very well on the return to Silkeborg, like we still do. Nothing's changed there.
Thursday, July 21st 2011:
I read something interesting today, something I never knew.
When Adolf Hitler's mother was expecting little Adolf she seriously contemplated having an abortion. It didn't say on what grounds.
Well, as everybody knows she decided against it, and the world had to go through several years of bloody sufferings due to her decision.
But after all. How could she know?
I wonder what the world would have been today had Adolf Hitler never lived.
Would somebody else just have done the same in his place?
Wednesday, July 20th 2011:
Matron and I have realized that we are getting a bit old.
Consequently we spent the whole morning driving from one caravan centre to the next asking for prices on an electric mover for our caravan. It's rather expensive, but soon we may come to the conclusion that it's a matter of choosing between a mover or not caravanning at all.
We haven't got the strength to push the heavy thing about.
And I must admit that I am looking with envy when at a caravan site somebody is moving his caravan by just pressing a few buttons on a remote control.
I hope that we shall soon have one. I think we deserve it.

Tuesday, July 19th 2011:
Fortunately it was a win for my football team last night.
I even dared not watch it on TV, so eldest son phoned me when we scored. He did it twice. Our opponents only scored once.
So it was a relieved elderly gentleman who a few hours later put his head on his pillow.
But what about next weekend?
A new game is threatening.
Oh, dear. It will be a long season.
Monday, July 18th 2011:
My football club plays its first game this season tonight - a home game. Also it is the first game for over a year in our Super League. They were promoted this summer. All rather exciting.
I know I should go. I was even offered a free ticket by my brother. So in fact there is no excuse for my not being there. I should support the poor devils who are facing a tough season with a very likely relegation.
But I shall not be there. My poor old nerves cannot take it. I shall wait till they have won a couple of games, so I may have to wait quite a while.

Sunday, July 17th 2011:
A very welcome invitation for lunch at some friends' near Ebeltoft arrived this morning.
We were lucky enough to be served plaice with new potatoes and parsley sauce + a very nice dessert.
On top of it our host would very much like to watch Tour de France afterwards. I did not object.
That's how to spend a perfect afternoon in July.
Saturday, July 16th 2011:
On top of Matron's list of jobs for me after our holiday it said 'Mow the lawn'.
I wasn't surprised. The lawn was 10-12 inches high.
I claimed that it was too wet to be mowed. She said it wasn't, so I started.
At 12.15 when The Tour started on TV I went in to watch it, but was quickly sent out again to finish the job. I tried to make her change her mind by reminding her that if she were watching her favourite series 'Heartbeat', and I told her to mow the lawn I know that she would flatly refuse.
I was told that there was no comparison. In The Tour they just ride their bikes, and it lasts 3 weeks.
Not even my remark that 'Heartbeat' lasts 2½ years, and that there are two episodes per day made any difference.
The lawn is now mowed.
Holiday in Lemvig is better that garden work.
Friday, July 15th 2011:
There's a small town 100 miles from here in north westerly direction called Lemvig. It's our favourite holiday place, and we have just come home after two weeks' wonderful holiday there. It was so good that I didn't want to go home this morning and I hid to avoid it. It didn't help, though. Matron found me, so here I am back in my comfy sofa at our own house.
Now I am afraid that serious work is waiting for me to be done as soon as Matron has completed her list. She is a tough employer, and never wants to discuss salaries.
Thursday, July 14th 2011:
On this stormy and rainy day I must refrain from any talk about summer. The day has most of all been like a November day.
Consequently I only left my pleasant sofa for a short visit to the supermarket this morning in order to buy food enough - including lunch - for a very tough stage at the Tour de France. Three big mountains to climb cannot be managed without a certain "intake".
And it was hard. But I did well. I followed the riders all the way. However, after having crossed the line, I had to have an extra cake to bring my blood sugar back into balance.
Tonight I shall invite Matron out for a meal, so that I can be ready for tomorrow's stage, which will be hard, too. 
Wednesday, July 13th 2011:
I shall make it short today. We have been visited by family and have had a wonderful day with plenty to eat and drink. So unfortunately there was no time for my diary. May it not happen again
Consequently I would like to stop here and very soon make ready for bed. So I shall wish you all a very good night with plesant dreams.
PS: However I must take the time to tell you that today my football club signed with a forward who recently played for Denmark, Soeren Larsen. We shall expect a lot of him. He played for Denmark at the latest World Cup.
Tuesday, July 12th 2011:
Exactly as predicted yesterday I warmed up to today's stage in France by biking some 22-23 miles to meet Matron at a very nice restaurant for lunch. She arrived very comfortably in our car.
I am not sure what happens when I take her out for a meal. She does something to me that makes me order from the expensive end of the menu. I try to resist my urge to do that, but I only very rarely succeed.
Never mind. She deserves it.
Monday, July 11th 2011:
It has been rest day at the Tour de France. All riders have relaxed, eaten well, and just as a matter of routine biked 50 miles, I have done the same - except for the bike ride. I know I should have done it, but fortunately we have been visited by family which prevented me from it.
But I have eaten and relaxed well, just like the pros, including a giant ice cream.
My preparation for tomorrow's stage in France will be a short ride to meet Matron at a nice restaurant for a nice lunch. And then home and switch on the TV set. And I shall certainly be well prepared.
Sunday, July 10th 2011:
You won't be surprised when I tell you that right now I am watching Tour de France. I cannot help it.
The yellow jersey is on a Norwegian rider, but it may change hands today.
When thinking about that I decided to find out exactly why it must be a YELLOW jersey.
Let me tell you. It started in 1919 when reporters asked for a different and distinct colour for the leader to make it easier for them to recognize him.
The main sponsor at that time was the magazine "L'Auto", and since it was printed on yellow paper the result was obvious.
Back to the present. It is a terrible year. Riders seem to crash all the time. I have just heard that never in its 108 years have so many riders fallen. I have just seen a nasty fall with 4 riders abandonning due to injuries. All with broken limbs. Not very nice to watch.
It makes me quite happy that I told the management of the Tour that I would not take part this year. I hate falling off my bike and must refer to my own crash in the centre of Aarhus (see diary 22nd September 2010).
Shortly after having finished writing today's diary I saw two riders being hit by a TV-car and thrown into the ditch and onto a field. It was very frightening to watch.
Saturday, July 9th 2011:
It seems that the Danish population have become boozers - wine boozers.
Today I read a statistic showing that 93 % of all Danish families regularly buy wine. That makes Denmark the world record holder. Number two is France with 85 %.
It was a surprise to me. But then again. Nearly no matter whom you visit in our country you willl see wine bottles in various wine racks. And I know several people who enjoy a glass of red wine every day. And they are not boozers, you know.
Probably there are two reasons for having wine every day.
1. It's very nice.
2. For years doctors have recommended a glass of red wine per day - good for your health.
I shall be opening a bottle in a few minutes.
Friday, July 8th 2011:
We burried Karl today, my good friend, football partner (we spent innumerable hours together watching our club's home games), and neighbour.
He will be deeply missed for his kindness and helpfulness, always ready with a helping hand, never said no.
When sometimes you wanted to give him a small present for his trouble, he alway refused to take it. So I found my own method. I knocked on his door, threw the present over his head, slammed the door and ran.
He always said, 'What are neighbours for, if not for helping each other?'
That was how he was. A really nice chap.
Thursday, July 7th 2011:
Relevant question. Would Matron do for me what a Mexican wife the other day did for her husband who was imprisoned for 20 years?
When visiting him she brought a big trunk, probably with clothes.
On her way out she seemed a bit troubled with the trunk, so helpful wards offered to help, got suspicious and opened it.
In it was a very much folded prisoner in a very uncomfortable position which he wasn't allowed to leave untill he was thoroughly photographed.
I do not think that Matron would do that for me. There is a weight problem. And the trunk would have to be the size of a small car. Besides I am not foldable. And should I somehow succeed in doing it, it would be absolutely impossible to unfold me.
Wednesday, July 6th 2011:
I love barbecues. The more the better. My favourite summer meal.
To be sure that there will always be meat enough we some years ago bought a big Weber. It's not the biggest in the world. That was made in Uruguay in 2008. It was 1 mile long and, 6 tons of charcoal were used.
I suppose that more than one family were present for the meal. It may be a bit too big even for me.
Tuesday, July 5th 2011:
You may be surprised to learn that I am watching the Tour de France just now. Very exciting. Well, I may doze off now and then, but while dozing I still follow what's going on in the the race. It's a skill that I have taught myself during many years' practise. I am an excelent multi tasker. I even write my diary at the same time. So that's three activities at one time, watching TV, dozing, and writing. I may even drink and eat as well. That's five activities. It's getting better and better.
Monday, July 4th 2011:
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark", not least the weather. Our capitol is under water. 155 millimeters of rain in about 2 hours the other night is not only a lot of water, but also an all time record. It is a bit less than 3 months' rain in such a short time.
There are floodings everywhere in the town. Tivoli was evacuated - and worst of all my computer connection broke down for 12-14 hours because my internet server is situated somewhere in Copenhagen. And that particular building was flooded as well.
So something is really rotten here - or will rotten very soon if it is not dried up.
Sunday, July 3rd 2011:
I have remembered what I would have told 2 days ago about my potatoes but couldn't, because of missing internet.
I have found out why I am so successful about growing these plants. My family is originally German and were potato growers. In 1759 they were invited by the Danish king to come and help the ignorant Danes to grow potatoes.
I can proove my origin by referring to my middle name Fosgerau, a typical German name from exactly that time and a family that has been proven part of the socalled 'Potato Germans'.
So it is no wonder that I am also a successful potato man. It's in my genes.
May I express my deeply felt gratitude to the Danish king for inviting those people. Otherwise I wouldn't have existed, and the world would have been a lot poorer.
Saturday, July 2nd 2011:
Yes, yes. I know, I know. I did not write my diary yesterday. My telephone hasn't stopped ringing since then. Angry readers have told me to do something about it.
I was innocent, though. Just couldn't get any contact to the internet. It was such a shame, because I would have told something very exciting about my potato field. My problem now is that I have forgotten what it was.
Never mind. Tour de France has just started, and I am watching it while writing. That's life.
Thursday, June 30th 2011:
As you know sushi is trendy and is said to be rather good. I never dared try it myself. To me raw fish seems 'not nice at all'.
The idea of fish sushi of course was 'invented' in Japan.
But it doesn't stop here. The Japanese have come up with a new type of sushi. This time on raw horse meat. Yes, you saw right. Raw horse meat. 
A restaurant in Tokyo has specialized in it. I expect it to reach Europe soon.
I am sure that I am not going to try that either. Raw horse meat!!!!!
Wednesday, June 29th 2011:
I have been in the chair today, Matron's barber chair. She has cut my curly hair. She does that regularly, much too regularly if you ask me. She says that I need it and that especially my eyebrows must be kept short. If not I will remind her of a former chairman (Mr. Speaker) of the Danish parliament. His eyebrows were abot 1½-2 inches long, and not nice to look at at all. That threat makes me accept the cutting of eyebrows, even if I hate it. I don't like a pair of scissors ½ an inch away from my eyes.
But enjoy the result of Matron's trimming on the picture. And admit it. She's good at it - and it's a nice looking bloke.
Tuesday, June 28th 2011:
In Denmark we have a tradition of waking and singing for silver wedding couples at 7 a.m.. That's why I was up early this morning, 5.30.
An old retriever friend and his wife were celebrating their 25th anniversary. They are a fantastic couple.
With the groom I share not only the interest for retrievers, but also we enjoy bike races. On top of that his son-in-law, Martin Mortensen, is a very good pro rider for the new team from Luxemburg, "Team Leopard Trek", probably the best team in the world.
Fortunately he was also there this morning, and I had the opportunity of talking a lot to him. I have followed him through the latest 2-3 years, and he has become a bit of an idol for me.
I also was photographed with him. I am very proud of that picture with him, his 15.000 pound expensive bike + me.
Monday, June 27th 2011:
I met a former classmate today. She happened to visit an elderly man whom I intervied in connection with what may become my next book.
She (by the way her name is Else) and I of course could exchange several memories from our school time.
But more interestingly she could also tell me something that I had forgotten. We met in 1965 at Piccadilly Circus when I brought a group of children to London. So it is true what is said about Piccadilly. You will always meet someone you know - at least if you wait long enough.
It has been a great day. Not only did I get a lot of invaluable information I also met an old class mate. I love days like that.
Sunday, June 26th 2011:
Matron was up early today, 6.30 a.m.  I happened to wake up half an hour later, heard noises from our sitting room, went in, and nearly had a chock. There she was, cleaning our windows. I thought she had gone mad, and told her so. Think of it. Getting out of bed at 6.30 and start cleaning windows. Now I know from where our two children have got their insanity.
I hurried to bed again fearing to be told to do some other cleaning of whatever. She does get those funny ideas ever so often.
An hour later I woke up to find out that now she had also cleaned our caravan.
When she puts her mind on something she really goes after it. Worst of all is that she expects the same from me.
Saturday, June 25th 2011:
Today we had lunch at my brother's summer cottage near Ebeltoft. It a most beautiful place with a wonderful view over the sea. Sitting there in these fantastic surroundings and lovely weather enjoying a good lunch is not the worst thing that can happen to you. I very nearly forgot to eat. Fortunately it didn't come to that.
Friday, June 24th 2011:
Eventually came the big day. I dug out my first potatoes at a ceremony in which participated Matron and I. In my speech I - among other things - expressed my hope that the expected EU-subsidies may soon materialize.
I dug out two plants. The result was half a bucketful of potatoes, 689 grams.
I immediately planted two new potatoes in the holes of the two departed.
Now the place needs a period of quietness. I am afraid that the ramaining 28 plants are a bit upset that two of their mates have left them. I must comfort them - and that may take some time.
Thursday, June 23rd 2011:
It was a very proud granddad who last night saw and heard eldest grandchild, Katrine, in front of 200 people make a speech for her teachers at the graduation ceremony at her now former school. Also she presented them with gifts. On top of the bargain she leaves the school with fine marks, only A's and B's.
Next step will be her A-levels, Gymnasium, as we call it. That will be in August and will be a challenge. I am sure she will live up to it.
She's clever you know - like her granddad.
Wednesday, June 22nd 2011:
I feel embarrased. Today I rode 45 miles on my bike. And I was far from convincing. The last 5-6 miles were a struggle. I am afraid that I shall have to give up riding this year's Tour de France. How can I possibly tell it to the management of the tour? They will be upset. They have even already sent my number for my jersey, 007
I shall have to dump it. Disappointment of the year.
Tuesday, June 21st (shortest day of the year):
Last Saturday I wrote about my genetic inheritage from my father - about partying. He also loved it.
Unfortunately I got nothing from him concerning trimming hedges. He was a champion. He left the hedge absolutely straight both vertically and horizontally. Not a leaf turned the wrong way.
I trimmed our hedge today, and I am afraid that my dad would have been very disappointed, perhaps even upset, had he seen it.
However, Matron was pleased when she came home and saw the result of my efforts.
Obviously she has forgotten how her father-in-law could do it.
Monday, June 20th 2011:
Very soon it is time for this year's Tour de France, and as usual I am looking very much forward to the 3.430 kilometres from July 2nd till 24th.
I know it will be hard, but I intend to watch all of it - in fact every bit of it.
I must try and practise a bit in front of the tele before July 2nd.
3.430 kilometres is quite a distance. It is even a bit more than I ride in a year. There will be 21 stages.
But compared to earlier tours it is rather short. In 1926 it was 5.475 kilometres in 17 stages.
I am glad I was not a bike rider then. 3.430 kilometres is hard enough.
Sunday, June 19th 2011:
At the North Sea, straight west of Aarhus, about 75 miles, is a small tourist town by the name of Soendervig. During the summer you can see a sand sculpture exhibition there. And all sculptures are made of sand, and only sand.
Together with daugher-in-law, son, youngest grandchild, and Matron I went there today. The overall theme of the exhibition is "Classic Rome" especially seen from the points of view of slaves and gladiatores.
I enjoyed being "teacher" once again telling Cecilie about life in ancient Rome.
Adding to this was an excellent lunch and a stay on the beach watching the waves of the North Sea.
What a nice day.
Saturday, June 18th 2011:
Today Matron and I were invited to a double 70-year-birthday with splendid food and drink. It is also worth noticing that we were in the company of several very nice people. I love these three ingredients and enjoyed the 5-6 hours that we spent together. As usual I ate too much. Not good for my eternal diet.
Today I might also have celebrated another birthday. Had my father lived he would have been 100 years old. He would have enjoyed that - and so would I. Like me he loved parties. 
Friday, June 17th 2011:
It's 'Heartbeat-time' right now. Matron is watching intensely and is not to be disturbed, even if it's the fourth time in succession that the series is on. I have a strong feeling that she knows every liné by heart. But that won't keep her away.
I am just a passive onlooker. I don't follow the plot, but every 5 or 10 minutes I am told by Matron what is going to happen next. Just now I was told that PC Rowan by entering a house is going to find a dead body in there. And not surprisingly he did.
This very moment the episode ends. But don't worry. Another one will start in four minutes after the commercials. I nearly cannot wait.
Thursday, June 16th 2011:
Today Matron announced that I would very much like to have a new pair of trousers. I didn't know that. And there was more I didn't know. Having arrived in the shop I was told that really I wanted two pairs of trousers. So I had them. I hoped that would be the end of what I wanted.
But suddenly I was told that a blue sweater was another wish of mine.
All in all there was quite a lot that I didn't know, and my lack of knowledge cost me 1.600 kroners (about 200 pounds).
It is expensive to be ignorant.
Wednesday, June 15th 2011:
We were lucky enough today to be visited by my old playmate, Leo and his wife Lissi.
Leo and I have known each other since we were 4-5 years old. We played together, went to school together, and spent some time together in the army.
After that our ways parted (1964), and we haven't seen each other since then.
How nice it was to meet again and talk about the good old days and all our mutual friends.
Fine that our memory is so good. As far as I am concerned I remember everything from then - even the smallest detail.
Fortunately we are going to meet again to share some more memories.
Tuesday, June 14th 2011:
Just think of it.
Today I happened to read that some people suffer from a very bad phobia, CHREMATO PHOBIA.
That's bad, even very bad. I am just the opposite.
'Now, what is chremato phobia?' I hear you asking. So, let me tell you. 'It is fear of money'.
I am happy that I don't suffer from that. But I sometimes have a phobia caused by too little money.
Monday, June 13th 2011:
We have been away for the Whitsun Bank Holiday. Not far, only a bit more than 1 hour's drive, towing the caravan.
We stayed in a small town, Hobro.
During our 3 day stay I visited the local church and got myself a decent surprise. I hadn't prepared my visit and didn't know what to expect. It was quite a surprise to see the decoration - all blue.
I have visited many churches, but never seen one like this.
Just have a look at the picture.
PS: Report from my potato field:
5 new plants have come up. I greeted them when we came home at midday. They will be nursed like their brethren, who all seem to be very well indeed. But they must have missed me while I was away.
Thursday, June 9th 2011:
I am a disappointed man.
Considering my reluctance towards hard physical work, and when you recognize that I spent the whole morning doing exactly that, cleaning up and sorting all sorts of stuff in our garage, you may start appreciating my mega disappointment when Matron after work arrived in the empty garage without noticing at all what had happened.
And the difference between before and after was enormous. It was really hard work.
I am afraid that my deeds are not seen.
Even she who should be impressed, doesn't notice anything.
That may make one loose one's heart. But I am afraid I will not be allowed to.
Wednesday, June 8th 2011:
I have to do this. I cannot help it. Report from my potato field:
I have grown fascinated by my 25 potato plants. Would you believe it?
I am looking after them all the time. I hoe them twice a week, and I am more careful about them than about my bike and car all together.
Have a good look at the two pictures and enjoy them.
When can I dig them up? Do they have to flourish first? Or is that not important?
It will be a proud day to remember when we have our first meal with our home grown potatoes.
Tuesday, June 7th 2011:
I have just heard that compensation is on its way to European cucumber producers, since they haven't been able to sell as much as they used to. Reason of course: PTEC problems.
150 mill. Euros have been granted. I second that, because it must mean that my subsidies for my potato field is secured, even if only 25 plants will come up. I am still waiting for the remaining 5.
But it shouldn't matter. When cucumber producers can be compensated I must be definately sure that money is also on its way to me.
Long live EU subsidies.
Monday, June 6th 2011:
Eating seems to be rather dangerous. For the last week or so the VTEC bacteria has dominated TV, radio and newspaper. Obviously it is a small bug that upsets your stomach, but worse than that it may be lethal.
Unfortunately it hasn't been possible to trace it. First it was believed to come from Spanish cucumbers. So we stopped buying them. Then it was German cucumbers and later lettuce. We stopped buying those. Danish cucumbers were never in question. But the effect on the sale of cucumbers is clear. It has dropped to under 50 % - also Danish cucumbers.
And now it turns out that the bacteria probably comes from German bean sprouts. And the sale of those have stopped completely, no matter from what country they come.
Also beef and chicken have been mentioned. But I refuse to stop eating.
Sunday, June 5th 2011:
Look at the two pictures and notice the difference. This is what my day went with. 'Not bad', I can hear you saying. 'I agree', I can hear myself saying.
Having reached this agreement I might give you a long and boring description of how I did it. But I won't. Mainly bacause I can't. We clever people just do things like that without thinking about it. It' s all in the blood.
Saturday, June 4th 2011:
I was very clever today (as usual. You might even say crafty).
Meteorologists had promised wind from the north west. Automatically that would mean that I will go north west on my bike ride. Head wind out, back wind home.
So setting out I thought, 'Who makes more mistakes than a meteorologist?' The answer to me is obvious, 'One of his colleagues.'
Consequently I started in the direction of south east. And quite right. I had a head wind out and a back wind home. Winds exactly the opposite of what was predicted, and exactly as I like it. I'm a crafty devil.
It has been a great day.
PS: I broke my year record and rode 63 kilometres (just about 40 miles). The weather absolutely glorious.
Friday, June 3rd 2011:
Even if getting out of bed in the morning is not my favourite pasttime, I must admit that this morning it was fabulous. Stepping out on the lawn in bright sunshine with an absolutely cloudless sky was wonderful. And the weather hasn't changed since, apart from the one fact that it has become warmer - a very pleasant heat, not a blistering one.
Soon the barbecue will bet lit, and it is time for a good meal with cold drinks in the garden.
Isn't life just fantastic?
Thursday, June 2nd 2011:
Thanks mostly to my very helpful son-in-law my back garden fence is now put up.
He came down here after 50 miles on his bike, and you couldn't even see it. I would have been totally knackered and not even able to lift a small hammer.
Anyway. As you can see the fence looks very nice, and only a couple of small details are missing, f. ex. little metal pyramids on top of each pole. I shall put them up as soon as possible.
Wednesday, June 1st 2011:
What a nice afternoon. Unexpected visitors from Ebeltoft (I love unexpected visitors) arrived with Danish pastry for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Wit a bit of trouble we succeeded in pursuading them to stay for supper. They accepted, especially when they heard that it would be barbecue sausages and beer. So we also had a very nice meal.
Perhaps the day hasn't been a healthy one. I mean Danish pastry, sausages and beer. I think my doctor would protest if he heard about it. But he won't, unless one of you treacherous lot would call him. Don't. I know where you live, and I know a group of not very nice people with baseball bats.
So, beware!
Tuesday, May 31st 2011:
1) Done our beds, 2) Poisioned weeds, 3) Emptied dishwasher, 4) Hoovered the whole house, 5) Trimmeed edges of lawn, 6) Mowed lawn, 7) Hoed potatoes, 8) Planted five new potatoes (Must have at least 29 to get my EU subsidies, and four were missing. To be sure I planted five), 9) Read meters for electricity, heating and water.
What a programme. But as a matter of fact I enjoyed myself.
Monday, May 30th 2011:
Never ever in my 7-8 year long carrier as a bike rider have I been as tired as I am today. Never.
I felt it coming after only 6 miles. My thigh muscles got stiff and sore. Same thing happened to my calf muscles. 
I had planned a ride of over 40 miles, so I carried on convinced that my tiredness and soreness would disappear as they normally do. But not so. After about 20 miles I arrived at Moesgaard Beach, a place that I so often go to, and I had to buy a French hot dog and a diet coke.
And when that happens I am in dire straits (?).
But nothing helped. I never recovered. I arrived back home having ridden 36 miles in a terrible state. I would never have managed the missing 4 . What a ride. The only reason for my weakness that I can think of, is, that my cold from last week hasn't left me completely. 40 miles should be no problem.
Sunday, May 29th 2011:
I have never been accused of being an optimist - especially not as far as football is concerned.. Today my pessimism was increased by the result of my team's very last game of the season. They lost 2-4 and played terribly.
I know that promotion has been a fact for 4-5 weeks, but results in the latest games promise a more than difficult next season in our super league. If my team does not buy 5-6 really qualified players, relegation will be a fact in 2012. What a terrible thing. I can already feel it coming. That will not be any good for the situation in the Middle East - or for that matter anywhere in the world, for example Studstrup.
Saturday, May 28th 2011:
  Sometimes, unfortunately, one has to attend a funeral. Today Peter and  I were asked to play two signals on our hunting bugle at the funeral of the owner of the estate where Peter and I have retrieved and played the bugle for many years. The family therefore asked us to play at the funeral. And of course we said yes. I have known Flemming Lúttichau for 35 years - and Peter more or less the same.
I am very glad to say that our signals went very well indeed. A lot of people told us that at the wake. 
The service was attended by Her Majesty the Queen and the Prince Consort. As you can see on the pictures Peter and I stood right next to the royals who afterwards shook hands with the two of us. A proud moment. They also had very kind words to us about the music.
Friday, May 27th 2011:
Another short diary due to more partying. A friend celebrated her 70th birthday from midday today, and once again I did my best not to leave the table hungry and thirsty. I succeeded. Now I am paying the price.
Thursday, May 26th 2011:
There is one disadvantage about summer. Hedges need cutting. Yesterday Matron hinted that one of our hedges, the one that uninhibited just grows and grows, should be cut rather soon. I'm not the one who contradicts my boss in cases like that. So now that particular hedge is cut, and I can look forward to the next hint about all the rest of our hedges.
Wednesday, May 25th 2011:
File photo of Princess Beatrice arriving at Westminster Abbey, Kate Middleton, Prins William, Prinsesse Beatrice
The woman on the picture is Princess Beatrice. That's all I know about her. Well, I also know that she had the 'honour' of being appointed 'Worst dressed woman' at the royal wedding last month. I don't wonder. She deserves the title.
But she who laughs last laughs best. The princess has recently sold her absolutely stupid hat for a fortune, 131.000 dollars.
What fool would pay that for a stupid hat like this? Well, somebody would.
Tuesday, May 24th 2011:
My throat hurts. I've got a headache. I cough. I'm a bit dizzy. I've got a temperature. I hurt all over my poor body. I've had a lousy night.
Given a bit more time I might easily find another couple of ailments, but I won't, since do not want to ask for anybody's pity. I couldn't dream of that.
Matron claims that men are  sissies whenever they are just a tiny bit sick. Then they moan and groan as were they mortally wounded, she says.
In my case she is not right. As always I suffer in silence.
Monday, May 23rd 2011:
Report from my potato field:
I have just counted that 25 out of 29 plants are now to be seen. I am keen to get the last 4 up as well, since my subsidies from the EU depend on that. Consequently I have to stand at the field at least once a day to encourage them to pop up. They seem a bit reluctant.

Sunday, May 22nd 2011:
I didn't know, and perhaps you didn't know either. The most dangerous animals in the world are donkeys. Every year more people are killed in accidents with donkeys than in all plane crashes together. This has convinced me that I shall never have a donkey as a pet. Well, I wouldn't anyway. I shall never forget in the old days at the estate where I go retrieving and also play the hunting horn, they used to have two donkeys walking around freely all over the place. Whenever I started playing, the two donkeys started their characteristic donkey sounds very loudly. And it wasn't pretty. This made it more than difficult for me to play correctly. That was when my aversion towards donkeys started.
Saturday, May 21st 2011:
As mentioned yesterday we were two to decide whether I should mow the lawn or not. I should. It is now short and looks very well as opposed to me who had to take a bike ride in record time. Matron had ordered me to be back home at a certain time since we were going out for a meal, and there was this handball game that she absolutely had to see. So the fast biking combined with yesterday's  partying has affected my general appearance.
Friday, May 20th 2011:
It will be short today. I have just come home from a confirmation with good food and drink - and plenty of it. I like that. I also like talking to other guests and during the general conversatiom I happened to declare that tomorrow I shall go on a decent bike ride. (So now I have to go, no matter my 'situation' tomorrow morning).
At this point Matron broke in and mentioned that first of all there is a lawn to mowe. Well, there will be two of us to decide that - not that it affects the result of her decision in any way.
Thursday, May 19th 2011:
There is a special place that I often visit on my bike rides. I shall not start explaining to you where it is, only that it is 26 kilometres from where I live, and close to a beautiful lake at the western part of Aarhus.
There are two benches there. I allow myself to call them "My benches", and I do that because I very often have a break there. I can then sit enjoying the view while I take my "EPO", drink my water, and think about life's nooks and crannies.
So also today in sunny, even if a bit chilly weather. Today's ride was for the first time this year over 50 kilometres, 53 to be exact, 26 in a strong head wind and 27 very nice ones in a super back wind.
As ususal I was a bit sore after the ride, but not a lot. I seem to be on my way to reach form.
Wednesday, May 18th 2011:
Today has been a very lazy day. In fact it has been a bit boring. Matron was at work. It's not often that I am bored. So, some time in the morning I decided to do something about it. I forced myself out into my workshop to clean up. It has been needed for a long,, long time. But yesterday I made a new table for my new sander, and that did. It was a total mess out there. No longer so.
Now, for the first time for a long period, I once again dare invite Matron to my workshop. She likes good order. I sometimes wonder why she likes me. I'm not famous for order. 
Tuesday, May 17th 2011:
Dorothy Evans from Wales, 84, has died. Normally a sad thing. And perhaps her relatives have felt that. But I cannot imagine her neighbours being sorry.
She has for many years been known as "The Neighbour from Hell". She has spent most of her life making life unbearable for people living close to her. She used an awful language when she met somebody. she mooned, banged the walls to her neighbour with a hammer. She was bad for children, scolded them whenever she met them and told that she was a witch who would curse them and hunt for the rest of their lives.
3 years ago a judge decided that she must not get any nearer than 1 mile from her house. Before that she had even been sentenced for bothering totally innocent people.
When she died one neighbour said, 'I hope she will rest in peace. At least we can have a bit of it now'. 
Monday, May 16th 2011:
I had a strange dream about cricket last night.
I dreamt that in spite of my 70 years I had been elected as captain of Denmark XI.
I knew very well that I hadn't played the game for more than 25 years, and I knew that I didn't know any of the players, not even their names, not to mention their abilities as bowler, batsman or wicket keeper. I was totally blank.
I entered the field with my players (must have lost the toss), and there I stood with live TV and the press with their sharpened pencils and cameras, and I hadn't the foggiest idea who could open the bowling. I was shivering. It was horrible. What could I do?
I went up to one of the players to ask if he could bowl. He turned against me with a vicious grin saying that obviously I was having a bit of a problem. What a nightmare. No help there either. 
I was just going to tell him how right he was - when I woke up. What a relief. I could hardly believe that I had got out of my terrible dilemma.
Let me very clearly tell you: I shall never ever accept the captaincy of Denmark XI, never, and that is no matter how much the will beg me. 
Sunday, May 15th 2012:
Two friends, Hanne and Søren, my lovely wife and I had a very nice trip down Memory Lane today. We visited our common town, Silkeborg. As it happens three of us were born there, so we could walk and drive to places that once meant a lot to us, be it places we lived or places we played.
One place was of special interest to me. Søren's father was once the superintendant of one of the workhouses I wrote about in my book. We visited the place where it once was, and especially I was keen on seeing the well from which the big house got its water supply. I have written quite a bit about that well, but never seen it, and only due to Søren's knowledge about the place could I eventually see it.
On the two pictures you can see the building as it looked about 1960, when it was no longer a workhouse, and on the right picture you can see me sitting on top of what was once the well. Still today water comes out of it, even if it doesn't show on the picture. I know there is water coming out. I sank in and had a wet sock.  
Saturday, May 14th 2011:
I always liked John Cleese, both as an actor and as a person. My admiration for him hasn't lessened in spite of his 3 divorces that have cost him millions.
And even more so since he has just rejected an offer to take part in "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!". By that he also said no to 200.000 pounds, money that he might need after his divorces.
He made it clear that he would always say no to such rubbish. (I also very much hate TV like that. Unfortunately we've got plenty of it). As a whole he is not impressed by comtemporary TV. He's a bit like me. All, he and I enjoy watching, is live sport. Only I don't know what sports are his favourites. I've nearly only got one, bike racing (which by the way I am watching right now - from Italy).
But well done, John Cleese. 
Friday, May 13th 2011:
There are a few unexplained facts in life. 
Why is it that men have hiccup more often than women? (My suggestion is that men drink more than women).
Why is it that there are more people using a blue toothbrush than a red one? (My suggestion is that blue is a 'fresher' colour than red).
Why is it that in Finland there is a legislation demanding that all children must learn how to play a flute? (My suggestion is that Fins have never known what they do. Just as an example I am thinking of the Finnish game of JOKER. Here are the rules: Five men enter a totally dark room. The door is shut. One of them has a knife. He throws the knife, and he who it hit by the knife is JOKER. Great game).    
Thursday, May 12th 2011:
Today at 3.49 p.m. I needed  acute medical attention, or rather surgical attention.
Matron has ordered a new fence in our garden. Consequently we had it all delivered today, including 3 bags of cement, 25 kiloes each. In my attempt to lift the first one I nearly dropped it, caught at it, and my left little finger suddenly was out of joint. I pulled and pulled to get it back in its proper position, but in vain. I told Matron that I needed to see our doctor to have it fixed. Reluctantly she accepted. Having arrived at the medical centre a female doctor had a go at my spiky finger. She also pulled and pulled  without any result. She went to fetch a male colleague who was supposed to be stronger. That gave me the opportunity of having another try. And then I succeeded using all my strength.
Afterwards the doctor told me not to work any more. She did not mention how long, but to Matron I said that I seemed to remember her saying 5-7 weeks. Matron asked me to look her into her eyes when mentioning the figures. Unfortunately I couldn't, because that would mean me looking straight into the sun. And pain also made it impossible for me to turn my head.

Wednesday, May 11th 2011:
Arsenal has a Danish player, Nicklas Bendtner. Obviously he is on his way out due to some critical remarks on his lack of time on the field. He also mentioned that Barcelona was his dream club. 
Perhaps he had done better in keeping quiet. Some comments from Sky viewers have in my opinion put things right. One says that he has never seen a worse player for Arsenal. Another thinks that Bendtner is the worst forward the club has had since Franny Jeffers (whom I think was hopeless).
So, Mr. Bendtner. There you are. I think that your ego is a lot bigger than your abilities as a football player. You are simply not good enogh as it is. If you are a man, then go out and prove that you can play instead of having it all in your mouth. But I am afraid that it will have to be in another club. (I don't like big-mouthed players).

Tuesday, May 10th 2011:
For the last week I have been collecting pictures, wedding pictures. 1.533 of them have I succeeded i getting via various USBs and from my own camera. It must be the most photographed wedding in history.
Yesterday I started deleting duplicates. I have worked several hours today as well and have already removed 11 pictures.
I cannot make myself delete any of them. But tomorrow I shall be cynical, and I should not be surprised if I manage to have 15-20 more pictures deleted during the day.
I expect to finish the job in a year or so. This picture will NOT be deleted.

Monday, May 9th 2011:
The newly married couple are now in Rome on their honeymoon. I am sure they will enjoy it.
Matron and I took them in their car (ours cannot take passengers) to the airport this morning, very early, no, extremely early. I didn't like that. But what I liked even less happened on our way home.
We met a car exactly like ours and with the same two letters and first two digits (I do not remember the remaining three) on the license plate. It even had the same aerial on the roof, a rather rare one. I nearly felt sure it was our car. I didn't chase it but hurried home only to find out that our car stood safely where it should be. What a relief. 
I had hoped for a quiet day after the exitement. But then things started happening.
3 DIY-centres, 1 supermarket, 1 garage (change from winter tyres to summer ditto), and 2 garden centres were visited. Phew.
Fortunately I could end the afternoon by riding 48 kilometers (32 miles) on my bike in glorious sunshine and a cooling wind. After all a very good day. I love good days.

Sunday, January 9th 2011:
Due to my wisdom and cleverness I am now back in Cyber Space and can once again watch TV. I do not any longer have to leave the house to gain internet connection. I have recieved a temporary cordless connection (USB) for loan for as long as my ordinary connection is down. And beware. I have installed it myself with only little help from eldest grandchild. I was proud of that. But I was even more proud that I have managed to get a picture on our TV as well. I know it is only a limited number of channels. But they are there thanks to my ingenuity. I have assembled a number of old TV cables and connected them to the aerial in our caravan. Clever, isn't it? Matron praised me for it - when I asked her to. She is not easy to impress, even when there is plenty of reason for it.
I love humble modesty.

Monday, January 10th 2011:
I might as well admit it. I have been bored today. This is unusual. I did try to activate myself with something worth while, but I never got started with anything but a few computer games, at bit of TV watching, and some preliminary writing on a hopefully coming project. It never really caught my attention. I wanted to go for a walk, but since all paths are very icy snd slippery I gave it up. I would hate a broken leg.
So I sat down in my sofa, looked around and suddenly found out that being bored also has its advantages. I had time to relax and think, and it wasn't too bad.
But it shouldn't be every day - not even every second day.

Tuesday, January 11th 2010:
Consumer prices in Denmark have gone up considerably in 2010. What a surprise! I just read that alone in December they rose 2,8 pct. compared with same month the year before. One is reminded of it every day when passing a petrol station. Prices are always higher than yesterday. We have just broken our previous record and are now paying about 1 £ 40 p per liter petrol. Fortunately diesel - which I use - is a bit cheaper, about 12 p.
As soon as the frost has gone away I shall start drilling for oil in our back garden. An oil well is obviously how to get rich these days. Or perhaps I should have words with our finance minister about the taxation of fuel. It is ridiculously high.

Wednesday, January 12th 2011:
In Denmark we are in great need of salt for our streets and roads. Even if we have a big Danish company that produces it, and normally can deliver, there isn't nearly enough for our snowy and icy roads. The firm has rationed its sale. Import is not an option either. So we are desperately short of "the white gold" as it is called. We are really badly off. But not so much as I heard about it the other week when I was in Spain. I was told that they haven't even got one kilo there.
And as far as I was told the same goes for Portugal. 
I suppose it's typical south European negligence that is to be blamed for it. 
How I long for summer. What has happened to global warming?

Thursday, January 13th 2011
How grateful should you be?
A little boy and his grandmother were walking along the seashore when a huge wave appeared out of nowhere and swept the child out to sea. The grandmother, horrified, fell to her knees and said, "God, please return my beloved grandson. Please, I beg of you. Send him back safely". And lo, another huge wave washed in and deposited the little boy on the sand at her feet. She picked him up, looked him over, and, looking up at the sky, said, "He had a hat!"

Friday, January 14th 2011:
Her er tvillingerne 
Breaking news. Newly born royal twins out of hospital just 10 minutes ago. Already newspapers are wondering if our crownprince and -princess can manage all the trouble of looking after their now 4 kids. I honestly believe they can. They'll have at least one nanny per kid. And the royal couple are in a position that they can get somebody to take over looking after the kids when they themselves have no more time for it. So don't you start worrying, too. They'll be alright.

Saturday, January 15th 2011:
I have had an extraordinarily hard day. Matron found it an excellent idea that I got up early and removed the hard ice (2 inches thick) on our street. I meant to discuss how good an idea it really was. I never got the chance. But I did remove the ice, which was hard work indeed. And not only that. She also discovered that my workshop was full of water due to thaw. That was another 1½ hours' hard work. I am now recovering from iy all, and it will take a long time.
It's all a pity for me, I think, and anybody with just a bit of compaasion would agree with me.

Monday, January 17th 2011:
I know, and I am sorry. Due to no Internet connection I could not update my diary yesterday. Sorry. But here I am again on a borrowed computer.
I would have told you that I have an absolutely mad son. No less.
Saturday night he went fishing at midnight. His plan was to fish all night and the whole of next day. Yes, he is raving mad. Unfortunately for him he got sick and had to go home at 8 a.m. I would have done the same sick or not sick, only I would have left right after midnight.
Tuesday, January 18th 2011:
Eventually. The snow has gone, at least in our part of the country. I have been looking forward to that, even if it has meant emptying my workshop for water 3 times. There are some jobs that you don't mind doing. Also today when Matron ordered me to sweep all the dead leaves away that now are quite visible. I did grumble a bit about it while doing it, but then our postman arrived with our mail (what else should he come with?), and the first thing he said was how nice it is that now again one has to sweep dead leaves and not shovel or scrape snow and ice away. How right he was. It made it quite a pleasure to sweep.
Wednesday, January 19th 2011:
In 2010 there were 96.500 reported burglaries in Danish homes. Only the year before it was 106.500, so it is a fall of 10.000 (about 10 %) in one year. Of course our police and politicians are pleased about it, and so am I.
But still it is 264 burglaries per day, which seems quite a lot for a small country.
One of the reasons why there are fewer burglaries seems to be that burglars cannot sell their goods. Fences have less money. So after all there is one good thing about the economic crisis.

Thursday, January 20th 2011:
My goodness! How's that?
I have not kept myself informed about the recent test series in Australia till today. To my great astonishment and joy, however, I found out that England won 3-1. That's great.
I have even seen Australian players and journalists mention, that England simply are too good.
Justin Langer, former Australian test player, has comforting words, 'Australian cricket hasn't died', he says. But as far as I can see some Australians should burn a few stumps and bails, cremate them, and write a suitable obituary, like the English did in 1882. 
Well done, England.

Friday, January 21st 2011 :
For two weeks we have had no TV (except for an emergency solution using the aerial on our caravan with 4 channels, the dull ones), no Internet connection  (except for a mobile and extremely slow one supplied by our telephone company, 1 MB), and no telephone (except for our much more expensive mobile phones).
But now, exactly two weeks after it all disappeared, it was suddenly back when we came home this afternoon. Now we can watch all the 65 channels, be on the Internet with 20 MB, and use our phone more or less costless.
Isn't life just wonderful?

Saturday, January 22nd 2011:
Eventually came the day of great pain. One might even say very great pain. My first bike ride of 2011.
I decided on beforehand to make it a short ride, to our cathedral and back again, 20 miles. But even that was obviously too much. I soon realized that I am no longer 69 years old. Where was all my power and energy from last year? Where was my otherwise elegant style? Gone missing all of them, I am afraid. 
Never have I been so glad to see our house again. Finally - with only great trouble - could I dismount and finally could I relax in my comfortable sofa after a hot shower and a cold Pepsi Max. That saved my life.
Nevertheless I shall want to be off again some time early next week. Then I must remember to have a break during my ride. I didn't today. I am sure that's why it was so very hard today.

Sunday, January 23rd 2011:
In the Danish 'Coat of Arms' are 3 lions and 9 hearts. I think this is because we like to think of ourselves as brave and kind. In the Australian 'Coat of Arms' are 2 animals, and it is not a surprisie that they are a kangaroo and an emu. And funnily enough - and perhaps typical Australian - this may be because they are the only animals that cannot move backwards. Quite a symbol and not least for Australian athletes.
Monday, January 24th 2011:
You may know that I find that my own two children are a bit of a nuisance. They have chosen as their main life task to wake me up in the morning as early and as unpleasantly as possible. They call it 'playing with dad'. It makes our relationship a bit tense.
Fortunately it's different between my three grandchildren and I. They are so nice to me, give me a lot of positive experiences, sweet smiles, and hugs. They are just wonderful. Having grandchildren is the best that can happen to you.
That's why I listened very carefully the other day when our bishop (whom, by the way, I know quite well) talked on the radio about his grandchildren with the same joy as I do. He also told about a friend of his who had once said that he was so pleased and happy about having grandchildren, and had he known how nice it is, he could have done quite easily without his own kids.
I thought a bit about that.
PS: By the way. One of the 'nuisances' has his birthday today, 40 years old, would you believe it!
Tuesday, January 25th 2011:
It was my plan to go for a bike ride today. And when I got out of bed and looked out it still was, so I took my bike dress out of the wardrobe. I went to the bathroom and after that had another look out and changed my mind about biking. The wind seemed too strong. So I put the bike dress away and went into the garden and collected dead leaves from the lawn, stille fed up that I had changed my mind. But suddenly I wasn't any more. There was quite a heavy drizzle in the air which couldn't be seen from inside. Also the wind was stronger than it first seemed.
So I was happy that I changed my mind and stayed in the garden. As a bonus Matron was happy to see the lawn when she came home, and she served me Danish pastry for it. Garden work pays.
Wednesday, January 26th 2011:
I am sure that any Englishman is dieing to hear about the Danish national team in handball (men). What you haven't read in English papers or seen on TV is how well the team is doing just now. They are in the semifinal in the world cup games in Sweden. They have won 8 out of 8 games. And Matron is over the moon. She is so excited about it that she switches the TV off when it gets too tight for Denmark. She records it to see a bit later when she knows the result - and we have won.
She's a funny old thing. But I love her.

Thursday, Jauary 27th 2011:
Eldest grandchild, Katrine, has decided to know more about the education as a journalist. She is very open minded about her future and has not decided finally whether that's it or not. It might be. To get more information she wanted to visit one of three colleges in Denmark where you can get the education. It's here in Aarhus.
Since she doesn't drive herself (too young) she asked Granddad if he would take her. He certainly would.
The visit was a great succes. She talked to a number of students and to one of their teachers, and she left the place very much wiser than when she came. So did I.
I wouldn't mind going to that college myself. As a matter of fact I was in doubt when some 50 years ago I chose Teachers' training college. Perhaps I shoould have chosen 'Journalists' training college'. I nearly did. I'm afraid it's too late to change my mind now. But I shall think about it.

Friday, January 28th 2011:
When this morning Matron and I passed our caravan on our way to our car we both agreed how nice it will be when temperatures have gone up and we shall go away in it. I am sure we both dreamt about sunshine, interesting excursions from the site, relaxation, good food and drink, reading - and bikerides. All of it of course in beautiful weather and never under 25 degrees. A wonderful dream.
It was a tough contrast when later in the day Matron showed me a newspaper headline telling that spring in Denmark will be bitterly cold, and winter and frost will continue till some time in April.
Can it get any worse?
With these gloomy thoughts in the back of my mind I sat down at my computer and went on writing on something I started recently, some kind of continuation of my book about the work house. That helped.
It always makes me feel happy when I "dig down" in something historical, not least when it is from my old town Silkeborg.

Saturday, January 29th 2011:
What a lovely day. Together with our own family and our son Peter's new family (who will soon be part of our family, too, at a wedding this spring) we have celebrated his 40th birthday at a very nice lunch. I really enjoyed being together with all these kind people who also enjoyed each other's company, both children, youngsters, and grown ups. They are all such nice people, and I am looking vey much forward to meeting them all again, latest at the wedding.
It will be great, and I am sure it will be a fantastic day.

Sunday, January 30th 2011:
I now and then may grumble a bit over Matron's unstoppabble interest in dresses and clothes as a whole. I do what I can to make her spend less on textiles. It keeps me busy. But compared to Zarina Elisabeth 1st of Russia it's nothing. When she died in 1762 she possessed more than 15.000 dresses.
Had she decided to put on a different dress every day, it would have taken her a bit more than 41 years to get through them all. This is after all not the case with Matron. She could get through hers within a couple of years.

Monday, January 31st 2011:
I went to the dentist today and not without a certain apprehension. Not that dentists scare me, and not that I feared it would be painful. No, my fright was only due to a scarry wake up the day he will send the bill to me. I am afraid it will be in the vicinity of 650 pounds.
But there was no way around it. It had to be done. I have broken a tooth. 
Fortunately I have the highest conficence in my dentist, so what he recommends, I will follow. But I do wish he would 'recommend' a lower price.

Tuesday, February 1st 2011:

I broke a record today. 1 hour and 39 minutes I spent in what must be exactly like purgatory, Bilka. And I only complained very little while Matron had a thorough look at the 457.557 different items you can find in the shop. Well, there were 8 she didn't see. And they certainly were not in the clothing department.
May it last very long till I once again have to go through purgatory.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011:
I have read that you loose more weight sleeping than watching TV. In fact sleep is a key factor if you want to get rid of a stone or two. That's relevant knowledge, and because of that I have taken great pains in getting sleep enough. I am careful not getting out of bed too early. And I am sure I am on the right course in loosing weight. Matron, on the other hand, claims that I would loose more by working hard in our garden. I disagree.
Thursday, February 3rd 2011:
This is not good PR for our Scandinavian SAS. A captain on a Boeing 737 has recently admitted that he fell asleep on a flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm, and that even while his 2nd pilot was at the toilet.
The captain has explained that he had slept badly the night before, and he had had a long day with 5 scheduled flights between Scandinavian cities. The incident was on his 4th. He was awakened when the other pilot returned from the toilet and heard that his captain could not open the door. He thought he was onboard a MD 80 which he had just flown on his previous tour, and which has its door lock at the top of the door, whereas the Boeing has a panel at the middle. And he was more or less unconscious when finally he managed to open it.
I certainly hope that there will be some consequence for the sleepy captain.
I myself know of one obvious consequence. The next time I am on a flight I shall knoch on the cockpit door every 5 minutes shouting, 'Are you awake out there?'
Friday, February 4th 2011:
I am in doubt. Should I or should I not start supporting my old football club again by going to see some (or all) of their homegames? Haven't been there for two years.
Just now I like the idea that my old friend Carl and I again will be there shouting and booing. But what about it, when it comes to cold and rainy weather - not to mention lost games? Will we then still enjoy it. I don't know.
But just now - this very moment - I think we will give it a try.
In fact it might be quite nice.
Saturday, February 5th 2011:
Our coming daughter-in-law is a wonderful person. She suggests it would be nice if her coming husband and her coming father-in-law again would go and watch some football together - and if they started going fishing together again.
It has been two years since we last watched a football game together, and it is 25 years since we went fishing.
I like either suggestion, and I am looking very much forward to both football and fishing. Great ideas, and perhaps our son-in-law might like to join us. That would make it genuine macho. Three real men together.

Sunday, February 6th 2011:
Matron has a number of desires, one of which is to visit a caravan center at least once every fortnight. So obligingly I took her to her favourite one today. Leaving it after a lengthy visit I thought that was it. But no. Suddenly the good lady remembered that it was 16 days since our former visit, which consequently made her claim her right to visit yet another one right away - which not surprisingly we did.
Those regular visits at caravan centers make me nervous. From 7 previous occasions I know that if she eyes a caravan that she likes she will buy it. So I do my best to hide from her in the shop. I also tried today, but she phoned me on my mobile and told me to come out in the open - which I duly did.
Fortunately there was no interesting caravan to buy at either of the two centers we visited today.
Monday, February 7th 2011:
Secretaries are supposed to know everything about all the machinery in the office. Bosses are not.
The secretary was leaving the office when she saw the CEO standing by the shredder with a piece of paper in his hand. "Listen", said the CEO, "this is a very important document. Can you make this thing work?" The secretary turned the machine on, inserted the paper, and pressed the start button.
"Great", said the CEO as his paper disappeared inside the machine. "I just need one copy."
Tuesday, February 8th 2011:
We had a storm last night, gail force I don't know what, but quite a bit, the worst for 6 years, I heard on the radio this morning.
Unfortunately that meant an overthrown fence in our garden, 6 f. by 6 f. or thereabout. A thick pole had simply broken.
This made Matron wake me up rather abruptly and much too early, about 9.15, more than indicating that there was a job waiting for me to be done here and now. 
Of course I obeyed, although I haven't completed it. I have prepared everything waiting now only for son or son-in-law to pass by and help me fastening the fence - which is big and heavy - to the new pole. I couldn't possibly lift the fence on my own.

Wednesday, February 9th 2011:
I have just realized that Denmark are playing England tonight in Copenhagen, football of course.
I found out because I happened to notice an interview on TV from the Danish supporters clubhouse. They had invited a large group of English fans for an afternoon beer before the game. What a great idea that opposing supporters can meet peacefully before a game and have a nice time together.
May the idea spread.
Thursday, February 10th 2011:
"You are what you eat!" A well known phrase dating back to the 1920s and 30s.
If it is true, and it probably is, I am afraid that I am rather a complex person, since I eat a bit of everything.
But I am getting more and more aware of what I take in. I have skipped most fast food, but can still be tempted having a meal at "Sunset Boulevard", a fast food chain that makes, if not healthy fast food, then at least healthier fast food - and well tasting I must add. 
As it is now I should be really starving if I entered a McDonald's. Even my 3 grandchildren agree with me.

Friday, February 11th 2011:
I saw my doctor today (and he saw me) for my yearly check of various of my interior and exterior systems. Fortunately he was pleased with what he saw - except for one thing, my weight. I had seen it coming. The good doctor was mercyless in his demands that I should loose 3 stone within 6 months or thereabout. I think I'd better obey him. He wants to check that I am on the right way in 3 months. So now both literally and practically it means "on yer bike".
But think of it. I never thought this very nice man could be so cruel. I wonder what it is that gets into doctors, nurses, and my daughter, when the subject is weight.

Saturday, February 12th 2011:
Giving children "history lessons" is an absolutely great thing to do. Youngest grandchild Cecilie and I went to Aarhus Museum today to see every little bit they have. It was just great. Children love to hear about the past and see various items from earlier days, and especially when you can add little things that you have seen or in other ways experienced when you yourself were younger or a child. I could show Cecilie telephones, tools, washing powder, kitchen equipment, and much more that used to be part of my everyday when I was her age.
So we both enjoyed our visit there and also to a place in Aarhus, a small square by the coast with a small copper polar bear, a place that I have taken our own children, when they were a lot younger than they are today, and all our grandchildren to innumerable times.
Today Cecilie and I tried to remember what we did then, and also remembered how long time she could play on and next to the bear. And we are not talking minutes, more like half an hour or easily more.

Sunday, February 13th 2011:
What a lovely day. We had the family in for a very nice lunch. I made a great mistake, though.
I started a diet last Friday, and it really went well yesterday. I ate exactly what I was "allowed" to, a splendid start. And what happened today? I failed and ate much too much thanks to pleasant company and Matron's excellent food.
I must admit it. There is one thing I cannot say no to, Temptations.
Monday, February 14th 2011:
You probably already knew. But nevertheless I am going to tell you.
An ordinary fly buzzes in F-Major. Should you happen to hear a fly buzzing for example in F-Flat you will know that it is no ordinary fly.
And that's knowledge you cannot live without. So you might say that I've just saved your life.
Tuesday, February 15th 2011:
Winter is back in Denmark once again. What a nuisance. A bitterly cold wind from the east, snow and frost.
I went for an hour long walk with our two dogs this afternoon and really felt the cold. I later heard that with the strong wind we have, temparatures felt like minus 18 degrees centigrades even if it was only minus 2. Chill factor and all that, you know.
No wonder my nose and ears threatened to fall off any minute. 
Funnily enough the two dogs did not seem to mind the cold weather at all.
Wednesday, February 16th 2011:
Here we go again. More snow, in fact quite a lot, frost and a very cold and strong wind. All the indications of a Siberian winter like the one we had from November til late January. It's just not fair. Just as I have got used to snowfree roads and streets where I could be comparatively safe on my bike, this white nuisance comes back.
Never before have I been so keen on immigration.
All habitation north of the Alps should be forbidden.

Thursday, February 17th 2011:
A visit to our art museum ARoS with eldest grandchild Katrine was just great. There was a lot to look at even if we have been there several times before.
A special exhibition with a Danish painter, Asger Jorn (do yourself a favour and google him) and a German artist Christian Lemmerz took a lot of the time.
It was exciting and strenuos. It is a big museum, and I believe that we saw it all - in 5 floors. We only used the lift on our way down.
A visit to "Sunset Boulevard" for a nice (and healthy) burger helped my tired legs.

Friday, February 18th 2011:
Here's a bit of good news.
My very old friend from England - I have known him for 53 years - has finally "given in" and bought himself a computer. Well done, indeed. I am pleased that he did it. He told me about it yesterday. He's of course on the internet, and he has got an e-mail address.
Now it is a lot easier to get into contact - and as a bonus he can read my inspiring website.
It's a win win situation.

Saturday, February 19th 2011:
We had a very nice lunch today. We had invited - believe it or not - my father's cousin and his wife. They are two very nice people just about our own age, whom we met only 3 years ago.
To me there are two things that make a lunch become a good lunch, the company, and the food, in that order. When both of these are excellent it will inevitably result in an excellent lunch, and that was exactly what happened today. We really enjoyed it. It has been a good day, and I love good days.

Sunday, February 2011:
For a long time just after lunch I was in doubt whether to go out for a walk or for a bike ride. And I really needed the exercise after yesterday's exaggerated lunch.
So I had to toss a coin to reach a decission, and with a bit of manipulation I went for a walk. That pleased me, since our son-in-law had just come home from his morning bike ride and had told how cold it had been. It was also cold to walk, but from experience I know that a cold headwind on a bike is some of the worst you can have. 
It was a hard walk. Most of the time I walked on paths where the snow had not been cleared, and lay in 2 feet deep drifts.
Just have a look at the picture.
I walked for 1 hour and 33 minutes, 7 kilometers (about 4 miles). Also the dogs were tired.

Monday, February 21st 2011:
I have been a bit worried the latest 10 days.
On 11th February I went to have a check at my doctor. I think he checked all that could be checked. He's a very good and nice doctor, but he didn't hesitate in emptying me for what seemed several gallons blood for various tests.
Unfortunately the good doctor had a probably well deserved week's holiday coming up righth after my check, so I have had to wait since then for the results.
But finally an e-mail from him arrived today. And hip-hip-hurray. Everything was fine.
Is there anything like a good response from your doctor?
It has been a fantastic day. I love fantastic days. 
Tuesday, February 22nd 2011:
I may spend some time in front of out TV tonight. Chelsea are here to play Copenhagen (FCK).
For quite some time all our papers have been telling us that this could easily end with a win for FCK. The Chelsea crisis has been thoroughly described in a way that gives the impression that all FCK has to do is entering the field, score 2-3 goals, and that will be it.
I disagree. Experience shows that Danish teams in Champions League always loose when it matters. And crisis or no crisis, Chelsea ought to be the better team.
My prediction is 0-1 or at the very best 0-0.
Tomorrow I shall tell you if I was right. If I don't mention anything I was wrong.

Wednesday, February 23rd 2011:
I see no reason to gloat. But I told you yesterday, didn't I?
I was sure that FCK would come short in their game against Chelsea. Predicting it wasn't difficult.
1) Player by player FCK are not nearly as good as the Chelsea players,
2) FCK haven't played a regular match since some time early December, only friendly games.
But how journalists, staff at FCK, and players could tell the press how good their chances were, I wouldn't know. I felt that they already saw themselves playing the final some time in May against Barcelona or the likes.
So, I was right in my predition of the result. Only I said 0-1, it was 0-2.
But I wasn't right in predicting that I would spend some time watching the game. Well, I did, the first 8 minutes when it was still 0-0. Then I found something more interesting. That wasn't difficult.
But I wish I could have watched some cricket, for example England vs. Holland.

Thursday, February 24th 2011:
Matron and I have invested in an exercise bike. And especially her intensions about it are great.
I had my first ride this morning, and of course it made me sweat. That was the purpose.
To my surprise I found out that there are no hills going down at all. You have to pedal all the time -uphill. And I pedalled for 15 tough minutes. I gave it all I had, and perhaps that isn't a lot. My shape isn't the best right now.
I am looking forward to Matron's first ride. I hope she is, too.

Friday, February 25th 2011:
I find the following quite interesting - and perhaps also a bit frightening:
Today I read in one of our bigger newspapers that the polite, civilized, and pleasant Englishmen we meet today have not always been like that.
In fact they used to be cannibals. And not only that. They drank from human skulls. 
All this was clearly revealed at an excavation in Somerset in the 1980's. A number of artifacts and several skeletons, all about 14.700 years old, were found.
The great number of years since it all happened is a kind of reassurance to me. Now I may dare visiting England again. But I shall be on the look out.

Saturday, February 26th 2011:
I like watching bike racing on TV. I love biking myself. Today I did both at the same time.
I placed our new excercise bike strategically in front of our TV set, switched on to a Belgian bike race and pedalled on away. I tried to follow the riders as best I could, but there were some steep climbs and I only lasted for 20 minutes,
But then again. 20 minutes with the world's best riders who have prepared both physically and medically is - as far as I am concerned - not bad.
Give me some more time, and I shall be with them through the whole race.
Sunday, February 27th 2011:
Getting old is OK. The alternative is a nuisance.
Of course as time goes by, certain weaknesses appear. You must learn to live with them. 
They "strike" individually. I've got 4 minor problems:
1. I don't remember very well.
2. I don't hear very well.
3. I don't see very well.
4. I don't remember very well.
Otherwise there is nothing worth mentioning.
Monday, February 28th 2011:
On this the last day in February Matron had a desire to go deep into The Common Market and spend innumerous Euros on supplying our small stock of soft drinks, beer, meat, chocolate, and other indispensable items.
Consequently we left early this morning.
And she was in her right element. We visited no less than 3 big shopping centres. Tough.
German export to Denmark rose quite a bit today. No less than about 200 kilos of various beverages alone was what we brought home. Plus of course all the rest. Since we had to carry it all to and from the car none of us needed having a ride on our exy bike today.

Tuesday, March 1st 2011:
Theoretically spring is here. But a look out of my window tells me something totally different. Snow, low temperatures, and not a glimpse of the sun is more than enough to tell that winter is still here.
BUT. I have heard that from the next weekend things may change for the better, and the sun will come out. Maybe spring will be here.
But mind you. It was a meteorologist who said it.
Wednesday, March 2nd 2011:
Today is a special day, very special, a day to remember. Not because that on this day in 1882 an attempt to kill Queen Victoria took place.
No, on this very day in 1957 (54 years ago) I met my sweet wife. There was a dance in our local sportsclub in Silkeborg. I was there primarily because my father forced me to. He was president of the club and rightly feared that only very few people would turn up. So at least he expected his son to be there.
I was and was fed up with it. I always was a lousy dancer.
As it happened a very nice young girl named Else was there, too. We did know each other a little bit before that night, since we both played handball. Not on the same team, though.
We seemed to get along well, and believe it or not, I danced more hat night than I had ever danced before. I wonder what she thought of my dancing. She was a trained dancer with a long carreer at dancing schools behind her, while I only took part in the fun during breaks at my dancing school in the two months I attended it. 
I was allowed to take the pretty girl home after the dance - and got my first kiss.
It was a good day. I shall never forget March 2nd.

Thursday, March 3rd 2011:
This picture was taken on a football ground somewhere in Columbia. But as far as I know it might as well have been taken in Sheffield on Sheffield Wednesday's ground.
The club is by the way the oldest football club in the world.
But it is no wonder that the picture to the left could have been from Wednesday's ground since players and supporters there are named "The Owls" after the name of the street on which the ground is situated, Owlerton Road.
Maybe an owl is not the most perfect animal for your club logo, asleep in the day and awake in the night. Most players would have to accept big fines for that. But here it's the case.
Of course one should be happy that it wasn't a sloth. 

Friday, March 4th 2011:
Do you know the world record in red cards in a football match? Probably not. And perhaps you don't even want to know it. But I am going to tell you.
It is 36 and was set in a game in the Argentinian 5th division between Claypole and Victoriano only last Tuesday.
All players, substitutes, physios, and coaches were shown the red card after a mass brawl in which obviously everybody took part, also spectators. Before that there had been several nasty incidents and two players had already been sent off.
I certainly hope that this record of 36 red cards will stand for many many years.
Saturday, March 5th 2011:
I nearly choked in my breakfast this morning reading that it has been suggested to tax e-mails. I felt dizzy but went on reading cursing politicians who come up with ideas like that. It really made me sick and furious. And I already saw myself cutting down on e-mails and paying whatever is left for sending the few I must send.
But it was all unnecessary. As I read on I found out that the stupid suggestion is put forward by an English union boss, Bob Crow. He is obviously quite serious when he suggests 1p. per e-mail for all people in England. Already last year he suggested that all mobile messages should be taxed also with 1p. per message.
I am very happy that he is not Danish. For Goodness sake, keep him in your country. Don't let him leave it. 

Sunday, March 6th 2011:
On a beautiful day like today I thought that my trusty bike would be let out of its shed and allowed to run freely for 30-35 kilometres. But not so. Matron warned me that in spite of the sun it was cold outside, and not a place for a 70-year-old and noble gentleman to be.
Since I want to be both noble and a gentleman I agreed with her, and entered my exy bike instead.  
I should have chosen the cold climate outside.
9 kilometres I went with all the speed I could put into it during the 30 minutes it lasted. Sweat ran down my arms, and to Matron's great annoyance dripped to the floor. I got a funny tan, my knees wobbled, my feet hurt, but I bravely went on. The target was 9 kilometres. And I succeeded. I shall sleep well tonight - or very soon.

Monday, March 7th 2011:
A new caravan shop has opened last Saturday not far from where we live. This fact may prove expensive. Already it has cost me 350 pounds. I was told to bring Matron there this morning. An funnily enough an awning that we couldn't possibly live without was bought. Well, that's not exactly true. We had a good look at it and reluctantly Matron agrred to wait. I know this is only delaying the expenditure. I am sure that within this week the awning will be in our caravan ready for the summer. I may physically be the strongest, but as far as will to buy is concerned I am a midget compared to Matron. But I still love her.

Tuesday, Marh 8th 2011:
I wasn't right. I predicted that within few days Matron would have bought the awning she spotted yesterday. It was within one day. It was bought this morning, and is now stored waiting to be used, hopefully soon. 
The photo is not exactly our newly bought awning, but the same model taken from a brohure.
I have always wondered why there is such a big difference between children's behaviour on publicity photos of caravans or awnings and in real life on the sites. On pictures they are always well behaved and neatly dressed, sitting quietly talking or playing some quiet game. In reality they are noisy and dirty, running around screaming -and an irritating nuisance.
On pictures parents are relaxed and calmly enjoying the sunshine. In reality they are shouting and scolding their children most of the time.

Wednesday, March 9th 2011:
A day without physical challenges apart from walking to and from the car. I went to buy a new mouse for my computer. Did it work? Not at all. I tried again, same result. I tried again, same result. I tried again, same result. I got very angry and in desperation plugged in my old mouse. Didf it work? Not at all. Now I got really mad and shouted and swore like a spoiled kid. Matron came running, and her mere presence made me think. And after a quick reinstalling of my old mouse at least that worked. The new mouse? I went straight back to the shop and had my money back.
That was all in all 4 times in and out of the car, and that was the exercise I got today. 
Thursday, March 10th 2011:
I've just read it in a Danish newspaper, so it must be true.
11.000.000 Britons have seen a ghost. It's 25% of all. In 1950 it was only 7%, and in 2003 19%.
25% is quite a rise within 60 years. Professor Richard Wiseman at University of Hertfordshire has investigated the subject and tells that he thinks that the reason why so many Englishmen claim to have seen a ghost is that more and more people watch more and more TV. So perhaps it is not just an English phenomenon, although I myself think it is. It's a funny people over there.
It is also interesting that especially people in Yorkshire, Humberside, and Wales obviously have been in close contact with something supernatural. It's over 30%. Even more funny.
Friday, March 11th 2011:
I was at the photographer's yesterday and had my picture taken sitting in my car. It may prove an expensive picture. I do not know the price yet, but it is either 500 kroners or 1.000 kroners depending on how fast I went. It's not many photographers who set their price according to speed. But this one does.
But never mind, as long as the picture is a good one.

Saturday, March 12th 2011:
I think that we are all shocked by the disaster in Japan yesterday. What tragedies have the people there not experienced?
Just now the greatest corncern is the nuclear power station that may cause severe radiation. And that on top of the quake and the tsunami is just too much.
Of course it will cost billions to have it all restored. Think of it how many houses, roads, railways, airports, cars, boats, etc. that are totally destroyed. And worse, the human losses.
All in all a tragic situation, but also one that caused surprising results. Just have a look at the picture. How on earth did the jet fighter end there? And how on earth are they going to remove it - not to mention repair it?

Sunday, March 13th 2011:
This is amazing news, at least to me.
If you could assemble all ants on the globe in one place and put them on a pair of scales the result would be that they weigh just about the same as if you assembled all people in the world and put them on the scales. I don't know how you would manage the assembling, but that's your problem.
From the result of the weighing I gather that there are more ants than humans on the globe. But still it is surprising.
I wonder if the people who figured all this out had considered my presence. 

Monday, March 14th 2011:
Matron got herself a new pair of shoes today using her usual tactics.
Last Saturday she returned from a shopping spree at a big center telling me that she was awfully sorry she hadn't bought a cerrtain pair of shoes, probably the most beautiful pair of shoes she had ever seen (and she has seen quite a few). She nearly cried in disappointment. This was repeated several times during the week end, only she didn't cry quite so much any longer, just a few tears appeared on her 'brave' face. I knew what was coming.
This morning she reminded me that the pair of shoes that I promised to buy her should be picked up at once since they might be sold.
That's why I have been at a big shopping center today.
Tuesday, March 15th 2011:
If I lived at Shewsbury I would be a bit particualar when it came to choosing my dentist. Just today I read about one of them, Matthew Walton, 35, who has faced charges of breaking wind and belching in front of patients and staff. To add to this he also bullied his patients, especially if they had a bad breath or if they were unemployed. Quite a dentist. He has now been struck off.
None of us enjoy going to the dentist (due to costs), but having to be treated by a farting and burping dentist is just too much.
Wednesday, March 17th 2011:
450 Danish farmers have protested today by taking their huge tractors to Copenhagen and thus tell the politicians that they have made it more or less impossible to be a farmer in our country.
The farmers' plan for today was to park all the tractors at a central square in Copnehagen and from there walk in procession to our parliament with banners and all.
So far so good.
What the farmers hadn't thought of was that no tractor has a parking disc. And no sooner had they left their vehicles than a warden arrived and started writing parking tickets. 450 it was all in all. That will teach the farmers a lesson.

Thursday, March 17th 2011:
Matron has succeeded in finding a very big supermarket that we have not yet been to. At least not till today. And believe me. Now we have. And we saw it all. It took quite some time. It was tough.
It had its compensations, though. It was rather cheap and not very crowded. In fact it is the nearest I have been to a supermarket that I do not detest completely. I much prefer it to IKEA and BILKA, hell on earth. 
Friday, March 18th 2011:
This is good news. I have just seen the forecast for the next week. Obviously there is only one night with frost, the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, and it is only a 'mild' frost. And more than that. Day temperatures will be 10-15 degrees - and quite a bit of sunshine. Spring is here.
Beware all people on streets and roads. I shall be there as much as possible on my trusty bike. If you are lucky you will see me. But look out. I will be fast.
Saturday, March 19th 2011:
Have a look at my diary from February 8th. There you can see two pictures of my overthrown fence, brutally knocked down by severe wind gusts on a stormy night.
Next have a look at the two pictures above.
After preliminary preparations I have been ready to fasten the two fences for some time. I thought I needed help for this operation, and I had recieved two promises for it. But lieing patiently in my bed this morning I got the idea of how to do it single handed. And I succeeded. I must be good.
Sunday, March 20th 211:
Of course a lot of attention these days is on the situation i Libya. It's a tragic situation, and there is nothing much to laugh about - if it wasn't for a number of Muammar Gadaffi quotations that have been reported.
In a letter to the American president the 'modest Libyan gentleman writes, 'To our son, his excelency Obama Hussein Barack. I have said it before. If, God forbid it, Libya and the USA should go to war against each other I want you to know that you will always be like a son to me'
The best one of them all I find is the following. Having been told that the whole world is against him he says, 'We will challenge you, because the rest of the countries are with us'.
Monday, March 21st 2011:
I have just been informed that July this year will be unusual because it will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays.
This happens once every 823 years. So I shall perhaps not live to see it again.
It is called 'money bags'. So, you must tell about it to your friends, and money will arrive within 4 days. Those who do not tell friends about it will be without money.
Don't believe this. I am (nearly) sure it is not true. I know people who have known about it for over 4 days, and have told friends about it. They haven't recieved a penny - as far as I know.
PS: Unfortunately five Sundays in one month will give vicars extra work. Tough.
Monday, March 22nd 2011:
When I don't know what to do I start digging holes. I happily dig anywhere I can find space for it in my garden. Just yesterday I started right outside my workshop, just because I was a bit bored.
Well, to tell the thruth I am digging a hole in pure clay just to fill it up with stones, so that water more easily can disappear and not - as it has done a ciouple of times this winter - run under the door and into my workshop.
Digging in clay is hard work. I can only manage one wheelbarrow full per day. So it will take yet another couple of days, till the hole is deep enough. But never mind. I am used to work on long term plans. 
Wednesday, March 23rd 2011:
Eventually I recieved the pictures that a kind photographer took of me on some road on March 10th.
I did mention it  in my diary that day.
Have a look at it. I think you will agree with me that the quality is poor.
It is not worth while framing it.
He has even covered Matron with some kind of a curtain. That's very unpolite. She will not be amused. And he wants 1.000 kroners for it. That's a bit steep. I have decided to pay under protest.
Thursday, March 24th 2011:
I am still digging deep.
My hole at my workshop must be deep in order to improve drainage.
The deeper I dig the better.
So I dig and dig.
As you can see it is now rather deep, and perhaps deep enough. And yet. I may go a bit deeper as I do with whatever task I am blessed with.
I shall make up my mind when my back does not protest as much as it does just now.

Friday, March 25th 2011:
I have taken up writing again and been busy doing that nearly the whole day.
I have always wanted to continue the story of my childhood house, the previous work house where my father became a caretaker in 1943, when it was no longer a work house but a house for families who couldn't themselves find a place to live. 
Some very interesting characters lived there, and not least they will be described in my next book.
Of course I am not at all sure it will become a book. Perhaps it will only become a pamphlet or some A4-sheets for the local museum and library. But that will certainly be fine. I just want to describe it. It was an exciting place. I lived there from I was 3 till I was 13.

Saturday, March 26th 2011:
I have dug deeper, nearly the deepest ever. Compare with picture from March 24th.
As a matter of fact I have reached groundwater and have had to put on my wellies. They were not leaky, but just a bit short. And the water was cold. Of course that did not stop me.
I am now deep enough, I think. The bottom has been reached, and soon I shall start my wheelbarrow and pick up a lot of stones on the beach to fill up the crater again.
I nearly cannot wait.
PS: I am very much pleased that nobody saw me climbing out of the deep hole.
Lying on the ground, in a desperate attempt to get my stiff legs bent under myself, I must have looked very much like a big, beached Blue Whale trying to wiggle itself out on deeper waters. Very often it gets help. But nobody helped me. I had to get on my feet on my own. I succeeded, but I am not sure it looked elegant at all.

Sunday, March 27th 2011:
It's summertime, at least as far as setting the clock is concerned. Consequently we all need to put the clock one hour forward. If you are in doubt whether to put the clock forward or backwards just remember that in spring you also put your garden furniture forward. Simple and effective.
However Matron takes this litterally. She is convinced it means that both activities should be completed the same day, today.
So I have worked hard on placing all our garden furniture at their 'summer positions'.
Well, it's not the worst job to do. It makes one think of nice summer evenings with barbecues - and plenty of it, along with chilly white wine or rosé wine. Lovely.
Shame on you, if you are not looking forward to summer.
PS: Since there is handball on the telly we are going to eat rather late tonight. I hate handball.

Monday, March 28th 2011:
I have started filling up my big drain hole with stones. That means several tours to and from our beach with my big wheelbarrow to pick up stones. It's heavy work, but nothing can stop me - at least not till now. But I must admit that I can only manage 2 wheelbarrows per day. So I may finish tomorrow or the day after, and I have started thinking of some kind of celebration. I must ask our mayor to come and give an inauguration speech. I would in fact like to ask our queen, but I know that she thinks she is quite busy, and she might object to the fact that we don't like people to smoke in our house.

Tuesday, March 29th 2011:
Today yet another wheelbarrow of stones was collected on our beach. Heavy stuff, that gave me arms the length of a gorilla's.
Having dumped the stones in the hole, I had two options. I could go in and sit down to relax, or I could go in, climb my fitness bike and bike for 30 exhausting minutes for full steam. 
Fearing to be bored I chose the latter.
Perhaps I should have chosen boredom. After the ride it was very difficult to get off and walk the few yards from my bike to the bathroom for a most needed shower.
I have been bored since then.

Wednesday, March 30th 2011;
I am convinced that just like me you enjoy thinking of your coming summer holiday. Matron and I have decided to go to a place that we know very well, since we have been there at least 10 times before. No new adventures. We are getting too old for that. We prefer going to places that we know and that without any doubt will give us a pleasant stay. Time can only pass too slowly till departure.
The town is Lemvig, about 110 miles from here in northern Jutland. It's a very nice place, not only the caravan site, but also the surroundings and the town. Just have a look at the picture with the site in the foreground and the town further back. Of course the weather will be exactly like on the picture - and of course I shall watch Tour de France every afternoon.

Thursday, March 31st 2011:
I accompanied Matron to a couple of supermarkets today. At the first one I was bored as usual.
But in the second one I suddenly woke up.
We had promised our neighbour to buy a cake for her. We found a very nice one. The price was 45 kroners. I thought that it was a bit steep. But to my great surprise I also saw that I could buy two for 40 kroners. In other words it was 5 kroners cheaper to buy 2 than 1. It's a mad world. I had no intentions of protesting against it, though, and to my great surprise the lady at the cash had no objections. We got 2 for 40 kroners.
What a shame I am not allowed to eat cakes - diet - and at that price.
Friday, April 1st 2011:
I have been very busy today, enjoying myself a lot with eldest son, Peter.
And believe it of not. I have helped him paint, an amateur with a pro. Not only did I learn quite a bit (I do need it), but it was also very nice just being together nearly the whole day. 
In between I recieved texts from eldest grandchild who last night in gail force crossed the North Sea and is now somewhere in London, her favourite place.
I wouldn't mind being there myself.

Saturday, April 2nd 2011:
After another hard day working as a painter's apprentice with eldest son (it was very nice even if I was asked to work hard) I totally exhausted returned home about 3 o'clock.
Trying to regain a bit of strength I sat watching Man. U. being 2 goals down against West Ham. I didn't like that, so more or less crawling I went for a shower.
Coming back I once again put my feet on the table and watched Man. U. winning 4-2.
So far so good. Then suddenly, out of the blue, just when I felt that the relaxed position in the sofa did me a lot of good, Matron told me that I no doubt wanted to join her in the garden since a lot of work was waiting for us. Not knowing that I had that urge I once again put my working gloves on.
After an hour's work my back told me to stop. When telling Matron what my back had said I was graciously granted more time with my feet up. I watched another game but was unable to follow it due to mere fatigue.
Two hard employers in two days is a bit too much.

Sunday, April 3rd 2011:
For the first time for more than 18 months I went to see a home game with my old club.
I was disappointed, more than disappointed.
I had expected a lot of people standing up and cheering when seing me back on the terraces. But not a single nod or word of welcome.
And disappointments continued. We did win (3-0), perhaps that was not a disappointment, but what a game. I have seen a lot of football rubbish in my time. But nothing as bad as this. It was so boring that I asked my brother to wake me up at the end of the game. And only because he did so could I get back in time for my supper.

Monday, April 4th 2011:
Today spring.
Wonder what it will be tomorrow.
The two pictures are from today's bike ride.
I went to the Aarhus Stadium, popped in, and sat down on one of the 22.000 empty seats. Not a soul - except I - was there. A bit different from yesterday.
But remarkably it was not nearly as boring as then. 

Tuesday, April 5th 2011:
Through time I have stayed at various hotels, be it because of courses, conferences, judging retrievers, sport, etc. Naturally also on holidays together with my lovely wife, better known as Matron.
The hotels were of changing standards. Some were quite good, and others more or less rubbish.
We probably never found the perfect hotel.
But now I have found it, "The Mansion" at Las Vegas. It's the most expensive hotel in the world, 30.000 dollars per night for the absolute cheapest room.
But given time enough to save up and Matron being keen enough to work as many hours as possible at the university we shall soon go there for a week or two. 'Las Vegas, here we come'. 
Wednesday, April 7th 2011:
Tomorrow is Matron's 70th birthday, and we are having friends and family in for a birthday lunch.
Because of that we have been working hard under her ever watchful eyes the whole day. She's a tough employer. But she certainly has done her part of the work, too, and so have our family.
If it weren't for their assistance we would have had to celebrate the big day in circumstances like on picture one. But fortunately it looked a lot better when they left at the end of the day. See picture two.
We are looking very much forward to seeing all our guests tomorrow.
Thursday, April 7th 2011:

Alright, I know, I know. I am late, quite late with my diary.
It is of course all due to our thorough celebrations on Matron's birthday. Friends and family, all in all 25 people, were here, and thanks to them and some very delicious food it made it a very enjoyable party.
All the food was mainly prepared by youngest daughter and served with grace.
What should we have done without her help?
Matron has assured me that she has had a perfect birthday. And that's important.

Friday, April 8th 2011
Fortunately I have no traditional "hang-over" from yesterday's great birthday party, even if it was quite lengthy. But I must admit that my back suffers. It keeps telling me that I have had too many heavy lifts, and it protests every time I do anything but sitting down.
The many lifts of course were necessary to remove all furniture from our sitting-room and Collecting chairs and tables from our local school. Today everything in reverse order.
So right now I am looking very much forward to some quiet hours in front of our TV, probably dozing off every now and then in my well shaped sofa.
But even if it has been physically hard, it certainly has been worth while. We had a lovely party, not least thanks to some wonderful guests and some great food.
Saturday, April 9th 2011:
Time for writing my diary is a bit scarce. We are having birthday parties gallore. And I enjoy every little bit of them.
Today Matron had invited closest family for a wonderful barbecue, good wine and two of my home made ice desserts. They were also very popular and were gone in no time - both of them. I hope to remember the recipe for next time. If not, I know exactly where in the supermarket I found it.
Tomorrow no party. What a shame. I may have to do with a ride on my trusty bike. With the kind of weather we are having that won't be bad at all.
Sunday, April 10th 2011:
How do you spend a beautiful spring day with temperatures just around 20 and outside a nice bright sunshine with not a cloud on the sky? 
Let me tell you. In the morning you take one of your grandchildren to a zoo park to see all the deer and the does, plus the boars.
In the afternoon you sit yourself down in front of your TV and watch one of the best bike races of the year, the Paris-Roubaix race. That's at least what I did.
It's a tough race, about 160 miles, with quite a few of them on cobblestone. Very fascinating and interesting. It's one of my great favourites, about the best sport I can watch on TV.
Nevertheless I do know that I did doze off a few times, but that was only at the beginning.
There were several crashes today. And every time I felt the riders' pains in my old body. I know how it feels to "say hello" to the asphalt in a crash. I still remember my worst one in Central Aarhus last summer. I cannot pass the place, not even in a car, without my elbow and knee start hurting. 
Monday, April 11th 2011:
Most of our afternoon was spent in the garden. Matron lured me out, saying that I only had to cut down a few roses. That was quickly done, but then on my way back to the safe shelter of my little den, I was called back being told that there were just those four holes to be dug for some new plants, birthday presents.
The story of my life seems to be digging holes.
Nevertheless we both enjoyed the hard work in the beautiful sunshine - and the panting, grunting, and moaning, reminding each other how difficult it is to get down on your knees and especially getting up again.
Tomorrow, though, there will be no garden work. Our respective backs and knees need a rest day.
Tuesday, April 12th 2011:
Through centuries the question has been asked: What is it with Mona Lisa? Why her mysterious smile? An Italian scholar, Silvani Vincetti, thinks he has got the answer. Mona Lisa was a MAN.
He was, according to Mr. Vincetti, a certain Salai Giacomo Caprotti, da Vincis assistant - and perhaps a bit more than that. He often was a model for the great painter.
Well, what has the world come to? Mona Lisa a MAN. What will be next? Lord Nelson was really Lady Nelson?

Wednesday, April 13th 2011:
I went for a minor check at my doctor's this morning. He was curious about my blood pressure which I have measured myself twice a day for the latest 4-5 days. 
And the good doctor was pleased. He found the average result of 128/73 very good.
There is nothing as nice as being told by your doctor that everything is fine.
Talking about doctors, just a small doctor joke.
A man enters the doctor's surgery with both his ears badly burned. "How did this happen?" asked the doctor. "Well, I was ironing, and suddenly the telephone rang". "But what about the second ear?" asked the doctor. "I had to call the ambulance, didn't I?" said the man.

Thursday, April 14th 2011:
I have spent most of my day outdoor. The reason is simple. Matron attended a christening - on TV, though. A couple of twins from Copenhagen were christened, and everybody from Danish nobility and royalty seemed to be there. 
I prefer working in the garden instead of watching strange people's christenings. That explains my long outdoor stay.
The two twins were christened Vincent and Josephine. Two interesting names, especially the first one.
Several restaurants have got the same name, and of course there is Vincent van Gogh. You can also find a Walt Disney film titled Vincent, and believe me or not, a yellow labrador retriever who survived an aircrash somewhere in the Pacific is called Vincent.
Interesting. Who knows? That dog may be the origin of our new prince's name.
Nice dog, Vincent. Sit.

Friday, 15th April 2011:

I have a nice but strict employer, Matron.
Have a good look at the two pictures. On the one to the left you see the result of my own planning and execution of a flowerbed in our back garden made two days ago. Notice its lack of symmetry and its connection to nature through the impregnated wood.
But Matron thinks that nature is a mess. So I was told to make something absolutely square, symmetrical - and made of cement. On the right picture you see Matron's will fulfilled. 

Saturday, April 16th 2011:
I am sorry that I am so late with today's diary. The reason is that I have been part of the final of our son's stag night.
It finished with dinner at our house. The food was excellent and so was the wine - and there was plenty of it which is the main reason why I am late. Sorry.

Sunday, April 17th 2011:
First time mowing my lawn this year. There are 29 more times to go before autumn.
1 kilometer each time makes it 30 kilometers all in all in a year. I have had the job for 41 years (without any threat ever of being sacked). That means that I have walked 1.230 kilometers behind my mower. That's from here to Munich.
I like Munich, but what does one do there with a mower?
There will be many more rounds with the mower this year and coming years - I hope. The alternative is not nice. 
So I am not complaining about the job. It is good exercise for a young man of 70. 

Monday, April 18th 2011:
Having two dogs is normally a great pleasure. They are very fond of each other, and there is always company for them. They love to trot around in the garden together, and they love their walks and retrievings together. They even eat and sometimes sleep together. This is exactly as it should be.
But, alas. Twice a year separation is needed. The bitch is in season.
And that's what we are experiencing just these days. We must have an eye on each finger, constantly watching what is going on, since we are not interested in puppies, nice as they may be. No getting together, doggies!
So for us it's a hard fight against nature. She is quite happy about things. I think she feels how attractive she is, while he is totally confused and does not know what leg to stand on. He's walking around, groaning and breathing very hard. He forgets to eat, and as a whole is having a difficult time, sometimes isolated for hours. 
Living with a beautiful and attractive maiden is not easy when you are forbidden to meet her.

Tuesday, April 19th 2011:
It's with great joy I can tell you foreigners that we are having a wonderful weather in Denmark right now. Since our youngest grandchild is staying with us this meant the traditional bike ride to our local yacht harbour, and that for the first outdoor ice cream of the year. What a delight. And the restaurant wasn't even opnened. However a lot of knocking at the door made the chef notice us, and we had our ice, left, and, as tradition will it, we afterwards had a combined stroll and bike ride round the harbour. It was then I found out that I had forgotten my camera in the restaurant. Back again and 'knock knock' without any result at all. In the end I sneeked in through the back door, tiptoed into the restaurant, snatched my camera, and tiptoed out again without being noticed.
Cunning old devil, I am.
Wednesday, April 20th 2011:
On the wenbsite of a Danish newspaper you can test yourself and find out whom in the English royal family that you might resemble the most.
You are asked questions like "What car do you prefer?" "How do you dress?" etc. At each question you have 4 options.
My result: Prince Harry is more or less my spitting image, because he is obviously such a polite, kind, and nice man, who never fails.
My goodness. I never thought that this would be told about me. I think the test is somehow invalid.
But still. Feel free to call me Harry.

Thursday, April 21st 2011:
I got up a bit early this morning, just for a quick visit to the toilet. My plan was that after that I should return to my horisontal position in my bed. But no. Before reaching the toilet Matron hinted that our caravan stood in our front garden looking a mess, needing a good washing and polishing. Half sleeping I went through my bathroom ritual and before knowing it I stood by the caravan with water, soap, and brushes. I gently suggested that perhaps Matron would polish the windows. I was told to forget about it.
Now the caravan is clean and shining, including the windows polished by me, and I can only rejoice that there will be a year till next time.

Friday, April 22nd 2011:

An unknown flower has found its way to our garden. How and from where we do not know. And we know even less about its name.
Should you happen to know its name we should be very greatful for an answer in my "Letter Box" (Click here), or in an E-mail (Click here).
Saturday, April 23rd 2011:
You may have noticed in my "Letter Box" that I have recieved the answer to yesterday's question about the "mysterious" flower in our garden. It's called "Snakehead Fritillary". I have never seen it before, but I shall from now on enjoy looking at it all the more since I now know its name. 
Today's picture is also flowers. This time, however, comments are not needed.
And at the same time one can easily answer the question why one enjoys living in Denmark.

Sunday, April 24th 2011:
What a good day. In the morning a visit at friends in Ebeltoft. I brought my bike in the car and rode home in a beautiful weather, while Matron kindly drove our car.
After coming home I now relax watching the most spectacular of all one day bike races, Liege-Bastogne-Liege. It's a fantastic race, very hard and exciting. 
My own ride today was my second this year in only T-shirt and shorts. And I have already got a nice and brown tan on my legs. At least when I wear my nylons.

Monday, April 25th 2011:
That's why there is no room for me in our bed.
In my next life I should like to be a dog.


Tuesday, April 26th 2011:
I have had a hectic day. Look:
1) Buying diesel at tank 2) visit to my brother's office, 3) visit to my bank, 4) shopping at Fotex, 5) pick up football tickets for Sunday, 6) shopping at plant nursery, 7) visit at Else's doctor for blood test (all well) and 8) digging down potatoes in garden. 
Quite a busy day for an old man at 70.
Now I need to apply for subsidy from the EU for my potatoe field. There are 24 plants which should be enough. I expect something in the vicinity of 10 pounds per plant.

Wednesday, April 27th 2011:
Unfortunately I've got two raving mad children - grown ups, as they claim they are. 
Today they made a point of 'visiting' me early in the morning (9 a.m.) in order to get me out of bed.
As ususal it meant singing, screaming, pushing me up and down and from side to side. As a new trick they brught my new mini bicycle pump and tried to pump air in my mouth and nostrils. As you can hear it cannot be vicious enough. And Matron wasn't late to join in - especially with the camera so that she has got something to show at the next family-get-together.

Have a look at the picture and notice how madness beams from their faces. And please, tell me what to do about my daughter and son, whom I consider giving a good whacking. Is that a proper solution?
I have already disinheritted both of them. But it doesn't seem to have helped the least. They keep coming to 'play with dad', as they call it.

Thursday, April 28th 2011:
Matron has two weddings the following two days.
Tomorrow it's on TV - in London. An English prince is going to marry some very skinny English girl.
If I didn't know better I would say that she suffers from some kind of disease. But as far as I know she is well enough.
She keeps telling how much she is looking forward to becoming a member of the royal family.'My goodness', I think. That does require a good health. So alone for that reason I hope that she is really well. 
Anyway, I am not going to watch all that royalty and and all those celebrities celebrating a wedding in London. I do not feel part of it, at all. But I do wish all the best for the couple, like I do to any couple getting married.
The second wedding is much more relevant to Matron and I. Our eldest son is going to get married to a lovely girl, Anette. That is another and much more interesting matter. And we are both looking wildly forward to it. It will be a great day - and I have finished making my speech.

Friday, April 29th 2011:
I have had a very busy day helping to prepare for the big day tomorrow when eldest son, Peter is going to get married to Anette. Not his sister, of course, stupid. She is Annette. 
Anyway. It was my job in the banquet hall to place a nicely folded napkin at each plate. It was a job that required deep concentration and stamina. There were many. But I think I did well.
Others, including an English visitor from Sth. Godstone, Surrey, England, did the minor things like laying the table, arranging the flowers, filling the refrigerator with drinks (the Englishman's responsibility, what else?) and other less important jobs.
They just "skimmed the cream", as we say in Denmark, meaning they had the easy things to do.
All that I have to do now is waiting till tomorrow. That's hard. 

Saturday April 30, Sunday May 1st, and Monday May 2nd 2011:
As you have noticed I haven't had the time to write my diary for 2 days. So today I am catching up by writing for 3 days.
The reason is of course the wedding last Saturday. It was the most wonderful event one could imagine. Everything was a success, nothing failed at all. The bride and groom were as happy as any couple could possibly be, and so were all the guests who really understood how to celebrate a wedding. It is also fair to say that the best man was first class.
Perhaps the happiest two guests were Else and I. What a day. We shall not forget it.
Out of about 300 pictures that I took, I bring you 8 here. There are 10 more if you click her.
And you can read more under these pictures.

On the Sunday the best man, my brother and I went to watch a deciding football match. Our club played for promotion to the super league. We won 1-0, but what a terrible game. I am glad that I could sit quietly and think of all the happy things that I had seen and heard the day before.
Today I have done nothing but taking the best man to the airport and writing my diary. Matron has just come home from work. So now I'd better stop and go and court her.

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011:
I am still not fully fit after Saturday's wonderful wedding party.
It cannot be because of starvation on the night. I ate all I could of the wonderful food.
Neither can it be thirst since I did what I should not to dehydrate. I wonder what it could be.
But I think I have found the explanation (might be from a doctor's handbook):
When a person exposes him- or herself to extravagancies like late parties(I was in bed about 4 in the morning) it will take as many days to recover as the number of decades that you have lived.
That makes sense. With my 7 decades I can expect to be fit for fight again on Saturday. 
Never mind. The party and the whole day was worth much more than that.

Wednesday, May 5th 2011:

I feel well, confident, and secured. Why? Let me tell you.
I do not have to think about buying especially beverages for quite a long time. We are full up.
Today Matron and I paid a well planned visit to our nearest neighbour in the EU, Germany. There was only one purpose. Buy as much as you can in 3-4 hours, especially beverages. But several other items also found their way to matron's trolley.
Three big shopping centres were attempted emptied, and we nearly succeeded. Matron was in her right element, as you can seen on the left picture. She was beaming with satisfaction. And my VISA card took some heavy blowes.
But never mind. Matron had a good day, and it wasn't too bad for me, and as you can see on the right picture our private stores are now filled up, which again means that it will be quite some time till our next visit to the EU. After all I don't mind that.
Thursday, May 6th 2011:
I am annoyed, annoyed with the fact that we have a rather sharp and strong wind today. Since yesterday, when I decided to go on a bike ride today, I have been looking forard to it. It nearly kept me awake the whole night, just thinking about it. I had even planned my route in detail, and then a stupid wind that is not only sharp and strong, but also from the wrong direction, ruins my day. It is not fair, and it really makes me mad, especially when the weather man had promised something different. He should be glad he doesn't live in my neighnourhood.

Friday, May 6th 2011:
I am proud, very proud. I have conquered no less than 4 mountains today on my trusty bike. All of them level 1 climbs, two of them even more. It all happened today on my bike ride from Ebeltoft.
The big question now is: How does a 70-year-old man manage 4 big climbs within 2 hours?
Let me tell you as it is. I don't know. I just do it.
It hurts like h..., and I suffer a lot. But I keep telling myself that after the climb comes a descend. And funnily enough that happens every time. And it is just heaven. It's worth all the pain going up. Apart from this there is nothing much to it.
Just 'get on yer bike'.
I shall now seek further challenges - I wouldn't mind Alp dHuez.

Saturday, May 7th 2011:
Yet another day with a party. Eldest and very nice grandchild (see picture) had her 17th birthday celebrated - 8 days after the real day. But that happened to coincide with a certain wedding.
So today we met and had a lovely day. I really enjoy these family gatherings. We have time to chat, and the young ones enjoy being together, also with us elderly people. 
I tried to remember my own 17th birthday 53½ years ago. But nothing popped up. I had no difficulties, however, remembering my 18th birthday. I was drunk, a bit tiddly is a better word for it, for the first time in my life.

Sunday, May 8th 2011:
Matron is very kind to me today. As a reward for hard garden work this morning, digging up some old hedge plants, she is preparing a nice barbecue for the two of us this evening.
Just as I am sitting here writing, the very pleasant smell of charcoals mixes with the sweet smell of summer flowers. How romantic.
I feel really rewarded. I love barbecues.

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